BBC Radio 2 – Peter Capaldi talks Series 10

BBC Radio 2 – Peter Capaldi talks Series 10

JO: Lets talk about the new series thats coming out of Doctor Who, so We’ve had to wait quite a long time. We’ve had the Christmas episode of course. Matt Lucas has appeared in that What role is he going to be playing in the Doctors life? PETER: Well he plays Nardole who is a creature that we first met in last years Christmas special He is amazing. Very, very funny and strange and he is kind of like the Doctor’s Batman Or a kind of an assistant to the Doctor who JO: Like his wingman? PETER: Like his kind of wingman who is looks up at Their relationship is kind of quite wierd and the great thing is when you see us both together. Matt has this wondeful kind of a very very pale complexion And kind of slightly wierd look about him and he looks I think the pair of us look like aliens which is right. You know, we look like a pair of strange kind of creatures who’ve shown up at your door And you should be careful with but you sort of want to go with them And he’s wonderful JO: And he’ll be there throughout the next series? PETER: Sometimes yes and sometimes not JO: You’ve got a new companion who is Pearl Mackie and she plays Bill PETER: Yes, she’s fabulous JO: What advice have you given to her? PETER: Erm… you mean to Pearl? JO: Mmm PETER: Don’t do anything you don’t want to do JO: Can you say no? Do you actually say no when they actually suggest things that you should do as the Doctor? PETER: Yeah, of course. But no-one suggests anything bad to you. But I was meaning more in the world of show business. Publicity. But she’s fabulous and she brings a great kind of Whats nice about her and the character that she plays is that she is totally new to the world of Doctor Who. Her character doesn’t have any experience of Daleks or spaceships or anything like that. And in fact The Doctor, because when we first find him, he is not in his usual situation and is able to gradually draw her into his cosmic life And so, in a way its kind of like a more vintage Doctor Who. Because she doesn’t know anything You sort of don’t need to know anything about the show You don’t have to have a clue about it Because she is constantly asking questions about, you know, What is a Dalek? and what is this thing that is bigger on the inside and all that sort of stuff. So she’s great JO: And when do we get to see it? Whens it come back? PETER: It starts on April the 15th which we both know very well because thats the day… JO: Thats the day after your birthday PETER: And its the day after… JO: My daughers birthday PETER: Your daughters birthday too So thats April 15th, yes JO: So the return of Doctor Who is April 15th and how far into the series are you at the moment. How are you doing with filming? PETER: We’re… Well as soon as I’m done with you, I am heading down to Bristol because we are filming there JO: Where are you going? PETER: Err, I don’t know. I just get into a car and they take me into We’re going to be filming in caves on an alien planet which are currently in Bristol. So I’m going down there tonight and We’re about 4 episodes away from the end JO: Some other treats. You have to give me some kind of inkling of monsters, creatures, old adversaries that we might be facing PETER: There are a number of old adversaries I would say its largely new There are largely new creatures JO: This is a big deal, can I just say, because this is Steven Moffats grand finale. So is there a thread, is there an impactful storyline PETER: Yes there is. Yeah, yeah. It kind of develops… Its unexpected. So its not… I think it kind of rolls along in a very vintage kind of way in a sense of thats it an affair full of explosions and adventures And all that sort of stuff All the stuff you love in Doctor Who But there is, as ever, a kind of darker thing sort of moving that emerges towards the end JO: And affairs of the heart. Because the Doctor has tussles with his heart all the time. Theres an emotional thread always PETER: Well the emotional thread… err… yeah, there are a number of them. I suppose the big thing about it, for me, is that it’ll be my last. So thats… JO: It’ll be your last?! PETER: Yes! JO: You bow out after this series? PETER: I will, yes. JO: Oh… Really? PETER: This will be the end for me JO: Wow! How do you feel about that? PETER: Erm… I feel sad I love Doctor Who Its a fantastic program to work on and its been a huge pleasure to work with a family I can’t praise the people I’ve worked with more highly But I’ve always been somebody who did alot of differant things I’ve never done one job for three years This is the first time I’ve done this and I feel its sort of time for me to move on to differant challenges JO: So you still have to film your regeneration? PETER LAUGHS JO: So the geek is coming out of me now So have you filmed your regeneration? PETER: No I’m going to work tonight. How can I have… I’m still there. I’m still Doctor Who for a long time. JO: This is such a big deal, Peter. How do you feel about it? God. Passing it onto somebody else PETER: I feel… Sad You know. Its sad But rather wonderful… What a privilege to have done this Its an extraordinary possition to be in But like everything, you have to be aware of when its time to move on JO: And when did you know? Had you signed up for this for a certain amount of time or when did you make this decision to leave PETER: Well they had asked me to stay on JO: So you were going to leave before? PETER: No… my contract was running out but they asked me to stay and I just thought you know, I love this but I don’t know how long I can do it and give it my best And if I am not giving it my best then I don’t want to do it. So you know, its erm… I want to move on to other challenges but there will never be anything thats been more special to me

26 thoughts on “BBC Radio 2 – Peter Capaldi talks Series 10

  1. He was ousted by the BBC. They pressured him to leave i feel. He said a month ago that he wanted to stay for a long time. Its odd he is now leaving… Clearly the BBC want a fresh start for the new showrunner.

  2. Capaldi has grown on me but I do think it's the right decision.  With Moffat leaving too it means the show can start the next season completely afresh.

  3. Bollocks, and fucking bullshit. BBC wants to do a younger doctor with a romance story. Sci Fi all over has become shit. Star Wars is more popular than Star Trek, and now this… Garbage..

  4. Peter is my fav doctor, but I understand him wanting to try something new. It's better to go out on a high rather than being removed because it's no longer working.

  5. Best doctor after Tennant.
    I hope Season 10 will be just as good as 9.. Capaldi deserves to be remembered for at least two great seasons of the show.. and not for how terrible Season 8 was.
    As for who should play the next doctor… I hope for Richard Aoyade.

  6. Tasmin Grieg should be the next Doctor, or Olivia Williams. But I've got a strong feeling they will cast Ben Wishaw, ewspecially after seeing him in the recent Bond movies.

  7. Sad that he is leaving, really enjoyed his Doctor from the start.

    Now BBC asked him to stay, just stated he made the decision to leave. He wants to work on other projects. It takes about eight to nine months to film the series.

  8. If the Doctor can build a body to Nardole head, why he didn't help that blue alien head? Or make a better leg for that guy in Class?

  9. Funny that in the next few days after this happened it was announced we'd have another hiatus while Chibnall has a holiday before he gets his act together to do series 11.

  10. I declare shenanigans.. I don't believe he wanted to leave of his own accord. so very upset with the whole doctor who. from how they treated him to how in think they are misjusging the't get me started.

  11. I've been avoiding news since this because I can't stand the fact that he's leaving. He really is amazing. I'd have been happy to see him stay much longer.

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