Best Podcast Software for a Great Podcast – Podcast recording software, podcast editing software etc

Best Podcast Software for a Great Podcast – Podcast recording software, podcast editing software etc

(upbeat music) – Hey this is Ian Cleary from RazorSocial on our marketing channel, welcome back. Today I wanna talk about podcast software, not hardware, only software. I wanna talk about the
different types of software used if you’re creating a podcast. I mean podcasts are great because most of them are not visual, so you can dress up how you
want, whichever way you want. (screams) Or you can have video podcasts if you wanna be visual on it as well. But there’s a lot of hardware
and software involved. As you see in our studio
we have all the mics and stuff like that which we can use for the podcasting side. But I wanna step through
different software you can use for a podcast. So number one, I suppose
managing a podcast. You wanna start off by going,
well how can you manage, first of all, scheduling guests? So you could use tools like oneSchedule, or Calendly. So both of them tools allow
you to easily schedule guests, and they integrate with the
likes of Gmail Calendar, so that there’s no
conflicts in your calendar. So you just schedule it back and forth, it can be automatically
checking your diary, and you can confirm times with the person you’re interviewing, if you
are interviewing somebody. Another thing to use is
something like Trello or Asana. They are task management tools
and they have these boards. And on the boards you
can create categories, so you can say here’s the board, here’s my first category,
and the first category is guests I’m going to interview. The next category on the
board after that could be, you know ones that are
automatically scheduled, and then when the podcasts are recorded, that’s another category, and then it’s moved off to editing, that’s a separate category, then it’s production,
then it’s distribution. So you can create all these
categories within Trello, or Asana, and use that to
manage your podcasting, or your interviews. Because after a while,
you’re gonna have lots of different interviews, you
wanna schedule them well, you wanna set them up well,
you wanna manage them well. So they’re good tools for doing that. For recording, there’s a
variety of tools for recording. For example, a simple
tool is ecamm recorder that you can use within Skype. So typically if we’re doing
recording at interviews we’ll use Skype, and ecamm recorder. Simple utility, all
you do is switch it on, and actually we have it
switched on automatically for everything on Skype. So be careful if you
ever talk to us on Skype, we have a recording,
we know where you live. (ominous music) Only messing. Yeah, but we do record everything, it’s just easier to switch it on. And in ecamm there are some settings there where you can change
around, where you can say hey I wanna record video,
or I wanna record audio. So ecamm is good. Pamela is the equivalent on Windows, so ecamm is a Mac, I don’t
think it’s a Windows version, I think it’s only Mac, and
Pamela would be the equivalent on Windows for recording. Now another very useful tool is Zencastr. If you haven’t looked at
Zencastr, do look at it. And you get some free time with Zencastr, so you don’t necessarily have to pay. What Zencastr does is, you record everything through Zencastr, and it’ll actually strip out
all the noise automatically. So you’ll get high-quality sound recording just using Zencastr. Okay, so number three is editing. So once you record it all,
you wanna do some editing. I uses QuickTime for basic editing, where I can cut bits of
sound out at the start, cut bits at the end,
cut bits in the middle. It doesn’t do editing of
reducing noise, or anything, but if you just wanna cut stuff out, on a Mac that’s a very
simple utility to use. Auphonic, A-U-P-H-O-N-I-C,
is a very useful tool for stripping all the
noise out and making it high-quality sound. And again, they provide a
free and a paid version. You can have like a few
hours free every month, so it’s definitely worth doing it. If you’re a professional
or if you wanna get into more advanced editing,
there are other tools like, for example, Adobe Audition. You could use something like that for really advanced editing, which is time-consuming to edit, so you need to have a
good editor in place. Now, once you do all the
editing and have it all nicely packaged up and it’s ready, what you wanna do, maybe,
is do a transcription. You might want to create
a blog post about it, or maybe it’s a video interview
and you wanna have captions on it as well. We use So is a great service, they’ll charge about a dollar a minute to do transcription services. (rapid typing) (computer crashing to floor) Very fast at transcription,
really fast at transcription. Once your transcription is done, then you’re ready to, you
might want to sync it off to places like iTunes and stuff. So there’s a site call Libsyn, and Libsyn is about $5 a month, and you can host all
your podcasts on there, and that will synchronize
to various providers such as iTunes. So definitely have a look
at something like Libsyn. And last but not least, then you’ll wanna promote the podcast. And when you promote it,
you could use something like Agorapulse to promote
across all your different social media channels, get the message out about your podcast. So there’s lots of
different pieces of software available for your podcast, so they’re definitely worth checking out, and I think some of
the ones we shared here were pretty good, even if I say so myself. Hopefully you’ll come
back for the next show, I don’t know what we’re gonna do yet, but it’s gonna be good whatever it is. Hopefully you’ll come
back for the next show, and maybe subscribe to our newsletter or sign up as a fan. Thank you very much, talk to you soon, take care, bye.

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  1. Hi Ian,

    I liked your tips!

    I would suggest you keep up the names of the Tools up on screen a little bit longer, not enough time to write them down..

  2. Great Video! I came across it while searching Zencastr. In the process of starting a Podcast so the advice was perfect! Thanks!

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