Best Podcasts of 2019 / Our Favorite Podcasts

Best Podcasts of 2019 / Our Favorite Podcasts

(calming music) – Hey you, I’m Celebrity Menswear Stylist, Ashley Weston, joined by my
partner and husband, Dorian. – Hello. – Okay, so, cannot wait to get into today’s Two
Minute Tuesday topic, but make sure to leave
any questions you’d like to have featured and answered by us in the comments section
below and upload the ones that you really want us to answer so we know what to do in the future. – We don’t know otherwise. – We don’t know. So, let’s get into it. (upbeat music) We got a great question
from a viewer asking “What podcast do we listen to?” Yeah, so I listen to a couple podcasts, but I’m not a huge podcast listener. – You are not. – No, this is way more in
Dorian’s domain, I would say, so I think we should start with you and all the podcasts you listen to. – First one, and I’m gonna
list some more in the article, the associated article, ’cause this video can get
very long, I can be… – Dorian loves to talk. – Quite verbose about my favorite things. So, the first one on the
list is Revisionist History. It is by the Author Malcolm Gladwell, you might remember him,
might mem mem member him. This one is fan-frickin-tastic. I never miss an episode. He basically goes back in time, and doesn’t need to be
from a long time ago, could be from a couple years ago, and he was a journalist, so he kind of re-evaluates what happened in a particular time, incident, etc., and re-imagines it and looks at it again through a modern lens,
usually with more data. I’m maybe not doing the
best job explaining, but it is so frickin’ good. Like top, top number one
podcast for me, by far. The next one that I never miss, If I get a chance and I’ve got some time, I’m really excited and
I seen new episodes, It’s called Slow Burn. It’s by Slate. And basically, they have
a new season coming, but they haven’t talked
about what exactly it is, unless I missed it, the announcement, but the first season was
about the Watergate Scandal, and they basically went back and talked to all the
people involved again. And then they, um the second season was about the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the Clinton scandal. So good because I love looking at history
with more information. That one I never miss again,
same as Revisionist History and Slow Burn when I see new episodes, I’m like “oh the gods
are shining on me today”. (laughs) And the next couple ones, and again I’ll list more, this is just the tip of the ice burg, is The Daily, by the New York Times. They basically, I’m not
a fan of every episode. Frankly, I really dislike the host. It’s really hard to listen to. But the content is
usually pretty engaging. They basically give like a
quick little more than a rap up of a relevant news story
that’s happening right then, or, and at the very end
they also do kind of a “here’s what else is going on now”, there’s some really really good ones, they do a lot of good explainers, like more in-depth explainers
about what’s happening, like a big news story. But overall, I think it’s
a really worthwhile one. I don’t listen to all of the episodes, but I would say I’ve listened to definitely the majority of them. – At least it’s like an
easy way to kind of digest what’s going on in the world,
– Sure and just kind of be up to date. – If you’re in a rush, it’s
a great little news recap. And I’ll do two more, (laughing) – He could keep going on and on. – I can. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. – [Ashley] Oh I like this one! – [Dorian] That’s a really good one. – [Ashley] He’s so funny. – Conan is great off the cuff. Frankly, I think he’s
better in his podcast than he is on his show. The podcast is where he kind of unloads, and you get like Conan in
the raw form, basically. So he always has good guests on, he’s really frickin’ hilarious,
and I love when he talks. He’s kind of a history nerd as well. I’ve definitely found some
like good book recommendations because he talks about them, and I’m all “oh okay”, that was how I found out about
the Lyndon Johnson series from Conan O’Brien of all people. So that’s a really good one as well. And the last one that I
really really really like is called the Rewatchables. And basically what they’ll do Ash, is they’ll take an– every episode is about a different, not just classic movie, but
a movie that three or two two out of three of the hosts really like, and they go through and they talk about the different things, like behind the scene stuff, factoids, like who would have been
cast in here otherwise. Like what are the rumors about. And it’s just re– , I’m not– – I haven’t heard you listen
to this one around me. – I definitely listen to this
one pretty regularly actually. But they’re longer episodes. It’s like an hour, hour and a half. I, I wouldn’t think that I’d be interested in a movie related podcast, I like movies, but I’m not like a fanatic, but it’s done very very well. And the depth and the amount
of time they’ve been doing it, you can find a lot of movies you’re like, “oh yeah I haven’t watched that movie” and when I listen, to it, and be like, “wow, I need to watch this movie, and there’s like so
much more I’m missing”, so that’s a really really good one. All right, enough about me though. Again I’ll list some more in the article linked in
the description below. – Okay so the first one for me
that Dorian introduced me to, these are fun because it’s
like out of all the podcasts that you listen to, these are
the ones that stuck for me, so the first one is, Reply All. – [Dorian] Very popular. – [Ashley] It’s yeah, so
it’s these two guys that host the show, and they just kind of like, I remember there’s an episode where they, this girl’s Snapchat,
um username got stolen, and they went into this deep dive of who stole it and why they tried to charge like a certain amount, it’s like a hacking thing, and you, I just love the rapport and the bickering and just like the arguments that the two hosts kinda have with one another. So it’s just like each
episode is just kind of, it’s almost like a true crime story where it’s just trying to figure out like, okay how did this come to be? So the second one is called Criminal. So I really love like true crime kind of just like who-done-it, type of podcasts, and just like things in
general, shows in general. So I particularly love this one because each episode
explores a different crime and goes really deep dives into it. It gets into all the nuances of it. – [Dorian] You’re
missing one point though. They don’t just do crime, like “oh there is a burglary
what should we do?” – Oh yeah – They do really really
really fascinating crimes. Like stuff where I’m like “ah I don’t really ca– whoa,
okay that’s pretty cool”, (laughing) The one I liked a lot was one of the, I think one of their first
episodes where they talked about this guy’s wife got killed. And she had, she looked like he, it looked like he pushed
her down the stairs. But it turns out that an owl– – Oh yeah! It scared her, was it, – No – Was it an owl flew at
her or something like that? – It it her, it scraped
her brain or something, and then she clearly
passed out on the stairs and fell down and died.
– Yeah, yes. – The problem is, the, her
husband had a wife die before, from weird circumstances.
– Oh yeah. – So he full on got convicted, except the neighbor was like, no, no, no, there was like something
weird with owls going on. And it found a way to prove that the owl actually killed the wife. It’s mental. – yeah – It’s really good though. But that’s definitely what hooked us in, we were both listing to that
one and we’re like “whoa”. – And then, yeah. – And the third and final
one that I’ll talk about, is called, is it Couples Therapy? – [Dorian] yeah – [Ashley] With Casey Neistat
and his wife, Candice. It’s really fascinating to just kind of hear them kind of interact and their, their whole relationship. (laughs) – His wife is an open book. Where you’re like “oh I
wou–, wouldn’t have said that in public at all like I was– ” – Like if I said that in
a podcast with Dorian, or on this.
– We’d edit it out. – Or in this video format.
– It would be edited. – He would be like “nope
were editing that out”. We are not putting that out there. So she definitely does not hold back with her thoughts and her opinions and just how she’s
feeling with her husband. – I commend them on being so open, but woo, some of those
are really interesting, but I’d be like (cringe) I’m cringing for Casey at
the same time, like ooh. – But I’m also thinking, I’m like yeah! Like I agree with that. And it’s just entertaining and it’s also, I mean it gives you a really real look in someone’s relationship. So love that one and that’s it! So if you have any questions
that you want us to answer for our Two Minute Tuesday segment, then be sure to leave them in
the comments section below, and upvote the questions
that you want us to answer, and feature eventually. Thanks so much for watching, we will see you in the next one. – Bye. – Bye. (peppy music)

31 thoughts on “Best Podcasts of 2019 / Our Favorite Podcasts

  1. Malcolm Gladwell is charlatan. he's popularized 10 000 hours rule which is bullshit. some people learn very fast some slow and some drooling on themselves . and also 120 IQ rule which is also a lie. study of scientists who had some major discovery show they had iq in range 145-160 and the higher iq more patents and discoveries. same with billionaires the richer tend to have higher IQ. i imagine how he subverts history. probably will mention Spanish Inquisition killing 3000 people in 300 years and not mention Castro and Che butchering 100 000 people in small country.

  2. The best podcast imo is the Ben Shapiro show the man is a modern day Einstein, Like Albert he is a short Jew who transcends his size through pure genius. Shapiro is an intellectual giant who uses facts and logic when discussing politics and current events, I highly recommend this fabulous podcast.

  3. A really gripping and probably one my all time favourites is Caliphate by The New York Times, journalist Rukmini Callimachi.

  4. I’m sorry but there’s not a single podcast that’s as good as Joe Rogan in my opinion. He’s always himself, inspirational, and hilarious.

  5. I tried to use The Daily but wasn't a fan of it either so I ended moving to "Up First" from NPR. I'd recommend you try that one as your daily news podcast if you haven'tr tried it!

  6. THX – Always good to get new podcast recommendations- here's mine in no particular order
    99% invisible
    Common Sense with Dan Carlin & his other podcasts
    Freakonomics Radio
    Hidden Brain
    Under the Influence from CBC Radio
    I could go on but that's enough for now

  7. As a non US citizen I too recommend 'slow burn' & the rkk tapes. So bloody addictive.
    I'm not sure about Mr Gladwell ( 10,000 hours doesn't stand up I heard – there's alot he excluded from the research) & revisionist history has always been a dodgy idea.
    My short selection for anyone even rometly interested:
    For I.R. nerds ' sources & methods';
    Music book interviews with the writers (& Rock stars who write) ' thé word podcast'; for an American in London view' frdh podcast with Michael goldfarb'.Cheers.

  8. Before this video began, I watched a commercial where there were two guys, one was sightly heavier and his clothes were not flattering, the other was a more dressed person, but clearly meant to be a version of the first guy. It occurred to me that Ashely could dress the second guy to look almost as good as the first guy, and how I'd benefit from a viideo on how to dress to minimize being slightly out of shape. If you guys would do a video on looking good with a medium amount of extra weight for men, that would be very much appreciated.

  9. Dorian, you might like Futility Closet – forgotten stories from history. It was recommended on a Hodinkee radio podcast – which is also excellent.

  10. Hi Ash and Dorian, I have a question, although summer is approaching to it's end I have a question regarding shorts (well it's actually about legs using shorts). My question is: I'm a hairy legged man, and I've heard various points about hairy legs, some say they're masculine and sexy and some others that they're gross. So, do you recommend to trim or to shave legs for summer and shorts?
    P.D. I really love your videos and I've never missed a single one, you're awesome.

  11. Do clothes wear out before they get holes? How do you know when clothes wear out? I'm wearing clothes I've had for 5+ years, mostly polos and t-shirts, because I haven't changed sizes.

  12. Thanks! Whats the best stylish hats? Those straw hats with the ribbon? and pajamas?

    Can you talk about being insecure or scared of jealousy when you dress well?

    We all have internal thoughts and beliefs about different areas of life. While some women feel amazing dressing up and looking good just for themselves, regardless of the other see it, I get little to no enjoyment out of it. I only seem to get a payoff when I believe others are looking. The one similarity I have with some women is that it depends on who is looking. And it depends on if I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing. If it is something that is slightly outside my comfort zone and even something I'm moderately comfortable with, but something that makes me stand out or look better dressed than the average person there, I'm scared my peers would pick on me or get jealous and tear me down.

    No doubt this internal dialogue and believe comes from past experiences where this is happening. Male peers, probably during school, have sensed weakness or insecurity and pick on that when they spotted those rare instances where I went on my way to spend the new extra budget or look better than the person.

    As you can see, this internal dialogue affects my actions. I often choose not to wear better clothing even though I have it because it's out of my way and I don't get the payoff I'm after. My beliefs and thoughts have affected my actions. Even when I am wearing something good, I am not as confident as I want to be because I cringe in anticipation when male peers make backhanded jokes about my outfit even when they're doing it as a joke rather than actually maliciously or will they never actually end up doing it.

    This is an area of fashion advice that I don't see the fashion influencers talking too much about in their advice. I don't think many of them have this problem, and they seem to love standing out were just looking much better with good fashion. But your internal dialogue is definitely important. They while ago, I posed this question to a fashion male group on social media, the real med meal style group. A couple of them responded that you should start doing this for yourself, and not others. Trying dress up more stylishly so that you feel good, regardless of if attractive woman in noticed that they or even run into any that they or if they compliment you. Do for yourself.

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