Autism — what we know (and what we don’t know yet) | Wendy Chung

Autism — what we know (and what we don’t know yet) | Wendy Chung

“Why?” “Why?” is a question that parents ask me all the time. “Why did my child develop autism?” As a pediatrician, as a geneticist, as a researcher, we try and address that question. But autism is not a single condition. It’s actually a spectrum of disorders, a spectrum that ranges, for instance, from Justin, a 13-year-old boy who’s not verbal, who can’t speak, who communicates by using an iPad to touch pictures to communicate his thoughts and his concerns, a little boy who, when he gets upset, will start rocking, and eventually, when he’s disturbed enough, will bang his head to the point that he can actually cut it open and require stitches. That same diagnosis of autism, though, also applies to Gabriel, another 13-year-old boy who has quite a different set of challenges. He’s actually quite remarkably gifted in mathematics. He can multiple three numbers by three numbers in his head with ease, yet when it comes to trying to have a conversation, he has great difficulty. He doesn’t make eye contact. He has difficulty starting a conversation, feels awkward, and when he gets nervous, he actually shuts down. Yet both of these boys have the same diagnosis of
autism spectrum disorder. One of the things that concerns us is whether or not there really is an epidemic of autism. These days, one in 88 children will be diagnosed with autism, and the question is, why does this graph look this way? Has that number been increasing dramatically over time? Or is it because we have now started labeling individuals with autism, simply giving them a diagnosis when they were still present there before yet simply didn’t have that label? And in fact, in the late 1980s, the early 1990s, legislation was passed that actually provided individuals with autism with resources, with access to educational materials that would help them. With that increased awareness, more parents, more pediatricians, more educators learned to recognize the features of autism. As a result of that, more individuals were diagnosed and got access to the resources they needed. In addition, we’ve changed our definition over time, so in fact we’ve widened the definition of autism, and that accounts for some of the increased prevalence that we see. The next question everyone wonders is, what caused autism? And a common misconception is that vaccines cause autism. But let me be very clear: Vaccines do not cause autism. (Applause) In fact, the original research study that suggested that was the case was completely fraudulent. It was actually retracted from the journal Lancet, in which it was published, and that author, a physician, had his medical license taken away from him. (Applause) The Institute of Medicine, The Centers for Disease Control, have repeatedly investigated this and there is no credible evidence that vaccines cause autism. Furthermore, one of the ingredients in vaccines, something called thimerosal, was thought to be what the cause of autism was. That was actually removed from vaccines in the year 1992, and you can see that it really did not have an effect in what happened with the prevalence of autism. So again, there is no evidence that this is the answer. So the question remains, what does cause autism? In fact, there’s probably not one single answer. Just as autism is a spectrum, there’s a spectrum of etiologies, a spectrum of causes. Based on epidemiological data, we know that one of the causes, or one of the associations, I should say, is advanced paternal age, that is, increasing age of the father at the time of conception. In addition, another vulnerable and critical period in terms of development is when the mother is pregnant. During that period, while
the fetal brain is developing, we know that exposure to certain agents can actually increase the risk of autism. In particular, there’s a medication, valproic acid, which mothers with epilepsy sometimes take, we know can increase that risk of autism. In addition, there can be some infectious agents that can also cause autism. And one of the things I’m going to spend a lot of time focusing on are the genes that can cause autism. I’m focusing on this not because genes are the only cause of autism, but it’s a cause of autism that we can readily define and be able to better understand the biology and understand better how the brain works so that we can come up with strategies to be able to intervene. One of the genetic factors that we don’t understand, however, is the difference that we see in terms of males and females. Males are affected four to one compared to females with autism, and we really don’t understand what that cause is. One of the ways that we can understand that genetics is a factor is by looking at something called the concordance rate. In other words, if one sibling has autism, what’s the probability that another sibling in that family will have autism? And we can look in particular at three types of siblings: identical twins, twins that actually share 100 percent of their genetic information and shared the same intrauterine environment, versus fraternal twins, twins that actually share 50 percent of their genetic information, versus regular siblings, brother-sister, sister-sister, also sharing 50 percent of their genetic information, yet not sharing the same intrauterine environment. And when you look at those concordance ratios, one of the striking things that you will see is that in identical twins, that concordance rate is 77 percent. Remarkably, though, it’s not 100 percent. It is not that genes account
for all of the risk for autism, but yet they account for a lot of that risk, because when you look at fraternal twins, that concordance rate is only 31 percent. On the other hand, there is a difference between those fraternal twins and the siblings, suggesting that there are common exposures for those fraternal twins that may not be shared as commonly with siblings alone. So this provides some of the data that autism is genetic. Well, how genetic is it? When we compare it to other conditions that we’re familiar with, things like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, in fact, genetics plays a much larger role in autism than it does in any of these other conditions. But with this, that doesn’t
tell us what the genes are. It doesn’t even tell us in any one child, is it one gene or potentially a combination of genes? And so in fact, in some individuals with autism, it is genetic! That is, that it is one single, powerful, deterministic gene that causes the autism. However, in other individuals, it’s genetic, that is, that it’s actually a combination of genes in part with the developmental process that ultimately determines that risk for autism. We don’t know in any one person, necessarily, which of those two answers it is until we start digging deeper. So the question becomes, how can we start to identify what exactly those genes are. And let me pose something that might not be intuitive. In certain individuals, they can have autism for a reason that is genetic but yet not because of autism running in the family. And the reason is because in certain individuals, they can actually have genetic changes or mutations that are not passed down from the mother or from the father, but actually start brand new in them, mutations that are present in the egg or the sperm at the time of conception but have not been passed down generation through generation within the family. And we can actually use that strategy to now understand and to identify those genes causing autism in those individuals. So in fact, at the Simons Foundation, we took 2,600 individuals that had no family history of autism, and we took that child and their mother and father and used them to try and understand what were those genes causing autism in those cases? To do that, we actually had to comprehensively be able to look at all that genetic information and determine what those differences were between the mother, the father and the child. In doing so, I apologize, I’m going to use an outdated analogy of encyclopedias rather than Wikipedia, but I’m going to do so to try and help make the point that as we did this inventory, we needed to be able to look at massive amounts of information. Our genetic information is organized into a set of 46 volumes, and when we did that, we had to be able to account for each of those 46 volumes, because in some cases with autism, there’s actually a single volume that’s missing. We had to get more granular than that, though, and so we had to start opening those books, and in some cases, the genetic change was more subtle. It might have been a single
paragraph that was missing, or yet, even more subtle than that, a single letter, one out of three billion letters that was changed, that was altered, yet had profound effects in terms of how the brain functions and affects behavior. In doing this within these families, we were able to account for approximately 25 percent of the individuals and determine that there was a single powerful genetic factor that caused autism within those families. On the other hand, there’s 75 percent that we still haven’t figured out. As we did this, though, it was really quite humbling, because we realized that there was not simply one gene for autism. In fact, the current estimates are that there are 200 to 400 different genes that can cause autism. And that explains, in part, why we see such a broad spectrum in terms of its effects. Although there are that many genes, there is some method to the madness. It’s not simply random 200, 400 different genes, but in fact they fit together. They fit together in a pathway. They fit together in a network that’s starting to make sense now in terms of how the brain functions. We’re starting to have a bottom-up approach where we’re identifying those genes, those proteins, those molecules, understanding how they interact together to make that neuron work, understanding how those neurons interact together to make circuits work, and understand how those circuits work to now control behavior, and understand that both in individuals with autism as well as individuals who have normal cognition. But early diagnosis is a key for us. Being able to make that diagnosis of someone who’s susceptible at a time in a window where we have the ability to transform, to be able to impact that growing, developing brain is critical. And so folks like Ami Klin have developed methods to be able to take infants, small babies, and be able to use biomarkers, in this case eye contact and eye tracking, to identify an infant at risk. This particular infant, you can see, making very good eye contact with this woman as she’s singing “Itsy, Bitsy Spider,” in fact is not going to develop autism. This baby we know is going to be in the clear. On the other hand, this other baby is going to go on to develop autism. In this particular child, you can see, it’s not making good eye contact. Instead of the eyes focusing in and having that social connection, looking at the mouth, looking at the nose, looking off in another direction, but not again socially connecting, and being able to do this on a very large scale, screen infants, screen children for autism, through something very robust, very reliable, is going to be very helpful to us in terms of being able to intervene at an early stage when we can have the greatest impact. How are we going to intervene? It’s probably going to be a combination of factors. In part, in some individuals, we’re going to try and use medications. And so in fact, identifying the genes for autism is important for us to identify drug targets, to identify things that we might be able to impact and can be certain that that’s really what we need to do in autism. But that’s not going to be the only answer. Beyond just drugs, we’re going
to use educational strategies. Individuals with autism, some of them are wired a little bit differently. They learn in a different way. They absorb their surroundings in a different way, and we need to be able to educate them in a way that serves them best. Beyond that, there are a lot of individuals in this room who have great ideas in terms of new technologies we can use, everything from devices we can use to train the brain to be able to make it more efficient and to compensate for areas in which it has a little bit of trouble, to even things like Google Glass. You could imagine, for instance, Gabriel, with his social awkwardness, might be able to wear Google Glass with an earpiece in his ear, and have a coach be able to help him, be able to help think about conversations, conversation-starters, being able to even perhaps one day invite a girl out on a date. All of these new technologies just offer tremendous opportunities for us to be able to impact the individuals with autism, but yet we have a long way to go. As much as we know, there is so much more that we don’t know, and so I invite all of you to be able to help us think about how to do this better, to use as a community our collective wisdom to be able to make a difference, and in particular, for the individuals in families with autism, I invite you to join the interactive autism network, to be part of the solution to this, because it’s going to take really a lot of us to think about what’s important, what’s going to be a meaningful difference. As we think about something that’s potentially a solution, how well does it work? Is it something that’s really
going to make a difference in your lives, as an individual, as a family with autism? We’re going to need individuals of all ages, from the young to the old, and with all different shapes and sizes of the autism spectrum disorder to make sure that we can have an impact. So I invite all of you to join the mission and to help to be able to make the lives of individuals with autism so much better and so much richer. Thank you. (Applause)

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  2. If you have a child who might have a Autistic problem run , don't walk till you get all the help you can ASAP .. Believe in your gut and push all the education you can get. Never give up.

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    This needs to start with the medical/professional community! STOP STIGMATIZING autism! Stop apologizing to families when saying that their child has autism, like it's a dirty word!! LOVE and ACCEPT ALL people, for who they are!
    I would challenge anyone to walk up to someone you know who has autism to even just say HI…smile at them, engage with them to whatever comfort level they can tolerate. They just might surprise you! My son has autism, and what he would give for someone to just treat him like everybody else, talk to him like anybody else.

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    Its not other peoples problem, but we are in a state where our problems are invisible. Or simply deemed unimportant or something we should have be able to fix ourselves if we were just more responsible people… the attention and attitude towards people with autism shifts as they become adults. Well the same could be said for much of the problems we face, while being overly protective and overly focused on kids

  16. I believe that a section of the brain is responsible for austism. One strong genetic variation will cause autism, and multiple small genetic variation will cause austism, as long as this particular brain region is affected

  17. Unfortunately, she leaves out a lot of relevant info, like our higher load of toxic chemicals in our environment, water, food, personal care products, etc. I am also a geneticist, molecular biologist and autism recovery expert — and have seen kids recover from the underlying symptoms of autism (meaning feeling better in their body), but not necessarily lose their neurological diversity, super intelligence or areas of expertise. She does touch on the epigenetic causes, though, which is something. What causes epigenetic changes? The environment! What gets me: let's use drugs with these kids.

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    In these days of political corruption, a doctor being chased around, having your licensed pulled and having a professional journal dump your research means nothing. Not long ago, just a few years back, the government chased doctors around, took their licenses away, dumped their research articles and opinion articles from professional journals, or wrote severe rebuttals, and forced some doctors into becoming bankrupt all for the terrible sin of treating patients with chronic Lyme Disease. In the early days, some denied any connection between tick bites and Lyme Disease. When this didn't work, they officials said, there is Lyme Disease, but it can easily be cured with a couple of weeks of antibiotics. They denied the severe pain and other severe symptoms Lyme disease patients were having. They denied that Lyme can become a chronic condition if it is not properly assessed and treated right away. After some research of their own, patients with Lyme and their families and friends found out some of the officials hired at the top levels of the governmental oversight agencies whose job it was to help us with Lyme Disease had previous jobs connected with our intelligence services. Just a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Now a Congressman has asked the Pentagon to provide Congress with answers about Lyme possibly being a bioterrorism agent that went terribly wrong. I'm not holding my breath on that one, but who knows, miracles do happen and maybe they think they can make any money — they must pay to help all these suffering patients — back on the vaccines. Now, some of the very same government officials who gave these brave doctors a hard time and denied their patients the care they needed are excited about Lyme Disease because they are on the cusp of developing a vaccine for Lyme Dz where Big Pharma and the officials who support them can expect to make one solid ton of money. Now, they are saying many people are suffering from Lyme (300,000 new cases per year) and they are suffering terribly. We must get this vaccine they say because of all these suffering people. Talk about doing a 180. Don't tell us there is no corruption with the health care industry in our country. Instead help us help the people who are suffering. We are so tired of the lies. Right now, we need proper treatment for all those suffering people with chronic cases of Lyme Disease that didn't get it while the government paid officials were denying them access to care.

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    Better approach would be to actually make vaccines safe and not cause the millions of cases of regressive autism that happens following CDC program Funny how the most obvious answer gets so much push back when it affects big pharma purses It’s not genetic or better diagnosed This is environmental toxicity and vaccines are by far the best explanation

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    My son’s autism is a result from immunizations and she can’t tell me any different.
    My son wasn’t shaking or rocking or flapping when he was born.
    He was developing normally and his speech was coming in that was all taken away after his immunization shots!!
    By the way, not all autistic people are savants.
    Blah blah blah…

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    I have (or am believed to have) Aspergers Symdrome. But my personality developed from a very questionable and weird one to something people can't even distinguish from 'traditional sanity.'
    I don't get it. It seems like I had to learn things manually, that other people know more or less intrusively. I had to learn social rules, but nowadays I can fully improvise. I was into drawing as a child and did it very well, so it might be a disbalance. Maybe it has to do with learning how to learn. How could I improve so much if the disorder is actually believed to be incurable ?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging, just soberly judging my position. I have my trouble in life, but that is not much different from troubles of regular 'stupid people'.
    I guess Nerds on schools automatically get the Autism-Judgement nowadays, even if their just socially awkward.

    Scientifically, Autism could be a problem with figuring out how and why to learn things and put them into practice. It could be a lack of sensitivity to your surroundings.
    I don't think it can be caused by anything it's just a personality you are born into. But before we say more than is actually confirmable about the 'Autism Spectrum' , we should acknowledge that we can't put a label on everything, especially looking at the human psyche. We know for sure, that we don't know anything.

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  37. Life is very hard for people with autism and being laughed at and shunned by the majority of people. I can see why some people with autism have "snapped" but I definitely won't be one of them. I will use my anger/frustration to do positive things for the community for the rest of my natural life. I will help people with physical/mental disabilities rather than lash out at everyone. I will take the high road instead of the low road, but it is very hard at times when people reject you when you speak to them. Not worth taking your anger on other people since none of them are responsible for my autism. Nobody was responsible for my autism except genetics and possibly the universe. I still have a lot to be grateful for despite my autism. I am going to be 36 years old this year and hope to live for another 6 decades until I am 96.

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  41. See — "In recent years, powerful scientific evidence has emerged indicating that vaccines cause brain injury such as autism, epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, attention-deficit disorder and other mental illnesses. This scientific evidence has been largely ignored by the media, and by medical institutions that are supposedly guided by science."


    “But you must remember, my fellow citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessings. You have no longer any cause to fear danger from abroad; your strength and power are well known throughout the civilized world, as well as the high and gallant bearing of your sons. It is from within, among yourselves from cupidity, from corruption, from disappointed ambition and inordinate thirst for power -that factions will be formed and liberty endangered. It is against such designs, whatever disguise the actors may assume, that you have especially to guard yourselves. You have the highest of human trusts committed to your care. Providence has showered on this favored land blessings, without number, and has chosen you as the guardians of freedom, to preserve it for the benefit of the human race. May He who holds in His hands the destinies of nations, make you worthy of the favors He has bestowed and enable you,, with pure hearts and pure hands and sleepless vigilance to guard and defend to the end of time the great charge He has committed to your keeping.”
    -1873 Farewell Address of President Andrew Jackson

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    they have also proven that infact these vacines are causing more deaths from childhood illnesses like measles,chickenpox the flu then any other time.just do your homework on or watch truthabout vacines.before making any accusations.

  45. This video is 5 years old. Vaccines cause autism. The Lancet article was retracted because big pharma funded the Lancet.

  46. Me: "Why do people always think of me as autistic? I'm perfectly normal!"
    Also me: runs laps and jumps through invisible hoops

  47. I’m not diagnosed with Autism and I can’t make eye contact with anybody and always feel awkward making a conversation with someone

  48. I have many students in my Educatief Mandala Instituut (Psychosymmetric school) who suffer from autism, I can say: working with mandala and psychometric drawings help a lot.

  49. I am autistic, I can't speak in front of people, I can't tell a girl I like you and I want your phone #. I am engineer and manage a team of engineers but can't speak in a meeting or over the phone. My life is fucked up lol

  50. My sons consultants thinks he is autistic he is 10 months old and the only thing he can do is hold his bottle but he’s been able to do that since 4 months old he’s not sitting dosnt put his feet down and when I put him in his jumperoo he stands on either his tip toes or heals won’t stand flat they though he had epilepsy so he had a eeg but his brain activity is lower than what it should be so he said he’ll have some learning difficulties he’s just going to monitor him and he said if he’s still not doing nothing at 16 months then he wants a mri done on him the reason why he dosnt want to now Is because of him having to be put to sleep for a it and he said there’s to many risks he’s rather wait and see how he develops but the reason why he says autism is because I have two brothers and a sister full who are autistic so he said that’s only worrying thing to him. But it’s stressful he had sepsis at 5 days old then rsv at 5 weeks old and I asked if that could of slowed him down a bit and he said maybe but would it affect his brain activity??

  51. I really found this disheartening when wendy spoke on Vaccines DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. This reminds me of 15 years ago when Bayer/Monsanto spoke on round up NOT CAUSING CANCER. Now 15-20 years later Monsanto paying out 100's of Millions of dollars in settlement money. I wish these researchers would keep it 100 and just say , That we have no hard evidence yet supporting the claim that vaccines can contribute to symptoms or cause autism. All of a sudden they are widening the definition of ASD but they are still fighting the claim that higher levels of chemicals from vaccines could be a link with autism. Andrew Wakefields research is still being used and cited to this very day inside of the autistic research field. especially his work and theories supporting a link between autism and gastrointestinal makeup.

    I do not trust or "take the word" of any big Pharma affiliate until ive done my own research.

  52. I read something the other day about tech firms going out of their way to hire people with autism. Some "disorders" aren't disorders. They're assets in some circumstances in some circumstance and a deficit in others, but so is drinking milk. I mean, really, medical people. At some point, you're full of crap.

  53. Thank you, I have a friend online, she had this abusive father who abuses her mentally, and many bad things happens to her

  54. What she's saying causes autism makes no sense, it doesn't explain how the cases have skyrocketed.

    Example, the mothers age ? Sorry Chang but we've been having kids at every age forever.

    She thinks she's so smart but is talking nothing but shyte.

    Autism is genetic? Doesn't explain the spike once again.

  55. Türkçe alt yazı olsaydı.l am a türk .l am not understant. My mamy she is otizm.wery 😔 Are you understant me?




  57. Do you have a child on the autism spectrum? Bogus talk! You need to deepen your research. You are part of destroying the earth by promoting the chemical industry.

  58. The more single parents (usually moms), the more mental issues with kids, the official american stats are clear. Though they have not accounted for economy, which would make sense it would be a more poor family, less mental help, less ability to be home with the kids etc. It just makes my stomach churn when I see this being promoted today in America, as I myself come from a single mom household, and she was not able to disciplin me, it was essentially my grandfather that did that, my grandparents took me in at 12 because they knew how to give me what i needed. And yes, it is difficult to play both roles, some are able, and i salute you if you are able to do that. Please no more single mother powertrips from women, i see it all the time, and then they just dismiss the problems it will cause for the kids

  59. I have autism and I hate talking to people and I also hate people knowing that I have autism because I don’t want to know because I don’t want them to think differently about me

  60. Some how someone please find cure for this, it's very painful to see our little one like this… Please any doctor any one please find the cure

  61. It's more painful when some doctors says that's it's all because of mother mental condition, if your mind not stable at the time of feeding child , or your behavior is not good …this is the reason… You are responsible for your child mental condition

  62. "we don't know what causes autism it's a little bit of everything… but we 100% know it's not vaccines." bullshit.

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