55 thoughts on “Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell

  1. She hates Miley cyrus and taylor Swift says eyes and all vonich kiley Mitchell TODD Swift Swift murphy supernaw…. No maybe now she can bring back wheres my kids when THAT FUCKING NIGHTMARE JOHN RODNEY VEACH IS OUT AND RICK COOKS DAUGHTER HEARD HER SAY DOUG PROMISED…… WHAT? FLEW LIKE WELL HE CAME BACK LATER AMDND WE HAD ANOTHER THING SOMEONE REMADE A SONG OF YOURS HEARD IT ON 92.7 WVZA ITS TRUE

  2. Typical New Age Nihilist bullshit. Obviously written for her by the powers that be. As someone that knows the left hand path VERY well. In the end you're worshipping the "Black Hole Sun", Saturn. The dead brown dwarf star in our solar system. As you know, the ancient "Gods" the Sumerians talk of that created the zodiac, worshipped planets as gods. Saturn = Chronos
    They represented Saturn by putting a crescent with a circle, in the middle on top of the heads of the sumerian seals and some egyptian hieroglyphs.
    Hint: In Freemasonry, what's always in between the 2 pillars? Or if theres 3, what's in the center?

    Answer: Symbolism of the ex-Sun Saturn. i.e. All seeing eye, crescent moon & star, star of david, a dead looking star with the sun on the left pillar and the moon on the right. Since Saturn dominates Capricorn(sea GOAT), Saturn(aka Chronos colors:red & black:English military guard colors) Ok so it dominates Capricorn, and that's where the Baphomet comes in. Half goat because Saturn(Satan) is Capricorn. In tarot, Capricorn is the 15th card and is represented by the Devil pictured with the Baphomet.

    I'd say 98.9% of these "new age satanist" dont even know WHAT they are worshipping and WHY, they just roll with the agenda for the money, cant even explain the symbolism they use, thinking they know the real…smh…youngsters need to wake the fuck up, SOME of you are starting to look like most degenerate generation our nation has ever produced, IMO. Read the 3 war plan by Albert Pike. Especially WW3. You "New Age Satanists" are the nihilists they're talking about using. Because you would care less if a baby was sacrificed for its blood, plasma, adrenachrome, than earlier generations because you guys are being spoonfed satanism and are eating it up like a 1980s Oprah!! Look at the likes to dislikes and tell me I'm wrong!

  3. Honestly I only just discovered that I love Billie Eilish. I've been singing my whole life and my ability doesn't hold a candle to this beautiful young lady!

  4. Satanic, illumanti, sick f#%%ck song. People really love Satan, one burn him well, him!!? Songs devil keep getting worser and evilier himmmm.

  5. Me:Hey God
    God:yes my son
    Me:who is this
    picture of bilie eilish
    God: a fallen friend who was sent to hell and to demand a quest to burn in there and take all the Good Girls!!!
    Me: 😶 Imma be right back!

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