Becca Dreamed About Michael at Age 12! / Beach Theory Podcast Snippet

Becca Dreamed About Michael at Age 12! / Beach Theory Podcast Snippet

♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: So I had Becca: Had a dream when I was twelve years old Becca: That there were…I was in between so I was standing by the Manti Temple Becca: The Manti Temple is where I wanted to get married and I had planned that from Becca: When I was a little girl when I had done the Mormon miracle pageant. Shout out to that. That was fun. Becca: And that was just something that would teach…talk about like the history of our church. Becca: But it was like a play. Michael: So in your dream you were looking at the temple Becca: I was looking at the temple and in between me and the temple were two guys Becca: And one of them had a brown hair and one of them had blonde hair. Becca: And… Becca: Michael at the time, I always thought of him as having blond hair. He doesn’t really have super blond hair. Michael: If you’re watching this on YouTube, I kinda have… Becca: It’s like…if you look at it compared to mine, it’s like brown. Becca: Like it is brown. But in my mind, he’s a blond for some reason. Michael: So after my mission, I spent two months in Oregon working in wilderness. Becca: So he was more blonde back then Michael: And I had bleached blond hair because I was in the Sun all day Becca: So when I met him, he was a blond to me. Becca: So in between me and the temple were Becca: two men and one was…they were both fairly tall and one of them had brown hair and one of them had blond hair and In that dream and remember I had it when I was 12. This is before I met either of the people Michael or the other guy that I was dating and Becca: In that dream. I knew that I had to pick one of them before I got to go to the temple. Like, Becca: That was my decision. I had two guys in front of me and I had to pick one Becca: Only one so that I could get to my ultimate goal which was getting married in the temple Becca: And it’s just so crazy cause well, I only remembered that dream after I met Michael. Like, I had forgotten it all those years Becca: I was nineteen at the time I had that dream when I was twelve. Michael: So it’s funny because she told me about that dream. Becca: So one night we were up late. We had been hanging out all day Becca: And I did. I brought it up. I was like… Becca: So, I had this… Becca: I just remembered this dream that I had when I was twelve. And what did you say? Becca: I told him all about the dream. Michael: She told me the dream, and I said that was interesting. But in my mind I was like, okay, she’s committed. She wants to marry me now. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫

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