100 thoughts on “Best Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

  1. I luv snickers and nerds so much but I cant choose because they are both equally as good as each other

  2. I honestly dont like peanut butter do candy corn wins corn plus I'm just cultured and hsve a very refined pallet so candy corn is obviously a win no matter whst

  3. every year for halloween I’m so happy bc I get to buy candy corn and eat it all and no one in the house will eat it. also candy corn and pretzels are so good

  4. Does anyone else ever wonder why, GMM puts up the highest vs the lowest voted candies, like shouldn't in be the highest vs the one in second place to make it harder to pick…. Like come on Recces Vs. Corncandy….

  5. The crew does way too much to try to draw attention to themselves. It's not funny. But I do really love Rhett & Link. The rest of the episodes is great.

  6. Clearly link has never had peanut butter M&Ms. Better yet, he’s probably never paired M&Ms with peanut butter. 🤤

  7. I think candy corn is the best Halloween candy but I can't have half of the candy because I have a nut allergy 😓😢

  8. I for real thought you guys were about to ACTUALLY choose nerds over Snickers. I was about to lose my mind. Also, peanut mnms should have went through.

  9. I find that I love the boys but not so much anything on the show that isnt them, so this whole Dangerous Flo bit isnt that funny to me, neither was the cotton candy hobo guy from a while back, or the early trick or treater… I just wanna watch some grown men evaluate candy without all this padding around it, yknow? tho some people must like it or they wouldnt keep doing it however many seasons in, so agree to disagree…

  10. Been watching y’all for years. And just realized I was never subscribed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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