Blue Yeti microphone – Mic test for voice overs and podcast

Blue Yeti microphone – Mic test for voice overs and podcast

Welcome to a new segment on my channel called
What in the tech is this? And we’ll just go through a few tech items
I think are common place but also I want to get into advanced technologies that may be
around me or in discussions that may come about. This is the Blue Yeti a usb microphone a common
usb microphone at that for many people streamers podcasters and its a good option it has a
volume knob of course a gain knob to adjust the gain I dont know what that is but you
can adjust it and right now it sounds better when I turn it all the way down and then it
has different modes you can set the micorphones to. The two circles conjoined its more like a
stereo so think of it as surround sound and it picks it up in a more radial pattern than
one direction the next option is bidirectional think about it as perpendicular lines crossing
the top of the mic and so you get the wave patterns crossing both axis the next option
is cardiod it looks like a heart becuase its heart shaped and cardiod means heart shaped
im not a doctor Im just a design thinker but the way I remember this is heart I think about
it as self love so I equate it to one person speaking last but not least a chain the double
loop whatever you want to call it pattern mode more like for podcast think about it
as the mic being in center of the table and two people talking Thanks for watching the
video I really hope you enjoyed it I hope you learned a lot from this video if you did
drop a like if you didnt leave a comment let me know what you would like to know more of
and if MKBHD could see this video and possibly answer the question if this mic is still relevant
and essential today that would be great so go barrage his channel his twitter and let
him know that we made a video about the mic and ask the question is it still relevant
and essential today Process out peace I want to make it clear its not always about the
gear its about you and how you share your ideas I remind myself that all the time not
just in videos but in photography and also going through architecture and learning design. Thanks for watching

3 thoughts on “Blue Yeti microphone – Mic test for voice overs and podcast

  1. Good stuff. I used to have a Blue mic. I used to use it as a travel mic, as well. Which reminds me, I need to get a new travel mic.

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