BANII TE FAC SĂRAC! – Interviu cu Robert Kiyosaki #IGDLCC E22 #PODCAST

BANII TE FAC SĂRAC! – Interviu cu Robert Kiyosaki #IGDLCC E22 #PODCAST

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attendance at the bro traces the Ori the sphere there follows is the one attach a llama importante interviewed by Carlin film upon our kun she attention more evident immediate safety caper bonum the shift iam exact Cucina buffoon llamas Missa Kiyosaki welcome to Romania my name is Georgia book niche and it’s an honor to meet you because not many people know what you do for a living most of the time you’re a business man but you’re also writing books and talking to people about business business development personal development I’m not so sure you get them intertwined correct so how is it how do you feel Romania who always been your time here for the past two days I understand well I came to Romania because my favorite relative is Romania and she was from Romania and then she went to Paris during World War two and became the prima ballerina of Paris okay and then after the war she moved to America and she married my uncle so she’s remained in which married a Japanese on okay and I went to a school in New York in 1965 and my her name is killer at Lydia and Lydia Lydia of course yeah Basanti and she was my role model for women she’s beautiful vivacious artistic businesswoman and during World War two she fought for the French Resistance because she didn’t like my goodness she’s a hero oh yeah she was an artist and a hero yeah so during one night she was she had to drink with the Russians or something and she had to go and dance at the ballet in Paris and she was hurrying and she fell and broke her ankle and the show must go on so she taped her ankle even though it was broken and danced on a broken ankle and she never danced again so that’s when she moved to New York and became an artist and a sculpture ER and she had beautiful works of art and she was just my role model for a beautiful powerful smart woman so she’s Romanian but she would always tell me about how beautiful Romania was and the people she was very sad because her brother never got out of the country during the communist regime so you know about communism I don’t who can say I know it cuz I wasn’t here you know but she talked about how depressed he was and unhappy where she was happy in New York okay so a lot of that but she said I’m here because of her my aunt Lydia and so I’ve always wanted to see Romania because she said as beautiful as Paris and I don’t look arrested so now you’re mixing business with pleasure you came to see the country but you’re also working I’m always working I never stopped working you never stopped no because you’re not working for money so you never stopped well I’m a military officer we military school teachers to work for a mission what’s your mission in life and making money is really easy I don’t understand what the big deal is so I retired a long time ago I when I was their age you retired it again for the people 4747 my wife was 37 I’m planning on 45 good you’re fighting jetlag the right way you’re working I’m not fighting jet lag I don’t know what your obsession with just like is I don’t know how you can travel so much you’re a little that’s why okay I mean I don’t think about petty things you’re on me what do you think about petty things what do you think about now just leave me alone you know I just think about the economy business okay world affairs I want to my job is to make complex financial systems simple enough so the average person can understand it that is extremely difficult because most people are brainwashed when it comes to money go to school get a job work hard pay your taxes save money get out of debt buy a house and invest in a stock market everybody who follows that program has been brainwashed okay tell that to the Romanians that come from a former communist country we are 40 years into transition Americans believe the same things not just Romania’s worldwide it’s because of the system that controls the world economy and guys like you can’t even see it you thinking about money I don’t even care about money I make a lot of money because I understand the system I would never go to school get a job work hard save money get out of debt buy a house and invest in a stock market I do everything exactly opposite what do you do what should a Romanian that he’s been fighting through communism to survive and now he’s into transition and doesn’t understand this about capital well everything is the opposite of what they’re teaching you in school I wouldn’t go to school and what would you do I would study money I understand because they don’t teach my knees cool correct I understand that money is debt and when til you get out of debt that telling get out of money in 1971 if you read my books cuz I don’t think you have I read in 1971 the US dollar became debt the u.s. dollar is the reserve currency of the world I don’t know if you know what that means okay what does it mean it’s very dangerous for everyone now it does and it’s not covered in anything it’s the only value it has it’s just a lot to us any of you anymore if you want to find out what I know or tell me what you know then don’t interview me you do your own stupid show I’m trying to tell you something here and you want to tell me how smart you are that’s very egotistical I’m here because I’m stupid let me explain something that damn it let’s do it I’m trying to explain to you when they tell you get out of death that’s stupid because the money is dead and the only way money gets out of debt is via taxes so all the people who work for money read Rich Dad Poor Dad what’s lesson number one rich people don’t work for him incorrect money is debt i use debt as money and everybody thinks getting in debt is bad well who told you that I think the stock market is for losers why would you put money in the stock market when it’s manipulated that’s what I think about someone was watching the manipulation going on behind the scenes that’s what my brain is focusing on all the time and I don’t pay taxes the question is how is it I don’t pay taxes I can tell you that’s like that’s an important question because most people are so most Romanians and most people in the United States cheat on their taxes because they hate taxes so much but you don’t have to cheat on taxes if you understood how money was working you think Donald Trump pays taxes No mmm nobody has seen his tax returns yeah I know him he’s my friend we don’t pay taxes that’s the question how is it we do that that’s an intelligent question the reason you can’t ask you this question because you don’t know how I do it that’s what I’m thinking about I’m constantly thinking about how do I make money how do I serve more people how do I create new businesses make more money and pay less taxes and serve more people okay so you said you’re a friend of Donald Trump and do you agree with his economical policies because now we don’t want to talk about Donald Trump you can go talk about whatever you want to talk about I want to talk about what I know about well it’s supposed to be an interview and I’m trying to give little context to make you a taco I don’t want to talk about Donald Trump okay what would you like to talk about money and debt money and their debt in taxes cuz that’s what money is okay and the person has been told to go to school get a job and work hard you’re gonna pay taxes why cuz you work for money so the question well how does a person not work for money and pay no taxes so I was trying to give a little context to my viewers Romanians don’t understand so much about capitalism and from what I’m reading and what I’m learning most of Americans also they shift from understanding capitalism as freedom to thinking of it as in a bad way what should the people understand about this way of living because we cannot all be entrepreneurs some people need to get some jobs or should we all try and look at how we can change our lives in in the way you show it in your books and your keynotes it’s up to the person it’s up to the person to free free choice you want to be an employee you choose to be an employee you want to be an entrepreneur you choose to be an entrepreneur but you’ve got a study they do to two different people what you have to study is different mentally emotionally and spiritually they’re different people an entrepreneur is extremely different than an employee but it’s a different study the trouble is our school system trains us to be employees go to school get a job work hard save money pay your taxes get out of debt and invest in a stock market that makes you poor you’ve had the chance to be taught early you’ve been challenged early most people don’t get that chance where should people start question the saying I just gave you go to school what do you learn about money the fact that you just told me that mmm you need to go to get a job to have money I did say that you said that I said that this is what we’ve been told yes so go to school get a job question that okay so if I’m starting to question that if a young person is looking at and they say okay I’m ready to challenge that what do I tell to my father okay I’m not going to school anymore I didn’t say that you said that I said that of course I would I just said question it what’s wrong with getting a job I went for a job just understand how the system works but I’m not sure if it works to anyone what’s your opinion on that I thought you read Rich Dad Poor Dad of course but not everyone has his done so so I was trying to and what is lesson number one I’m rich dad poor dad rich people don’t work for money and so on your school system so you get a job what are you doing you become a slave your work for money exactly and what’s wrong with working for money that it makes you come back to work and become a slave you pay taxes and you pay taxes of course and then they tell you to save money why would you save money when they’re printing money everybody’s printing money now why would you save money when they’re printing money I know you don’t save money you’re building businesses why would you save money when they’re printing money [Music] because you didn’t I don’t know because that’s what you’ve been told to do of course so question that you see if you cannot think I cannot help I questioned all that why would I save money when they print money that’s what happened in 1971 where President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard they can print as much as they like then they tell you so that you go to school you get a job you become an employee you pay taxes because you’re working for money then they tell you to save money do you know why they tell you to save money I don’t know because the system of banking York is nothing to do with communism or capitalism it’s the banks run the world the rich run the world they don’t care you’re communist or capitalist so when you save so let’s say you save $1 US a 1 euro 1 yen the banking system can lend out 10 so the entire system is called the fractional reserve system the fractional reserve system is also printing money and then they tell you to save money so they they want you to save money so they can lend out your money 10 times so your dollar became worthless 10 times over and then they used to pay you 10 percent interest on your money now it’s at best 1 percent and they’re still lending it out 10 times so that’s why you don’t save money is because your money is becoming worth less and less and less and less and less the banks are getting richer and richer and richer then they tax you on that interest you they pay you that 1% interest if they pay you that much Japan is zero and the Japanese are so stupid they still save money we also have zero yeah and they still save money how stupid is that so that’s what I questions so how come that happens now if I borrow money guess what do I pay taxes on debt I guess no why is that I know this is this is what I’m saying okay question everything okay so when they lend out money that’s how money is created money is debt how do you store value then because we all work and we have let’s say a lifespan of when we are productive and then comes retirement and you retired early because I don’t follow the go to school get a job or a card see so that’s hypnosis they hypnotize people into being employees who will work hard pay taxes save money get out of debt and invest in the stock market until you question those sayings those words you’ll be a poor person so how so when they lent out and why is debt tax-free I don’t know because that’s how money is created and so the banks love it they love people borrow lots of money so how do I get rich I borrow money and I buy assets with it the poor person borrows money and biased liabilities like purses cars houses and they get poorer and poorer and poorer but I use debt I borrowed 300 million after the crash dollars in 2000 by 2010 I borrow 300 million dollars to buy real estate that made me rich and the interest rates kept coming down so that my cost of money kept coming down as everybody else is saying all we should get out of debt you know why because they don’t question the hypnosis they’re under you’ve been hypnotized to work hard for money to save it the fractional reserve system prints it and then they pay taxes after taxes so I give I have all this debt and I get rich so the question is how do you learn to use debt to get rich because they tell you not to do not to get of debt so all I’m saying to you is if a person does not question what they’ve been taught they allow us be poor they’ve been hypnotized into being poor then you put it in the stock market you know in pensions right so let’s say I put hundred dollars in a pension plan when do I get that money back most Romanians don’t even dream of getting to pension now I understand that but it’s not just Romanians please here it’s worldwide this is why I think this is why I work this is why I teach you have to question what they’re teaching so I put I put my money in a pension I might not ever get it back as they could lose it so the question I always say is well when do I get my money back and the average person has been hypnotized go to school get a job where a car save money and invest in a pension and you never get your money back the whole thing was designed to keep you poor so that’s why I argue with you until a person questions what’s already been put in their head and that’s what my poor dad put in my head go to school get a job work hard and that’s America the same as Romania is not any different we saved money put it in to put it in the stock market you never get your money back we all look up to the American Dream is it all fake I’m coming down to your book now because no please let me finish okay okay until you question what’s already in your head you will do what’s already in your head okay there is a I don’t know people a Christian or not was in the Bible because the words become flesh go to school get a job work hard save money and get out of debt invest in the stock market buy a house buy a car until you question that you’re hypnotized you’ll be a poor person all your life okay six very short questions so what would you choose between Apple or Tesla if you had the money to buy it what’s that the company’s if you had the money to buy Apple or Tesla what would you buy I just told you I don’t invest in a stock market but in companies in businesses that’s an either either them no I don’t get my money back I want my money back okay gold or Bitcoin Gold fight or flight as a stupid questions sometimes people that fight lose so what what’s wrong with losing okay question what you’ve been taught and you ask me superficial questions rather than why wouldn’t I invest in Apple or Tesla so that’s a more important question it’s an open question you can do what event or why wouldn’t I invest in them because you don’t get your money back yes I’m starting to learn yes I can make money much faster than Apple or Tesla and I you would use debt I wouldn’t use my money but do you think they used their money to grow of course not look at Amazon the sky Bezos right small the richest man in the world do you think he pays any taxes he doesn’t even pay much profit to his investors what do you think Basil’s became a billionaire paying taxes I wouldn’t bet on that he doesn’t pay taxes Trump doesn’t pay taxes I don’t pay taxes so the question is how it got harder guys like us do it is the question you should be asking because they’re rich people make the rules we study different things but I wouldn’t go to school I appreciate you for taking the time thank you up with me I appreciate you challenging people all the time through your interviews and your your workshops and everything I got so much out of your books and I’m gonna keep on reading I’m not that smart and that’s what’s Matt enough for that please question what you can taught I’ve been doing that and for the past or so the past year for example I stopped saving money in putting money into a company instead of saving into a personal account let’s say that’s good making some changes congratulation jizz yes but I’m talking to a very large audience we’ve all taught to do this the stuff you said so they need to start somewhere and that’s why I say challenge what you’ve been taught why would you go to school when you learn nothing about money why would you pay tax that’s a very tough question and we have we have that issue but do we not just but it’s not just Romania is the worldwide you see please understand it’s not just Romania must think you know today if you know people complain I don’t make enough money in Romania well you have a cellphone you can make money all over the world you can make money in dollars you and slotnick pesos you know it’s just limited thinking if a person doesn’t change what’s inside their head the actual thoughts running their brain which aren’t words they’ll never change so the change begins when you question go to school get a job work hard pay taxes save money get out of debt invest in the stock market until you until you question that one nothing changes thank you so much thank you thank you do wanna say anything about the new book well fake my book my new book fake is just that is how I don’t use any money and how I don’t pay any taxes because it’s fake money fake teachers fake assets stocks bonds mutual funds ETFs I don’t touch any of that garbage and you’re not as Fletcher done taught to do that that’s the question until that is challenged you don’t think fake is faker thank you thank you Lisa Kiyosaki thank you very much thank you fans post-qaddafi or color Toria this tool des Baux to Madame spear cover for the follow stats I was it speaker am unit mikawa just a day in Port Anton mint a ginger cut so apricot some via the jacuzzi Nouveau encourages ran on slash koala sauce over that’s de Mesilla asters encourages potato chip akira-kun husk so ii asked of 40 serious the chief Igloo cooler Pecola shall agent Oh Donna Sebastian primer 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    Pacat ca interlocutorul dumneavoastra a servit o poveste superficiala despre o matusa din secolul trecut si a continuat cu multa nesimtire propria poveste. Daca isi dorea sa vada Romania, cum a declarat initial, venea mult mai devreme si nu cand l-au chemat afacerile.

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    Mult succes in continuare, meriti tot ce-i mai bun 🙂

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    Ce ar fi lumea asta fara doctori sau fizicieni sau programatori etc? Astia trebuie sa urmeze ceva forma de invatamant si avem nevoie de ei.
    Deci da, luat cu un strop destul de generos de sare…

  32. Atentie ! BATRANU–I COMPLET SONAT !!! zice el de matus-sa ""Iar in timpul WWII a luptat pentru Rezistența Franceză pentru că nu i-a plăcut pe ruși"" si asta in Franta ocupata de nemti "Trebuia sa bea cu rusii sau ceva de genul acesta." Nimeni n-a mai facut asta! Normal ca-i eroina 😉

  33. Cica daca faci totul pe bani imprumutati nu platesti taxe….alooo, tataie, prima data platesti dobanda , apoi ce ai imprumutat . Sarlatanul asta batran crede ca noi romanii inca avem dinti de lapte in ceea ce priveste cacanarii ca el. Go fuck yourself mister koisushi cu cacatul pe care il mananci.

  34. Ce poate sa ii placa in Ro ? E crescut in Hawaii for the name of God! 
    Continua sa compare Ro cu SUA. Nu stie nimic despre tara noastra.
    Eu l-as plati, sa taca!
    Consider ca , daca fiecare roman din Diaspora ar investi la BVB , s-ar schimba multe pe plan economic in Romania.

  35. Doesn't metter is Buhnici is a fool but Kiyosaky is too arrogant!!? So arrogant!!! Dislike 👎👎👎You have to learn how to talk with people ho don't understand "so much" as you sir!!!

  36. George, fa un Test> joaca Rat Race online pe site -ul lui Kiyosaki zi de zi, si in 3 luni nu vei mai putea gandi cum ai facut-o pana acum.

  37. Nu prea vad de ce toti sariti cu gura pe Robert Kiyosaki. In primul rand s-a vazut atitudinea fiecaruia, Robert serios despre ce vorbeste pentru ca, crede pana in maduva oaselor ce spune. Ori tu George, parerea mea, ai ras/zambit de cateva ori in momente in care cred ca nu era cazul, chiar ai avut uneori o atitudine de show. Dupa care, ti-a ridicat mingea la fileu pentru ca am vazut ca esti cam prea nerabdator sa-i spui chestii, si n-ai confirmat(ma refer la intrebarea despre USD). Si nu in ultimul rand, nu poti compara realizarile fiecaruia dintre cei doi si respectul nu se castiga asa dintr-o fenta, trebuie sa ai niste realizari in spate. A explicat simplu chiar pentru toti nestiutorii sau zmeii care o ard rapid la concluzii fara sa treaca putin informatia prin filtrul gandirii, incearca sa explice pe intelesul tuturor un sistem care devine din ce in ce mai complex intru-un mod cand mai simplu. Daca scria o carte cu ecuatii matematice pentru investitii, formule, analize fundamentale si tehnice despre piata financiara, credeti ca oamenii de rand ii mai citeau cartea? Foarte putini, deci interesul lui e sa se adreseze un public cat mai larg, si DA, face si bani din asta. N-am citit nici o cartea de a lui insa am auzit de unele principii care chiar se aplica in viata si sunt valabile si acum. George esti de apreciat ca ti-ai aratat o vulnerabilitate, care nu cred ca multi avea curajul pentru ca, exact cu spunea Robert K. "most of them are cowards, p****s they don't have it". Felicitari pentru ca incerci si inveti, nu este nimeni perfect si multumim pentru video.

  38. George, nu stiu cum ai avut rabdare. Kiyosaki a fost arogant, impertinent, nesimtit, jignitor, egocentric, psihorigid, dificil de avut un dialog cu el.

  39. aoleu… mai bine ne povestea cum a facut bani prin amway, una din piramidalele la moda si in RO mai nou. Toti suntem prosti numai el nu, question that.. Aferim, bre!

  40. I love this guy! 😀
    What some perceive as rude in his behavior, I perceive as "Stop wasting my motherf**king time by asking stupid questions! Ask me something real!"
    He keeps repeating everything, because the guy that took the interview, read his book, but didn't take to much from it. He is pretty clear, if you pay attention on how to do everything that he is doing!
    Amazing interview!

  41. La început menționează că este ușor să faci bani și nu intelege cum alții nu inteleg acest lucru.El chiar si prin acest interviu a făcut bani,fără să plătească taxe prin faptul că ne-ai arătat telespectatorilor noua lui carte,care tot ce e posibil ca multi sa o cumpere,iar in acest mod el își ia banii de pe carte.

  42. Toți sunt supărați și nu vor sa cumpere cărțile! Pai nu le cumpărați! Le găsim și gratis! ;)))

  43. George Buhnici. Poti afla cum face sa nu plateasca taxe? Cred ca asta e foarte important. Inteleg ca el imprumuta bani si ii investeste obtinand un castig important( rata de profitabilitate peste actiunile Apple sau Tesla). Din cate stiu eu aceste castiguri se impoziteaza oriunde. Imi pare rau ca a reusit sa te timoreze atat de mult.

  44. Disturbing, full of himself, selfish, he feels privileged to humiliate just because he is rich New Yorker with bad manners …

  45. Constat ca faci exact aceeasi greseala ca si cu ceilalti, numai ca de data asta ti-a intors-o spartan, militareste, Mr. Kiyosaki, si cred ca intr-o buna masura a-i meritat-o!
    Nu ma intelege gresit, chiar te admir si te urmaresc, dar incearca sa-ti corectezi tendinta asta de a interfera necontenit si a-ti impune propriile pareri, no matter what; e foarte deranjant!!

  46. George, îți mulțumesc pentru acest interviu și apreciez atât curajul de a-l posta, cât și discursul de la final, în care ne înveți sa nu luam spusele nimănui de bune, ci să extragem de la fiecare și sa adaptam la realitatea și la visele noastre. Am citit cartile lui, ma interesează educația financiara, dar acest interviu mi-a dat un punct de plecare. Voi aplica și eu, dar, pentru copiii mei adolescenți, voi porni de la acest interviu cu educația financiara pt ei. Ai încasat cu demnitate replicile invitatului. Ai înțeles ca nu a fost vorba de badaranie, ci de o profunzime a gândirii la care nu mulți au acces. De aceea nu mulți ajung niște performeri, în orice domeniu. Faptul ca ai postat interviul face din tine un performer de cursa lunga. Mulțumesc, încă o data, ai tot respectul meu!…

  47. Ce bine era sa lasi pe omul ala sa spuna tot ce avea de zis…
    Chiar era subiectul "Ce cumperi? Apple or Tesla?"
    In romaneste se spune "a da cu mucii in fasole"!

  48. Nici Kiosaky nu e prea destept. Why are you saving money? pai ba nene, tu esti milionar! de ce ai milioane in banca? de ce ii pastrezi daca ei tiparesc bani? Eu pun bani deoparte pt "zile negre", cand mama ajunge la spital, sau sa am ce sa pun pe masa copiilor cand raman fara job. Banii deoparte sunt backup. Asa e societatea. De ce pui muraturi in camara cand exista livezi? Face pe desteptu degeaba. Pricepe el economia, dar nimeni nu pricepe. Ba ma lasi? E usor sa faci pe desteptul fara sa spui nimic concret. Asa face si Tiriac daca il urmariti, da sfaturi nespunand nimic defapt si face pe arogantul.

  49. Doi prosti. S-a imbogatit scriind carti-fictiune despre bani si bogatie. Si autoarea Harry-Potter a devenit milionara tot scriind carti, dar nu o vad facand pe dumnezeu.

  50. although i value that Robery Kyosaki is trying to promote financial education i thought that he was extremely rude and disrespectful to the radio host, fame gets to peoples head.

  51. buhnici inavata mai bine sa sti sa asulti 7:15 ''im trying to tell you something here and you wanna tell me how smart you are ''

  52. baaa cum a ai ajuns sa iei interviu unui asemenea titan? Eu sunt curios cum ai trecut de la masini si Iphone-uri la business?

  53. Pai il jignesti din primul minut. Cum sa zici ca nu stie lumea cine este? Poate nu stie lumea de Buhnici 🙂 🙂 El e vedeta sefu. Esti cam incult boss 🙂 Nu imi vine sa cred ca ai ocazia sa intervievezi pe Robert si nu sti nimic despre munca lui.

  54. A fost destul de simplu de înțeles, si e o pornire bună acest interviu.Marea greșală a individului fie el român sau altă nație, este ca se abate de la obiectiv si se lasă condiționat.George a închis inteligent natural, lăsând spatiu ptr ca fiecare sa aleagă si să nu fie condiționat.Atunci când credem că le stim pe toate, atunci trb să avem dubiul că de fapt e posibil sa nu stim nimic.Keep going si sanatate !!

  55. Ar fi fost interesant sa abordezi intrebari de genul cum sa investesti cumparand cu banii altora. In romania o asemenea abordare este perceputa cu foarte mult scepticism.
    De asemenea ar fi fost foarte interesant sa alfii informatii despre cum ai putea sa iti dezvolti cunostintele in zona de investitii, despre cum sa creezi sisteme noi si sa intelegi sistemele existente.
    Mentiona foarte mult despre cum sa nu urmezi regulile impuse care hipnotizeaza, era interesant daca ramaneai deschis in interviu si foloseai lucrurile mentionate de el, sa se intre in detalii. De exemplu cum sa inveti sa intelegi banii si ce sa inveti altceva decat te invata la scoala, unde gasesti informatii si care informatii sunte cele adevarate.

  56. ce cacanar e chinezu dute ma in … vii tu sa predai o hartie cu care eu ma sterg jos… vb 3 cuvinte tot reportajul asta ce cacanar sa iti cumpere lidia cartile tale de rahat ca eu unul nu ! faci bani pt ca vinzi prostie pe bat iar oameni pun botul la prostie promoveaza prostia ! crede ca me invarte pe toti sau ca toti suntem prosti in fata lui ! plm de hot cacanar la fel ca toti astia cu bani hoti bani majiti cu sange cica ajuta oameni … toti bogati spun asta propaganda daca vrei sa ajuti lumea schimba scolile de stat invatatine despre bani nu cum sa stam la coada vaci ten …

  57. ca ei spala bani si nu platesc taxe si ei conduc sclavii care ei au creat religi si scolii care sa ne faca sa fim sclavi si tot ei creaza boli si leacuri si razboaie etc pai noi sclavi suntem prosti ca nu i omoram au fost multi regi etc in toata lumea si in tara noastra care au impus bogatiilor sa plateasca taxe mai mult decat un sarac si ce au facut bogatii au asasinat au omorat acei regi regine etc ! au bani patati cu sange ! iadul i manca :)) nu toti suntem prosti si nu toti me inbigatim cinstit sunt prea multi lupii care au angajati de stat politie armata judecatori etc care te freaca in sare si te inchide daca furi ca ei sau faci ca ei mult de vorbit nu am timp cum ! doar atat

  58. ar trebui pe toti astia hoti ca el sa i dezbracam in pielea goala sa defileze si pe organele lor sa scriem toata istoria lor sa o stie toti oameni de acum 9999999999999999 triliarde de ani inainte sa nu mai fure nimeni sa ne ne spele nimeni creierul sa nu ne injecteze doctori boala sa fim toti egali nimeni sa nu fie mai presus decat altul financiar , si asa mai departe !

  59. Ce rost ar mai avea vizita lui in Romania, daca nu ar urmari un scop….. ?corect ai mentionat. Nenea "capitalistu' " ignora intrebarile deranjabile, fiindca e constient ca n-ar supravietui nici macar un minut fara de "acei oameni saraci care merg la scoala, isi capata o slujba ….etc" Sa-si tina lectiile de viata pentru el, capitalist afurisit. Imi starneste curiozitate maxima faptul ca e si un detinator de sonde petroliere….cum poate un om care se considera liber din pdv financiar si care ii considera pe restul "saraci" sa detina sonde petroliere.. oare cum a intrat in posesia acestor sonde si mai interesant, cum ar supravietui afacerile lui fara de "saraci"?. Mult respect tie George pentru ca ai tinut piept unui capitalist angamfat!

  60. Presupun ca nu era bine dispus din cauza altor motive. Probabil nu i-a iesit o afacere. La noi degeaba esti destept uneori pentru ca nu poti aplica logica globala cu ce intampini in Romania.

  61. Multumesc Geoge pentru interviu, intradevar o sti Robert ce stie, a trecut prin multe sa ajunga aici, spune in cartile lui, dar probabil banii multi te fac arogant inevitabil. Ai incercat sa-l intrebi alte chestii dar el o tinea pe aa lui. Sa nu mai mergem la scoala, sa nu acceptam un job, sa nu investim in stock market… Pai cati cetateni pe ajutoare sociale,someri fara sa-si caute loc de munca…. astia i-au citit cartile lui? Cred ca le lipseste partea aia ca totusi trebuie sa faca ceva sa iasa din nevoi,saracie….

  62. Salut!
    Trebuia să fii pregătit să l dai afara, când a cerut o.
    Nu sa te lași jignit de o persoana lipsita total de bun simt.Prieten cu Trump…cei care nu plătesc taxe.Pai tara asta, că oricare, din taxe supraviețuiește.Milionarii astîa, sunt niste infractori la baza și acest gen de oameni, cred că li se cuvine totul, se vede asta din atitudinea pe care o are.As vrea sa l vad pe individul ăsta la o masa cu Cristian Tudor Popescu.Poate moderezi o dezbatere de genul asta deși nu cred că se va întâmpla.

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