Awesome Live Broadcasting Software For Internet Radio Stations 🎙️ StudioKing

Awesome Live Broadcasting Software For Internet Radio Stations 🎙️ StudioKing

Hello! I’m Hannah from RadioKing. Today I’m going to show you our new live broadcasting software, StudioKing. Here we are in StudioKing. I’m going to show you how you can easily go live on your radio station. Let’s start by adding a music folder. You can see that it’s now been added. We’re going to add a couple of our Hit Parade tracks directly into the queue box here on the right. The first two tracks are automatically placed on the turntables, so let’s give the first one a listen! OK awesome! We’re now going to start our radio station so that we’re live on air. “Hello, you’re listening to Happiness Radio!” Now that you know your listeners can hear you, we’re just going to disable the headset feedback. We’re also going to disable broadcasting over here. This way, you can listen to the second track and get a bit of a preview. Hmmm…. OK not great. Probably ought to change that. Let’s swap it for this track here. OK Yes! That’s what we want! So we’re going to reactivate broadcasting, enable headset feedback, I’m just gong to advance the track to the end and you’ll see that the transition is automatic! “You’re listening to Happiness Radio, we’re live on air!” -clapping- Now that you’ve seen just how easy it is to go live with StudioKing, why not head over to our website and create yourself a free 7 day radio demo today! Bye for now!

19 thoughts on “Awesome Live Broadcasting Software For Internet Radio Stations 🎙️ StudioKing

  1. Hi. Do you have this program for Linux os? I dont want to use run environment, but I really like studio king

  2. Software is great.. but When I use my microphone it only hears the LEFT side.. I see in your it recognizes both left and right. I'm using an interface and when I record in a DAW the stereo monitoring is in both left and right. Where can I go to have a MONO mic for the studioking?
    by the way.. paying customer so it'd be great to know.

  3. need info on soft ware to speak live on my internet radio right now we are playing music contact us @ 813
    438 9534

  4. Just downloaded however when opening the programme I get the main logo then the screen goes black. Any ideas?

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