Blind Flavoured Lube Taste Test with Melanie Murphy! | Hannah Witton

Blind Flavoured Lube Taste Test with Melanie Murphy! | Hannah Witton

– Hey everyone, welcome
back to my channel. So I am with my friend Melanie today. – How are you? – I’m visiting her in Ireland and we’ve not collabbed together in years. – Yeah, it’s been years.
– So, we thought that we would make some videos for you. – By the way.
– Yeah. – This blindfold is used and
it has got a bit of a wet stain on the other side so
if it’s coming through. – I wonder what that is. – No comment at all but ignore. This is obviously a sleeping mask. This is not, this for other uses. – Yeah.
– Other such uses. – But you can, it’s versatile, you can use them for whatever. – Yeah. – But, you may have realised
we’ve got masks on our head ’cause we’re gonna do a fun
blinded folded challenge today. We often talk on this
channel a lot about sex and we like breaking
down taboos and stigma and also just having a good time and so today is one of
those videos where we’re just gonna have a good time.
– A good time. There’re two of the
things that we like to do, talk about sexies and have fun and that’s.
– Talk about sexies. – Sexies.
– Sexies. – Sexises.
– So we’re going to be trying different
flavoured lubes blindfolded and trying to guess what the flavour is. – How is this our job? – We have our trusty helper, slash Melanie’s fiance on the floor. – [Thomas] Hi. – There, there we go.
– He’s literally at our feet with lube. – Yeah, so how many
different lubes have we got? – He has a little bag from Ann Summers. – [Thomas] I think, I think 10. – 10, oh my god. Are they all different flavours? – I’ve only ever tried cherry. Cherry’s the only lube that I would buy. Cherry’s the only one we use, isn’t it? – [Thomas] Yeah. – I’ve got a cherry one,
I’ve got a passion fruit one but I don’t think I’ve ever
tried the passion fruit one. The cherry one that I’ve I, (gargles). – Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s like Calpico, you just eat it like as a snack. – It’s so good. And then another one. – [Thomas] Snack. – Snack.
– Another one that I’ve tried which
I’m not a massive fan of but Dan really likes
is this chocolate one. So, there are all different
kinds of flavours out there. – Hope there’s a mint one. – Oh, tingly.
– Yeah. – Okay, are you ready with the first lube? Oh, also it’s a competition. – Oh my god, farewell my friends. – Lube number one. I shoulda washed my hands. – Do you know what, I love YouTube. – [Thomas] Fuck’s sake. – Because we’re fianced, do
you wanna put it on my tongue? Instead of my finger. – Do whatever you wanna do, I can’t see. – [Thomas] I can’t see. – Turns into a full blown porn. – I’ll be like, oh,
what’s going on, you know? – [Thomas] It’s a, yeah
it’s one of those porns where the person’s just
like “Mm, I’m asleep.” Right, here. Lube for you. – Oh I felt some drip on my leg. Wait, where is it? There we go. It’s fine, I’ve got. – [Thomas] Open your mouth. – Open your goddamn mouth.
– Okay. Are you ready? Oh wait, you’re going
straight into the mouth so shall I try it? – [Thomas] There ya go. – Oh.
– Oh. (satisfied humming) – I’m getting like notes
of citrus and sweet. Oh my god what the fuck is that? This is where I just realised that my palette is just terrible. – Yeah, you have the palette of a child. We discussed this today. Hannah ordered, like, chicken and chips, that, you said, like, chicken
and chips would be your go to. – Yeah, and then we ordered
chicken wings and patas bravas so it was like adult version
of chicken and chips. – And for, for breakfast we
made your rashers and toast. – Okay, I think I know what I think it is. – I think I know what I think it is. One, two, three. – Orange.
– Passion fruit. – [Thomas] They’re both wrong. – No!
– We’re gonna get everything wrong. Okay, what is it?
– That was delicious. – Mm, I love that. – [Thomas] It’s, it’s called tropical. It’s actually called body lick tropical. – Oh, I was close.
– Tropical. That’s not a flavour.
– I picked passion fruit, passion fruit’s more
tropical than an orange. – Where do oranges grow? – In a tropical country. – Tasty, so tropical, okay. So, so are some of these
flavours like not actual foods, it’s like a. – [Thomas] The next one is an actual food. – Okay, good, right.
– Okay. – [Thomas] You have to remember. – Don’t fuck with us like that again.
– Yeah. – [Thomas] I’m not fuckin’ with. This is Ann Summers flavours, right? I didn’t come up with them.
– Not sponsored. – Tropical’s not a flavour. – [Thomas] Blame, blame. – One can guess. – [Thomas] Blame Mrs. Summers. – It’s not sponsored but I did manage to write off lube as an expense. – Ann Summers should sponsor you. I worked with them before.
– Right. – Sponsor Hannah. – Is there any on my finger? – [Thomas] Yeah. – Okay, three, two, one. – [Thomas] Here. – Oh god, that’s a lot on my finger. (satisfied humming) – Oh, do you know what the first thing that came to my mind was a colour? – Yeah, purple. – What the fuck? – It’s like a medicine,
like a purple medicine. – No, but I’m like thinking
like a grape or a plum. Oh, that’s so weird that
we both thought purple. – Grape.
– We must be onto something if it’s purple. Three, two, one, grape.
– Grape. – [Thomas] You’re both wrong again. – Is it plum? Is it purple? Is it purple flavour? – [Thomas] It is kinda,
yeah, it’s raspberry. – Raspberry – [Thomas] I’ll give you a bonus point if you can guess the
Ann Summers title to it. So it’s basically
something lick raspberry. – Um, kiss lick.
– Pussy lick? Pussy lick.
– Finger lick. – Ass lick. Nipple lick. – Is it, wait, what was
the first one called? – [Thomas] Body lick. – Body lick, this one’s called clit lick. – [Thomas] It is,
actually called clit lick. How the fuck did you get that? – Clit lick. Lemme lick yo clit. – [Thomas] All right. – [Melanie] Clit lick. – [Thomas] I supposed Hannah
gets one point for it. – Those two words together
are kind of arousing. – [Thomas] Do we go again? – Yes. – I’m dropping it everywhere, oh my god. Oh, this one’s thicker. What the fuck? This is a different texture. – Oh, I don’t like that one. Not a fan. – It’s a bit, it’s not very strong. Oh my god, I got lube all over my leg and all over my hands. – Thomas, you’re not doing a good job. – I mean.
– Being messy. – It’s nice and smooth
but it’s very sticky. Three, two, one, orange.
– Menthol. – [Thomas] It was cherry. – Cherry?
– What? That’s the worst cherry ever. – [Thomas] It was your favourite. – No, that’s a bad one.
– Hannah, we’ve been missin’ out, those first
two were like (smooches). – I feel like I need to wash my hands. – Do it onto Hannah’s tongue as well. – Nope. (laughter) – He’s not doin’ it with his finger, he’s doin’ it with, like, the packet. – This is when it’s
like, Hannah is a prude. This is. – Don’t touch me with your packet. – Okay.
– You’re a taken man. – Yeah, right, are we doing this? Okay. Oh, that still dribbled! Oh. Three, two, one, passion fruit.
– Pineapple. – [Thomas] It was passion fruit, yeah. (excited shouting) – You little.
– I got a point! It definitely wasn’t pineapple though. Why do I always dribble. – [Thomas] I don’t know. – Oh, oh.
– Aw. – Oh, I know what this is.
– Me too, me too. – I 100% know what this is.
– Me too, me too. One.
– One, two, three, marshmallow.
– Chocolate. – What? It’s marshmallow. – [Thomas] What? – It tastes like marshmallow. – [Thomas] So we went for
chocolate and marshmallow. – Yeah, is it neither? – [Thomas] It’s neither. (laughter) It’s candy floss. – Fuck, it is candy floss.
– It is candy floss. – That’s what my brain was
going with marshmallow. It is 100% candy floss. – Fuckin’ balls. – Maybe marshmallow and
candy floss taste the same. This is, like, the same ingredients, fuck. Okay, got it, okay, thank you. – Oh, it felt like it
was farting on my face. – Oh, there’s a jellybean
that’s this flavour. Okay, I don’t know if this
is actually what this is but the equivalent, like,
jellybean flavour of this is this. – Oh, one, two, three, vanilla.
– Popcorn. Fuck, maybe it is vanilla. – Popcorn? – [Thomas] It’s cookie dough. – What? – Okay, but I would like to get a point because I am 100% sure that
that flavour is the same as the popcorn jellybean. – [Thomas] No. – Got it, oh, I know what this is. Yep, thanks for the clue. It confirmed it for me but
it 100% tastes like it, too. – [Thomas] You got it? – Oh, I know it too.
– Yeah. – Ready?
– That’s delicious. – It’s too sweet for me. – Three, two, one.
– One, two, chewing gum.
– Bubblegum! – [Thomas] Yeah, it was,
yeah, it’s chewing gum. – I’m so Irish, chewin’ gum. – [Thomas] Chewing, yeah. – But it’s bubblegum flavoured, like, I associate chewing gum with, like, mint and then bubblegum is like sweet. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, it’s like a ball of gum. Yeah, so technically I got that wrong. – No I think we can both get that point. – [Thomas] Yeah, you can both get it. It’s the same. Dick lick bubblegum. – Dick lick. – [Thomas] To be precise. – Okay. I completely lost that, can I have more? Hold on, my mouth is
like so many flavours. Can I just have a,
that’s a bit more, okay. – Tiny bit more? Just a smidge? – All I can taste is bubblegum. – Okay. – One, two, three, spice.
– Lavender. – [Thomas] What the fuck did you say? – Just spice. It just goes it’s spice. – [Thomas] No, it’s tutti frutti. – Tutti, that’s why it
still tasted of bubblegum! – I know that smell! – I know that smell. – Okay, I’ve got, I’ve my
guess, I’ve got my guess. (grunts) ‘Cause this doesn’t taste
like the thing that it is but it tastes like the flavour of things that say it’s this thing. Like sweets or juices and stuff. Like this is 100% that flavour. One, two, three, grape.
– Orange. – [Thomas] You’re both wrong. – What? It’s grape flavoured! – [Thomas] Accordin’ to Ann
Summers it’s strawberry. – No!
– No! Fuck you, Ann Summers. Oh my god. – What? The fuck. Are you joking? I know what strawberry
flavour tastes like. – That tasted like grape flavoured. Yay! Winner, winner. – I’ll just fuck off
back to my own channel. – Well, I hope you enjoyed this bit of light entertainment.
– Entertainment. – That’s basically what it is. – We need a little bit of this, you know, now and then, the world is on fire. We’re here to help you feel calm. – And also to put out the fire with lube. – With lube.
– But not oil based lube ’cause that’d be bad on a fire. – Oh yeah. – Thank you so much for watching, please do give the video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let us know in the description your favourite flavour lube. If you have one. And make sure to head
over to Mel’s channel because we filmed a video over there about being in relationships because our friendship
began when we were both. – Single.
– Really single. – Very, very single.
– Real single, and now we’re both in
long term relationships so about.
– We’re talkin’ about the, the differences between
those and kind of like, yeah, so many of my memories with you are us being super single.
– Mega single. – Pursuing people and all that so it’s just interesting to see how different our lives are now. – Yeah, so make sure to check that out and don’t forget to subscribe
and hit that notification bell and I’ll see you on my next video. Bye.
– Bye!

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