Beyond The Blox (Podcast) – Trailer

Beyond The Blox (Podcast) – Trailer

Hello world. My name’s BanTech and you’re
listening to the trailer for my brand new podcast all about Roblox game development.
Whether you’re just starting out or have been developing for a while, this is the podcast
for you. I’d like to introduce you to
Beyond The Blox. Some episodes will be me talking by myself,
and some episodes will feature special guests from the developer community. Game development
covers a wide range of topics and there’s plenty to discuss, like how to come up with
game ideas, dealing with developer’s block, building a community for your game, different
ways to launch and publicise it and some tips and tricks from
experienced developers. If any of that interests you then please subscribe
or follow the podcast to make sure you don’t miss a single episode. You’ll be able to listen to Beyond The Blox
on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many other popular listening
platforms. Once again, my name’s BanTech and I’ll
see you in the first episode of Beyond The Blox

26 thoughts on “Beyond The Blox (Podcast) – Trailer

  1. BenTech I always wanted to know if Stepford had a Twitter account and discord account if you do please can you subscribe for me I’m trying to do a really big game with trains, buses and friend me if you want to like I don’t mind and I’m your biggest fan!

  2. You never do unions on buildings and your next gen trains arent like real they are just decals with interior

  3. Hey BanTech!

    Two Problems about Stepford County Railway is the first carrige when I loaded in every first stations in both sides, it does not open at the first Carrige.

    The Last/ Other Problem is the Class 360/1. When I loaded, it sounds like class 185! Plz Fix That….

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