100 thoughts on “Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

  1. 1:43
    We are going to play against each other to see who can accurately finger the chicken……
    Rhett be like: (yeah.. Yes.. Thats it Link.. Wait what??? Link wtf)

  2. Love this!!!💓💓💓 You should do one with fast food milkshakes!! See if there really is a difference cause everyone near me says McDonald's is the best by far but I think they're all the same

  3. Link: what’s going on over there
    Rhett, deviously and devour stolen chicken tender: I stole it, I stole the chicken tender

  4. 6:51
    Rhett guesses KFC and Link guess Popeye’s
    Rhett: It could be Popeye’s. It tastes like a place dedicated to chicken…
    Rhett you guessed Kentucky Fried CHICKEN.

  5. Link Kept Guessing the Place Before he ate it XD he Guessed Carl’s Jr. the round before It appeared, same with Popeyes and the first time he Guesses McDonald’s, lol!

  6. Before I watch this…popeyes to me is the best, then raising canes.
    I've never had Carl's jr strips before though

  7. I'm glad you at least acknowledged Bojangles 😁 My mom loves Hardee's (aka Carl's Jr) chicken tenders. Bojangles is pretty much the only ones I've tried.

  8. Canes is my favorite (it’s big in south Louisiana) but u can’t have it without canes sauce or it lacks flavor

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