Best iPhone & Android Microphone? (Rode VideoMic Me Review)

Best iPhone & Android Microphone? (Rode VideoMic Me Review)

– If you record videos or
livestream on your smartphone and you want better audio,
this mic is for you. Let’s review and test
the Røde VideoMic Me. When I received this mic from Røde, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s built with a solid
aluminum construction to reject radio frequencies and it comes with a mounting bracket to help it stay secure and
fit on different devices. It also comes with a furry
dead cat-style windscreen already included, which
we’ll test out later. It works with Apple, Android and other smartphones and tablets, as long as the camera lens is on the opposite side
of your headphone jack. Otherwise, it may show
up in the field of view. The two best features of this microphone are that it records directionally, like a shotgun microphone,
which we’ll test later on, and it has a built-in headphone
jack for monitoring sound before, during or after recording. More on that in a bit. All right, let’s test this mic out. Now, since you’re most likely getting this to upgrade from the tiny
built-in mic on your phone, that’s what we’ll compare it to. So, hello from the outside. I must have called 1,000 times. To tell you I’m sorry for
the things that I’d done, but whenever I call, you’re never home. The mic performs pretty well, especially the closer you are to it. This would be a perfect
upgrade for vloggers or anyone livestreaming using something like Periscope or Meerkat. Now, let’s test wind. Hello from the outside. At least I can say that I tried to tell you I’m sorry
for breaking your heart. But it don’t matter; it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore. No wind. So, should you get this microphone? Here are four reasons why or why not. Number one, it’s super easy to use. Just plug it in and go on
pretty much any phone or tablet. Number two, the ability to monitor audio while recording or watching
the playback is great. You won’t have to unplug and
then replug in the microphone. Unfortunately, on the iPhone,
you’ll need to use an app like Filmic Pro to record if you do want to monitor that audio live. Number three, it’s pretty inexpensive. It’s $60 at the time of recording this. That’s especially cheap, considering you get a windscreen with it. Number four, if you’re going
to be a bit further away from your phone or tablet, I would recommend getting
the Røde smartLav+ and an extension cable instead of this. But if you’re up close,
this is a perfect fit. For smartphone video
recordings and livestreaming, this is a great and inexpensive
upgrade for your audio. Thanks to Røde for making
this video possible and be on the lookout for
more microphone reviews in the coming weeks and months. Cheers.

29 thoughts on “Best iPhone & Android Microphone? (Rode VideoMic Me Review)

  1. Thanks for the video, if you're going to have multiple people talking would you still recommend the smart lav? I'm thinking interviews, and live streams?

  2. 0:54 "the tiny built in Mike on your phone?"
    The? I hope you know a lot of phones have two built-in microphones because they have left and right stereo microphones.
    And in some places Stereophonic videos would be the way to go.

  3. I am using Huawei mate 9 so the headphone jack nearer to the camera so if I use that fluffy it will cover my camera. Please recommend good and inexpensive external microphone for Huawei mate 9 user.

  4. Thanks for the review. However, I was wondering which is the other mic model you used to record your comments during this video, pls.

  5. Dude, you just tripped me out. I seriously think I'm in the Truman show. I had been messing around with this mic trying to get it to work (still haven't), and after a bit decided to look up how these android phones work (im on iphone normally) and as I was watching you started testing and the SAME SONG YOU WERE USING TO TEST I WAS AN HOUR EARLIER! Freaking weird man. Freakin weird. Good video.

  6. Check your Smartphone first. Now all Android Smartphones support this optinon. My Maze Alpha Android 7.0 does not support externeal microfones

  7. Do not buy this microphone! I just uploaded a YouTube video using this microphone
    This microphone is so faulty, that it has damaged the internal mic on my phone. Before, I could record sound on my phone perfectly without an external microphone. I got an external microphone for better sound quality. The very first day that I use the mic, the slightest bit of movement, the microphone would lose sound. So I would record commentary, and whole segments of what I was saying, was silent on the video because the microphone did not pick up the sound. What no one tells you was how expensive having a YouTube channel is, because you have to go out there and buy the equipment. I'm not making any money off of my YouTube channels at all, and might just set up a patreon for the little bit of fans that I have who want to support the channel, so that I can buy the fancy equipment to make better videos. However, this is the microphone that I bought, do not buy this shit. They advertise it as though all you have to do is plug it in, and it works perfectly. I had to download an application just to get it to work. Then the slightest bit of movement would cause the sound to go in and out, ruining my voice overs, then eventually it damaged my internal mic as well. So I can't even go back to recording videos the way that I used to. I can't record at all! So… Yeah. You guys can even hear how poor the quality is in this video, with the microphone being muffled, and there being a lot of static. I shouldn't have these issues, for only having the mic for a couple of days. Not only does this thing not work of it is it supposed to do, but it is huge and bulky.

  8. I can't figure out how to get monitoring audio out. It's frustrating how limited the audio recorders are. What they need is a floating control widget which one can use over other apps (such as a browser) to control recording while reading a script or whatever.

  9. Thank you so much for helping to choose right video recording camera
    I am using one plus 6 in my phone noise cancellation is not there so when I go to club parties my video recording audio cracked so Is this video recording mic good for my one plus 6?

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