Best Microphones for Video? (Video Mic Review & Comparison!)

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  1. Heyy there..! A nice comparison video! Luv your work <3

    I want some help which is
    I am a vid editor who loves to make funny videos..
    I am looking for video editing app which will help me to change or swap faces in video.. But I don't know which application to choose.. So if u guy s know any apps according to convenient to swap or edit faces.. Please ket me know.. Help will be appreciated :-)..

  2. Justin if you were to use the Rode Reporter with an iphone to record audio – what sort of adpater would you recommend to do from XLR to 3.5?

  3. I'm working on a new cooking channel. Would I be best with a lavalier or shotgun on a boom for really quality audio?

  4. My two cents. For my set up, I use a lapel mic but run it into an audio recorder so I don't need to be tied to the camera. Plus, there's a limiter on my audio recorder which helps with peaks and it sounds better than my camera as a way to record it. Congratulations also on 100k. No surprise to me. You guys rock.

  5. Hey! I found you through the VidPow podcast. Thanks for the helpful tips! I use a rode mic when I鈥檓 shooting vlog videos with my Canon 70D, but for bigger scale sketches with more than one actor, I use lavs.

  6. Congrats for the 100k subs.
    Do you think the GH4 is a good purchase now in 2018 as used or what u would recommend for awesome 4K video. Mainly still video on a tripod.

  7. Great video as usual congratulations on 100k I remember when I found your channel at 25k I thought it鈥檚 a matter of time till this channel hits 100k+ your channel has been great help for me thanks

  8. Is there any other choices for camera that don't have a microphone jack. Because my camera only have a USB port and HDMI.

  9. I just had a look on Amazon and a few of the reviews of the Boya BY-M1 lav mic say that while the sound quality is good, the overall build quality is not, and it stops working after two months (with only a month guarantee). Do you recommend a better-quality mic at a reasonable price? Thanks

  10. Nice review! Thanks for doing this. I'm curious … does the Rode NT USB mic have an "gain" control on it? Almost all USB mics I've used with Windows 10 simply don't have enough "ooomph" to put out a usable signal. The only major exception to that rule is the Blue Yeti USB which DOES have a gain control.

  11. Hello and thanks for this.
    I was wondering what your opinion is about plain-old ordinary phone head-set audio. I have noticed a lot of people who use their phone for filming like to use their regular plug-in earbuds for recording. It's true they do end up holding the mic up to their mouth a lot to get good audio… but they do actually sound pretty good. Your opinion?

    Additionally, I recently learned about an Android app "BTMono" which allows me to couple my bluetooth headset to my Android tablet and I was able to use my old Motorola ear-piece to record audio in my video. SO… what, also, is your opinion of using bluetooth audio and can you offer any recommendations for Good Quality bluetooth audio equipment for my a/v recording kit?

    Lastly, do you have any recommendations for products other than Rode?
    This is not intended as accusation, but I notice that all of your audio recommendations are Rode products. Does Rode provide equipment for your channel or does this reflect your own personal enthusiasm for their products or are you inclined to favor them for other reasons? Truly this is not an accusation, as I have seen other products recommended in your videos, so you're not just advertising. But this video is rather heavily weighted toward one brand, don'tcha know.

  12. I always like your presentations and I'm trying to learn from your style as I watch each video. One of these days I'd like to see you do some videos about your work-flow and A/V editing techniques as well as the goals you have in mind when you're working. How do you mold the video to get the end results you have in mind? What are the considerations to keep in mind as you are working? (Et cetera)

  13. Great video Justin! And congratulations on 100K+ subs. 馃憤馃憤

    I've been using my old Shure PL-95 mic that I used on stage back in the 80's with an XLR adapting to 1/4 inch connector into 1/8 connector into the computer. It sounds good but I seem to be losing a lot of signal. I guess it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade. I hate to put the Shure away as it's served me well since 1984! 馃榿

  14. I love the detailed info that you put into each video. I was worried you were going to deafen us when you tapped the mic lol!

  15. How about wiring a lapel mic to your phone to record and then synching the sound in editing? That way you have the freedom to move

  16. Any suggestions for active videos and not close to the camera. I film Pilates classes and know I need a new mic ASAP. Would rather not have lav attached to body since I change positions (also the cost of the wireless one was a pricey for me right now.) Would a shotgun be okay?

  17. Fantastic video. I added one of those Boya lapel mics to my Amazon wishlist. I have tried a couple of cheaper ones over the years but they all sounded terrible. Looking forward to giving this Boya one a try.

  18. Justin! This is my favorite video on microphones. Thanks man. Really helpful. I have bought both the聽RODE VideoMic Pro+ and the聽RODE Filmmaker Kit for my Canon 800D. Both mics are awesome. Hi5 from Hong Kong.

  19. Really enjoy your no nonsense videos. I'd love to see on on the best cheap gaming headsets and how to live stream from Xbox One to Youtube for free with no computer. Keep up the good work.

  20. Justin! Once again thank you. I just released my latest video (Five YouTube Lessons). One of my lessons is about learning from other YouTubers. I used you as an example of someone I learn from. So in short, thank you. Keep doing what you are doing. It makes a big difference. Respect from Hong Kong. Tomas. Video here:聽

  21. 2:50 my mini microphone dosen鈥檛 capture any sounds when i plug it into my camera (Canon Eos 600D) helppp

  22. Another very helpful video Justin!
    I really appreciate not only the suggestion but you giving the reasons why.
    Very best to you always, Pete

  23. Thanks so much for the valuable reviews. Very helpful. As an affiliate marketer myself I wanted to use your links below to go to the product. But they all seem to go to Amazon. I try to avoid buying "everything" at Amazon because I know I'm creating a monopoly as these other competitors drop off. I'm old enough to remember when AT&T had a monopoly on home phone services and could tell you they'd be out in 2 weeks, take it or leave it. Amazon recently upped the cost of Prime and now has a policy that says if you buy one book, you CANNOT review that book unless you buy a total of $50 in books. Your one purchase does not rate as a legitimate purchase, take it or leave it. A some point, they're going to force you to be a Prime member or get penalized on each purchase. You can see it coming.

    Do forgive me. This is a stretch from the discussion of quality mics. And Amazon is so good at what they do, they certainly deserve to lead the market. But with only Amazon links, you're helping to create this monopoly that will come back to bit us all in the butt. I'm merely suggesting to have some Ebay and Overstock and other options as well. I use Amazon; I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. But I am careful to spread my purchases around.

    Okay, keep up the go work. Your presentation is outstanding,

  24. Also, you REALLY do look like Chris Martin. But it wasn't until the headline statement on your website that I put that together.

  25. What mic would be good for voiceover? Would that be the podcast one? Or could you use a lavalier for that as well?

  26. Thanks for these great video! I'm still pretty new to creating content and this video is extremely helpful!

  27. Hello, Rhode video mic me does seem to be working with in built camera app of one plus 5T. What other options do I have?
    Also are there better android camera app for video recording other than open camera.

  28. The lighting on you/the presenter is leaning heavily magenta, if you didn't realize. I'd recommend some plus green gel, or less "minus green" if you've already gelled your lights to correct them.

  29. Thanks for the video it has been very helpful to learn about the differences, it helps in making up ones mind for the best suited microphone. Your the best Justin.

  30. Justin, how do you tape the lava Lear microphone under the clothes not get rustling sounds from the clothing? I鈥檝e tried this a couple times and every time I get noise from clothing rubbing on the microphone. Any suggestions?

  31. I find your reviews very helpful but unfortunately I can't use your Amazon affiliate links because I shop in Amazon Canada. If you could include links for different countries this would help you get more support for your channel.

  32. Thank you for the video, it has brought great perspective of each microphone. I am glad I found this channel to help me get the microphone I need …..


  33. My lavalier mic from boya picks noise alot.. Please which can i buy for outside shooting with my phone.. Need a microphone that鈥檚 not gonna pick up noise

  34. Hi Justin, really enjoying your videos, they鈥檙e really informative and clear, which is great for technophobes like me 馃槉 I bought the Boya microphone but I鈥檓 having problems with it. I鈥檝e also just got a 2nd hand canon g7x but there鈥檚 no audio input, so I have to plug the microphone into my computer. Depending on which jack I plug it into it either comes out crackly or quiet. Any suggestions?

  35. which mic should i use in unboxing videos? boya m1 or boya mm1? i also want to capture the sound of the items being reviewed on the table
    camera is a smartphone fixed in stand

  36. I am absolutely new new new to this, but have taken your recommendation of the Rode Videomicro. I made this decision based on versatility and price. To be honest you sold them all to me and I want them all lol, but reality check, I just need it for a few uni assignment videos and hopefully once my career is started in teaching, some quick flicks for learning enhancement for my students. My last assignment I had HEAPS of wind interference using my iPhone, so I had to create an audio file to layer over the top!!! lol. sooooo bloody tricky to say something exactly the same way you did prior to get the lips in sync. lol. #makesmegigglesonreflection. Thanks for your help :))

  37. Justin and Mike are some amazing dudes! I highly recommend their Primal Video Accelerator training.

  38. Hi, i have an Iphone X, How do you connect the mic to that phone? And does the iphone regonize the mic is installed? Or do you have to in a menu on the phone to select it?

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