Blind Burrito Taste Test

Blind Burrito Taste Test

– Which burrito reigns supremo? – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – The mighty burrito. It’s like an edible baby
bundled tightly in foil. – Okay, but not all foiled
baby bundles are equal. So today we’re gonna see
which burrito is the best while also testing our knowledge of America’s Mexican food chains. It’s time for, is it obvious
where we got this burrito? Or are their differences too discreet-o? Now pretty much every fast
food burrito has a lot of customization options, so
we had to think very carefully about how we were gonna do this. – Mhm.
– What we landed on was, we’re gonna order the most
fully loaded burrito option from each restaurant with steak or carne asada as the protein. – We’re gonna taste each
burrito, give it a score from one to 10 and then
guess where it came from. Our restaurant options are Baja Fresh. – Chipotle. – Del Taco.
– Green Burrito, or Red Burrito if you’re
on the east coast. – Qdoba.
– And Taco Bell. – Mhm. – Whoever gets the most right wins and gets to make a cotton
candy dessert burrito in Good Mythical More. – Ooh! – Let’s eat all these burritos! (upbeat music) – [Rhett And Link] Round one. – As you can see, we can’t. – And all our burritos
will be brought to us on the patent pending Burrito Tuxedo. – [Link] Mhm, ’cause there’s nothing like a dressed up burrito. (moaning excitedly) – Oh, smells like a burrito. – Now I don’t want to bite the end of it because there’s a lot
more tor-till-a there. I wanna get some tortilla less– – In the corner?
– Mhm. Mm, took myself a big bite. – Oh man. – A lot of beans in that bite. – That’s a good burrito, I mean– – Very smoky beans. – I am just hungry right now. – I would describe these
beans as signature. In their smokiness. – Really?
– Mhm. – Signature in their smokiness? – And that’s all I got in my bite. – I have absolutely no clue
where this is from, like, I’ve never even had a Green Burrito. I couldn’t even tell you what it was. Is it green, who knows? – I just got more beans! There’s nothing in this
burrito except smoky beans. – Hey, he’s going back
in, I’m going back in. Burrito Tuxedo, where are you? – Yeah but I went back in,
I’ve still only got beans. This is not a well-made burrito. So this was hastily made. – Hm, I got something different that time. – The beans are great
but I’m kinda hamstrung in giving this a great score. As a bean burrito alone, I
mean I’ll give it a seven. But as a normal burrito,
I’m gonna give this a four. – Oh really? I think it tastes pretty good, but it’s not the best burrito
I’ve ever had or could imagine so I’m gonna give it a six. – I have no clue where it’s from though. But I’ll guess. – [Stevie] It’s time to guess. Three, two, one. – Green Burrito.
– Qdoba? – It’s definitely not Qdoba, man. – I don’t know.
(upbeat music) – [Rhett And Link] Round two. – Bring it in. The more burrito, the better. – [Rhett] I don’t think
I’m gonna be good at this, but I’m gonna have fun. – Oh yeah, a lot more in this bite. – I got a pepper of some kind. – Yeah I got some peppers,
I got a lot of cheese. A little hint of spicy–
– Oh, somebody turning up the dial on the spice meter. Who would do such a thing? – This is a good burrito. – I mean yeah, it is. It’s a burrito. It’s hard to screw up, isn’t it? Maybe it’s not, I don’t know. – I will say, I have a
very strong guess as to where this came from and I’m surprised it’s as good as it is. – You have a very strong guess? – I do, yes. I got a little hint of
something that sold it for me. I’m 100% where this came
from, and I’m saying, it’s a daggone decent burrito, man. I’m giving it a six. – I just feel like it tastes just as good as the last one, so I’m
gonna give it a six as well. It’s what I gave the first one. – [Stevie] All right you ready to guess? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. – Del Taco! – Taco Bell. – [Stevie] Link, there
was a delay on that one. I mean you gotta just go with
the three, two, one, you know. – No, I clapped, and
then I did the fingers, ’cause I said I’m confident. (upbeat music) – [Rhett And Link] Round three. – All right, bring the next one in. – Oh you want to bite another burrito? – Yes.
– You’re not done? – You know what, I mean
there are people out there, you ask them, you got
one day left to live. What do you wanna do? And they might say,
“Well just blindfold me “and feed me burritos by hand.” I mean we got it pretty good, man. Enjoy this.
– We got it great. I’m already eating. This one’s got a hint of spiciness. – It’s a big’un! It’s a big’un! I mean, it had girth on that thing. Let me try it again. – This one is more spicy than
anything we’ve eaten so far. – I mean, it feels like I’m eating a ball. Not a burrito, I’m just eating a ball of Mexican goodness. – Where you going? Your voice is fading. Are you leaving? – No I had to go and get
something to wipe myself. – Okay, now that’s a good burrito. It’s a little spicy for my taste, but the ingredients
seem very high quality. – This is at least two
steps up in points for me. I mean I’m going all the way to an eight. – I’m giving this a seven. But where is it from? Moe’s isn’t on the list, right? – [Stevie] No Moe’s. – You can still guess it though. We’ll let you guess it. You wanna guess Moe’s,
just guess Moe’s, bro. – Moe’s is back in North Carolina, but it’s not as ubiquitous
so it’s not on here. – [Stevie] Welcome to Moe’s
and welcome to three, two, one. – Hold on, I’m not ready.
– Hey come on! – Oh gosh.
– Stevie, that was slick! – Oh man.
– That was real good! – I’m trying to think what’s the, oh gosh, okay, I’m ready. – All right I got an answer. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Qdoba.
– Qdoba. – Oh we agree!
– Yeah I’m almost positive. As positive as I can be about this game which is not very positive, that’s Qdoba. – But they have like a queso. – I think I tasted queso. (upbeat music) – [Rhett And Link] Round four. (Link yawn-humming) – There we go. – Hm. I think you can tell a lot by your nose. – Yeah, I was doing the same thing. You looking at me? You looking at me? – No I’m smelling at the burrito. – This one’s a harder burrito. A lot of softness and uniformity inside. – I hit a sour cream
pocket, I’m not complaining. Oh man. (crew laughing) – Forgive me, but I am complaining. This is a little underwhelming for me. – Oh, mhm.
– I got some rice and beans. – I hit a bad spot. I hit a bad spot. – I hit a not great spot either. – I can’t even tell you what I hit. I don’t even know what
ingredient I’m eating right now. – Yeah, this is not a great taco. This is, well it’s not a taco at all. If it were a taco, I might rate it higher, but I’m giving this a two. – I’m not gonna go that low
’cause I would still eat the whole thing and probably
half of another one. So (chuckles) I’m gonna say five. – You ready to guess?
– Uh, yeah. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Baja Fresh!
– Del Taco. – Oh.
– Uh-huh! – You Del’ed it.
– Uh-huh. Pushing ahead. – Okay. (upbeat music) – [Rhett And Link] Round five. – Aye, bring it! – Yeah this is a good morning, man. Happy, happy day. – Mm. You learn a lot down here.
– Mhm. – That’s a big’un as well. – Whoa, I thought I had
a tomato for a second– – You still there?
– I got upset. – Oh, wow.
– What do you mean oh wow? I’m getting some steak but– – I just dripped some I think. I just felt some– – Man.
– On my merch. – This is not a great
burrito in my opinion. Is it good to you because
it’s very bland to me. – I think I know where it is,
which I think is influencing the way that I think
about it and process it. But I will say, I want to like
it more than I am liking it. – Man, I gave the last one a two, but– – You’re gonna, what? No way it’s down that low. – I actually think this one
is worse than the last one. – Whoa, all right. – I’m giving this one a one! I mean it’s just not, it’s
just not something that I like. It’s ruining my morning. – I’m not gonna give any
burrito less than a five because it feels like if I go to a four, that’s saying I don’t like it and again, I would eat this exclusively
for a week if I had to. So I’m gonna give it a five. – This is bad.
– Ready to guess? – This is from somebody
who has no business making anything besides burgers. – Okay.
(crew laughs) – [Stevie] Three, two one. – Chipotle.
– Green Burrito. Red Burrito. All day long. – I don’t think they get them
that big at Green Burrito. (upbeat music) – [Rhett And Link] Round six. – I think the thing that
I’m discovering is that I enjoy burritos mostly by sight. (Rhett chuckles) – Yeah, you’re a sight eater. I’m a mouth eater. – All right, let me taste it. (snorts) – If you could refrain from snorting, I would appreciate every bit of it. – This one’s a thinner one. – [Rhett] Not a lot of girth. – Okay. – That’s not bad at all. – I don’t think it’s great. (laughs) Man, maybe I just don’t like burritos when my eyes are closed. – Hmm. Oh, I got some gristle. I hit a gristle pocket. – Do you like gristle, does
that bring your rating up? – Neutral, I have a neutral
position on gristle. I’m gristle-neutral. – I mean this one’s kinda average to me. – I mean, again–
– I’m gonna give it a five. – I’m not gonna go back
anywhere close to that eight I gave that one.
– Mm-mm. I have no clue where it’s from though, but it’s somewhere–
– Yeah I’m holding steady at five on this one. I could have a better burrito experience. I have had better burrito
experiences today, in fact. – Oh yeah, I’ve had many. So we’re agreeing on a five. Do you have your guess? – Man, tricky, tricky, tricky. – Okay, it all comes down to this. – That gristle really throwing me off. Okay I’m trying something, I got it. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Baja Fresh.
– Del Taco. And that is our final guess. Can we remove the blindfolds? – [Stevie] You may remove your blindfolds. – I never guessed Taco Bell. – I never guessed Chipotle, because– – [Stevie] How do you
feel as if you’ve done? – I think Chipotle’s the
best but I didn’t think any of those were Chipotle. But I think I still won. – I think the one you
gave a one was Chipotle. – Oh my word. – I don’t know, maybe
I’m wrong, but, okay. I have no confidence to
answer your question. – [Stevie] Link, you have two points. – Okay.
– Okay, all right. Pretty strong showing. – Doesn’t sound great, but–
– No that’s really good in this game. – Rhett?
– Yeah. – [Stevie] You have zero points. (Rhett laughs)
(Link exclaims) – You got zero points.
– Yeah, that’s not surprising. – And what are we crowning
as the official best burrito of Good Mythical Morning? – [Stevie] So our runner-up is Baja Fresh. – Oh really? – [Stevie] And our winner is Chipotle. – Oh!
– Yes! – Okay.
– That totally makes sense. – [Rhett] You gave the Qdoba a one. – My mouth did the talking. That’s what happens usually with my mouth. (chuckling) – Wow. So insightful. – So I get to make a cotton
candy dessert burrito in Good Mythical More. – Yes you do. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Britney. – I’m Drew.
– And I’m Billy. – And we just did a blind
mac and cheese taste test from Gainesville, Virginia. – [Together] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Is everybody okay there? I’m just making–
(Link chuckles) Are they safe? If you’re safe, blink twice. That works, click the
top link to watch Link make an epic cotton candy
wrapped dessert burrito in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. You can’t blink when
you have on a blindfold. Zip up in style with a GMM hoodie. Available in navy or gray. Get yours today at

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