100 thoughts on “Blind Nut Milk Taste Test

  1. im so confused why the crew "ohh"s when R&L put their mouth on the gloves as if THATS the part that makes it bad milk drinking etiquette xD

  2. I really wish they would use baby bottles for the milk taste tests. It would be way less messy! Either way, it’s hilarious watching them drink these milks

  3. This episode made me realize even more what a twisted mind I have. This was super entertaining. Love these two and all the cool people reading this ♥

  4. I fell asleep watching youtube and this episode came on while I was sleeping and I kid you not, I had a really specific dream while this was going on. I was dreaming that I asked part other GMM team and we were all sitting in a meeting room thinking of ideas for different shows and someone screamed NUT MILK BRIAN! And we all sat in a room trying different nut milks and trying to guess it. Really weird vivid dream…

  5. So I have epilepsy and I have nights where I have seizures non stop all night and gmm is always what I watch those nights and that donation warmed my heart

  6. these ads are getting worse. u try and play a fiew clips in order and every other one is an advert that goes for 4 minuttes unless you're right there to skip it…… i can deal with 15 second adds, i welcome timed survey ads and i appreciate PSA's….. but put a "continue" button in the middle of the screen and if i wanna keep seeing that, i'll click it. if not… 15 seconds…. continue playlist

  7. Everything I've read says sunflower seeds aren't nuts, which I figured. Also fyi peanuts aren't nuts either, they closer to a pea than a nut, can't remember the exact family they go on though. I think it might be the same as the sunflower seed.

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