Best Lavalier Microphone: Is The PoP Voice Lavalier Mic A Good Choice?

Best Lavalier Microphone: Is The PoP Voice Lavalier Mic A Good Choice?

Hey guys welcome back to avoid content in this video We’re actually gonna be doing an unboxing video, a review video, and a mic test all for the PoP Voice lapel mic keep watching All right, so it looks like here is the front of the box is the PoP Voice PV510+ Lavalier Microphone as you can see down here in the corner. It does show that it is good for PC, laptop, Cell phones, tablets, cameras it also states that here on the back Let’s see it also gives a little bit of more information But it just looks like it’s mostly done through the websites. All right let’s see what’s inside Inside it looks like this nice velvet bag. It’s actually pretty nice Got the PoP Voice logo on the front of it Inside we have microphone Little bit of information and Couple other things all right, let’s take a look at this, let’s set this aside, The first thing we’re gonna look at is this little PoP Voice pamphlet So it looks like this is just a little bit of an instruction pamphlet showing how to use this, what’s included, and another QR code and Other products alright This looks like Just some information first if your microphone is broken or Just doesn’t work. You can email the support email address and another QR code It looks like it says you will get one year free warranty for all Pop Voice products bought online Ok so this is just for getting a warranty for it Alright, so it looks like in this bag we have a couple extra Wind screens right here and a adapter so yeah, it looks like on the actual microphone itself it comes with a Four pin adapter on it and this I guess is just the 3-pin adapter So I guess yeah, that would actually help make it work for laptops and stuff like that okay With the microphone itself as I already stated you can see it’s got the four pin adapter on it It’s all bound up in this little piece of velcro right here the Pop Voice logo on it again and I actually just noticed if you look at the PoP Voice logo. It’s music notes. Huh interesting So it looks like it comes with a pretty long cable And a very sturdy clip Underneath the windscreen This is what it looks like Now this isn’t– according to the information. This is an omnidirectional mic Which means it will pick up sound from any direction? That’s about it for that’s actually it for what came in the box alright So we got the microphone itself with a long cable The extra adapter and windscreens little warranty card information packet and the velvet bag Alright, let’s get started on the mic test Alright getting started on the mic test this is actually what the audio sounds like when I’m just recording with my phone See I do my youtube videos with my phone as you can tell the audio is not very good I mean it does pick up my voice, but it’s not the clearest quality Now let’s try it with the PoP Voice mic Alright, so this is the recording with the PoP Voice lapel mic as you can tell it does sound a lot clearer and it does Pick up a lot more audio from around the room I have actually already tried that this type of mic once before and it did pick up my stereo on a pretty low volume and that was actually across the So with this microphone it actually does increase and Make your audio for your videos better Alright, so one of the things that people are not actually going to agree with me on is the fact that I think that one Of the best things about this lapel mic is how light it is I have it sitting here attached to my shirt right now. I can’t even tell it’s there reason why I think it’s one of the best things is because Obviously you know when you’re actually doing some recordings if you got a bigger mic It’s gonna be kind of cumbersome trying to move it around trying to get it set up in the right position Or if you have to carry it you might actually tire your arms out after a while With this mic all you have to do is just plug it in clip it on and start recording Now the next thing we want to talk about is it is an omnidirectional microphone Which means it will pick up audio from no matter which angle it is recording from So you can have it connected to your shirt you can have it attached to your Stand that you have your camera on You can even set it up in between two people and do an interview, and it would still pick up the audio pretty decently One of the bad qualities about this microphone though is unfortunately it does not have a volume control Meaning that no matter what you’re recording. It’s gonna pick it up at the same volume No matter what so if say for instance I’m talking and it’s picking up me pretty decently but the person I’m talking with is just talking really quietly It’s not gonna pick them up very well, because there’s no way to adjust the audio coming into this microphone Now another good thing and a bad thing about this microphone is while it does Have a cord length of about 56 inches if you’re recording in a bigger studio And not just sitting here at a desk like what I am right now You’re actually gonna run out of that cord length pretty quickly However, PoP Voice, they do sell a extension cord for it it’s about 8 feet long, their extension, and that is available on Amazon, links down in the description, But honestly for the length of it the sound quality Personally I would recommend that getting this mic if you’re recording with your cell phone, and you don’t want to use the onboard microphone Now at the time of recording this It has approximately 800 reviews on Amazon, so if you don’t get all the information you need from me here You can actually look it up on Amazon, again links down in the description, The average rating on Amazon is about 4.2 stars out of five personally I would give it about a three star rating because of the fact that while it does pick up the audio pretty clearly and It does have a decent cord length, and it does work with my phone for my recordings The fact that it does not have a volume control with it to where you can adjust How loud it’s picking up your voice is a major issue for me As you can tell I’m still obviously using the microphone so yeah I would I would recommend it for anybody who’s wanting to use it for their– for the recordings on phones, or if they want to use it for a camera or whatever Now the cost on Amazon at the current moment is actually $12.99 So it is actually worth the price, so if you do need a microphone I would highly recommend the pop voice Lapel mic Hey guys If you enjoyed the video don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe and if you have any questions leave a comment down below Here at Void Contact we do like to do tech reviews We also like to do tips and trick videos for anybody who likes to do video editing So come back next week and enjoy see you in the next video

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  1. What phone do you have? I have an iPhone 6s Plus and I cannot get my mic to work. I have the lightning adaptor and still it won’t work.

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