Bill Nye Has a Plan to Solve Climate Change – Klepper Podcast

Bill Nye Has a Plan to Solve Climate Change – Klepper Podcast

– I am here with Bill Nye,
to some the Science Guy, to me just Bill.
– Sure, yes, Bill. – Bill, you have a brand new
podcast out, Science Rules. – Yes, turn it up loud, everybody. – Make it loud, you have now, to be clear, this is my podcast here
so the tables have turned. Not literally, people
can’t see that at home, actually they could see it at home because we do have four cameras here. – Yeah, when you’re driving
you want four cameras. – You need four cameras, how many cameras do you
have on your podcast? – We don’t have any. – Do you feel, is that a flaw? – No, I feel it’s kind of a strength. Radio is the most visual medium. (laughs) – Again, you’re air tight
with your facts, Bill, always. Thank you for coming–
– Facts, facts. (laughs) – Bill, do you consider
yourself an activist? – Yeah but I think anybody
who is scientifically literate becomes an environmentalist and I guess that makes you an activist. But I don’t chain myself to
bulldozers and stuff like that. – Why not? – It seems time consuming and I’m involved in other
aspects of the activism matrix. (laughs) – On this show we talked
to a lot of people who consider themselves
activists who go out, they see something wrong with the world, they wanna interact with it
and change it in some way. – Well, I want to change the world, yeah, does that make me an activist? – I don’t know, I guess it, what is your definition of activist? Perhaps somebody who takes
action to change the world so, yeah, you do it without
chaining yourself to– – But I do other stuff.
– Well. – I mean, yeah, I do other things. – I don’t want to make you feel defensive but what do you do, Bill? – I go onto TV and talk
about climate change. – What is the most effective
way to enact change in climate? – Vote.
– Vote? – Here’s what I think happened, you went down to Louisiana, right? – I did. – And you met people who at best were ambivalent about the activism. – I met the whole panoply
of people down in Louisiana. – The panoply. – Is that, I don’t know
if I used that correct. – You might have. – I was gonna say myriad but I always get confused with myriad, if it’s a myriad or the
myriad so I said panoply and I’m sticking with it. – You met a different people. – I met different people in Louisiana. – People with different points of view. – That’s what I met in Louisiana, I met people who would
consider themselves activists who do lock themselves to pipelines to try to stop it from taking place. I met activists, people
who go by the rules who go out into the
Bayou, they take notes, they file complaints through
the local governments to try to enact change and then I met people who were like, these people should just get out of here because they don’t understand how the economy works down here and there’s sort of an inherent fight between all three groups. Overall most people wanted change, wanted the betterment of that area. But I can’t say anybody figured out exactly the best way to get that. – Well here’s the thing,
people say to me, Bill Nye, what can I do, what can I
do about climate change? What can an individual do? And we all want to feel empowered somehow, we all wanna do something. But as I say all the time, climate change isn’t a case of
just recycling water bottles or driving a hybrid car,
we need big changes, we need major changes, the
word sweeping comes to mind. But for that it’s gonna take voting and putting people in government who are willing to address the problem, the problem being climate change. So as I say, there’s three things we want for everybody in the world, clean water, renewably produced
electricity that’s reliable, and access to the internet
for everybody in the world. And to do that it’s gonna take not burning fossil fuels
to make electricity but getting it some other way. When we talk about energy we’re
talking about electricity, electricity is magical,
you can have a podcast, fancy microphones, four cameras. – Only the best. – Or you can make toast with
electricity, it’s amazing. – I wouldn’t put those out
on an equal playing field, there’s a lot of people
who are working here on what they would consider
as more productive than toast. – Okay, I’m open-minded. (laughs) But I’ll I’ll bet you there’s
a lot more toast slices cooked than there are podcast cast. – Actually, I don’t even know. For every improviser
there’s 17 podcasts so. – All right, so that aside, this is gonna take huge
changes and it’s gonna, just technically from an
engineering standpoint, we’re gonna have to stop having
our electricity production concentrated as strongly as it is now and have it distributed, solar panels on top of every Walmart and then we need an electoral grid that can move electricity around the way we move mobile phone
calls around, cell phones. And so this is doable but
it’s gonna require investment. Investment, what do you
want people to pay taxes? Yes. Yes, so my parents were both
veterans of World War II, I talk about this all the time and here’s another example
of when I’m talking about it, and they had a global problem. they got her done in five
years at great sacrifice and people paid taxes and
they made tanks and airplanes and people went to war and died for the betterment of humankind and I’m not saying we have to go to war and die over climate change
but we have to invest, this is not extraordinary, and by the way, we are in the US conducting
this in US accented English, the US is the world’s third
most populous country. China, India, which will probably
reverse into India, China, and then the United States, there’s a third of a billion people. So why should we have a
libertarian or small government, what are you talking about? There’s 300 plus million people that are all trying to
drive and burn gasoline and whatever else they’re doing. – Well you bring up World War II, what’s different between
now and World War II is it felt like, at
least the stories I hear, you have the bad guy Nazis, which was easy for
Americans to come together. – Well, everybody, yeah. – Everybody can come together.
– Yes. – Yet for some reason we
feel so fractured right now that the idea of the end
of life on the horizon isn’t enough to pull us all together. – well the trouble is it’s slow motion, we didn’t have a Pearl Harbor
and we don’t have a 9/11 and so the climate change
is a much more subtle and slow-moving problem but the consequences are actually, I think you can reckon
them to be much larger because it will affect seven
and a half billion people, not a few hundred mil,
a few hundred million. – Well see, and you’re also, you are often described as a communicator, I like to put you on par with
like the great communicator, like Barack Obama. – Oh yeah, Bill Nye,
Barack O, sure six to one. And the same people hate us both. – So if we need a Pearl Harbor to draw people’s attention
to this global crisis and somebody who is attempting
to communicate this to people attempting to get people’s attention, I talked to a lot of other folks in the entertainment industry,
in many different industries who are trying to wave
the flag, sound the alarm, get people to pay attention.
– The climate change flag. – The climate change flag.
– Or if there were one. – The recyclable, the renewable– – Recycling’s good. – Yeah, uh huh, how do
you send up that flag? – Well here’s what we’re
pointing out right now, suppose you had Hurricane
Michael, Hurricane– – We had Irene.
– Irene, yeah. And you talked to
anybody from New Orleans, Katrina is still this thing. Okay, suppose we had all these storms and we had no explanation for it. Suppose we had all these
droughts in California then these heavy rains causing
these flooding mudslides, suppose we had a blizzard
in the Midwest in late April and we didn’t know why it was happening, that would be really troubling. But we do know why it’s happening, there’s more heat energy in the atmosphere so the atmosphere is more turbulent and you get bigger storms, more frequent and stronger storms. – You talked a lot about curiosity, how important that is–
– Yes! I was wondering about that. – I’m very curious about
your interest in curiosity. But do we have a death
of curiosity right now? – We have a weird anti science movement and it’s enabled by, first of all, really just to point fingers, it started with the fossil fuel industry where they were very successful
at introducing the idea that scientific uncertainty
about climate change or the role of carbon dioxide and methane was the scientific uncertainty
about the exact effects plus or minus 2% was the
same as plus or minus 100%, plus or minus doubt about everything. And that’s just absolutely
wrong and then the internet, for better or for worse, has enabled everybody to sound about the same and people, we all look for easy answers. So denying it is much easier
than getting to work on it. Especially since I keep saying, I mean, recycling bottles
is good, that’s good, driving less or more efficiently is good but we need big, think big. Huge, wind turbines. – It’s like a monster truck rally. – Well yeah, well much bigger than that. – Larger than a monster truck rally? – And why not have, and so if I may, I’m not changing the subject,
if I may whine and complain, NASCAR celebrates this
80 year old technology. What are you doing, what? I mean, horse racing’s cool, yes, but you don’t take a horse to work and it, very, very few people take
a horse to work anymore. So, you know, then more about me, my grandfather was in
World War I on a horse, he rode a horse at night and put chlorine in the Lister bags, in the canteens and to prevent dysentery or do his best to prevent dysentery but 25 years later during
people fighting World War II they weren’t riding horses, the transportation
system was revolutionized in a couple decades,
we can do this, people. Electric cars don’t know
where the electrons come from. – Now do you, as somebody who– – No, whether if they’re
made. if the electrons, if the electricity is produced renewably the cars are of great benefit, if their electrons are
produced by burning fossil fuel the benefit is smaller but it’s nevertheless a little benefit ’cause you’re not spreading
the pollution out everywhere. – There is a history of us evolving and to getting to a better place where we can adapt to the
times but as you just said, that what we have right
now is the internet, we have the ability for
all voices to be elevated. Are you an optimist when you
look at something like that as an enabler for change? – You have freedom of speech,
we have freedom of speech but you cannot yell fire
in a crowded theater, there’s some rules. So the internet’s gonna get
regulated I think soon enough, you just can’t publish any
crazy thing loudly to everybody and it sounds, well that’s not, I’m sorry, people, it’s
just what’s coming because we had all this trouble
without regulation, you know. So even if you’re a broadcaster on conventional television
or publishing a newspaper you can’t print just anything,
we have libel laws, you know, and we have slander. So we’ll do the same
thing with the internet, slowly, ever so slowly
there’ll be trusted sources and the dark web will
continue to web it’s darkness but we can fix this, but
the sooner the better. – Yeah, what’s our timeline here? – Well when you talk about climate change the IPCC, the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change, says, you know, 12 years, okay. But, everybody, the Earth’s gonna be here no matter what we do, what we
wanna do is preserve the Earth for us, for humans. And the other strange thing these people have so much
trouble understanding, it’s not that the earth used to have more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the ancient dinosaur days. It’s the speed at which
we’re adding carbon dioxide, this is not rocket surgery,
people, look at the graph. We have we have gone from
280 parts per million to over 400 parts per
million in just two centuries rather than two millennia or 10 millennia. We’re doing it in 10
years, for crying out loud, let’s go, people, let’s get to work. – So to make it about me.
– Good. – My experience in seeing these
people who are camping out, who feels this is such a dire situation that they want to go and lock
themselves to a pipeline, what do you say to people like that, do you see that as effective protest? Is that is that an inspiring
move or is that wasted energy? – Well, does it prevent the pipeline? – No, I think it creates noise, I think it delays
potentially the inevitable. – But you’re talking about it. – Yes.
– So maybe that’s good. – So there is potential energy in there. – You’re working the problem
from both ends, yeah. But the most effective thing would just be to have the climate
change deniers age out, as the saying goes. Very few climate change deniers are young. – Not the cool thing. – Well, you guys grew up with facts. When the old people are no longer voting or no longer running the government everything’s gonna change but
will it happen fast enough to preserve quality of life for billions of people, we’ll see. – So in the end, pray for death. – There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that you’re gonna die, Jordan, and I don’t want to shock to you. – Don’t, please don’t
share any of that with me. – There’s no hurry, there’s no hurry. And you know, they said,
my dad always said, don’t miss weddings or funerals. But you probably miss your
own funeral, probably. – I hope not, I like to
show up for everything, I don’t wanna miss out. – The people that make
extraordinary claims that you don’t miss your own funeral but I’m not counting on it. But I digress only a little bit, young people are gonna make these changes, they’re gonna get it done but
will they get it done quickly? That’s the question. If you’re in Bangladesh and
you have to, you’re displaced and then there’s a drought
in Africa and then it’s just, you know, the US military
has written extensively about the problems associated
with displaced populations as the climate changes, changes
faster than we’re used to. – For people who are listening at home or who are watching on YouTube or when this thing gets dictated and put down into a novel and
are reading it in their novel. – When people have trouble sleeping. – Yeah, exactly, that’s
our target demo right now. What is the thing they can do? If they’re listing this they’re
angry, they’re frustrated, they want change, they can vote. – Vote and support candidates that are gonna do something
about climate change. – Science Rules.
– Science Rules. – What are you talking
about with Science Rules? – Everything that has to do
with science which is everything so we have, we’ve got a few in
the can, that’s podcast talk, we have a neuroscientist talking about the nature of consciousness, we have a nuclear weapons expert talking about what we should
do with nuclear material and is it vulnerable to, are we ready for the dirty bomb, no. We have genetically modified foods, a guy from Monsanto, ah! – Oh god. – And then why people live to be over 100, we have that guy on. – Wait there’s a guy who knows? – He’s the guy, yeah
Nir Barzilai, Barzilai, he’s a cool guy and he studies people who live to be extraordinarily old. – And what has he found? – Fasting seems to be the trick and the word fasting, not extreme fasting, just skipping a meal, like
16 hours without eating. – That’s it?
– Well, and being happy. – Oh, well, I thought it was easy. – Well not for you, no. I mean, you’re just a miserable jaded man. – Bill, let’s not get into
this now, for god’s sakes. – Well I feel it, man.
– I’m exuding it right now. I haven’t eaten in 16 hours!
– Both of us. Well that’s good, you’re
gonna extend your life. – But it’s making me so unhappy.

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  15. Bill, I'm in part of the country which doesn't support the whole climate change movement. And there's a really good reason why they don't. Scientists talk to normal 9 – 5 Joes, like they're idiots, like they're not out here working in the climate every day and seeing what's going on. In your original series, you were down to earth with people. You broke down science in ways normal people could understand. You didn't treat them like the morons next door who were too stupid for their own good, but like people of equal intelligence to yourself. In Bill Nye Saves the World, you dictated what was true and what wasn't. The reason our democracy is failing, is because everyone is dictating these days and no one is listening or trying to see from another perspective. For people to listen to you, you have to make them feel like they're being heard. I know plenty of young people who deny climate change and that's why. They see it as some sort of liberal agenda. In your parents' generation this was called common sense.

    Bill, you are a science icon and people will follow you, despite how much the opposition tries to discredit you. But you have to reconnect with your audience — all of them.

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    2) Let the free market do it's thing: A conservative solution to climate change (by Potholer54) –

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    3) Don't let Bill Nye and his ilk take away your liberties because he "knows better."

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    In my home state WA and area in the Pacific Northwest, we were crushed by bogus studies that dramatically effected our economy, one being the spotted owl controversy, whereby a study of such owls was done in a different location and then used to manipulate voters views of logging in our area. My Dad was an original environmentalist, caring to understand and manage the land for the current and future inhabitants.

    We read studies of animals, from elk, cougar, fish, wolves and eagles regularly not lineup with the knowledge of our own land.

    My mother repeatedly called the wildlife reserves to report the nesting of eagles far from a river, and was repeatedly told she was lying.

    There are reasons which have to do with Dems and using science academia inappropriately and destroying the trust of the people already at odds with a changing world of ideas.

    It will soon become very clear how far we've allowed our Universities and major institutions disown integrity and have been highjacked.

  26. i know this guy who is a car enthusiast and swears by gasoline cars. But he is big on climate change and thinks the world is coming to an end. He thinks the climate change deniers are the problems, but I asked him if he is also part of the problem. He started denying the fact that his gasoline car is part of the problem. Dur Durrrr. i laughed so hard.

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    The forces of nature are in place and beyond our control. Just three too hot and or too wet or too dry springs and food for billions of people disappears.

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    Scientist are not politicians, theologians, philosophers, or poets. Their knowledge of or use of rhetoric to warn of our situation is at best poor.

    It is now clear that homo-hubris-sapiens are about to disappear. Our society is just another about to disappear. Nothing new here, this is quite natural. We humans are just part of a natural cycle. Any scientist can tell you this. But no politician will or can tell you the truth. Dictator or democrat; no politician can, will, or should tell us these obvious facts regarding our habitat.

    The human response to climate change seems like the human response on Easter Island as they were cutting down their last tree.
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    We think that profit and financial growth are more important than the environment. To the economist the environment is extraneous to our economy. We are about to learn that profit and financial growth can not create living organisms.
    The gods of profit and financial growth have made us blind to the absurdity of cutting down the last trees on our island.

    I have passed through a morning period. I am embracing my death. I try to love all I see. In my view it is too late to "do" anything. Our day has passed.

    Just for the record, I have spent most of the last 25 years wandering about in the wildernesses of the Colorado Rockies, the highlands of Northern California, Maui, and my beloved Central California Coast. I could do this because to get food all I had to do was go to town.

    When there is plenty of wild life, living off the land is very difficult. My hat is off to our ancestors.
    We are looking at the collapse of habitat for all manuals as well as fish, birds, and vegetation. There will be no "living off the land."

    I have been hungry in the wilderness. Lethargy and weakness take over. Every action takes great effort. It appears to me to be a hard death. But no more difficult a death than those who have gone before us.

    The specter of death has appeared at our party. Everyone at the party sees it. No one admits it at first. A few whispers, that's about it. A rumor of the specter begins to spread. A rumor that everyone at the party can see and does see. It is clear that death has not come for a particular person but has come for everyone at the party; including our pets.

    As the last grocery store closes I plan to be wandering up a unnamed stream.

    "And the band played on." Is the attitude I am taking. Acts of beauty and kindness as we pass. In an odd way it is a great honor and responsibility to be the last human actors on this stage. How shall we finish this play? Let's make our last days our best. The most important thing we can do is to be true to our self. May we let mercy, acceptance, and forgiveness be born anew with each breath. This is our duty.

    Into the unknown I go as we all must.



  33. I'm sorry Bill there's a whole army of geologists and chemists working for the petro chemical industry who are definitely not environmentalists even though they are educated in the language of science. I'm an old fan and I know you're not too often wrong, but on this one, you are. Some just people see science as nothing more than a tool to exploit the Earth and make money.

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  40. Bill is 63 and a scientist. So, it is surprising that he resorts to childish tactics when he does impressions of people who disagree with him. Because he doesn't have cogent argument to push back against why they disagree. Instead he compares this to WWII and that old people will die and they are the only people who deny science. I have watched and read tons of debates and articles on both side of this, few people deny science. The most common and in my opinion reasonable rational, is that countries like China, Russia, India have no reason to slow down their production of carbon emissions. It is also very much in their interest politically to support the U.S. doing this, because it will weaken the U.S. and strengthen their respective countries. Also, "the same people that hate him" are all for nuclear power, so it is obvious that this argument is about more than just science denial. This whole conversation sounds nice on the surface, but has no concrete plans on how to get any of this actually accomplished.

    Of course he wants internet regulation. The great equalizer of this age, giving freedom to all creators and business owners to work independently of shit studios and corporations. He is not a genius, he was and engineer who became a bad comedian and then hosted a kids tv show. Stop listening to this guy just because we are going through a 90s nostalgia faze.

    I'm not sorry to rain on the Bill Nye is the best parade.

  41. A simple personal step to reduce emissions: Eat less meat. Don't have to totally quit. Just eat less. Producing meat is a lot less efficient than vegetable based foods.
    Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All – economic justice – environmental justice – social justice


  43. We should rename bills designed to save the world to more deadly things. Like the "Let the world fry like an egg " bill 325.

  44. To some of the commenters, it's not just the Republicans, it's also the Democrats, the Democratic establishment is just as against tackling climate change, they're all paid by the same people.

  45. In these discussions about renewables its all about producing electricity. Nearly half the planet is cold year round and resistance heating is horribly inefficient. I would like to hear more info on environmentally sound innovations to keep me warm during the next polar vortex.

  46. For all the people who turn a profit by spreading misinformation about climate change i have some questions.

    Dont you have kids?

    If you have kids, why dont you give a shit about them?
    i dont have kids and although, in dark moments, when i loose hope in humanity, i just want to accelarate the process of turning this planet into an ininhabitable shithole, i feel bad about it.

    Shame on you, for fucking up every creatures life on this planet and i think Morty summed it up best.
    “You’re a monster. You’re like Hitler but even Hitler cared about Germany or something!"

  47. I thought this might be an interesting video to watch/listen to. Nope. It's just the same old stuff.
    Hey everyone, stop doing things that you like and be like me and then future generations might not die in hurricanes and terrible drought and or famine coupled with floods and blizzards. It's all alarm and no realistic solutions.

  48. We could maybe plant more trees and protect the amazon rain forest and clean our ocean water ? Improving our ecology is more beneficial then an elektric car. More green means less CO2 emissions.

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