Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things Podcast | Ep. 3 – The Mind Flayer | Netflix

Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things Podcast | Ep. 3 – The Mind Flayer | Netflix

– [Dan] This is a code red. I repeat, this is a code red. There are spoilers ahead so make sure to watch all of Stranger
Things three on Netflix before going any further. (ominous music) Eleven first opened the
gate to the upside-down way back in Stranger Things one when she made contact with a Demogorgon. That big monster with the
flower face full of teeth that you know still
haunts you in your dreams. (Demogorgon roars) But Ross Duffer and his brother Matt, the creators of the series, they knew that the Demogorgon would be the least of
Eleven’s upside-down problems. – [Ross Duffer] We always saw
the Demogorgons as sharks, like the shark in “Jaws”, in season one. But, ultimately, it was a
creature, it was following blood, and so what we really wanted to do to up the stakes moving forward, is to create something sentient. Because that’s always even scarier to us then just a creature or monster. – [Dan] So going into Stranger Things two, they wanted an antagonist who would be more powerful
than a Demogorgon, and the writers wanted something that they could build
as a recurring villain. And when the writers were brain-storming what this new enemy could be Paul Dichter, one of the writers on the show, he says they referred back to Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin’s all-time favorite book: “The
Dungeons and Dragons Manual”. (loud crash) (mysterious music) – [Dustin] The Mind Flayer. – [Hopper] What the hell is that? – [Dustin] It’s a monster
from an unknown dimension. It’s so ancient that it doesn’t
even know its true home. – [Man] When we came
across the Mind Flayer in Dungeons and Dragons mythology, it felt like a, almost
like a shocking discovery. – [Dan] The DnD Mind Flayer was cosmic, he was from another dimension, and he thought of himself
as a superior being who wanted to take over other worlds. And so is the Stranger Things Mind Flayer. He is the all-powerful who rules the parallel dimension
know as the upside-down. In this season the Mind
Flayer tries, once again, to take over Hawkins and the
entire world as we know it. So, for our season finale, we are the ones going
up against the enemy. We will face the people he flayed. – [Billy] We are going to end everyone. – [Dan] We will dissect that monster he’s building out of
all those townspeople. (roaring) and we’ll find out how, even though Eleven lost her powers, the Stranger Things gang still managed to foil the Mind Flayer’s plan. – [Eleven] I can fight. (mysterious music) – [Dan] I’m your host, Dan Taberski, and this is Behind the Scenes
of Stranger Things three. Episode 3: “The Mind Flayer” (mysterious electronic music) Last season the Mind Flayer
tried to conquer Hawkins by unleashing an army of Demodogs and by possessing Will Byers. – [Will] It’s like
everything inside your body is just sinking, all at once, but this is worse. Your body, it goes cold,
and you can’t breathe. – [Dan] But, the Mind Flayer’s plan failed because Eleven closed the gate. The theory was; if you close the gate, you cut the Mind Flayer
off from our dimension. And so any part of him that was left in our dimension would perish. And so the kids assumed that whatever piece of the Mind Flayer was expelled from Will
Byers body had died. But that assumption? Totally wrong. – [Will] What if he never left? What if we locked him out here with us? – [Man] We always had this idea that what if he was locked in here
with Hawkins, with the kids, and what would he do if he was locked in? – [Dan] Ross and his
brother Matt loved the idea that all this time, that
piece of the Mind Flayer, that was in Will, it hadn’t died, instead it was lying dormant in Hawkins. Stewing, waiting for
the gate to be reopened. And for the Duffers and the writers, having a piece of the Mind Flayer locked up in the kids
dimension would create new possibilities for the
super-natural storyline. – [Man] And we got excited
about, you know, a couple things, One, that he knew about Eleven now, which he didn’t in season two, which is really why we ended season two with the Mind Flayer
hovering over Hawkins, cause now he’s aware that
this girl has these powers that are extraordinarily strong and can stop him from his evil plans. – [Dan] Obviously the
Mind Flayer is gonna try and take over the world
again, it’s what villains do. And this time around, he knows that to do that he’s
gotta take out Eleven first. (Electronic music) – [Man] We thought about
that idea of him, you know, in sort of that hell-raiser
way of building a body. – [Dan] Building a body would
mean that the Mind Flayer would have a physical presence in Hawkins. And this physical proxy would be so big, and so powerful, and so disgusting, that there is no chance he’d
lose to Eleven this time. – [Steve] Okay so, just to be clear, this big fleshy spider thing that hurt El, it’s some kind of gigantic weapon? – [Nancy] Yes. – [Steve] But instead of
like screws and metal, the Mind Flayer made its
weapon with melted people. – [Nancy] Yes, exactly. – [Steve] Yeah, okay,
yeah, I’m just making sure. – [Dan] The Mind Flayer starts building this creature with rats. But, he quickly realizes
he needs bigger bodies, and to get those bodies,
he needs a new host. This time preferably not a
sweet, innocent, 13-year old boy. – [Dacre] We’d actually spoken
about it a lot in season two. And that was something
that I was very aware of but I wasn’t really aware
of how it was gonna pan out. – [Dan] Dacre Montgomery
is the Australian actor who plays Max’s big
brother, Billy Hargrove. You know, the lifeguard, with the sexiest mullet-perm in Hawkins. Is it a mullet? Is it a perm? We don’t know, it’s the
80’s, it was a crazy time. Having the Mind Flayer control Billy, this was not a new idea. The Duffers talked to Dacre last season about wanting to do some
possession plot line with Billy. They even tried to work
it into season two. But, they weren’t able to fit it in. So, when they sat back
down in the writers room for Stranger Things three, possessing Billy was back on the table. Billy is a pretty great
host for two reasons. One, he’s this big, magnetic, muscly guy. – [Billy] Afternoon ladies. – [Ladies And Dan] Afternoon Billy. – [Dan] And he’s already
got an aggressive streak, which comes in handy, since his whole job is knocking people out and bringing them to a warehouse
to be flayed by a monster. – [Billy] Don’t be afraid,
it’ll be over soon. – [Dan] And two, Billy
is a convenient host because the group of kids
investigating the Mind Flayer includes his little sister Max. And Max happens to be besties with Eleven, the Mind Flayers arch-nemesis. So, Max and Eleven are able to snoop around Billy’s
bathroom together without, you know, breaking in. – [Max] Why do I get the feeling that we’re gonna find all
kinds of wrong in here. – [Dan] And in that bathroom
they find blood on the cabinets and melting ice in his bathtub, which all leads to a growing suspicion that Billy is up to something. So, the kids decide to confront him. – [Mike] And look, the
controls are right here, it’s perfect. – [Will] Will it get hot enough? – [Mike] 220 degrees. We just have to figure out
how to get him in here. – [Will] Then we lock him in. – [Lucas] Heat him up. – [Mike] No matter what
happens we’ll know. We’ll know for sure. – [Kate] For the actual
sauna test, you know, I re-watched and I read
that scene from The Shining when Jack Torrance is in the freezer. – [Dan] Kate Trefry is a
writer on Stranger Things and she wrote the first
draft of Chapter four. It’s the episode where
the kids do a sauna test to confirm whether or not the Mind Flayer was actually controlling Billy. – [Kate] Cause that
was kind of the feeling that I wanted to evoke. And because I think that that character, you know, like vacillates
so effectively from, like, somebody familiar
to somebody horrifying, something unrecognizably bad. You know? – [Man] Let’s talk about
Jack Nicholson for a second. – [Dan] Okay, so Jack Nicholson famously plays Jack Torrance, the main character in The Shining, one of the scariest movies ever made. And on Stranger Things it’s clear that horror
obsessed minds think alike. Because Kate was referencing
The Shining in this scene, and even though they
never talked about it, Dacre was looking to Jack
Nicholson’s performance in that movie for inspiration. – [Dacre] I feel like, whether he’s playing
the archetypal villain, or hero, or somewhere in between, he gives very unusual acting
choices, which, I think, keep the audience on
their toes a little bit. That was a strategy
that I wanted to employ a little bit in this season, I think it was very important, even more so then last season, to keep the audience on their toes. – [Dan] Like, when the
kids are luring Billy into the sauna and he sees what he thinks is a kid who’s taunting him. – [Billy] Got you (cackles excitedly) (claps) – [Dan] Billy’s creepy laugh and clap when he thinks he caught
his prey, that is just one of the unusual acting choices that Dacre made while playing Billy. And once Billy gets trapped in the sauna and the kids start cranking up the heat, the line between where Billy ends and the Mind Flayer begins is blurred, for the kids, for you and me
in the audience, and for Billy. – [Dacre] I think it’s a
fight, it’s a constant fight. Like you’re, you know, you’re choking yourself in a weird way. – [Dan] Dacre wanted to find a way to show the internal struggle
that Billy is experiencing because of the Mind Flayer’s control. And so, he researched
dissociative identity disorder. What used to be known as multiple, or split personality disorder. – [Dacre] I did a lot of work about in psychology where the spot is, like, which personality
has control over the spot, the room, right? In your head, and I think
the whole thing is the fight for Billy having the spot
and having the voice. So I did a lot of work on those people that suffer
or live with those conditions. – [Dan] The work that Dacre put into this character is important, because he’s not just playing Billy, in some ways he’s playing the Mind Flayer. The only time we here
the Mind Flayer speak is through Billy. Both in the upside-down and
later in Billy’s memories. – [Mind Flayer] You let us in, and now, you are going to have to let us stay. – [Dan] But, Billy is just
one piece of the Mind Flayer. And now we are about to
get into the other slimy, toothy, thirty-foot tall
piece of him, the monster. (monster screams) (mysterious electronic music)

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