Best Microphone For YouTube Videos?

Best Microphone For YouTube Videos?

so what is the best all-around
microphone for making YouTube videos we’ll talk about that as well as a few tips
for getting the best audio possible coming out hey what’s up guys sean here with think media tv helping you go further faster in media and on this channel we do
tech reviews video reviews and audio reviews so if you’re new here thanks for
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just like this and hey just like in all my videos I always put like a show summary episode summary in the YouTube description so what is the best all-around Mic when it comes
to price performance value in all the above well definitely one of the best
is the rode video mic but specifically with the studio boom kit so why do I think that
this is one of the best well number one it’s a super solid shotgun mic just all around
it’s really well made it picks up great audio it has cool settings and rode
back it by like a 10 year warranty so you know that you’re investing in
quality right off the bat but number two when you get it with the
studio boom kit it becomes very versatile first you can put it on camera
now this was a great for youtuber specifically if you using like a wide
angle lens this lens is the canon 10 to 22 so it’s super wide I can be right
here in front of lens and you’re hearing the shotgun mic right now picking up
the audio on camera so it’s super simple and easy to just plug it into the mic
input whatever camera you have as long as it has a mic input and then it’s
got two different settings on the back you just turning it on to the middle that’s just
normal or you can turn it on to a high pass filter which cuts out like air
conditioner noise or road noise and stuff if you’re outside now I love
having it on camera with a wide angle and because it kind of gives this cool
effect here I’m close to the camera the audio sounds good and not to worry about
hooking a lapel mic up and the wired and things like that I just kind of know it can be
solid plus sometimes when do video influencer shoot on my other channel we
use a light angle lens we have two people on camera the one shotgun mic and
it just sounds really but here’s where you at the studio boom kit to round out
this mic because a lot of times people don’t want this super wide vibe or they
can’t be close to the camera because of their lens options whatever lenses they have
so with the boom kit you can now get a lot farther away from the camera
whether sitting or whether standing like this shoot I just did with my wife so in
this video we talked about how he managed to make time for each other break up advice so my wife Sonja and I shot a video for my other YouTube channels and one of the reasons why I
love this particular mic but particularly with this boom pole setup is to get
the kind of shot that we wanted here and that a lot of people want on YouTube I’m
using a 30 millimetres Sigma 1.4 on a Canon 70D because using a shotgun mic but
putting it on top of the camera with a longer shot like this of course is not
going to be good enough for great audio and so this kit comes with this
extension cable which is really easy to hook up and then a tip here is to use
manual audio settings and not the auto settings and so then you could see that
it’s only about 25% on this is huge when you have the auto settings on you won’t
get as good of audio it’s what AGC auto gain controls so when it’s quiet it will add a
bunch of noise searching for the audio and so this cable is great and you just
run it up and can set the Rode mic up and cook it in right here and a great
audio for the two of us nice and simple and side note if you’re
curious about the lighting kit it’s a two soft boxes and then this cool kind of
third hair light thing I’ll link that up in the description as well if you want to check that
out by Westscott it so for the all-around needs making YouTube videos this is a
great setup there’s definitely lapel mics and there’s so many great mics for
different situations what’s nice about this is the versatility of either going
on camera or using the boom pole being able to get further away from camera the
limitations of like a lapel mic is that if you need multiple people to be on the
shoot now he may need to add external audio recorder or a splitter and all
these different things I think it’s important to keep it simple keep your
workflow you know fast and that’s what a lot of people come looking for a simple
solution that’s gonna give them dependable really great sounding
audio and then also the shotgun mic is great
for like events and so if you do any video work you specifically want to go
somewhere not just be on camera but film people in a live event or take it on the fly you also kinda have that man on the street third option and the suspension on the
mic is really great and so it’s good for taking if you’re bumping the camera
around for taking those noise that noise out from doing that in keeping your audio
sounding clean so the whole set up is like $1.99 on Amazon and the reason I think that it’s the best
all-around against it’s ‘cause it’s so versatile there’s so many different mics
that you might need to get our want to get some day for different settings but
if you could only get one solution that needs to have the widest range of
usability for different things that you might use it for on YouTube this would
be the setup and I go it question of the day what do you currently use for audio
and your videos and what do you think the best all-around mic solution is for
YouTube videos I would love to connect with you in the comments section below this video
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there until next time keep crushing it smashing it think median TV helping you go
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microphone best microphone but the best microphone

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  1. I record challenge videos with my wife and our audio really varies in volume so i end up using a hard limiter and compressor in post. How would i go about fixing this problem? I currently use a Zoom H1 and a Rode Videomic Go. Do i need the H4N pro and use the built in compressor?

  2. I just got an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mk. 2 for Christmas. It has a really bad Mic and no audio jack. Is there any Solution to using an external microphone with it? I'm searching for a Simple Option.

  3. Sean you might want to mention that the rode microphone isn't compatible with all dslrs. Like how Canon leaves out a most basic external mic port, you won't be able to use the rode mic. It's okay tho I love wasting money 🙂

  4. Hey Sean, I came across this mic mixer – "saramonic camixer" it has a preamp and dual mic input. Do you think it's better than Rode videomic. both cost the same. please suggest!! I am really confused

  5. It sounds nice, but what I didn't like was the echo sound this mic was picking up. I'm sure it's because he didn't have the filter on (pop filter), but that bugged me to no end. :-/ Just me, personally.

  6. I know this video is quite old and I hope you see it Sean but I'm just starting out on YouTube I'm going to be doing beauty make up videos skin care videos and mom videos what microphone would you suggest for us starter like me who doesn't have a bunch of money in the bank but willing to spend a little bit for the quality? I hope that makes sense thanks!!!!!

  7. hey bro could you do a video for somone who wants to do a youtube channel but is on a budget with what mic they get but still has amazing audio

  8. I picked up the Canon 77D with a RODE mic, which is leaps above a internal microphone. I recently started a tech review channel,. the newest video about RAVPower 22000mah was filmed with the Canon 77D and the RODE mic. Check it out! You might just find a golden Easter egg 🙂

  9. Good video. Is there a video on how to connect the mic to your computer and how to actually record? Do I need an audio interface and DAW for this? How do I record both sound and video? What are the best options, etc?

  10. Is there a boom kit for the RODE VideoMic Pro? I wanted to order it since it was a little more compact and assuming better for only an extra $30

  11. HI I'm a new subscriber – I am making videos that i move around a lot – I need not only a wireless mic but one that does not drag on clothes as i move. I don't have a boom operator either 🙂 – I'm thinking a head set type of thing – any suggestions?

  12. Question… What do you think is the best mic for recording a lecture or seminar to an ipad or iphone. I use an app called notability, but want to add a mic to capture the best audio I can.

  13. I use the Rode NT2 (shotgun) on a boom arm with the Pany GH4 and NT1 (on q Rode Studio Arm – desk mounted) for VO work. Both work great for me. Also use the Blue Yeti on another computer.

  14. I use Audio Technica Omni wired mic straight on to the camera but it takes up lots of background noise at outdoor settings, also use Zoom H2N but have to sync later on post , any way to improve audio directly into the camera at an outdoor location? 
    Any Recommendations or alternatives for Audio technica omni ? Is Sennheiser EW 100 G3 better than Audio techinca or Zoom H2n in terms of audio output and cancelling background noise ?

  15. I started to make a playlist for videos that will help me start my YouTube channel and I wish I could add this whole channel to that playlist because all the videos I have seen from this channel is on that playlist 😂!!!

  16. I have the rode video micro. It's been about 4 months with it. Had a few problems with sound cutting out only in the past week. Which ruined good audio I had but there's nothing I can do now.
    This kit seems like a good upgrade but I don't think I'll need it for my style of shooting.

  17. I am having some hissing through my RODE mic and I can't figure out how to fix this issue! Can you guys please help me out? It's the exact same mic that you have with the boom kit too! PLEASE HELP!

  18. Hello friend I am planning to start a YouTube channel on law related topics, so checked your video for sound, I will try your suggested mic for sure, can you tell me which is a very simple and easy to use video editor and plz share some basic tips I should know thank you brother

  19. Too bad that the mic is plugged into a Canon DSLR which have pretty bad preamps, hence the hissing.

  20. I use a Blue Yeti with Voicemeeter software processing the audio signal to make it sound more like I want. Best? I dunno. I like your choice here – looks wonderful. May go that way as things get moving along.

  21. What possible mic is good for a Canon T5i? Every mic I've bought gives off a static sound and I don't know how to fix it!! HELP ME PLEASE!! (:

  22. Great video man, I was on the fence on which Rode mic to get. It was between this one and the video mic pro. I was leaning toward the mic pro, but I really didn't want to spend 250$ on just the mic. This video I think has sold me on this one because of the versatility with the boom and everything. thanks

  23. Thank you for this!!! Even though it was posted in December 2017, I am watching it now and i will definitely get this mic. Sean, you helped me decide on which camera to get, and my canon rebel arrived in the mail yesterday & i LOVE it! I've been looking into mics now and i immediately went to your channel because your youtube-related tech reviews are the absolute best. I discovered your channel a month ago and now it's my go-to to any Youtube and tech related questions. THANK YOU!!!

  24. I just bought the Rode Micro. I'm new at making videos and I can see the benefits of this microphone. For the price and quality, the micro is really good.

  25. Thanks and Nice! But…. Even though I know that this is a best sound for YouTube gig….. Come on man, you had to mention the Canon 10-22mm lense ("lense" Webster's accepted spelling alternative) Ouch! @ $679 on Amazon. I am saving my pennies up now 🙂 unless you have any other ideas for a super Neophyte when it comes to getting started on YouTube with a wide lense for shooting 2 persons.

  26. This may be a dumb question but would this mic work for VOs as well? I feel like it would but… asking for a friend 😂😅

  27. Your channel deserve millions of subscribes dude, you have no idea how many stupid channels have more than 1m subscribes in Brazil, best of luck and thank you for all the information.

  28. Thanks for the video!. I have a Nikon D5500 and the Rode boom kit should work with setup. I was looking at the focusrite 2i2 studio kit but that looks too confusing for me. I'm new to all this.

  29. Can the Rode Video Mic Studio Boom Kit plug into a cell phone i.e. Android that uses a 3.5mm  I also have a Sony Linear PCM-M10 Recorder.

  30. Great video. I'm just getting started and just received 3 lavalier mics with wires and a Xiaokoa mini Mic. Guess I will upgrade in the future.

  31. Heee Sean! Thanks for your tips! I have a question: which mic and mic set up would you recommend for YouTube workout videos? I would to record some basic capoeira and movement training videos. Without a cord or a mic directly under my chin. The video mic go and the boom pole set up don’t work so well unfortunately. Thanks for your recommendations!

  32. the pass at 2:24 you can really hear the background static, why do all mics that plug into cameras do that? I have a cheap usb mic that plugs into my computer that sounds better than any mic I've ever bought that plugs into a camera.
    is the bottle neck effect in the camera itself?

  33. A question: Can I plug a professional recording studio mic into that camera? A mic like a Shure or a AKG, or even a Rode music studio mic. Is it possible? Thank you.

  34. I'm looking for a wireless mic to video exercises live to facebook. Which one would you recommend Sean?

  35. My camera doesnt have a microphone jack. Do I have any other options for recording sound with the rode shotgun mic or the boy by-m1?


  37. I'm curious why your audio dropped in quality at 1:21, right when you switched to placing it on camera, what is going on? What exactly were you filming with during the main part of this tutorial? thanks, great stuff!

  38. Anyone have any advice on a an overhead usb microphone? I’m using my webcam to record, but want to upgrade my audio. Any advice would be helpful.

  39. I use the crappy mic that my day job provided so that I can skype with my coworkers. It is a simple Jabra mic headset with a single ear piece. The audio was pretty bad but functional, and my video audio got much better when I learned about the free software called audacity and how to do audio normalization and noise reduction.

  40. I can’t wait to buy my canon 70d, but I need help as a fitness instructor. I need to record these for you tube but lapel nova catch rustling noises as you move. Any suggestions?

  41. Hay, can i use rode micr with smartphone (galaxy s10) ? and what about audio quality?

  42. Thank you for the info and experience that you share. I have a long experience as an artist and photographer but none with sound, your recommendation is exactly what I'm looking for, simple and effective!! Thank you for sharing!!

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