Best Podcasts For Online Course Creators (2019)

Best Podcasts For Online Course Creators (2019)

In today’s video we’re going to talk
about the best podcast for online course creators If you love listening to
podcast and are creating online courses this is the episode for you I’m going to
get into my top 5 so stay tuned If you clicked over here to hear the best
podcast out of all the podcast This is not the episode you want to listen to This one is specifically for people that are creating online courses They’re looking
for tips. They’re looking for tricks. They’re wanting to learn from the best
people that have already created online courses The first one I’m going to talk about is
Level Up Your Course with Janelle Allen This is my favorite one to
listen to Janelle is energetic She’s passionate and she’s a lot of fun I enjoy listening to her podcasts all the time She interviews a lot of people
who have already made a course Probably more than one course And gets to the heart of what they
learned when they were creating their courses Each of the people she
interviews has a specialty and it covers a broad range of topics but it’s still all centered around online courses All her episodes come
with great actionable steps And cover a wide variety of topics from people you probably already know Her show is very enjoyable And I always like to put it on when
I’m doing some chores around the house And it always makes me smile The next one I’m going to talk about is The Online Course Show with Jacques Hopkins Jacques actually has a very successful business teaching piano with online
courses He does do a lot of interview style But he also does a lot of shows on his own He gets into a lot of practical advice And even what having an online course has meant to him in his business and
his life When you’d listen to his course you’re gonna find a lot of nuggets that are gonna help you along the way and it’s also a very entertaining show He also covers a lot of software and gives recommendations The Online Course Show
is definitely one you should check out The next one I’m going to bring up is the
Online Course Coach Podcast with Jeff Long Now, he hasn’t created any new
episodes in a while But you can dig through the past episodes and get a lot of value out of them He does a lot of great interviews to get into the nitty-gritty of online course creation And he has a lot of his own
experience to fall back on If you’re looking for a lot of actionable tips and a lot of great information and knowledge This is one you can dig into So the Online Course Coach Podcast
is one I definitely recommend The next two I’m going to talk
about are fairly new These are just beginning their podcast journey The first one is Online Course Legacy with Brian Li He doesn’t actually have the
episodes up on his web site yet But when you go there you can just click listen on Apple podcast The basic format he has is interviewing other people who have created online courses And it has a range of different topics If you’re interested in listening to how other people created their courses All the episodes are
recent, up-to-date and fresh So this is definitely one to keep your eye on Another new to the podcast world is Everything is Teachable Now this one is actually a podcast by the teachable LMS service They’re interviewing some of the successful course creators that have created specifically on the teachable platform Their podcast just got started
in July of this year So there’s a lot to look forward to No matter what kind of
course you’re making you’re probably going to be able to find some great tips and some inspiration from this podcast Again, this is another one you’re going
to want to keep your eye on They’re only in season one, brand new. And they have access to a lot of
great teachers on the teachable platform There are a few other online course podcasts
that I didn’t add to this list that are out there and I do
listen to I didn’t include them on this list What podcasts do you like to listen to for online course advice? Drop a comment down below and let me know. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. I am a podcast junkie! Will def check out some of these. My best way to learn about online courses is right here on your channel! Thank you!

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