Best Podcast Microphone 🎤 (Under $75 + USB)

100 thoughts on “Best Podcast Microphone 🎤 (Under $75 + USB)

  1. Great review and thanks for taking the time to compare them for us. Each one has it's own place for what you would do but I think I would prefer the Samson Q2U USB Microphone if I had to do podcasts. Very insightful!

  2. HEY pat, I love the test and have been anxious to get a podcast start. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the great video!

  3. Overall, I liked the sound quality of the Q2U. The Snowflake was interesting, and I liked that you could move around, but I'd be concerned about the background noises you mentioned. This was a great intro to choosing a microphone, which I'll soon be doing for the first time.

  4. Great mic review video, Pat!

    I've wasted quite some time yet enjoyed watching YouTube videos about mics. Maybe, I love the fact that I can get better sound by just changing a microphone without much post-processing. But I didn't wanna spend a couple hundred bucks to buy one.

    I have a two year old Blue Yeti, which sounds pretty awesome if you have a quiet environment, and bought AT 2005 last year, which is kind of brother to AT 2100. Both work great for most circumstances. Last year, after BF, Amazon offered pretty Amazong! deals on Blue Yeti. It would go down up to $70 or something.

    And I have another, sort of a shot-gun mic, Samson C02. A great bang for the buck. Two pencil mics for 80 bucks.

    So I have Blue Yeti, a condenser mic for quiet environments, a dynamic mic, AT 2005 for less quiet environments and Samson C02 for video shooting with the mic out of the frame.

  5. I think that the Blue Snowball's versatility makes it the best choice. I especially think that the absence of the "sweet spot" is an important consideration.

  6. Bro Pat!!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 love your work man!! Thanks for the video man!! In terms of the mic, I use my apple headphone so which ever one you give out out, I would be happy bro!!🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎹🎹🎹🎹📢

  7. Interesting reviews of these three microphones. I actually liked the snowflake the best. I think I would be more of a live video type of guy. Although I wouldn't mind flirting with the idea of podcasting. And for that, I would not disagree with you that the atr or other would be a better fit. Due to background noise that the snowflake produces. Thanks for this interesting review of some great microphones for under $75 Patt. I totally respect your opinions. 🙂 I'll see ya in my emails!

  8. My vote goes to the Samson Q2U. I think it has a more pure sound. Great reviews. If you are a new podcaster, this is a great place to start!

  9. I was looking at the blue, but it’s definitely not the way I would go after watching this. Thank you so much Pat! The Samson looks perfect for my podcast, I would definitely want that one over the others. Before watching this I would’ve picked ATR 2100, but after looking into it now, I would go on a totally different direction. You always seem to be posting what I need when I need it

  10. Thanks Pat as always you provide excellent information. I had my heart set on the ATR2100 Audio Technica after I watched your podcasting tutorials. However, I am now considering the Samsung Q2U. As you stated the sound quality on both of them are similiar and the only real difference is the price. The Blue Snowball Ice is not on my list as I need my mic for podcasting purposes. Again thanks for your great assistance in making my podcast come closer to fruition. Cheers, Carolyn 👍👍👍👍

  11. A microphone for podcast recording is my next purchase, this video could not have been more timely or helpful! I love the sound and unique look of the Blue Ice, but I live in Los Angeles and would be worried about it picking up too much noise from the street. Of these three I think I'd go for the Samson!

  12. Thanks so much Pat! I would go with the Samson after watching you here. I like the extras that come with it. I’m launching my podcast later this month and my Rode mic just died so I need a new one ASAP.

    Question though, what does “bites” mean and is it a good thing?

  13. The practical side of me has to go with the Q2U even though I really like the look of the black snowball – made me want to shake it like a magic 8 ball and ask what my podcasting future holds in store. 🙂

  14. Great review, Pat! All three have their merits, though I think the Blue Microphone would be more beneficial in my case. I have a friend who used to use one for her videos, but it recently broke. It's really unfortunate. With any of these microphones, though, I think with slight audio editing in post, they can sound more professional for those who want to maximize their investment. I look forward to your next review!

  15. Awesome video Pat, and great advice! I've been following you for years and getting ready to kick off my business! At age 59!! I'm going with the audio technica ATR-2100

  16. Thanks Pat, nicely done as always. Out of those mics I thought the Samson Q2U seemed to be pretty good. Thanks again, you always find a way to add value with your videos and blogs posts.

  17. Hmm. More familiar with the ATR2100. Might be interesting to test between that and the Q2U with women's voices. Sometimes women's voices can get a little high and edgy so it might be interesting to see if the added base of Q2U might be beneficial.

  18. Wow great tip about the boom arm. I never thought about it, but I think that would be my number one take away from this. Thanks, Pat! I liked the sound of Samson the best, but but the difference was minimal. I'm sure working with either the Samson or the Audio Technica would a great place to start; I can also see where the snowball could be useful.

  19. I really like the full range sound of the Samson. To me, the Audiotechnica sounds like something is missing in the range. I would be curious to hear what they sound like side by side with XLR connections.

  20. I really liked the Samson; sounds good at a "normal" range (meaning back where people would really sit) and it sounded great up-close. However, since I'd be doing live videos vs podcasts, I liked the versatility of the snowball regarding movement. Wasn't fully crazy about the sound of it but the versatility is important. Toss up between the Samson and Snowball.

  21. I for one liked the sound of the blue mic, but their blue yeti was excellent as well. I thought the atr had poor sound. The samson would be my second choice.

  22. The Samson Q2U sounded a little better over a wider distance range. As I often move while recording the Q2U would be better and it beats the Blue Snowball with bass and gestures.

  23. I would pick the ATR-2100 because the sound was more rich, and I wouldn't want anything that would pick up background noise in my busy house. 🙂 Also, other podcasters have recommended this mic to me for those starting out.

  24. Thanks for the great content as always! I was searching for a sound comparison of the ATR and Samson the other day but wasn't coming across anything that really showcased them well, so I'm glad you put this together!

    Overall I lean toward the samson. It sounds a little more full to me and the drop isn't as bad as the ATR.

    Side note: It's crazy to realize you helped me build my first niche site 7 years ago (which I still own and earn from today) through the niche site dual. Just want to say THANK YOU because your info and that site opened my eyes to the online world!!!

  25. I like the Snowball! I want to get into live video, not podcasting, so I think it would fit my needs. Thank you for all you do, Pat!!

  26. The ATR had good sound, but the Samson sounded better at all distances. Maybe it's Youtube, but the Blue Snowflake had a bit of a tinny sound when you first started. I agree about the Snowflake's value for different uses because of its shape. If you are doing something that requires more movement, I can see the value. …and I wrote this too soon, since you just mentioned something similar. Thanks for posting this!

  27. Hey Pat. Three things. 1. Been listening to you for two years. Great stuff. 2. Just yesterday I listened to a Tim Ferris podcast where he said how much you helped him become a great podcaster. 3. Your mic review came at a perfect time. Also yesterday (Monday) I was talking with a friend and both of us have committed to start our podcasts this year. I told her I was practicing and she said, "What mic are you using?" I said, "It's a cheapy, but I need real one." Sounds like the Samsung, with a little more base, will help my not-so-bassy voice. Thanks for the always helpful wisdom!

  28. I thought the budget Blue Microphone wasn't as I thought, but the other two microphones really surprised me, thank you for your review.

  29. I usually wobble around too much (standing desk), so none of the "normal" ones would work, it seems. The snowball actually would solve that (and I kinda need to do live more than recording). Great find Pat!

  30. Thx Pat for everything you do. I think the black ice mic sounds the best and has multiple uses. I currently use the ATR and want a change. Great tips for boom arms.

  31. I like the versatility of the Blue Snowball… I tend to do a lot of consultation and live videos, plus it looks really great. For Podcasting, I'd go with the Samson.

  32. We use the ATR-2100 on the Invention Stories Podcast and believe it to be an Excellent Sounding Microphone.

    There is one time in your life that is most important and that is at the very end. You will want to leave this world with as few regrets as possible.

    If you are thinking about starting a podcast…DO IT…You won't regret it!

  33. Ooo I like the Audotechnica – looks amazing and I would LOVE to use it to start up my podcast that I will be launching very soon! Thank you for all of your great help, Pat!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this info Pat! I've actually been looking for a good USB mic, so perfect timing! I loved the flexibility the Blue Snowball offers in terms of space range. I was already eyeing it and you just confirmed what a good choice it is! Take care x

  35. Hey Pat, I like the mic from Blue but I have to agree that it doesn't sound as rich (full?) as the other two. Between the ATR and Samson, the difference is minute but yes, I do love how the Samson sounds, giving it a very high quality output. This video is a great time-saver!

  36. I think the first two mics were very similar but I really liked the blue mic primarily for the fact that you don't have to be as stationary which creates relaxed fluidity during a podcast/interview.

  37. Thanks Pat for being so helpful again and again, you are my hero 🙂
    So I already bought the Blue Snowball Microphone last week, now I am heartbroken. I guess I'll have to learn how to fix the hum/background noise.

    I've got one question please – Since I already have the Blue Snowball and Dragonpad Filter (I just ordered for the Neewer Boom Arm using your link), do I still need a Shock Mount as well? And which one will work for the Blue Snowball if yes?

    Thank you and I hope you come back to answer this. Gracias 🙂

  38. I thought the Snowball was flat, and the ATR was a little tinny. Definitely prefer the Samson on pure sound quality.

  39. Thanks for this. I have a blue Yeti and the ATR-100 and was considering another one. With this review I'm definitely going with the QTU. Can use the ATR for female voices.

  40. Great one, Pat, as always! I've been using the Samson Q2U (with the XLR connection) myself for a couple of years now and I've heard a few guests using the Heil PR-40 saying how great we both sounded during the interview.

    One thing that's pretty cool is that, on Amazon, there's a pack that includes both the Samson Q2U and a pair of headphones – a must for us audio content creators 🙂

    If anyone has questions about the Q2U, fire away!

  41. Definitely preferred the Samson mic for the depth of voice it provided. Looking to upgrade mic to xlr and add a mixer, so this is a timely video. Thanks, Pat.

  42. Hey Pat. Just want to again say thanks for all your great content. Got me the samson q2u and did my first recording this week with audacity. And recommended to a friend.

  43. What MIC do you recommend for speaking on a distance from the MIC? Like when you are speaking to camera, and the MIC is mounted on camera.

  44. It would be interesting to hear it compared to a Shure SM58 just for reference. Those first two mics, Just wow with how the proximity effect works on them, that's fantastic for podcasting with two people, no noise from the other person. Are you able to plug these straight into an iPhone or iPad?

  45. Hey Pat

    What’s your opinion for Blue Yeti for podcasting? I just bought it for recording YouTube videos but I am not sure it it is good for podcasting or not.

  46. I'm rather concerned that Pat looks sallow with circles under his eyes like perhaps he's not in the best of health at the time of this recording.

  47. Our podcast has two host do we both need one ? We are just beginning and don’t want to spend to much too soon

  48. Thank you for the review. About 2 years ago I purchased the Blue Snowball after watching a review. I like how you do not have to put your mouth right on the mic, like you pointed out. However, you are correct there is a lot of background noise this mic picks up. I always have to spend significant time editing the audio to remove it. I'll go order the Audiotechnica. Thanks Pat!

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  50. Hi Guys. I am so confused with the setup equipment, I am tempted to just buy a USB mic and run through garageband (et al) but when I read up on interfaces and mixers I get so confused. Do I need a mixer and interface, will a decent interface do what a mixer does (adjust volume and quality?)

  51. how close would you have to be to the microphones to record. Can 2 people use one mic sitting at a table across from each other?

  52. Thanks for the review. The important part was getting started on my podcast and youtube videos and researching expensive microphones would've prolonged that process. Picked up the Q2U and have really enjoyed the sound difference from the Lav mics I was using. The arm is a nice addition! Appreciate the great work you do!

  53. Yo Pat I am loving the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone . Thanks for recommending it! I've always been a sucker for good mics, this mic is awesome!

  54. Actually your voice sounded better than all three with whatever microphone you used for the vlog. What was it? I'm looking for a vlog mike that's not in my face in the video.

  55. The Ice sucks. It was my first mic and I hated it and upgraded to a Yeti. Now I am all about XLR mics. They are light years better.

  56. Great video Pat. Thanks for the side by side comparison. I think I like the AT because it will only pick up what's in front of it (my voice) and not much else. Again thanks much!

  57. Yeah ended up getting the Q2U before even seeing this it was podcastage that make me get a couple of them and they’re great thanks for your review anyway good comparison

  58. Thumbs Down for such quality and informative video? Unbelievable! Thanks so much, Pat you are a true inspiration.

  59. Which mic would be better for chatting while playing video games with sound coming out of speakers and not headset?

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