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Once in a awhile a little voice will pop in
my head and say “Dave, are you sure you aren’t overblowing any of the big issues you talk
about? Maybe the threat to free speech really isn’t
so bad! Maybe the assault on open discourse on college
campuses isn’t all that terrible! Maybe most of mainstream media isn’t simply
pandering for clicks and views.” Then, and it NEVER fails, some current event
takes place, reminding me the issues we’re talking about related to free speech are not
only the most important issues of the day, but perhaps we’re actually underestimating
the severity of them. Without an absolute protection of free speech
first, we can’t have debates around any of the other issues that might be important to
you right now. Care about Devos’ comments on Title 9? Trumps decision on DACA, or global warming
as it related to the recent spate of hurricanes? Your freedom of speech and of inquiry is what
guarantees we can have discussions about those issues and everything else. Tomorrow, former Rubin Report guest and a
friend of mine Ben Shapiro will be speaking at UC Berkeley. The Internet has been lit about the preemptive
protests, counter-protests safe spaces, trigger warnings for his event, even before the event
has actually happened. Sadly, in and of itself, none of this impending
and hyped up chaos is new, so I wasn’t planning on addressing it before Ben even had the chance
to speak. Then I saw a tweet from the Los Angeles Times,
and felt I needed to discuss it with you. The tweet reads, “Berkeley braces for right
wing talk show host Ben Shapiro visit.” Now this headline doesn’t seem too bad on
face value, actually it reads very similarly to how much of mainstream news is published
these days. If you’re looking for it though, and I know
many of you are, the headline is actually loaded a combination of subtle bias and outright
Fake News. “Berkeley braces” is an interesting choice
of words — usually in headlines we brace ourselves for a hurricane, or other natural
disaster. The attempt here, of course, is to compare
Shapiro’s words with the same emotional weight as a natural disaster which can actually end
lives. In a time right after two major storms, Hurricane
Harvey and Hurricane Irma hit the United States, this phrasing is particularly useful as we
are all subconsciously are associating the word ‘brace’ with death and destruction. If you think I’m overstating the word ‘brace’
with hurricanes just do a google news search for ‘braces for Harvey’ or ‘braces for Irma’
and see what pops up Now the Los Angeles Time’s reader knows something
so horrible is coming that UC Berkely must brace for it as it would for a deadly hurricane. Next, they use the pejorative “right wing”
to opine on Ben’s talk show and his views. Of course there’s no doubt that as a conservative
Ben’s political views are on the right, but there’s something else when they say ‘right
wing.’ Virtually every time the mainstream media
uses the phrase ‘right wing’, it is to paint someone as either as scary, evil, or racist. In and of itself being ‘right wing’ isn’t
bad, it’s just a political view, one which you may or may not agree with. But here we now have students ‘bracing’ for
this ‘right wing’ speaker. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Why does the mainstream media never label
anyone or anything ‘Left Wing’ when they want to scare you? Has antifa been labeled Left Wing by the LA
Times or CNN? I searched for those words together
and unsurprisingly it has not. While ‘Right Wing’ is a dog whistle for bad,
and Left wing is just left out altogether when it doesn’t fit the correct narrative. Did you see a headline in the LA Times or
CNN that read “City Univeristy of New York braces for Left Wing Activist Linda Sarsour?” Of course you didn’t, and I would argue that
her ideas are far more dangerous than anything Ben talks about. If you think I’m being a bit melodramatic
here, consider this: As long as the LA Times is using colorful language with their headlines,
why didn’t they add a fun adjective before UC Berkely. I mean Berkely was once the home for free
speech in America and now it is a cesspool of left wing…see I can do it too…hate. Why not say “Former School of Academic Freedom
Berkely Braces for Right Wing Talk Show Host Ben Shapiro?” or “Intolerant of Other Ideas
Berkely Braces for Right Wing Talk Show Host Ben Shapiro?” Or even simply, and most honestly and directly
if we’re being fair to both sides…”Left Wing Berkely braces for right wing talk show
host Ben Shapiro.” Certainly that would be true at least. But, their omission of one label while prescribing
another one tells you all you need to know. This headline, before Ben has even spoken,
tells you a story alright, but it isn’t the one that the LA Times intended. The headline tells you the story of the double
standard with which mainstream conservatives have to deal with, fueled by a media that
enflames the situation when it comes to anyone on the right, but largely ignores it when
it comes to anyone on the Left. This tricky use of words and selective writing
is largely what people are talking about when they talk about Fake News. The media should be giving us facts straight
up, not editorializing through headlines that confused and conflate what’s actually happening
on the ground. If you’d like to know more on how the media
confuses us with headlines like this, check out my discussion with Eric Weinstein on The
Russell Conjugation, which we’ll link to right down below. Ben is going to speak and say some things
that will trigger people, not because they’re attacking individual people or because they’re
truly offensive, but more so because he’s challenging the Social Justice Warrior idoeology
that has ransacked clear thinking on the college campus in America. If you don’t like what he says write a paper
about it, invite a counter speaker, or non-violently protest in a way which allows the people who
do want to hear him to have their right to free speech, just as much as you want to have
yours. Headlines like this subtly excuse and actually
help instigate violence towards anyone who dare step out of group think. I guarantee the ideas that Ben talks about
tomorrow are in no way something you have to brace for, and even less something you
have to act violently towards. Defending free speech as a college student
now will help ensure that it will be defended when you grow out of groupthink as an adult. So instead of silencing speakers on campus
perhaps do what you’re supposed to in college instead: listen to someone who thinks differently
than you do. This way you will learn how to think…and
instead of having to brace yourself for bad ideas, you can arm yourself with good ones.

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