Behind The Canvas Podcast #3 feat. Adam From Doodle Date

100 thoughts on “Behind The Canvas Podcast #3 feat. Adam From Doodle Date

  1. Welp, I guess I need more art to work on. I love podcasts to listen to while I work, and I love listening to you!

  2. Emily thank you so much for Inspiraring me to keep on trying for my art.
    I love you for that ❤🌻

  3. Hey!! It's something I can listen to while cleaning and cooking! Awesome! Please keep these coming!!

  4. I loved answer 6. I'm in high school and art is one of those class were you think it would be an easy A+ but the only 100% you can get in that class is on test. My teacher always quotes, "98% I'm trying to find something wrong, but 100% means I dont think you can be better and that's not true. Everyone of you can get better and you are better than you were before. If you have no one in your life that believes that, now you do."

  5. Emily: Castles! Castles! Castles!

    Great episode, and not just because I share a first name with the guest. 😉

    EDIT: And because I can't help myself. @1:10:30 -ish: There's six. Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaskan, and Hawaiian (Which includes the Aleutian Islands, I think.)

  6. Finished a gouche piece to this podcast. I was so close to spitting my lemonade everywhere a few times.

    It would have been worth it!

  7. Ahhhh I love Adam and Emily and they're here together and ahhhhhhhh!!!! ❤️ Stephen and the boy lol👌

  8. Never heard of them before, but totally just binge watched (and subscribed!) a bunch of their videos. Besides being an absolutely adorable couple, the muppet voice is definitely a thing 😂

  9. Thanks so much for having us on Emily, we had so much fun and made a great friend in the process too! ❤

  10. I don't watch Doodle Date but Adam is so funny what the duck this dude is a riot! 😂😂😂😂😂 I love him

  11. First…. what about Joslyn? ROFLMAO (couldn't help it, they do call it a "castle" hahaha) Second, OMG Girl, why have we never met? Livin in South O here! You have to send them frozen runzas!! 😂 Awesome podcast, it made my day! I just found Doodle Date channel a couple weeks ago & really enjoy them! I'm still shocked you're here in O! 😋

  12. *PLEASE READ* Hey guys! I had some more pretty serious technical difficulties with this podcast –_– I’m still learning! I apologize for all the mistakes! For this installment, I don’t have any graphics of scroll throughs artwork (well, I did. Hours of work go bye bye) . Please enjoy the podcast anyway, it was HILARIOUS! Adam had me in stitches the whole time! Here are ALL the artists Adam mentioned, as well as my lovely guests’ socials! Stay tuned tomorrow for Steph’s episode!
    *Steph and Adam’s Social Media:*
    Doodle Date:

    Dina Norlund:


    Mort Mort

  13. Loooove this yeee!! Doodledate is the best and it was so fun to listen to you interview Adam!! Are you gonna interview Stephanie next??? 💖

  14. I spaced out and y'all went from talking about Steph to talking about cults 😂😂😂 i love y'all

  15. I only found you a couple of weeks ago Emily and this made me fall utterly in love with the channel. I am now an attentive and passionate fan of what your doing on YouTube and will follow your work forever. This was so absolutely wonderful. Thank you Emily and The Boi for putting this out there for me to find. I took a lot away from it. I’m looking forward to Steph now.

  16. i got sore cheeks because i was smiling like a dickhead the whole podcast. you both have such a contagious laugh, loved the energy in this episode.

  17. Believe it or not, I was smiling the whole time as I listened throughout the entire thing hahah. I love these podcasts so much! Listening to YouTubers I love talking to each other about art stuff (and other stuff lol) is so much fun!!

  18. If there are two things Adam can't get away from it's serious talks and getting all the sass even on his own streams XD
    So many giggles were had!

  19. (19:48) Just read a picture book called "Ghost Cat" by Eve Bunting last night about a ghost cat who lives in & helps an older lady care for a lighthouse XD

  20. well, Brazil is a pretty big country with 200mil people and we only have 2 timezones there. I live in Ireland now, pretty much like Uk we can go top to bottom in about 4h ahaha I love it <3

  21. I love this🤗
    I love doodle date 💗
    I really need something entertaining to listen too while I’m stuck in traffic so I really enjoyed this

  22. OK I love all y'all's (Kentucky accent via England, it's a thing) art but this was one of the best videos ever! Thanks for the laughs Emily, Adam and Stephanie!

  23. I’m so happy you made this, I was watching Doodle Date when I got the notification, I think all three of you are wonderful❤️

  24. 15:22 I never thought of that, everyone thinks being a veterinarian would be great because you get to work with animals, but the truth is really dark.

  25. This was so much fun!! Baby wait to listen to Steph next!! 💖
    Btw, Emily.. I lived in Nebraska for 5 years and my oldest son still lives there in Grand Island.. I lived in Columbus lol

  26. My son has the British accent! :/ but honestly he doesn’t even watch peppa pig that much! So don’t judge meeee!

  27. i'm really really loving this podcast. you mirror each person's sense of humor and read the tone of the situation almost flawlessly while still maintaining a direct but not too restrictive flow. this is good content. yeehaw

  28. On the first question I almost though Adam was going to deny his cheese allergy which we all know to be a true fact about our Adamo

  29. I love the Doodle Date channel. I’ve binged watched almost all of their backlog and I got to “live stream” watch them earlier this week. Adam is naturally funny and he is the most thoughtful and kind boyfriend to Steph on the earth. I’ve learned some art prospective from Adam too. His work is great. Their channel is fun…even the early vids! They perk up my mood better than any other form of entertainment.

  30. Okay but is he Samwell Tarly (not sure if I spelt his last name right) from GoT? His accent is the same and when he was talking about his past and what his dad told him I was like "It is Sam!"

  31. Perfect to fold laundry to 🧺 Adams story is so inspiring, I’m looking forward to his comic!, he’s one of my favorite artist with Steph, their arts so different and wonderful

  32. Not sure if this was mentioned, but the cult you are talking about is featured in A and E's show Cult and Extreme beliefs. You can see it on Hulu. Super creepy! The "tattoo" was actually branding and it was burned into the women's skin. If you are interested totally watch it! I'm super late, but I've been so busy! Sorry!

  33. Welsh person here!!! Adam, I’m sorry but that was more cliche Canadian than Welsh! Made me laugh 😂 Enjoyed the whole thing too 😊

  34. Adam, you’re so silly.. your first videos are so charming!!!! I have watched your first video about 10 times.. favorite part- when you didn’t know how to spell libRary ☺️☺️☺️

  35. I need an Adam and stef in my life. Also I'm thrilled to hear artists talking about cults because I'm obsessed. I love to paint cult leaders.

  36. Emily, thanks for doing this one in two parts. I love Steph and Adam! People want a Romeo and Juliet relationship, I want an Adam and steph relationship ☺️💖

  37. It's putting the animal down that would get me. Like my cat died last week and I couldn't imagine having to see that as often as a veterinarian would have too.

  38. I hear a lot of similar things about Tulsa, Oklahoma, especially in country music and I'm just like "It's very much a city. Fairly big, too". I once heard a country song with the opening lyric "I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma". I just thought "Oh, so you're a city boy".

  39. As a Texan I’m both offended yet honored to have my accent bastardized In the best way possible 😂😂😂

  40. I hate when people look down on art drawing and playing video games. It’s like why is your hobby considered more better than mine. I use my money and time how I want and enjoy and you use do the same. How is it different

  41. … is it weird that I have a not insignificant desire to change my text message tone to Adam just screaming “CORN!”

  42. Emily! I'm from Sioux Falls, South Dakota! I'm not too far from you! 😀 that makes me so happy, you're so awesome!

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  44. I have throughly enjoyed this podcast! 😁 I'm Welsh and Adams impression was pretty good!! 😁 I could listen to you two for hours!

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