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  1. 33:56 Harley Quinn came out of a harlequin character played by Arleen Sorkin that Tim liked. He asked Arleen to play Harley on the show.

  2. I thought Blade Runner 2049 was an excellent film. And like the first Blade Runner, it was a rare gem of a movie that only comes along once in a blue moon. I'm also a huge fan of the first Blade Runner and have been since childhood. I will say that I've never been a fan of the whole Deckard is a replicant thing. I buy K as a replicant as it is made very obvious. I think it was left more ambiguous in the first film and really left up to the audience to decide for themselves. Yes, I know Ridley Scott has stated on more than one occasion that Deckard is a replicant, and as much respect as I have for him for all of his great work over the years, I really don't care whether he has "confirmed" Deckard is a replicant or not. I prefer to think of Deckard as a human because I feel it works better and is more meaningful. I'm with Harrison Ford on this one, lol. I'm grateful that BR2049 doesn't really touch too much on that particular issue either, as it's not really relevant to the story, and just looking at the movies themselves and ignoring any outside interviews and opinions on the subject, it's still ambiguous. If others have a different opinion that is fine, that's just how I prefer to interpret Deckard's character myself.

  3. While watching Blade Runner 2049 it felt like I was watching a very well crafted mash-up of different sci-fi movies. 'Her' and ' Ghost in a Shell' particularly .

  4. The thing is that Ford and everyone else involved just thought Scott was insane and that Deckard was indeed not a replicant.

  5. What short story are they talking about ? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is a novel and Deckard ain't a replicant in it…

  6. I think the movie would be about 900% better without all the scenes that are just there for the "look, pretty". Too long, too little substance

  7. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is not a short story. It's a full length novel. A short story is like a maximum of 7,500 words.

  8. I call BS on Jame's point. I watched Bladerunner (1982) this past week for the very first time and I loved it. I loved that it didn't have a huge grandiose plot and took its time with grounding the viewer in the world. I fucking love that movie! Saw 2049 today and it was great. Disagree that 2049 could exist on its own. And those city shots in the original bladerunner??? I loved soaking in the world/visuals and building an understanding of how shit works in this world. like the scenes of deckard just grabbing a bite to eat

  9. One of the best movies I've seen in the last few years. I wish it did better at the box office, it's a work of art. I guess it didn't have enough explosions and hand holding narrative for the average Joe. :/

  10. I can’t decide if I should be happy it flopped at the box office or sad. Happy cus WB won’t franchise the shit out of blade runner or sad cus now it’s going to be super hard to get real sci-fi in a major movie

  11. 1:37 Breath of the Whale, i would be interested in that game, as long as it is an open world adventure where you area little krill working your way out of a whale.

  12. Creating the Birthday Party scene was just beautiful. I was always wondering how they created the memories and the whole concept of her picking people and changing details is ravishingly pure pleasure to see.

  13. Wait….i want to see this and the shots you show where batista's character is walking through the streets wasn't in it! what happened???

  14. Y'all have a strange blocking arrangement for video. It's interesting, but the dude in the foreground can't see the other folk when they speak, so it's a little distracting. Otherwise, awesome insights. I love this movie and glad to here you enjoyed it as well

  15. funnily enough It did NOT feel like almost 3 hours. I was so involved in every aspect and clue and connection I got lost in it. It felt like a little under 2 hours). Granted I am much older than you and I had seen the directors cut when it was released in theatres. I was unable to go to the original release due to strict parentage. I did however have the graphic novel and obsessed over the film. Got the VHS videotape as soon as possible. bought it for 80 dollars…(rented and never returned).

  16. I think hard sci-fi would be way more based on real science, so I'm not sure that is the right term to use here. Love the movie though. Absolutely brilliant. I don't know when people started to look at the length of a movie that much, many many classics are that long as well.

  17. James nailed it right out the gate. As someone who didn't see the original Blade Runner until a few years ago, I came away from it feeling like "huh…there's not much to it". It's absolutely beautiful and creates an incredible world, but as a story I found it very thin. 2049 is the movie I dreamed Blade Runner could be, and the best movie I've seen in a long time.

  18. "take someone who had not seen bladerunner and have them watch it today". That's me, and I really did not like Bladerunner. At all. Probably amazing at the time but, today? Boring. I loved the world they created but the story was meh at best.

    That said, I friggin LOVED 2049. Saw it twice so far. This was the movie I wished Bladerunner was.

  19. Thank fuck you guys exist. I seriously have no one to share my thoughts on this or any similar complex film ever. It sucks so much, thank you again for existing and having a movie podcast

  20. Technology and culture in the BR world of 2049 is heavily influenced by an EMP attack (that they call 'The Blackout) that happens in 2022. So much of the tech is analog, or is hardened non-microprocessor, non digital in nature. So this is why: no cell phones (payphones still everywhere), researching the DNA data is done on some kind of microfiche machine, surveilance tech – while available to police and corporate agents – is not so widespread and ubiquitous that a determined individual or group cannot hide out and disappear with some effort.

  21. Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel and also a superior film to Blade Runner. The greatest sequel of all-time is still The Godfather Part 2

  22. The "Fifth Element" is the "hardest of hardcore sci-fi"?  Hahaha, spoken like a true illiterate millennial with a very short attention span.

  23. One of the main points of PKD’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” is that as the story develops, the Replicants become MORE human in their desire to live and Deckard becomes more INHUMAN as he hunts and slaughters them? Deckard wasn’t a replicant in DADES, Ridley Scott (and/or the screenwriters) just decided to make it a twist for the movie? To me it’s a dick move because a) it misses the above point and b) if Deckard is a purpose built replicant-hunting replicant why do all the other “skin-jobs” kick his arse? It make’s perfect sense that you’d build replicants to hunt replicants but that’s a different movie (to DADES).
    “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” was set in San Francisco, hence the Asian-centric future. When Ridley Scott (and/or the screenwriters) moved the story to LA they should (in my opinion) have made the future a more Hispanic culture. Another example of Scott thinking he knows better and actually making things a little worse.
    I don’t really rate him very highly as a director? Loved Bladerunner, I wonder how much better it would have been with a different Director?

  24. I'm pretty sure that Deckard was human in Do Androids? Him and the other guy gave themselves Voight-Kampf tests after going to the crazy police department in SanFran.

  25. Many people along with the original writer and other developers insisted that Deckard was human. ONLY Ridley insisted he was a replicant. For me the original Blade runner has 100x more meaning and depth with Deckard as he was originally intended, human.

  26. Blade Runner have been my favorite film since 1982. Blade runner 2049 is a masterpiece born from the heart. Denis Villeneuve and his team did the impossible. I have seen this movie 6 times on the big screen…did not had the chance to do that in 1982. I salute Alcon Entertainment for their courage to give life to such an amazing, intelligent and elegant film. Hope they are not going out of business cause we need more films like this. Wish there was a Crowdfunding web site for Alcon!! 🙂

  27. i am so glad they didn't drop the ball on this one. denis villeneuve is easily one of the best directors working right now, roger deakins cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking (btw, if the doesn't win an oscar i am done with the academy for good). the pacing, the story, everything is excellent. i am so impressed with this film. i also very much like the ambiguity villeneuve treats deckard with. is he human, is he a replicant – think it's not an important question.

  28. only bad things in the movie is 1: that it was so obvious that the hologram girlfriend would "die" since they made such a big thing about what would happen if they trancfered her to the stick. and 2: that they say that everyone will think that Decker drowned in the end as if no one would drag up the flying car and corpses to make sure.. I mean this a company with endless recourses that wants Decker more than anything else.. they will go to lenghts to either find his corpse or make sure that he really did die.

  29. Bladerunner is not Sci/fi its cyberpunk.. and star wars is not fantasy it is sci/fi… sci/fi is basicly fantasy but with futuristic technology.. just a response to what you talk about at 37 minute mark ish

  30. It doesn't make sense for Deckard to be s replicant, he was so much weaker than the replicants he was hunting! Why'd they make a weaker version of something to hunt that thing?

  31. I thought the prostitute was a replicant too? B/cuz u see her later with the rest of the replicants working to hide Rachel's baby.

  32. Can someone explain why the original (Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep) is heralded as good though? My god was that book a struggle to read. And I enjoy books of various levels of action and lore too (some of my favourite, most engaging books had nothing of consequence happen until the last 1/4 of the book) so it's not about how 'movie goer exciting' it is. I found Deckard to be flat and uninteresting, the story very climatically flat (I mean the way andy's were tested didn't help, but it felt like that was still under utilised). The side points of the drive to get a real animal and that… empathy box (? was that it's name) were similarly underutilised and felt totally shoehorned to the point where they felt a chore to get through. And then the apparent themes that everyone likes ("does it matter that if a person is an andy or a human?") seemed to peter out pretty early on and AGAIN underutilised.
    personally i think the length of the book fucked it. there wasn't enough reflection or character interaction (I'd be hardpressed to remember any of the character at all) to flesh out individuals – particularly the andys, which would have helped – and I didn't give two shits whether Deckard succeeded or not. Maybe that's the point, but I feel like apathy rather than confliction makes a theme like that fall totally flat.
    So… safe to say I'm not all that interested in Bladerunner 😛

  33. I think I remember Ridley Scott saying that he likes to think the off world colonies are the ones from Alien, and that the two movies share the same universe

  34. Battlestar Galactica exists because of Blade Runner and not it's own source material which came out 4 years prior? Okay.

    You guys aren't the most well-read science fiction fans.

  35. i just watched this movie like yesterday….and all the clips of the movie that are being shown….i dont remember seeing in the actual film……………AM I GOING CRAZY?!?! AM I A REPLICANT?!? ARE MY MEMORIES FALSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  36. My dad worked at the walled city as a cop, he said it would be impossible to catch someone once they ran in because it was like a maze.

  37. Finally watched the movie. It is visually stunning! I still wonder if Blade runner is set in the same universe as Aliens with weyland yutani corp specially cause of the off world references. The one part where they flying and look up into the clouds, the ship flying kind of looks like a ship like the USS Sulaco from Aliens.

  38. Blade Runner 2049 wasn’t long enough. I think it’s better then The Godfather. Jerrod Leto…wow….and Jenneigh…..smoking hot for 50.

  39. You guys need to go to Milwaukee and do a collab with RedLetterMedia. You guys have a very similar style.

  40. I guess I'm of the few that was really let down by. Way too cheesy and flashy with the fight scenes. Way to over the top with the female villain.

    Trying to be deeper than it was. No concise message.

    And not a great mystery or detective story. Go watch 10 or 15 great noirs from the 40s and see the difference.

    The original wasn't a noir. It was philosophical sci-fi masked in a noir style universe.

    2049 will be completely forgotten in 40 years. The original will always resurface as one of the feats of cinema.

  41. The theaters should do an intermission for any movie over two hours for a bathroom/snack break. They do that for every movie when I lived in Greece many years ago and I thought it was great.

  42. Holen didn't die, he could breath okay as long as they didn't unplug him. The opening review of the original totally ignores the reality of film making in the early 1980's, it misses the fact that an entire sub-genre was being created in that movie, it's a review through the lens of the early 2000's. The story wasn't weak, it was of its time. The sequel will be remembered as building on the legacy of the original and standing as an exceptional quality divergence of story. I'd recommend anyone who has not already done so to read the authorised (and yes, authorisation by the estate of a dead writer is always going to be open to a cynical view) sequel – Blade Runner 2: Edge of Human – that's the story that holds the kernel of this films core.

  43. Calling the original BR boring eliminates my interest in anything this guy will ever do ! His opinion is ignorant ! Of course he values his opinion .

  44. Yeah, no, it sucked, nobody wanted to go see it, you suck, sequels are stupid.
    This current generation of regurgitation is damned to it's unoriginal mediocrity and profiteering.

  45. This movie deserves so much more than it got. I hope it's remembered for the masterpiece it is when people look back at it someday.

  46. I KNEW James was thinking of Oblivion when they brought up "the ultimate sci-fi movie." It's nothing to write home about, but it's a very solid sci-fi flick.

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