Best Microphones for Recording Content (Beginner to Advanced)

Best Microphones for Recording Content (Beginner to Advanced)

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being said we’re just going to jump right in alright guys today I want to go over the
best monk for your content creation setup for a budget now I’m gonna give
you three different examples actually for as a bonus will be the first one but
then I’m gonna go through you know these are all ones that I’ve use that I
personally recommend to you for different stages during your content
creation so if you have a lot of money to drop and you want to get the best mic
wait for the last one if you’re looking for like kind of a starter mic obviously
I’m about to go over this lapel mic right here umm that’s relatively cheap
and then on top of that I’ll give you a mid-range you know decent mic that you
can get for about 40 bucks I think it’s like 35 we’ll go over in a second that
is pretty much a step up from the lapel mic but not yet you know spending over
100 bucks for your top-of-the-line microphone so I’m still kind of ironing
out the kinks of this this the good one that I’m about to recommend you um you
know kind of figure out the wavelength and getting it to sound exactly right so
if you’re listening to this this is all my new mic but it might not be a hundred
percent you know acclimated yet this is only the third day that I’ve been using
it I’ve been seeing phenomenal results across the board when I listen to it
back on both you know headphones and on you know different computers it sounds
crisper but I am still playing with some of the stuff so bear with it as it
improves now the first one obviously before this we get into this one is
actually just a normal you know headphone set for an iPhone or for you
know your Android people talk to me all the time and they tell me that you know
they can afford the best you know recording software they can’t afford the
best you know iPhone or not often the best microphone and they they fear that
you know their audience isn’t going to be able to be retained and really you
know they’re not gonna be able to capture people because they don’t have
the best sound quality they don’t have a good’n like and they don’t have good
recording software but I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case regardless
of whether you hear that across the board and I look at you know how to
improve my youtube channel how to improve on a lot of my content creation
too so I know that that’s one that’s highly recommended out there you know
for people across the board I don’t know where my mouse is freaking out right now
it’s kind of weird um but I know that that’s a tip that’s recommended across
the board you know make sure that you have the highest sound quality make sure
that you have the highest you know video you know quality pixels you want to get
as close to 4k as possible if you can 10:8 great but you know 1080p is that’s
definitely the norm nowadays and I’m here to tell you that while that’s just
a great recommendation it is not at all required how do I know that because I’ve
done it without it so not only did I record my first 10 to 15 courses on
udemy that basically made me you know the initial student base and my you know
monetize all that essentially with just the normal free screen of course excuse
me screen recording software but on top of
that I’m a monetized all of that and basically built that with a very cheap
mic I literally got them like for free and it was basically my iPhone
headphones and I spoken in my on film headphones and I recorded all that from
there so don’t let anybody tell you that you have to have this or you have to
have that it’s simply not true and I kind of wanted to just touch on that
today so if you all you have is you know your iPhone headphones go ahead and work
with that until you can work up to buy one of these now my very first starter
one is this lapel mic a lapel mic is easy to travel with and it’s also easy
to just clip on and keep there it doesn’t get in the way and also will
improve your sound quality and your audio just the way that your audio
sounds in general it’ll make it a little bit more crisper rather than just
talking into an iPhone or talking onto your screen recording software the best
thing that you can do obviously is get some good crisp audio but it doesn’t
have to be a hundred dollar monk you can literally start with a lapel mic and
that will genuinely increase your sound quality even at 13 dollars so this is
obviously all these will be linked I’m slowly changing my content creation set
up on my website but this will be linked in the description on it’ll should be
one of the first links in the description if you’re interested in
buying any of these microphones go ahead and grab them so I recommend recommend
this $13 lapel mic it will really really increase your sound quality one that I
started with after you know my iPhone headphones and it definitely increased
the sound quality across the board on my courses and my youtube videos alike now
the next one if you’re looking for a step up and you’re not just looking for
this specific um you know lapel mic is this toner mic for about 31 bucks now
this fluctuates in price when you’re watching this it could be close to 40
I’ve seen it at $39.99 I’ve also purchased one myself at a back
of one fairly recently at 35 I have a couple of these in my apartment right
now I’m just kind of sitting here as back
if I need them and I’ll show maybe I’ll show that in a future vlog sometime but
it’s very very easy to set up it sounds really good it sounds crisp and you know
for $31.99 right here you’re not gonna find a better crisper mic for the price
a lot of value here I highly suggest this if you’re looking for a cheaper mic
that’s not a lapel mic that you know you’re spending some money to get you
know to invest in your sound quality but you’re not spending you know fifty or
hundred bucks on it this one right here probably the best
value that you’re gonna get also linked and that same link in the description
and that should take you to my content creation setup on my website I’m kind of
moving this over and increasing or kind of fixing this real fast so that’s why
it looks this way but this should be linked in the description if you’re
interested like I said in any of these now my my
third and final one is the one I’m actually using right now and it’s a blue
Yeti microphone I prefer the Black Edition it comes in a bunch of different
colors as you’ll see here you got your blue your silver you know that actually
looks pretty badass not gonna lie white and like I said I prefer the
blackout edition I think it’s really really cool and my computer actually is
black it’s 107 lakh it’s a one of the newer HP Envy’s the touchscreen and it’s
like I don’t even know how big this screen is its massive but though it
messes with everything that’s why I went black on black it looks really cool and
looks really crisp with my content creation setup but I really really like
this one it sounds phenomenal you can play around with the settings like I
said initially in the beginning of this video but I highly highly highly suggest
this microphone if you’re looking to get you know into content creation and you
want the best sound body that you’re gonna get without the kind of you know
the attachment of having a little helmet right in front of your face we’re having
to set up your toner cartridge on the side your toner cartridge your toner mic
on the side of your desk and then have it try to be in your way the Yeti record
is phenomenal it gets it captures all the sound not just you but all the sound
in the room in general so be careful that can be a little bit of a nuance
just you have to kind of make sure that you’re kind of toned in with that and
you you’ll get it trust me it you can kind of mix it around but this is
literally something that you can set up next to your computer it doesn’t have to
be in front of your face and it still captures your your sound quality
phenomenally I highly highly recommend this if you’re looking forward you know
something that’s gonna increase your audio quality but not also get in the
way one of the best since that you can make both for your
courses online and your YouTube videos is increase your sound quality and this
is the best thing on the market in my opinion for you know 130 not that
expensive when you’re talking about increasing the audio quality for you
know your all your recordings going forward here you know in 2018 and beyond
so I think that this is the best one like I said there are definitely ones
along the way you don’t have to jump right to the met the Yeti you know if
you’re just looking to get started a lapel mic will do you just fine if you
don’t want to spend any money you don’t have any money to spend don’t worry
about any of these and literally just use your iPhone headphones I’m telling
you you can build you know an empire online with a lot less than you think
that you can so don’t be afraid to get started you know you don’t need all this
to get started but like I said these are natural progressions so from this lapel
mic to about the toner is about your see this just went up I was weird oh I
clicked on the other one that’s why but this one right here
you know $31.99 and then all the way up to your Yeti so I hope that you guys
like this I kind of wanted to touch on the mics today for my content creators
out there I really really think these are good suggestions as always links in
the description I won’t plug it to too much but I hope you like this if you
like these suggestions go ahead and hit that like button it really really helps
me on it helps the channel grow and as always comment and let me know if you
have any other suggestions that you know Mike’s that you’ve built that you’ve
used along the way that you’ve really seen great results with as well I’d love
to hear back from you guys because like I said this is our channel it’s not just
mine that being said I’m at end this year but I hope you have a great day and
I will see you tomorrow

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  1. What cheaper microphones of $20 can you recommend for people that can't really afford expensive ones like me?

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