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  1. How a smart person like You can't see the obvious.Nikodemus problem. "You are Israel’s teacher,” said Jesus, “and do you not understand these things?"

  2. It's hard to understand that this man is a Christian, the impression that he is giving to me seems like he is not a believer of any religion or God. UNTIL I realized that he is also fighting against the Idea of Nihilism where believing in something that doesn't exist, the things which are abstract like "religion and art* are the fundamental basis of extinguishing nihilistic thoughts.

    So I believe he really doesn't believe in Christianity at all, but he knew that we need this in order to barrier ourselves from Nihilism

  3. I truly admire how this guy is neither criticizing nor promoting the bible, but instead studying and talking about it's contents and history.

  4. Do I believe in God?

    Am I going to watch this series?
    You bet I will.

    Almost everything JBP says is interesting to listen to, whether I agree with him or not

  5. Jordan Peterson makes it very easy for people to misunderstand him but, damn, not so many smart people should be doing it. Popular YouTube accounts call him “abysmal” with regards to religion just because, as far as I can tell, he’s thought too deeply about it. It’s like the people who threatened Galileo without actually looking through his telescope.
    If you argue against Jordan Peterson without having spent months listening to him and reading his work, you are probably arguing past him. You are accidentally committing the straw-man fallacy.

  6. Did JP mean to say "wasn't" or "was" at around/after 14:00 when he said Nietzsche understood the human thought.. was or wasn't? … tied to human emotions, physiology, and so on?

  7. Made by lightingman117 just posting so it won't vanish to make it easy for myself and others 11 months ago

    3:00 – learn by lecture

    3:30 – Nietzsche

    6:40 – We don't know what we don't know

    7:30 – Know things without knowing things?

    8:50 – Sickness of the human spirit

    10:30 – The Western wandering intellect

    12:30 – Social Psychopathology

    16:00 – We're complex

    18:30 – Intimation sof the Divine

    20:20 – Sub-personalities?

    22:45 – Dreams are the birthplace of thinking

    35:00 – Art?

    41:00 – Bear worship

    44:20 – Anti-Religious

    50:00 – Abstracted ideal

    55:30 – Marduk

    1:02:35 – Why do you think?

    1:04:58 – The approach

    1:07:10 – Psychoanalytic Thinker

    1:10:02 – Literary

    1:14:49 – Sisyphus

    1:16:10 – Noble aim

    1:18:56 – love others, love yourself

    1:21:55 – Moral

    1:25:30 – Rational

    1:25:56 – Phenomenolgical it matters

    1:33:20 – The Bible

    1:40:00 – Genesis

    1:44:00 – Intrinsic Value

    1:45:10 – We're devine

    1:48:53 – Rationalistic, utopian, aetheistic ideas

    1:50:32 – Genesis 1:1

    2:09:32 – New Testament is true?

  8. Is there by any chance a forum where you go to debate such topics.? And so, I really believe he has the true true, but always it's important to checkout ideas like this! Who's with me?

  9. Rebuttal: “I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in human evolution. We became too self aware; nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law.” Said The Pessimist who believed himself to be a Realist. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, a secretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody’s nobody. I think the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.”

  10. Hi, guys.

    I've never done this before, so I'm not sure if it's kosher, and if it is, I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. I've been writing a narrative blog about a young kid living a somewhat paradisaical Millennial life, not working, but being supported by his girlfriend's parents, who fancies himself an intellectual. That is, until, he gets tapped by God to bear a supernatural power, rescue his city, and straighten up his life. It's heavily influenced by Dr. Peterson's teachings and I figured I'd try sharing it with you all. If a comments section is not the most appropriate way, I apologize. I don't mean to spam or anything like that.

    Anyways, if this interests you, check it out here: @t

    Thank you to all who take the plunge!

  11. In the book of Tom, Jesus says everything has been done before. However I believe that nothing will happen the same again

  12. The Holy Bible: a book penned, laboriously, by more than 40 men – few of whom knew each other – over a period of several thousand years.
    And Doctor Peterson "doesn't understand" certain things about it … so, it's obviously man's way of trying to make sense of his own anthropological history by laying down a 'tale' which informs his psyche about a time which he neither understands nor recalls.

    Doctor Peterson: you're attempts at pseudotheology are poor, to say the least.
    The reason that the Bible has such longevity and profound influence is that it has God's fingerprints all over it.

    I'm really looking forward to when I stumble upon your attempts to explain away the awe inspiring accuracy of prophets such as Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, to name but a few…. or there again, maybe I'm not.

  13. At the beginning he acts as if he's surprised people showed up for this lecture, and knowing the kind of guy Peterson is, I'm pretty sure he would've given the lecture even if no one had showed up

  14. "the best way to learn about something is to talk about it" — very happy to see that these videos are still "up"

  15. 10:09 Dayum i didn't know he could get the psychology of islamic institution that right. My personal opinion is that the west from its Industrial revolution brought to the table in abundance, what people had been looking upto lord for. Hence as a consequence a liberation from the dream of God which was sadly already institutionalized for more than a millenia and was historically ;morally and politically' corrupt. God was replaced with the God of men, freedom to fulfil your own desires, make your own values and get in the race to be the alpha led it to this modern state.
    Islam is secluded, the deep rooted dream (held strong by the institutions till date) is to live the eternal life in heaven hereafter, based on living the simplest and morally humble life on this planet. Hence no glitter for gold, lust for women or race for materiality. The less they have materially the closer shall they be to the dream of God.
    But if the masses get on the table the fruits that west got, no doubt the will act the same way as westerners did. (e.g Dubai, Qatar and rich muslim families with oil money on the wall street, living a perfect modern day dream life).
    A very good explanation of this phenomenon is explained in a Documentary "Power of Nightmares" by BBC. Especially in its part 1 of 3. How muslims refused to sail along with modern western culture.

    feel free to share your opinions and thoughts.

  16. Jordan, your talks are so amazing. I find myself constantly struggling to follow you though – not because i lose grasp; but your ideas allow my mind to curtail you abstractions, and blink through to new beautiful ideas. I find myself having to be restrained to just follow along, and it's a pleasure to do so because your next articulation is always as vivid and pragmatic as the one prior. You bring so much FUN to understanding our world, and myself. I can't thank you enough for what you do – and who you are.

  17. Jordan Peterson you’re lost in the weeds. People think convenience as progress. But in actuality we’ve degraded mentally. Common sense and Family values have been lost. Ignorance is ablaze, even though you can research everything. The world has become more lazy and self important. Tyranny is on the rise and people are cheering for their slavery. Our leaders are not morally sound individuals. They say they “serve” the people, but their actions say they serve their donations. Gifts blinds the eyes. Politicians serve opinions not truth of Law. Making the world more and more dangerous and less rational. In a world of butt hurt dogmas become supreme. Anger brings confusion. Confusions brings miscommunication and eventually death.
    You’re missing Holy Spirit(Truth) is written into our base coding and rules the ethereal. Why else would we feel guilty? Those that hold to selfishness are destroying themselves and community. God is not a fairytale or some mysterious ethereal boogeyman. He’s a ever present help in time. You reject God you fall into error(arrar:curse). Thus bringing calamity upon yourself. Stop being a people pleasing coward and serve truth. There was no evolution. There’s no scientific truth for it period. DNA doesn’t add information over time it loses it.

  18. Beware Jordan Peterson is a psychological manipulatior making money and tricking people into thinking he’s enlightened. He’s doing psychological examinations on Biblical stories that he doesn’t understand and twisting the meaning into his own vain allegorical interpretations , very arrogant and ignorant thing to do tricking people and twisting Gods word . He’s a modern day charlatan atheist who pushes new age philosophy to unknowing lost beta males who fall for it like a new age cult. He’s tricking you like a modern day wizard using Carl jung’s ideology , nothing new basically copying what other atheist philosophers have said in the past and pushing it onto lost depraved young men.

  19. Less than two minutes and you start to lie, or you are a fool, saying that the book is more durable than a stone! Show me a book that is older then a stone… You are a live proof that even a fool can become a doctor, and you are a shame for this title.

  20. The most scientifically written psychologically enterprising mystically enabling books available on earth today are the Raamayana, MahaaBhaarata & MahaaBhaagawata.

    They are designed to teach (thru simple stories suiting & soothing to everyone from age of 2 to 100 yrs.) the eternal principles of Dharma & Karma.

    These eternal principles of Dharma & Karma are inherent in all of nature and it's creations; but especially in case of human, it often loses track due to our psychological inconsistencies and ignorance!!

    For example,

    Those principles are represented in ancient eastern philosophies of India & the East, as Shiva (Dharma – the underlying principle) & Shakti/Parvati (Mother Nature as continuous creations [Karma] moved thru energy and power).

    Even in those creations that man made, obey the same non-interchangeable principles of Shiva-Shakti duo (the male-female concept); for example, a steering wheel of a car has a Dharma that is to steer the car thru roads and the real act is the Karma – quite so that the steering wheel shall not give the proper / intended results (Karma-Phala), had the steering wheel been used as a wheel of that car!!

    The great three epics are written in poetry so that they could be remembered and conveyed without loss of original meaning of intent.

  21. Wishing I stumbled onto this line of thinking 8 years ago when I ran my life into the ground wading through my own existential bullshit. Here's to the next eight though! Hoping one day to shake hands with the truly riveting Dr. Peterson. For those wondering, my room is clean. 🙂 Signed, An Inspired Lobster

  22. I always think of the hypocrisy of our lives, the contradiction in our thinking and way of being. I always come back to the contradicting message of the Bible, that God is merciful and at the same time the Bible tells us to fear God. I think that fearing God is somehow connected to a fear of ourselves, our hypocrisy and contradiction, it is something if you are totally honest with yourself, you can't escape it. That thought can be overwhelming, a great weight to those who care about integrity. Do we give up on integrity? It seems that is integrity is really an impossibility. But then we can think the Biblical message of mercy. Mercy allows us to try again, after all we don't need mercy if we are perfect, and none of us are. So we can strive to live the contradictions in our life with integrity, confess to them, and understand that when we recognize contradiction in ourselves and others there is always mercy.

  23. DUde what if the perfect mythology is something like doctor who. I would like to go into it.. In doctor who there is a race called the daleks whose one purpose has been to destroy the other. anything not dalek is exterminated. They've waged war across But this force in them was only put because the creator of the daleks was once just a boy stuck in an endless war unable to do anything. He thought since all war is forever how do i protect mine. He turned off every emotion except rage in daleks. They then went and caused destruction across galaxies of all form of life no matter what. At the end of his life he asks the doctor if he had been a good person after all he only tried to do good by his people, he only wanted them to be able to survive. It is an insane idea but it is true that through the best intentions can also be born the worst hell. We are only demons because this was what we had to be to survive. What we must know is that the animal in us is far ancient and far more complex than us. The most striking difference between humans and other animals is the cortex. the rest of us exists similarly in reptiles in mammals in amphibians in fish in every form of life.
    After all the one similarity we all living things do have with even a bacteria is that we all have dna.

  24. Seems more like you people worship the wrong person!!!
    That's what's wrong with the whole world today, none of you know GOD!
    I've read and scrolled through many comments to see all the praise given to a man (JP) it's like you people don't even mention GOD.

  25. ..Idk if there's another Peruvian but sure i'd love to be the 1st one to say Thanks Jordan. You prove my mentor right, and you are a scholar, he has just experience of traveling living abroad, and lots of reading and meditating. I can imagine both of you Ina conversation, it would be a delight. From the south of this amazing continent, thank you for so much else.

  26. whether you're Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh, one thing we can all agree on is that Christianity is definitely the best religion of them all

  27. It's like listening to a religious idiot savant spend 2 hours rambling and not making real arguments for his beliefs.

  28. If you dont believe in jesus please take your time to YouTube bible prophesies fulfilled maybe that would help god made these prophesies so that all of his children could see he's real God loves you 🙂

  29. JordanBPeterson About the #dreams… My baby, of 1 year maybe, had like bad dreams I think and I believe they were bad because she yelled and like maoned and I don't think at that time she saw something that could make her have that kind of dream. Maybe now that's she's at the Terrible2 and I ground her she can have bad dreams but not before.

  30. If we look at how/when/by whom the bible was written, the numerous changes it underwent by royal edict, threat of persecution, execution or force, or by committee/council, or by translation, etc., and in a similar way how Christianity came about, the various first cults that vied to preach the religion for the masses (Jews and gentiles) in the political climate of the day (first century, post-Jesus) in the region we might see it isn't at all "god-inspired" as it is claimed by many to be. That it is a popular book, that it has lasted and might be the bestseller of all time only means that men are and have always been followers like sheep but more importantly that history (particuarly the past two thousand years) or more to the point, political and military power, has been on the side of those that propagate the religion (its various schisms notwithstanding) and its book.

  31. His words are so true that it sometimes make me tear up. Maybe I tasted the edge or divinity.
    Thank you for teaching me things that are the foundation of western civilization, I’m from Japan, which the law is founded on the basis of English common law if I was correct.

    Although I had never thought of myself as Christian, I noticed that my mind was shaped by the principles of Christian because of how the law was created. It’s truly remarkable how everything is connected.

  32. For folks interested, when studying the bible, I was learning Hebrew from a phenomenal professor, who gave me one of the most valuable tools for interpreting biblical texts from the old testaments that I have ever seen. It is primarily based in literary criticism, including historicity, and is known as the 4 crises model. These 4 crises gave rise to relative explosions of literary works, because the biblical books were a sort of solution to cultural problems. Simply put, it is laid out like this.
    Crisis 1; settlement. The cultural crisis of taking a nomadic people and settling them in a permanent location is profound, and the Pentateuch which arose from this period to address the problem is laced with legal and land based laws and customs, helping these people adapt to a settled lifestyle. This was primarily developed, as said here, by the priestly class, so the emphasis on the law is overt; only Genesis, the precursor, can be mistaken as a non-legal text, and even it serves as the basis for the law by establishing God's sovereignty and the covenant(s).
    Crisis 2: nationalization. This is primarily concerned with establishing a central structure and national identity. This period theorized a kingship that was central rather than above (didn't exactly work out well, for the most part, but the concept is sound.) It is hugely interested with the marginalized (Ruth for instance, a widowed pagan foreigner, is a hero of a Davidic text) and bringing people on the fringes in towards the center, or the kingdom, which was to represent God. This was the period where temple worship was very much emphasized, as the importance of a central structure was acute, since the now landed people were swaying back to nomadic roots, and as judges says repeatedly "Everyone did what was right in his own eyes."
    Crisis 3: Urbanization. Beginning with the decadence of solomon's kingdom and accounted throughout the rule of the various kings of Judah and Israel, this basically encompasses the prophets telling the kings how awful they are at representing God, and calling for repentance. I don't mean to over simplify, but this period was characterized by selfishness by authority figures, and…that's about it. It of course ends in the final crisis
    Crisis 4: colonization. How do you wrestle with the idea of a covenant with an all powerful God who allowed you to go into slavery? Well they reexamined the law, their own history more critically (accounting for differences in tone, emphasis, and even symbolic numbers between kings and chronicles…as well as why BOTH are in the bible.) With the temple gone, their former conceptualization of God, they turned instead to a different concrete manifestation of Him; the scriptures themselves. This is at least partly why, even today, the Torah is treated with such respect and sanctity among Jews; it quite literally got their people through an event comparable in some ways and at some times to the holocaust.
    Perhaps most interesting about this is that multiple people groups have been responsible for different people groups that emphasize different facets of God, and our relationship with Him. For the priests it is the law and covenants that come first and foremost. For the prophets, the spiritualists who seek out the mysteries of God, it is creation. Genesis of course is a beautiful blend of these two main ideas, which are in constant tension (do you treat God concretely, or mystically? Focus on His revealed words, or His transcendence?) The different tones and emphases seem to come from different groups offering their unique solutions to different cultural crises.
    Thanks for coming to my ted talk I guess, lol.

  33. Everything is good except the little douche bag at the end. He sits through a whole lecture on how frail we are and how we are in this great big world of wonder and he still claims he is an “expert computer programmer”. Tsk Tsk He has a lot to learn!!

  34. The post-911 new atheists were too busy browbeating people and too busy selling trendy books to wrestle openly with what Nietzsche meant in the narrative of the book "Thus Spake Zarathustra" that the townsfolk cried "God is dead." It was their loss. What does it tell you when the self-styled disciples of a thinker distort beyond recognition the thought of their teacher?

  35. Apakotastasis . . . the ancient Greek term (from Saint Gregory of Nyssa, for example) for Man becoming like God because God became Man in Jesus Christ . . . grasped intuitively what Nietzsche claimed was necessary. Nietzsche tried to re-invent the wheel (so to speak).

  36. How is that that "book" has such a succes? Simple answer it is a political instrument to control a society.

  37. Damn crime and punishment is a must read. We’re so lucky to have that book, and to have such an amazing and brilliant individual to tell us about books like this

  38. There is a chance that this is a stupid question because I watched this video after being up for over 24 hours but something struck me during the lecture. If you need constraints to have consciousness or you drown in the infinite chaos of too many possibilities and by extension can't make sense of what you are trying to perceive then how can we have a concept of God being omnipotent and omnipresent? Wouldn't that describe the chaos we are trying to make sense out of?

  39. People don't understand, we try to out think God. The simpler we see it the better. God presents everything basic.

  40. I started watching your videos a little under 2 years ago. It’s unbelievable how much better everything is for me now. Thank you for everything you do!!!!!!

  41. God is NOT a theology lesson, Jesus is NOT a concept. He is the SON of God who saves. How many people have had testimonies of meeting jesus and their life transformed. GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST.

    “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”

  42. I never laughed so hard in my life this poor soul trying understand THE MIGHTY GOD with his mosquito brain, hahahaha this kind of people convince me more of how great GOD is.

  43. I only heard this lecture for 10 minutes, and I know that he does not deserve to only be called as a opponent of feminists and leftists. A pure intellectual and an influencer

  44. The bible is a durable book because God said it would be " Christ said "Mt 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

  45. Eating from the tree of knowledge will never allow you the fruits of the Tree of Life…….this lecture falls very short of what the scripture represents. Stop trying to figure out who or what God is just accept you are not God but you can love your neighbor as yourself.

  46. I think believing the "muh millions of years of evolution" theory is 100% garbage. Of course evolution in the sense that scientist talk about is not real. It's literally impossible. In no where in nature has it ever been found that LIFE can come from NOT LIFE. Man used to know this, before the flood. You know, the flood "myth" that almost all cultures dating back thousands of years talked about, despite being whole worlds apart. The burning of the Library of Alexandria destroyed was on purpose and it was so we would forget. "You are not a body that has a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

  47. Jordan, the reason you cannot fully understand it is because you refuse to believe that modern "science," with their millions and billions and millions, is complete nonsense and it is. Science is not nonsense, but these outlandish non-measurable (muh millions and billions and trillions of years) theories are not true.

  48. I’m the same as his patient who was the artist. Hearing him explain what was wrong with intellect divorced from being actually made me turn the video off. Now I can’t sleep and shaking

    Ughh this is so stressful idk why

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