100 thoughts on “Blind Coffee Chain Taste Test

  1. When i lived in LA county my girlfriend introduced me to coffee bean and tea leaf, they are by far my favorite and ive tried all these except petes

  2. Once you said that cream and sugar was added to the coffee, I stopped watching! How can you get an accurate taste of coffee with cream and sugar in it?

  3. In many of these videos after link does something weird you just see Rhett’s face saying “what am I doing with my life” lol

  4. Link singlehandedly proved my theory that coffee is awful and people only convince themselves that it's good because of the social status.


  5. Plastic mugs, likely heat-reactive? It's uncanny how many ways they find to unintentionally invalidate their taste tests.

  6. Is peets that bad of a coffee it is very expensive , I never buy it because of that reason , let me know what it taste like please ?

  7. Even though they said coffee bean and tea leaf when I read it so saw coffee tea and bean leaf due to how we are taught to read left to right.

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