Behind Sara Dietschy’s Podcast!

Behind Sara Dietschy’s Podcast!

this is the behind-the-scenes if we
don’t always say sentence is good today is a cool day a lot of you are gonna
know this surprise person that I’m gonna hang out with but my lyft driver
we’re in lifts right now right I’m not crazy lyft not over I get over is like a
verb that you use even when you’re in the left but he’s also an actor /
youtuber so I’m just gonna hi guys hey so my name is pon opa I know I make boy
I used to make youtube videos that you know the YouTube channel of pono team
and I kind of just started making vlogs at the end of my senior year of high
school and then over time I used the social
media numbers the tennis star leveraging acting gigs and now you know I’m here in
LA trying to do the whole acting thing I think it’s really important I don’t know
if this is gonna make it into this vlog but through doing all of this YouTube
stuff it’s helped me even though I haven’t even gotten the numbers yet that
I feel like you would assume you need it’s helped me make connections so it
just I think having a I can speak words my point is is having a place to put
your work but you can just show it easily to people and to show consistency
is helpful in and of itself even if you don’t have the numbers that you
necessarily need to get you know able to go out it’s a really popular person hey you guys this is the cool person
then I was telling you about Darth Vader my name is Sara Dietschy I do the YouTube and today Shea’s gonna help me with some behind the scenes of a podcast reporting
of two awesome tech youtubers yeah Adventure Time we made it I’m gonna switch over and
just do behind-the-scenes stuff but it’s exciting
yeah wait who where that’s so cool I’m so excited
Jonathan Austin our sick tech youtubers we’re going to go in there apparently
they have already a set up that they’re making for us so I have all of my here
but maybe we might be able to just walk in and like do the podcast and get it
done I’m giving Shane my setup it’s like a sony a7s 2 with a 16 of 35 you’re
gonna own it okay it’s done it was so fun yeah
there’s a train yes you’re right next to it was that the noise that happen is
there something amazing yeah I know we’re gonna have to redo I think really
well so I like I want to aim more towards guests that are yes epic people
know their names but are open to have a longer conversation like 40 minutes to
an hour because I think that’s when you really get to dive into the good stuff
and so it was fun that you know my first podcast was Gary Vee and of course any
time I get any amount of time with that dude yes I’ll say yes but this was I I
really like this where it’s double the time and you get to really dig into
stuff embarrassing stories were told shame and the camera and an amazing shade did an amazing job with BTS behind
the scenes your running back and forth sony a7s iPhone we had an rx 100 over
here in the corner I think yeah yeah it was really awesome she haven’t seen the
footage yet though we’re talking about how this went but oh yeah it was really
cool to see the stories are really great I’m gonna put the links below obviously
I don’t think you guys are already or subscribe literally all of my
subscribers are from your channel but but watch it yeah it’s this is the
coolest so awesome fun date guys I want to talk to you about how
this happened I also want to welcome you if you’re new here I have videos every
single week so subscribe turn on the notifications do all the you to be
things I vlog about what it’s like to be an actor in Los Angeles and make my own
work and I have scripted series where I basically dramatize the internet I’ve
taken everything from tinder to Twitter to humans of New York and put them in
the real world so go check it out and if you’re from the Peachy fam say hi to me
in the comments below I love all of the PG fam I’ve met so many cool people from
Sara Dietschy’s comment section and if you don’t know me yet please just introduce
yourself be my friend I’m cool I can’t guarantee that I’m cool but I feel like
we could be cool friends okay speaking of internet friends this whole
thing happened because of Twitter. Sara Dietschy reached out on Twitter asking for help
for the shoot I responded and I got it and it didn’t happen because that was my
first interaction with her on Twitter I think she wouldn’t have asked me to help
if she didn’t already know who I was I’ve followed her on Twitter and engaged
with her there for a while and she’s featured IRL in one of her videos about
Peachy fam creators so she’s seen my stuff she knows I’m a human that is I
don’t know semi-normal and and because of that I think it was enough to make
her go okay let’s do this thing the point is I think Twitter is so
useful for getting to know people who you otherwise would not have had access
to I do this as an actor I probably should do this for youtubers too but I
haven’t done it yet I make lists of people in the entertainment industry
agents casting directors managers and I go there every day I just click on their
list and engage with them it’s really useful for people who don’t tweet a lot
because that way you can find their stuff really easily and engage with
whatever they’re talking about right now it’s usually Trump
a lot of complaining about the government which is so easy to engage
with so and get to know these people on a human level rather than as an actor
trying to get a job or as whatever you are trying to get a job from someone
else or get to know someone who’s at a higher level than you we’re just going
east but all I know is I have an hour to go anywhere yeah even if it’s like from
Santa Monica to Hollywood just an hour that’s true that’s the LA lesson truck
yeah traffic everywhere

10 thoughts on “Behind Sara Dietschy’s Podcast!

  1. So smart! Creating consistent content is 100% the best way to be seen and get more acting work! And I can totally guarantee that you are cool!

  2. Yay, so happy I found your channel. Great stuff. Love your positive vibe. Plz swing by my channel I go live every day with free tech help. Keep doing this! You’re great.

  3. Yay to that vlog! So much fun to see you and Sara in the same video! I do the same with the twitter lists, it's very efficient and easy to use that way! Congrats Shea!

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