Best Tech Gadgets under $100 (Great Gifts Ideas for Men & Women Too)

Best Tech Gadgets under $100 (Great Gifts Ideas for Men & Women Too)

Hey awesome ones Heather here and Bill
here. Okay so I know a lot of us do not want to get a new tech item because we
don’t want to learn how to start it up but then what did we do. Well we went out
and we found five tech items that we just love. And they’re all under 100
bucks too so check them out. It all starts in a few seconds. So the first thing I want to talk about
is this little google mini and you can also get like an Amazon echo. There’s a
lot of different versions of this little thing. Yeah first of all this is the
voice you asked it in the voice in your own voice and it tells you what you want
to know. She picked it up at a silent auction I think it was. I did and I
thought to myself well you know I’m going to get a bid on this it’s going to a really
good cause and then somebody said to me afterwards oh my gosh did you win that
like you shouldn’t you know and and they said you know they’re always listening
to you. And a couple of things about that. Number one they’re always listening. Big
brother is always listening. 1984 is here folks and they’re watching you on
cameras your phone is always listening probably too, but they did…
remember we watched that documentary on Amazon right right and somebody said you
know what when I ask Alexa a question are you guys listening at all the other
times and they said no so you know it’s it’s a good question but you’re not
gonna get around it anyway. I got this thing and I’m talking to it and all you
have to do is you ask it a question. I’m gonna ask you the question in just a few
minutes but you ask it a question you can also ask it to set a timer let’s say
you’re boiling an egg you need 10 10 minutes for the egg or you want to know
what the weather is like this weekend or it’s going to be tonight you can ask it
almost anything that you search Google on. You just ask it a question and it
works great. Now this costs under $100. I think it cost me maybe a little bit
more at the silent auction but it’s under $100 and it works great with the
next tech item that I want to talk about and that is it’s it’s actually free and
it is an app. I have it on my iPad here so the iPads more money than 100 bucks
but anyway as you can see it’s my Spotify and I
just press the Spotify app there…the app is free but for what about ten
dollars a month?….yeah I mean if you want to get the premium plan where you can
listen to anything without commercials then you go for the premium. I’m
kind of used to listening to commercials on the radio and they’re very few
and far between – yeah I like them. Now what I like about this is you can pick
playlists for the free version and we have got…well let’s read you some of
the playlists that we have here…Heather writes everything down. We have mozart because
you love mozart and some of the classical music playlists. We have 70’s
and 80’s acoustic, your favorite coffeehouse which is great for the
mornings to listen to, romance dinner, R&B, mellow favorites, spa treatment and
these are all playlists. So so let me just see a couple more, timeless soul
ballads, 90s love songs like the Backstreet Boys and that sort of thing
and yeah and they also have current dated ones. I usually ask when I’m in the
kitchen for the mega-hit list and I get all the…a lot of the current…Heather
you had me at music. It’s just it’s just anything you can think about like
there’s all kinds of playlists even Christmas playlist that you could just
have running in the background. So let me just show you how this works and since I
know the playlist all I do….now usually you say play Mozart. I guess we already
had it set up for you. Try it now for everybody. Hey Google play Mozart. “Here’s
a Spotify station featuring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (classical music plays) and it might not all be Mozart but you
get something amazing classical Music….lets just drift off…… If you’re not into classical music, you
weren’t into classical music… about five six years ago I
wasn’t. And now what is happening to you ?Now I love it. So it does something to your
senses. There’s so much noise out there now in the world. Even with music, even
the music the pop music that I like, sometimes you just want to go whoa! I
just need something to really really bring me down in a good way. Anyway if I
want to stop the music I just say hey Google cancel and that’s it. So let’s…I’ve
got another one in conjunction with all of this and I’m going to show that one
to you right now. Alright so another thing that Spotify is great for and of
course there’s others like Apple music, there’s a lot of…YouTube has music as
well. Let’s just talk about Spotify for right now.
What you can find on Spotify are our podcasts and guess what. Hey the Awesome
Over 50 show. Yes and it’s at awesome over 50 podcasts and we’ve got a whole
bunch of them on there. So you know if you’re driving to work or something you
might want to listen to listen to them. Yeah its like having us sit in the backseat of
your car chatting with you. And again it’s on what
at the Apple what’s the name of the Apple ones again…
Apple podcast…yeah well yeah I just on the Apple on Spotify there’s like
alright we literally found out there’s probably a dozen platforms for the
podcasts. Wow alright and so anyway we’ve got another tech item to show you and
it’s right here and this is sometimes when you’re playing your music or you’re
listening to Bill and Heather or whatever you’re doing you want to have a
little better sound and what this is… this is a Bluetooth wireless – (it works
with your Wi-Fi) – speaker. And what I love about besides the change in colors which
are kind of cool but it’s an indoor/outdoor one we got it for under
$100. And even if it rains a little bit this
one’s kind of waterproof. So I’m going to show you again let’s stay
with the classical music. Here’s something that I found on Spotify and
you’ll hear the sound on this maybe you can turn it up a bit when I play the
music Bill. Maybe even a little louder cuz it’s
it’s incredible sound what you can……… what you can get it’s small but mighty. What we usually do
is lets just turn that off for a second here. As you can see I can use my iPad. I
can use my phone. That’s right. The app for Spotify or a lot of these
other Apple play music…… they’re just available on your phone.
What I like about this too is I could have it around Christmas time and just
sort of put it wherever we’re moving if we’re in the dining room I move it
there. Play some random Christmas music, they’ve got all different
kinds of playlists. I’m in the kitchen. I’m in the living room. Whatever it’s
come a long way. Do you remember the day when you had that big HiFi set, set up in
your living room and it was perfect. A great sound, subwoofers, but then you
wanted to go upstairs or you wanted to go down in the basement. Well there was the
problem but these are great. Now you just take your phone and you take this along with you
and you know what we’re trying to say here…oh yeah by the way we’re gonna have
links below the in the description where we can link to a lot of these different
items for you so if you’re thinking about getting them and hey if you’re
worried about setting them up like we usually are we usually grab one of our
millennial kids. They gotta pay their keep. They don’t live with us anymore so we just feed them we just feed them
but you know the Millennium will help you with it in most cases or we go on YouTube and we find how….either way you’ll figure it out. Yeah you can just
figure it out and then it’s smooth sailing. Actually I just had a couple of
my girlfriends up just a couple of days ago and both of them I showed them you
know I had some music playing on this… they went oh my gosh I got one of those
for Christmas and then the other girl she says…girl you know they’re in their
sixties now but she said oh my gosh I got one of those for Christmas too. I
have no clue how to use it. So I spent about a half an hour training them and
now they’re really happy. So go with the gadgets once you figure them out you’re
happy you did. All right let’s go to the next one.
So our fourth item and Bill you know how much I love this…is an exercise monitor
that just goes on your wrist and this thing is fantastic. And by the way if you
kind of like these videos and and things that we talk about we do traveling we’ve
gone to Paris and London and…we’ll always have Paris. Anyway don’t forget to
subscribe and also click on the bell so that you’re notified when we’re doing
these videos. I got this in a black color and you can see that I’ve changed
it to a silver because I find that I can wear it with anything if I change it to
a silver but this will show me I don’t think it’s really perfectly exact for
your heart rate but it tells you how many steps you’ve done. It tells you your
exercise capacity, it tells the time, it also at ten thousand steps it
kind of vibrates and all these fireworks kind of show up on this screen. So it’s
really really fun but one of the things the tech part of this, well that’s a lot
of tech part we talked about, but you know the tech part is let’s say you’re
calling me or texting me. It it’ll go off on there and let her know that there’s a
text from me or or from whoever yeah and so I can just sort of feel it vibrating
take a look and go oh my daughter’s texting me and I don’t always know
because a lot of times my my phone is in the purse and I don’t really know that
you know somebody’s texting me. So this is fantastic.If you have your phone turned
off in your purse if it’s turned off let’s say you’re in a meeting or at a
theater, does it still a ring on that or display? If it’s on vibrate yes
like I turn the sound down yeah because I have been in a theatre or a movie
and looked at it and got oh my gosh you know and wonder what that’s all about.
Sometimes you you have to leave you know your mum’s 95 so…thats a great application. Yeah
now I want to show you something else for all the women out there and maybe
the guys too. I mean they have guys versions of this too….I guess I’ll
put it against Bill so you can see it a little bit better but look at the
bracelet that I can buy and wear. I bought
these already for this and they even show you…I don’t know if
you can see that there…but they even give you a little bit of a tool there so
you can put it together and there are some beautiful…Bill you make a great
backdrop. There are some beautiful bracelet type things because I was
finding that I was going to maybe a gala or upscale kind of place and I and I
wanted to wear something a little bit fancier. So again we were thinking of the
bracelets and and all that sort of thing. They’re very inexpensive. I think this
was like six dollars or something so yeah. And by the way we’re wearing our
spiffy awesome over 50 t-shirts and hey if you want one – thank
you so much for your support we’re gonna put some links under there and let’s put
some links for…wait a second ta da I’m not really trying to sell a bunch of
things but also the spiffy mug if you like mugs. They’re pretty practical. I gotta
admit I love the logo of course but they’re really practical. I love wearing
them and I and I you know my coffee. I love having a good cup of coffee.
It tastes even better when I drink it out of out of our mug. Well I think the
most important thing is when you drink out of a mug like that you kind of
do feel awesome. I’ve got lots of mugs with messages and you know if you feel you want
one, but anyway we weren’t really selling all that stuff it just sort of came out
of us like that. But yeah this is a great great tech item. Ever since I got it I
haven’t really gone back to other watches. So I forgot to mention you can
get those fitbit’s and a lot of exercise wrist thingies…exercise monitors…right
on thank you. He’s not just a pretty face. Anyway yeah you can get those for under
$100 but let’s go to number 5. Yes number five. Number five. Now you might have this
you might have a new spankin new car and you don’t need this but I know we have
an older convertible and we need this and we’re going to show it to you in
just….a driver? Anyway…hey wait a minute wait a minute. But anyway as far as this one
is concerned we’re going to show you the video of it in just a second but let’s
talk about dash cams because they really are a safety factor. And what they do and
when I say safety I also mean help at the court because…evidence. Yeah if you
get in a car accident and you know it was not your fault and you have the dash
cam facing out and they can clearly see that it was not your fault in most cases
they’re just throwing them out like they’re saying okay you’re innocent
that’s fine. Even if you weren’t involved in some type of accident maybe you were
far enough back that something something happened in front of you. A lot of times
the police forces will ask anybody that was in the area that might have a dash
cam. Yeah you know to check it and if there’s something on it to go see them.
That’s right so you know and now a lot of people turn them around they use them
for karaoke in the car karaoke or doing selfies or something like that but you
know the other thing is that if you have a second car maybe that’s an older car
that doesn’t have the dash cam sort of thing. Also it makes a great gift you
know for a Christmas present or a birthday present. Maybe one of your kids they
bought an older car and they don’t have the dash cam. So let’s take a look
at what I’m talking about…… and this little one here as you can see
on our windshield, it was it was less than fifty dollars. So a really good
investment into your…you know think about the time you’d spend in a in a
courthouse or something so it’s a really good investment. Also it’s got this
little wire. Now yeah I’ve got to tie it underneath a little bit but it just
plugs into the into the the lighter the cigarette lighter there. So and it has I guess a little memory card inside of it. Yeah they all come with
the little scandisk…er…sandisk and you can plug them into your computer. but I
think that that’s you know a lot of the tech things that they have right now and
there’s…you know we gotta get we got to get one of those kind of ring bells that
people come up to your door and you can see them. Well this is what I was gonna say
is those are five of our kind of favorite tech items under a hundred
dollars but there’s so much more out there. Oh can we give a bonus number six?
So bonus number six…most of you that have a smartphone…we both have the Apple
phones but you could have a Google phone or whatever a lot of them are
voice-activated as well and so what you need to do or what you could do what I
do every single day of my life pretty well is I do reminders. And what happens
is I’ll just talk to my phone. I’ll do it in just a second and they will remind me
to do that. So let me just think okay all right hey Suri, remind me tomorrow at
3:30 to edit the video. Ok I added: edit the video to your reminders for tomorrow at 330pm. All right so this is amazing…like you know how many times
you know oh Bill remind me tomorrow or you’re always saying to me
Oh Heather remind me tomorrow oh we just don’t do that to each other. I’m the one that needs a reminder…constantly. So here’s our little Hurricane and when he comes
out we are reminded to talk to you about upcoming videos and we’ve got a video
that’s coming out and we visited one of the largest well it’s one of the top
six largest fairs in North America and boy did we feel like kids again eh.
Oh yeah and the fair has been around for what since eighteen something. Yeah it’s
over a hundred years but we were we were just like going to the Midway and we
watched a rock and roll concert and it was just so much fun and and you
gotta have…it doesn’t matter how old you are you have to have a play day and
that’s going to be on this station here or this channel I guess…yeah on and also over at the beauty and fashion channel I’m going to be trying some anti-aging creams. Some new ones.I’m also getting my fashion
and style on for you and that’s over at
I have just…. boy I’m loving Instagram as well. She certainly is. Every
single day you know there’s a lot of women out there that…I do inspirational
videos like little stories they’re like a little video and then I do the
posts every single day now I haven’t missed a day even when we were in Paris
and London. So you might want to check that out just on Instagram check out
awesome over 50 but you know until next time don’t kind of shy away from the
tech items because yeah it’s it’s not really undiscovered territory that you
can be afraid of its undiscovered territory that you can you know embrace,
enjoy. It really kind of makes your life easier. There’s just a time period where you
become comfortable and familiar with something new and it’s the same with
tech items. Yep and what does it do for your life that we found? Well it
makes it easier. And it keeps it awesome! It certainly does.

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