Best Karaoke Mic | Affordable mic for YouTube | FIFINE M-K036 Mic

Best Karaoke Mic | Affordable mic for YouTube | FIFINE M-K036 Mic

Kem Cho everyone today we’re talking
about five finds and k zero three six microphone so let’s test this microphone
out and decide are these affordable microphones are any good or not let’s do it welcome back and one if this is your
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video you’ll be the first one to know now let’s get into today’s topic and
that is the microphones today I’m testing out five finds m’kay zero three
six microphone these are super affordable they are less
than 75 dollars they’re actually sixty-five dollars or less I want to
check it out what can we do with this one how’s the audio quality on this one
and where can you use it the first thing we want to find out what comes in the
box you get two microphones a receiver unit it’s made out of steel this is not
a cheap quality it’s actually all metals so the durability is gonna be pretty
good you get two microphones which are color-coded one is green one is orange
so it’s easy to identify but not only that when you turn them on it actually
shows you a or B so then you turn it on it also recognized on your receiver
where it lights up and tells you which microphone is on and which is off one
thing I really like about this microphones is the switch in most of the
cases if you use San Heiser or any other ones they usually have a press and hold
button in this one it’s simply slide it to the on and you’re good to go it also
shows you low battery indication all the other functions such as also displayed
on the LED display one other good feature they are providing with this one
is you also get external mic input an option to add a third microphone whether
it’s wireless or wired and the other good thing is it comes with its own
volume controller the volume a volume B which basically stands for microphone a
microphone B it also gives you in built echo effects so let’s say if you’re
doing a karaoke night you can use that reverb or kind of a Hall effect and on
top of that you have a volume control for the muse you also get different
cables which are RCA the 3.5 mm cable and they also include a quarter inch
cable also include these two batteries so you don’t have to go and spend
for double a very small thing but it makes a difference now we want to see
what is this used for well you can use this pretty much for anything if you
have a small house party and you want to do it with an external microphone you
can do that if you have a channel where you do a lot of interviews with other
people are really good especially with the price that they are selling it the
other good thing I like is they already provide you with the color code so you
know for a fact that which microphone is yours and which you’re gonna keep it for
the audience I also think these are great option for karaoke style usage so
whether you’re doing a karaoke at home or you’re doing it somewhere at
someone’s party or let’s say you’re throwing a party where you’re inviting
lots of 5,200 people you can utilize this ones now I’m not comparing them to
a pro level but to a smaller usage let’s say you have a hundred hundred
twenty-five people I think these are not bad especially with the options that you
have and if you use an external mixer with twelve or eight channel you can
pretty much get away with a very pro level setup now again I’m not saying
these are Pro equivalent but these are really good the other usage you can do
is for podcast let’s say if you’re running a home-based podcast or you are
running out a mobile podcast where you go to your guests place or anywhere I
think these are also good options for that so overall I think the way they
design these are really good you can pretty much use for anything except
login now let’s test this out and see how well they hold up so I’m gonna
directly plug this into my camera and see how the internal audio works with
this one and what’s the quality so currently I’m using the five fine mic
and I want to see the audio quality how it sounds there is a possibility that
may have some kind of his sound but I believe it should be clean audio coming
out from the microphone and let’s do the close to the further out and see how
clean and how the audio levels are changing so for example if I keep close
here I think it might be a little bit too heavy or disordered but if I go a
little bit further out so that gives you good understanding on on the distance
wise how the audio the chain the knife I go further down I
want to see how the audio level goes so let’s do the test
ABCD efg hijk LMNOP QRS TUV wxy and Z so what do you guys think about this audio
quality do you think distance wise is it kind of making a huge impact in terms of
distortion or noise or it’s pretty good I know the audio levels gonna change but
I just want to make sure if there is a less background noise or any kind of
distraction I just want to make sure how it sounds in terms of clarity not the
level of volume so let me know that in the comment section below
just wanted to see how the audio quality holds for example if you’re doing an
interview or you’re doing some kind of a karaoke night is this acceptable or not
so I’m gonna leave that up to you guys let me know in the comment section below
what do you think so personally I don’t think the water quality is that bad
there is a little bit of background noise but in the post you can just
remove that overall for the price point I think this is a great unit if you’re a
startup youtuber who is into podcast or you do a lot of interviews or you want
something at home for the karaoke system I think this is pretty good option at
sixty-five dollars or less than sixty-five dollars I think this is a
great great option I like to build quality it’s pretty good I tried the
echo system it’s not the greatest so I wouldn’t recommend using too much of
that but hey if you are doing a party at home and you want to have some kind of a
like reverb or echo effect feel free to use it you know just make sure the the
levels are okay so overall I think it’s a pretty good unit and I don’t think you
would go wrong with this overall I can the build quality is good I like how
easy it is to use it but if you’re not looking for to microphone I think they
also offer a single mic unit which is even cheaper probably thirty five
dollars or less than that I’m gonna leave the link to all the product in the
description down below so it’s easier for you to find it as I said earlier
there is no comparison between this and the pro level microphones they are
completely different beast they have different usage I wouldn’t
recommend somebody to do a live performance with this one but at the
same time if you have a smaller gathering that you
are not you know worried about sound like Beyonce then this is this something
definitely you can utilize I think it’s a great product for somebody who’s
starting up if you’re looking for a podcast where you know you don’t have a
big budget I think this is a great way to start and slowly you know work your
way up overall I’m pretty happy with the system and we’re definitely going to
enjoy some karaoke night in this house so that’s where I’m gonna end today’s
video let me know your thoughts and comments in the comment section below
and let’s get the conversation going well I hope you like this video if you
did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys
in the next video till then you

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  1. You're goin to hollywood dawg!😁😁 Naz loves karaoke but our neighbors don't 😂😂good review. Wish we could have a system in Our apt.

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