72 thoughts on “BEST MOVIES of 2016? – Movie Podcast

  1. please, please, please, more of this show. I really wanted this to be an hour long. Maybe an hour and a half. You guys could've talked forever.

  2. I probably wouldn't have seen Fantastic Beasts if not for Eddie Redmayne.
    It wasn't the perfect movie, but I was entertained so that's all that mattered for me.

  3. Though I loved Zootopia! I found the ending disappointing when Judy said "life is messing sometimes and everyone has limitations" because I feel like that line alone contradicted the entire film and more people should know that the only limitation you have are the ones you make for yourself

  4. The Asian scene in the Martian was just there so that it could be released in China. idk if this is true but i watched a video by Vox about it so don't hate

  5. Lol James and Lawrence are so hypocritical about spoiling movies. They spoil movies all the time. Bruce especially. He's so selfish and abnoxious when he spoils movies for "entertainment".

  6. Hey guess what, Fantastic Beast's sequals wont even be featuring the beast! In fact Eddie Redmains character wont even be the main one. This series will just become Harry Potter prequals! Hope youre ready!

  7. They will never see this comment but I would love to hear their opinions on Anthropiod, was my personal favorite this year.

  8. james, maybe they're better than Bay's films because they don't include blatant racism, blatant titillation, or robots pissing on people?

  9. Was it just me or was the ending of fantastic beasts very forced like horrible things happens now we can just magic the problems away

  10. Zootopia was surprisingly a really good movie for me, but like The Nice Guys, this film is also pretty underrated film but I absolutely love is Kubo and the Two Strings, absolutely made my year.

  11. Went to a party once, some people left but a load of us were staying over so we just gradually crashed in the living room. At some point somebody put the original wicker man on but I don't remember when cos I just woke up to see the end and it was terrifying.

  12. I wish there wasn't a time limit on this video, I wanted them to keep discussing and not have to rush past stuff

  13. The handmaiden is a fucking masterpiece, it was hard to tell from Adum's reserved monotonous tone, but he knows his shit and him saying it was his favourite of 2016 means a shit load. If you enjoy movies go and see it ASAP, it is fantastic.

    That is all.

  14. I don't know, I'm a casual Harry Potter viewer (as in I don't really like them) but I definitely liked it more than the first three films.
    But that might just be because I hate child actors?

  15. Man I can't stand the 3D cg animation style that they've been using since the incredibles. The people look so plastic and gross, and the facial expressions just annoy me. The little prince has that style. Same with frozen. I'll never see those movies, and I'm happy not to. The humor and stories in them aren't for me in the first place, but God that animation is just ugly to me. I much prefer the old 2D cartoon stuff, although I still wouldn't watch frozen if it was in that style or any movie like that.

  16. This is really late, im just watching through old podcasts. But does anyone know why there is such a strict time on these? Adam is really anal about time throughout this keep reminding everyone that time is running out, why is this? If there is so much to talk about how coome they can t just talk about it?

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