Best Apps to Download Podcasts on Android or iOS

Best Apps to Download Podcasts on Android or iOS

Welcome to Tekzilla Bites,
feeding your tech hunger fast. I’m Shannon Morse, and I
love listening to podcasts. These save me from
having a boring commute. But what applications are
best for podcasts listening? I think in this case, and I
hate to say it, iOS has it down. Apple has an excellent
app for podcasts and it’s called Podcasts. It’s free, and it’s super
easy to find and subscribe to podcasts, as well
as customise the look. You can create
stations, lists, you can even set it up so that
after a podcast is listened to, it disappears off your app. On the Android side of
things, though, your choices get a little bit trickier. There’s tons to choose from. If you want to
listen to podcasts in a really nice,
organized environment, though, you’re kind
of out of luck. There are plenty of
podcast listening apps that you can download
for free, sure. But they aren’t
as clean and fluid as the free iOS podcast app. In this case, I would fish
out $3.99 for Pocket Casts. That’s not $399, that’s $3.99. This application is
clean, it’s easy to use. It’s pretty similar to
the iOS counterpart. You can swipe to the right
to find the controls, and you can discover
new podcasts with the discover option. You could also use their
search to find a specific show. Similar to iOS’s Podcast
app, Pocket Casts will let you customize your
app interface by organization in pretty much any
way you’d like. It’s super, super nice. But again, this one
costs four bucks, so it’s a bit hefty on
the price side for an app. I do think it’s worth
it, though, if you listen to a ton of podcasts. Lastly, you could always
organize your podcasts on your computer long before you
even sync them to your phone. Both Podcasts and Pocket
Casts, respectively, same time by incorporating
this into their applications. So no computer is required,
especially if you’re on the go. Now while you are
on your computer, though, you can try
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bite about Aviate, a predictive Android
app that will work like an intelligent
launcher on your home screen. That’s pretty cool. Again, my name is Shannon Morse. Thank you for watching.

18 thoughts on “Best Apps to Download Podcasts on Android or iOS

  1. @Shannon Morse : a good free open-source podcast app is Antennapod. It uses the HOLO design and is pretty good at organization of podcasts in my opinion.

  2. Podcasts is excellent, by far my favourite experience with Podcast apps. For Android, free podcast apps that I grew very fond of were OneCast and then Podcast Addict. The latter had some problems to begin with but were quickly fixed and whenever I use an Android phone, it is one of the first apps downloaded.

    Now being a Windows Phone user, I find Podcast Lounge to be the starting point and the finishing point when discussing podcast apps. Beautiful, easy to use and about as close to the Podcasts app on iOS as it gets. Whether the 8.1 update default Podcasts app supplants it, we will see but for now, I highly recommend Podcast Lounge.

  3. After a ton of trouble with the iOS Podcasts app, I switched to Instacast both on my phone and my Mac. Sync works great! Interface isn't bad, and bugs are limited.

  4. I love   Better than going to school for same programs but it is pretty pricey for someone on a budget. 

  5. The Apple podcasts app is complete garbage, I can't believe Tekzilla recommends it. Buy downcast and have the best app out there.

  6. Doubletwist is the best free podcast app for android, it does everything the iOS one does, and is nice and fluid, check it out, its awesome. Auto downloads new podcasts too if you want.

  7. I've been searching for a good Android podcasting app for years. I've yet to find a single one that works properly. TuneIn is pretty slick for streaming though. 

  8. I use pocket cast and I think it is pretty good. It might not be the best out there but it is what I use. I don't have any problems with it so I would recommend it. However, check out what else is out there just in case something great is lurking in the Play Store

  9. Yea I just got a android and I will admit that iOs podcast app is way better than Podcast Addict on android for listening to music. In the iOs podcast you were able to skip songs by chapters so that made it sooo easy to know the name and which episode the song you like was in. Hopefully I find one that does that in the play store

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