100 thoughts on “Best Microphone for YouTube? Top 10 Mics for Videos

  1. This was so helpfull !! cant the Audio-Technica ATR3350 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone be a substitute for the sony tiny mic you have or is the sony one better ?

  2. Hey Andy, could you please tell me the settings and recording volume level you used for the Zoom H1 in this video? It sounds great. thanks

  3. can I have your blue snowball mic.? I'm starting a new channel and the quality of my videos are pretty bad. If you check out my channel you will see how bad they are. If I could please have your old mic I would be so happy!

  4. USB is terrible for screen Casting…it taxes the CPU too much. I find having a MacMini with line level in, a mic preamp, and a Sennheiser MK4 large diaphragm xlr mic to be the way to go…with this setup you'll be able to do long videos without a/v sync problems.

  5. Weird, when I record games and listen to my voice, it sounds horrid. I have a blue snowball.
    In order to get a good audio quality i have to record my voice separate and put it into audacity and put some effects on it.
    I just don't know how to record games with spot on blue snowball audio quality. I really don't want to use audacity.

  6. hey man one question if I have an adaptor for my phone to usb and I connect a mic to the usb and the usb to my phone will it work ???

  7. This was very helpful! Imported my first video today using my cellphone but I plan to invest in better equipment over the next few months. Thank you!

  8. Great tutorial and demo. Love it.
    Questions please: Which mic would you recommend for use on both iPhone 6s and SLR Nikon D5500 camera? Thanks.

  9. Hi Andy, thank you very much for this video. I like the Blue Snowball or the Blue Yeti but my question is: are they also good enough for singing a rock song? I'm not professional, just want to sing a few songs sometimes (singing very loud)

  10. I have an Audio-Technica ATR2100. I don't recommend it. Two issues:
    1.) The default input voice volume is unusually quiet. I have to max it out, and even then I have to talk pretty much right into the mic. The good news is it picks up literally zero background noise.

    2.) The included USB cable later malfunctioned on me. It would sporadically lose the signal to my computer (ie. my PC kept thinking it was unplugging itself). I tried multiple USB slots, and the same thing happened. I replaced the cable with a spare I had and that fixed it.

    Apparently the saying is true: You buy cheap, you get cheap.

  11. Hi! Thanks for your video! Very helpful! Which Wireless Sennheiser would you recommend for a beginner? For Youtube? The EW 100 G3 is great but very expensive. Thanks!!

  12. The audio for your video is bad. It sounds like it it straight from the camera. Why aren't you using one of the mics that you are reviewing?

  13. can I ask what microphone do you recommend for my tablet and please let me know which one you think is best for my tablet

  14. So on the zoom h1, is it very hard to sink the audio from that up to the video? I'm going to use Filmora for editing software

  15. at 1:00 you lost me because the SM57 was not on your list.
    2 Blues, 2 AT's and a Samson? Are you kidding me?

  16. Do I have to get the Zoom H1 if I wanna record only with the Sony clip one? Will it spoil the audio quality if I don't?

  17. Hi Andy, I want to buy a microphone for recording YouTube videos on my OBS ( Open Broadcast software) . If you can give me any information it will be helpful. Great video. Thanks.

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  19. is the "Shure PG27" (Mic)
    good for gameplay and youtube.
    cause I see youtubers use it and.
    they sound realy good. but what is your opinion?

  20. hi there, I bought H1 recorder from the link you gave but how do I make sure that recording goes directly on my video rather than me trying to combine 2 separate files. Do I need to buy a special wire to connect it to my camera?

  21. What would you recommend for a student who wants to record college lectures? I'm typically in auditorium classrooms.

    Thanks! 🙂

  22. i am planning to record videos with my mobile redmi note 3, what type of mic i use in that mobile and how can i connect an external mic in mobile phone ?

  23. Thanks, Great information and very useful to my further decisions. I'll definitely keep in mind your advice and great CHANNEL.

  24. The Blue Snowball is pretty much unusable because of Windows keeping the volume extremely low with no real solution for the problem. Windows USB microphone drivers are AWFUL. In all fairness, this affects all USB microphones in Windows as far as I know. If yours is working ok, consider yourself a lottery winner. (Google "windows USB microphone low volume" or similar, and you'll see what I mean)

  25. Ironically, this has crappy audio: no matter how good the microphone if you record in an echo chamber, your sound will be…echoing…the easiest way around this is to hand drapes on the walls, or put book cases with lots of different sized books to break up the sonic reflections.

  26. Cool, this was helpful! I'm looking into buying a shotgun mic, but I own a camcorder, a canon vixia rf700. Do shotgun mics work just as good on camcorders than Dslrs?

  27. What's the best Bluetooth or USB headset microphone to do voice over commentary for recording audio for screen cast that I want to post to YouTube?

  28. Hi Andy.
    Very good asking you help I want to home audio recording cello music . What kind recording system be good for cello music rerecording ?


  29. Ever wire in a used tweeter into a mic input? Vibrating the cone (with sound) develops a usable signal. I learned this as a kid, when my brother and I would record homemade radio shows for fun, using cassettes. The signal output is lower than any mic, but it does work. They're built the same.

  30. Thanks for the video, this is all very new for me. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on mic's for dealing with wind. I thought of this when you clipped the little Sony to the Zoom mic.

  31. Great video! But what which mic would you recommnend to block keyboard sounds?
    I am trying to find one to record my voice while i am playing. Thank you!

  32. I am just starting and promised to look into this and what it would cost for my boys to do videos and make a channel for themselves. I thought that a few years they would lose interest but they seem adamant about it so… Can Someone just record a video and then insert the audio recording from the ZoomHz PDR+ Sony EcMcS3 into the video? If so what program or app can i use for that on a desktop and phone? <—- total lost newb trying to help his boys. I understand this video is old.But any info I can get would be great.

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