Best usb microphone under $100 | Best usb microphone under 100  – Blue Yeti

Best usb microphone under $100 | Best usb microphone under 100 – Blue Yeti

so you’re looking for the best USB
microphone for professional recording under $100 in this video I’m gonna show
you my honest review and in-depth specifications on the blue Yeti hey
what’s up guys rick here with Rick B reviews bringing you my honest review
and into have specifications on the blue Yeti on this channel I will give you my
brutally honest reviews and in-depth specifications with products and
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any point of the video definitely check out the links below in the show notes in
the descriptions I’ll list everything out in this video including all the
specifications so check it out at any time the blue Yeti features a try
capsule array with three condenser capsules that support audio recording at
almost any situation in up to 16 bit 42 K HD resolution with the flexibility of
selecting between multi patterns cardio’s omni direction
bi-directional or stereo polar patterns for the most effective outcomes
compatibility the Yeti USB microphone can easily be
plugged into your computer’s USB port via an attachment USB cable with easy
laid down steps on Holly calibrate and get it set up to your computer its RAM
requirement is minimum of 64 megabytes and is compatible with the following
operating systems Windows OS XP Vista 7 8 8.1 10 and Mac OS 10 point 4 11 or
higher controls total control of the recording process from start to finish
is given to the user by providing controls for the headphone volume
adjustment built-in gain control and instant mute option
zero latency monitoring the Yeti provides a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack
for option of listening to audio playbacks in real time without the few
seconds delay as experienced with the predecessors the zero latency headphones
output ensures the USB microphone not only requires audio but monitors the
elements timing issues the blue Yeti provides perfect headphone output for
recording of vocals podcasts musical instruments interviews field events
conference calls and other activities design the Yeti allows the user to
adjust a microphone to the direction of the sound source which improves the
quality of the sound reception and when this is achieved the hand knobs are
tightened to lock in place the blue Yeti USB microphone is a successor to the
blue snowball and the blue snowflake which are smaller than the one foot tall
Yeti they do not support the zero latency feature but are better options
where portability is required although the blue Yeti costs about $50 more than
the blue snowball and about $70 more than the blue snowflake the quality and
capabilities of the Yeti are better and unrivaled the cons despite the great
microphone portability is not one the Yeti strong points being a foot tall
carrying it about as easily as one desires could pose a challenge as it
does not simply fit perfectly into a laptop bag if portability is what you
are looking for the blue snowflake is ideal but in terms of quality and
producing studio quality recordings Yeti still remains the best out there now for
the comparison test during this whole video I’ve been using the blue Yeti as
you can tell it’s pretty clear now I’m on a amateur microphone microphone
that’s actually built into my Mac I mean it’s okay for actually for free if you
buy the Mac but the comparison between the Yeti and amateur microphone is just
way way way better it’s professional sound and the Yeti is worth it now question of the day is the blue Yeti
worth it leave your comments below what future reviews would you like to see
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