Audible vs. Podcasts vs. Kindle for House Cleaners

Audible vs. Podcasts vs. Kindle for House Cleaners

What is audible and how is it different from
a podcast, and what does that have do with housecleaning? I’m about to tell you. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
A House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Okay so, today’s show is brought to us by, which is a resource hub for house cleaners. Everything you need to know about house cleaning,
you’re going to find there. Including, the resources I’m about to tell
you right now. So, make sure you check out the show notes
will the links attached. Alright, so on to today’s question, which
comes from a house cleaner who wants to know what is the difference between audible and
a podcast. Alright, so first of all. Audible is a library. It’s a library owned by Amazon and it’s chock-full
of your favorite books. All kinds of books. Millions of books. And, they’re books on tape, so you don’t have
to sit there and read the books. You get to listen to them while your house
cleaning. This is what this has to do with house cleaning. Is house cleaners have lots of time during
the day when they are free to think about different things. And, if they don’t have anything particular,
to think about. They could be listening to books on tape. So, think about it as a University in your
pocket. So, you sign up for, I forget
what it is, it’s like $15 a month and it works on a point system. And then, you buy books in the library with
the points. So, it’s like $15 a month and you get so many
points, which equals to be about one free book per month. So, as a business owner, Audible is going
to be a tax deduction if you’re listening to educational books on tape, while you clean. Now, it’s an excellent way to get another
education, while you’re cleaning. So, if you want to learn about business, and
you want to learn about management. And you want to learn about how to motivate
and inspire your employees. There are all kinds of books that have been
written in the business genre, that are recorded on tape. Now, some of them are recorded by the authors
themselves, and some are recorded by paid voice over actors. Now, it’s not a podcast where they’re just
talking to you and their interviewing other people and that kind of thing. These are books. They’re just reading the books. And so, instead of you sit there reading the
books, they read them to you. So, while your cleaning, you can learn one,
two, three, five books per week. So, it’s an excellent resource and, like I
said, it’s a business tax deduction if you’re learning while your cleaning. Alright so, Audible, check it out. It’s an amazing project and organization that
Amazon has created to help us enhance our learning on the go. Even if you’re in your car, you’re stuck
in traffic, you can be learning on the go. Alright, the other side of the Amazon Audible
program is Kindle. Kindle is not part of this question, but I
want to throw it in here because it’s so important that as business owners, we don’t just learn
how to clean and then stop learning, right? You have to keep learning if you’re going
to expand your business because, as your business grows, so will your information. And so, if you’re going to learn to motivate
your employees and you’re going to learn how to deal with difficult customers. And, you want to learn how to set boundaries
and all the fun things that we talk about. There are books that are written on that. And, the good news is they’re available for
very inexpensive, and you can get them on Kindle. So, Audible books or a Kindle. Now Kindle, is an app and it’s available on
any type of smartphone. So, what you do is you download the free app
and then, you sign up for a subscription. I think here in America, it’s like $9.99 a
month and with tax, it’s like $10.17 a month, or something. Okay so, that’s also tax deductible. They let you checkout 10 books from their
library at a time, and many of the books are free. And so, you check out the books that you want
to read and if you have read 10 already in your library, then you have to give one back
and they will give you a new one. So, it’s really awesome because, you can read
as fast as you want. And so, if you are between jobs and you have
an extra half hour or if, someone cancels one day for cleaning or something. You can sit there in your car before the next
appointment and you can be improving your mind and learning and building your education. So, Kindle is also an amazing program and
I’m a huge fan of the books. I like to scan through the books rather than,
just listening to the books because, I can scan ahead and I can just pick out and read
the things that I want to read. So, there are different ways to use the information
but, those are ways to expand your education, while you’re on the go or between jobs or,
what have you. Alright so, what is the difference between
audible and a podcast? Audible is a book someone reads to you. A podcast is something completely different. Now, many of you are listening to this as
a podcast. And some of you did not know there was a podcast
at all. So, how it works is this. The girl that called me the other day only
knew about this as a video. But, we record this show and then, we do the
audio files and then, we do the video files. So, it turns into a podcast and it’s the video. It’s the exact same information except for
the beginning and the end of every show is different for video versus audio. But, the difference is, you can pick up all
kinds of, snippets of information. Now, what I’m sharing with you right now is
called Ask A House Cleaner. These are snippets. Every day snippets, tips, tricks, strategies
to help you grow your cleaning business and to help you learn a little bit more about
house cleaning. The good news is this, they’re only five to
eight minutes. So, podcasts are not like a book on tape,
where you have eight hours of information. Talking about five minutes. So, there’s a huge difference. Podcasts are little, they’re little snippets. Some are like seminars where they’re like
30 minutes to 45 minutes long. Some are even an hour long. And so, you have experts that interview other
people, it’s like talk radio. And then, you have people that just give tips. And then, you have people that banter back
and forth and they’re funny and they’re comical and they have great information. And so, the difference is you buy a book on
tape, or you get a free podcast. And the podcasts right now, mostly are free. There are some paid podcasts but most of them,
are free. So, if you’ve never checked out podcasts,
this is an excellent time to do it even if you don’t have a house cleaning business. Because, as you drive along in the road. We all drive places. Even if it’s a 10, 15, 20 minute drive, you
could be picking up new bits of information, in whatever you’re interested in. Whether it’s business, or marketing, or search
engine optimization, or you like funny stories, or maybe you like mysteries. There are all kinds of, different podcasts
that are built around those topics. So, my suggestion is this, use the time that
you have. And, I’m talking about little snippets of
free time, to improve your learning. You could be learning a new language, and
there are lots of free podcasts that walk you through language learning lessons. And so, the possibilities are endless. But, if you are a house cleaner and here’s
the house cleaner connection. If you are a house cleaner, it’s going to
be difficult to break away from your day to go back to college. And so, if you’re not already in school right
now, this is another great way for you to get the information that you need to progress
through life. So, as a business owner you can learn so many
things. You can just fill your mind with excitement
and thrills and enjoyment and education and things that drive your passion. Things that help you be better parents. Things that might have to do with a hobby
that you have. And so, you can learn about the hobby then,
when you get off work you can go implement the things that you’ve learned. So, there’s an audible, which is the books
on tape. There’s Kindle, which is actually, the book
on a smartphone or tablet, or something like that. It’s read from an app. And then, there are the podcasts, which there
are podcast players. They’re all over the Internet, just search
for podcast player, and then type in your search words. Like, for this one you would type in house cleaning and then Ask A House Cleaner, would pop up. So, if you’re not listening to the podcast,
you can actually save yourself a lot of time. Download this and listen to it in your car,
while you’re driving instead of, watching the You Tube video. Anyway so, that’s the difference and I hope
that you check out the because, I have a whole bunch of my favorite
podcasts and my favorite audible books. And some of the amazing Kindle books that I’ve read, that will help you in your house cleaning business. So, go check it out Alright now, I’ll see you again and until
I do, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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  1. Excellent video, I’m not a cleaner but still find your videos really helpful. I’m an avid Audible and Kindle user and also listen to lots of podcasts. Not sure whether you mentioned, but you can also buy audio books on kindle so that you can read and listen at the same time.

    Keep up the great work, you’re fantastic at this 👍

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