Best dog training PODCASTS

Podcasts have been a mayor inspiration in
all my dog training endeavors and today I want to share the best possible dog training
podcasts with you. Welcome to Mio, my Dog channel! I’m Spigana, this is Mio, this is Lamora,
together we are Team Ginger and on this channel we are all about active life with dogs. {playing with dogs} I listen to podcasts all the time. I listen to them while I’m knitting for my
Etsy shop, I listen to them while I’m driving to the trainings, I listen to them while I’m
cleaning. Basically I’m listening to a lots and lots
of podcasts. So let’s dive straight in to the best dog
training podcasts that I listen to. My all time favourite podcast definitely is
“Drinking from the Toilet” hosted by Hannah Branigan. It’s super witty, smart, nerdy podcast about
science based methods about training dogs. Hannah Branigan is super good at splitting
down everything, so she’ll explain everything in the smallest details and still keep it
very enjoyable and very entertaining experience. Although her main sports is obedience, she
also does a little bit of agility and in her podcast she covers a lots and lots of different
themes, there are sports and daily life with dogs and dogs psychology. There have been bunch of very entertaining
episodes about agility, there was one very, very interesting episode about photographing
your dogs and from that I got an idea about using the camera as a clicker. And there was one exceptional episode about
labels and how we use them in dog training and are they always bad. And basically if for the rest of my life I
had to listen to just one podcast, this is it. Actually, because we don’t live in some sort
of weird dystopia where I would be forced to listen to just one podcast for the rest
of my life, I have a huge favour to ask from you. If you are listening to some exciting, very
good podcasts about dog training, please please please leave them in the comments because
I’m always on the lookout for new listening material, ad I love podcasts and I love listening
about dog training, so comments below. My second choice is “Animal Training Academy”
podcast hosted by Ryan Cartlidge. This podcast really stands out from the rest,
because it’s not only about dog training, it features lots and lots of animals. There are birds, there are farm animals, there
have been dolphins. Obviously, like, he’s not interviewing dolphins,
you know. He’s interviewing lots and lots of interesting
people who are working with all sorts of animals and what it does, it brings very creative,
positive training methods to the podcast. There are some very interesting conversations
because, you know, with dogs we kinda have it easy. But when you’re working with some different
animals, people are coming up with some very, very good methods on how to understand the
animals, how to comuniacte with them, how to do it clearly, and how to lead superb lives
with them. And it’s just so amazing and so entertaining,
and it’s so inspirational to just listen to it, and I’m always blown away by those gorgeous
people, who can do that. So, definitely check out this podcast. If you have followed my channel for any time
at all, you might have noticed I’m slightly obsessed with agility, so obviously I’m also
listening dog agility podcasts. And my favourite agility podcast is definitely
“Bad Dog Agility”. It’s hosted by Jennifer, Sarah and Esteban. Every episode is dedicated to some agility
theme, it’s training plans or mental readiness, or how to deal with your own emotions and
stress. And then they do reviews from some bigger
American competitions, because they are based in America. It’s a very entertaining experience because,
well, when I’m not running agility, I want to think about agility, I want to discuss
agility, I want to listen about agility. This podcast does a very good job at being
down to Earth, being practical and being very accessible for every listener and I really,
really enjoy every experience while listening to them. Even though I live in Europe and so our agility
is slightly different than in America, we have some slightly different approaches. But still the episodes translate really well
between the continents and basically there have been almost no episodes where I feel
that, like, oh, this is not for me. So, if you love dog agility and if you want
to gain some inspiration for training or some new ideas, or just listen how other people
are training, I definitely suggest you go and listen to the “Bad Dog Agility” podcast. Another favourite of mine is “Cog Dog Radio”
hosted by Sarah Stremming. This podcast is slightly different from the
others because I feel it’s more personal, it’s more intimate, it’s more like insights
in Sarah’s own life. She’s a very established dog trainer, she’s
amazing at what she does and her insights in hiking with dogs, doing sports with dogs
and training them for everyday life are very, very valuable. And I listen with great joy to everything
she has to say. There are lots of practical things in the
podcast, but it also helps you at things from a different viewpoint, because Sarah has a
very open mind and she really, really strives to help people, and she’s always trying to
find like the best things to say, and even on some episodes she has been talking about,
like, not the best experiences, for example, hiking out and meeting some dog owners that
don’t do the things that we really agree to, but like, her approach and her thinking process
about those people and how she didn’t judge them, it was super, super inspirational, super
amazing, and it really made me evaluate how I’m looking at the people who train their
dogs at, well, with the methods that I don’t really agree with. Another favourite podcast of mine is “Fenzi
Dog Sports Academy”, it’s hosted by Melissa Breou,. It’s safe to assume that this podcast is mean
to be as a promotional material for the actual Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, but don’t worry,
it’s not like endless sales pitch or anything. It’s packed with actionable tips and insights
and new ideas, and new ways how we look at our dogs and dog training. And I’ve found this podcast immensely useful
and it actually does a very good job at promoting Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, because while I’m
listening to those episodes all of them sound so amazing and so valuable that I basically
want to enroll myself in every second Fenzi Dog Sports Academy course. And I hope that some day I will choose at
least some of them. A common theme for those podcasts are positive
training methods and if you would like to reward me for doing a good job with this video,
please like it and please share this video with any of your friends who would really
benefit from listening to the best dog training podcasts out there. {Mio posing with headphones}

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