100 thoughts on “Bean Can Cake Taste Test

  1. That second doppelgänger photo of the naked guy with the dogs to me looks like Kurt Russell. I’ve always thought that link’s dad looks like Kurt Russell so when Rhett said that it actually looked more like link’s dad, I thought yes because it looks just like Kurt Russell.

  2. this whole episode i laughed soo hard and was enjoying the time until i laughed too hard and spit soda alll over my laptop screen lmao

  3. Happy Birthday Rhett!!!!! Sorry I missed it on the actual day, I'm bad for that but I hope you have a great year and may you have no back pain lol🤣🤘🏻🎂🎈🎉

  4. I just have to say this. Hands down, the best episode of LTAT EVER! I smiled so much my face hurts now. Happy belated birthday Rhett!

  5. Link looking lovingly between the two boys and the pure expression of joy he had while doing it was my favourite part of this video

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