Best Podcast Equipment Setup for Beginners (Video 1 of 3)

Best Podcast Equipment Setup for Beginners (Video 1 of 3)

Hey guys! Anthony Tran here from Marketing Access Pass. I’ve teamed up with Buzzsprout to bring this
to you, because I often get asked “how do I start podcasting if I’m on a limited budget?” And more importantly what equipment should
I buy? So I created this three part video series
where I share with you some podcast equipment packages to help you start podcasting and
give you that quality sound that you’re looking for. In this first video, we’re going to talk about
your basic package which includes a microphone and headset that’s around a $100. Alright, let’s get started. So the basic equipment you will need to start
a podcast is first a quality headset and a microphone. Now I know there are many options out there
for headsets and microphones, but after extensive research… here are the best headset and
microphone combo that you can get on a budget. First let’s talk about the headset. This is the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x. Which is the entry-level professional headphones
from the popular “M-series.” Now what makes this headphone so great is
it’s got this modern design and high-quality material. The headphones I mean they look stunning! It’s got a nice sleek design with a black-matte
finish. You definitelly want to get this set. Now the headphones also fit comfortably over
your ears and it’s got a nice foam cushion which really allows you to wear the headset
for hours without any problems. They have these contour ear cups that seal
tight for excellent sound isolation so you can block out all distractions while recording
and editing your podcast. These headphones are also flexible and they
don’t pinch on the head unlike some headphones I’ve tried. As you can see right here the headphones are
completely adjustable to fit your headsize. It also comes with a durable cable that has
an adapter to fit your headphone jack. So the reason why you want a high quality
headphone when recording your podcast, is you want to hear all the audio details to
include background noise, hissing, and echoes and possibly buzzing. Because one of the keys to having a great
podcast for people to listen to is you want to be able to have a great sound quality. So by listening to your recording with these
enhanced audio headphones you’ll be able to detect any problems right away. Alright so lets talk about your podcast microphone. The microphone I have hear is the ATR-2100
USB microphone. This is also made by Audio-Technica. Now I believe this is the absolute best podcast
microphone that you can buy for the price. It’s a cardioid dynamic microphone and this
type of microphone naturally filters out background noise and isolates the speaker your voice
during the recording. Which is why this is perfect for podcasting
and home studio recording. This microphone is built durable. I mean it could take a good beating. And this microphone is also compatible with
a USB input or a XLR input. So if you’re traveling or you’re on the go…
this microphone is great because you can just literally plug it in to your laptop or computer
and start recording without having to deal with mixers. Now if you do have a mixer… this microphone
is great as well because it has the compatiablity within an XLR cable. So you can plug it into your mixer and still
get that high quality mix sound and mix it with other audio clips. Let’s take a closer look at this podcast microphone. It also has a headphone jack so you can listen
to your audio levels directly from the microphone. There is a headphone volume conveniently placed
on the bottom of the mic so you can adjust it and to your listening comfort. This USB microphone is also compatiable with
Windows or Mac and recording software programs like Audacity, GarageBand, Skype and more. So you don’t have to worry about if you upgrade
from a PC to a Mac or vice versa. It’s definitely compatible with both. This microphone also comes with a tripod desk
stand with folding legs. So it has a small footprint on your desk and
it easily stores away so it’s great for travel if you want to pack your microphone. This podcast equipment package also comes
with a foam ball whcih protects your microphone against wind interference and what they call
quote and quote “Singer spit” So to you give you an idea of the difference in sound quality
… here is my voice recording using only my built in computer microphone and you’ll
definitely hear a difference when I start using the ATR2100. So here is my a sample of me speaking into
the ATR2100 microphone. As you can hear it has a nice rich deep sound
that eliminates a hollow echo sound that you normally hear when you’re recording just from
your computer. Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this video
as you can see you can have really quality sound on a limited budget. And it was basically plug and play. So stay tuned to the next video as I provide
some more podcast equipment recommendations.

21 thoughts on “Best Podcast Equipment Setup for Beginners (Video 1 of 3)

  1. Hey Sara! I'm so glad this video was helpful to you. Please check out my channel and the other playlists I have. You may find more valuable content there. 🙂 Good luck with your podcast!

  2. Wow this is great! I was researching on YouTube on the best podcast equipment for beginners. Great video and I'll definitely check out that microphone!

  3. Hi Anthony, great video! Speaking of budgets, I have a Chromebook. Is the mic in your video 3.5 mm or USB? And if USB, is it true plug and play or does it need to install drivers when you plug in the usb? I'm asking because I can't install drivers on the Chromebook. Thanks! And thanks for sharing all your knowledge!

  4. My bro and I are wanting to start a podcast. Not a live one, but something we can record, then that I can edit and eventually post on YouTube. The only issue is, we live in different states right now. So we can't do it together in person.
    Basically My question is: What type of software is needed for us to record together? A software that we can hear each other, & that one of us can be recording. Also, something that, periodically, we can have a guest call in on. (We both already own USB Mics & Laptops.) Thanks!

  5. hi i have the Sony MDR-ZX770BN wireless headphone with built in mic is it compatible for this audio technica mic? or can i use this headphone for recording podcast?

  6. Can you do more than one of these mics w/ USB into your MacBook for interviews edited in Garage band (possibly w/ a USB hub) or would you need to go to a mixer?

  7. Awesome video which has been super helpful. The decision between starting a podcast or doing video is now my biggest decision. Given it's just over 2 years since you recorded this – any equipment updates (i.e.: mic's etc)

  8. Great video. If I'm co-hosting a podcast is there additional equipment I will need? Can I connect 2 mics to the computer at the same time? Thanks!

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