Atheist Voicemails #23: From Friends to Foe: How Religion Got in the Way

You have reached Atheist Republic voicemails. God may not be listening to you but the citizens of the Atheist Republic are. Leave us a voicemail at for a chance to have your message broadcast to our followers worldwide. Send us your opinions, stories, advice, or concerns. Together, we’ll build a platform for atheist voices all around the globe. Hello. I am happy to be part of Atheist Republic. I love life and I want the humanity to survive without religion and be atheists. Good luck and always look to have a productive discussion with you all. Hi! I’m Bryan, an ex-Catholic atheist from the Philippines. I want to tell you here how I found religion to be nonsensical but I would like you and the rest of the world to hear how much the Catholic church among with other Christian church have impeded the progress of this country. Currently, they among with some Senators are vehemently against the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression Bill, also known as the SOGIE bill. This bill aims among other things to give equal rights to the country’s LGBTQ+ community. The church also has a significance influence against the passage of divorce laws, abortion laws, same-sex marriage laws, legitimate sex education in schools and that means not just teaching abstinence. They have also, although unsuccessfully to the passage of the reproductive health law. This is all despite to the country’s constitution stating the separation of the church and state. Furthermore, it does not help us atheists here that we are being demonized by these religious nuts. By letting the rest of the world know about this, I aim to create outside pressure to our country’s government to put the church especially the Catholic Church in their place and for them to stop meddling in state affairs. This might be a long shot, you know. But as a mere citizen of this country, what else do I got. I’m an ex-Muslim from Bangladesh. I don’t know when I became atheist. At the age of seven year, my parents forced me read Quran. That time actually I refused Quran, refused to read the Quran because I don’t understand. So I am ex-Muslim from Bangladesh and since last seven years I am working and try to make people understand that what is in Islam. So basically I use a fake name Jack Peter and try to write in the blog, making video in the Youtube, and actually I want to give the people the idea what is bad in the religion especially in the Muslims. So I’m very happy to see the Atheist Republic because when I started practicing the blogging and making videos and writing the status questioning people about the religion, I saw that my friends were leaving me because they didn’t have any good answer. Thereby I am alone and I was looking for friends all over the world so that I can share my views, my thoughts. Thereby I can enhance my idea to the people what bullshit they are following. So that’s all actually the way in Bangladesh. We have 90% of Muslims and here it is very difficult to speak against the flaw, against the Muslims, so that makes it a critical moment for me to speak. But even though I am trying my best to enlighten the people, who are all just fundamentalists. So I hope my friends join with me and give me some idea. I would be very much happy if I could show my face and speak to the people especially the Bangladeshi people. They are just blind. So regarding the Atheist Republic, whoever made this website, I think this is good venture to unite all of us from Vancouver to Indonesia. So wish you goodluck, please remain safe and make the world safer for the future and present people. Wish you all the best! I cannot give my identity because I am a government employee in my country so remain united. We will win. Thank you very much. Buh-bye! Hello! My name is Rachel. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the creation of this website. I live in the United States, which was supposed to be founded on the foundation of religious freedom. I live in one of the most liberal and open areas of the United States and depending on your viewpoint, possibly in the world. Yet, I struggle on a daily basis with my atheism. Not so much with the fact that I am atheist but the fact that I’m not able to talk about my atheism. I recently had a friend who was openly Jewish, and she and I would hang out all the time and she would talk about her Jewish lifestyle, Jewish tradition, her family. Even though I wouldn’t believe I would still say “okay” and I would be accepting of what made her happy even though I thought it was crazy that she believe in a made up construct. So we were friends for a couple of months and she would talk nearly everyday about her beliefs. Then one day I just brought up the fact that I was an atheist, that I don’t believe in a God. I believe that all religions are crazy, that this is the 21st century and we are all intelligent human beings and can be doing so much better than this. We have the tools, the rationality, scientific facts, scientific exploration, and thought that religion as a whole is a vessel for evil. And that there is a lot of proof for that, not just in people’s acts but in the texts themselves and history for hundreds and hundreds of years. But she didn’t like that and told me how I can be friends with someone who I thought was a vessel for evil and I told her that I didn’t believe that she was her religion the way that she believe that she was her religion. meaning that she identified so closely with her religion that the fact that someone who didn’t believe in it at all was talking to her was crazy to her. But I don’t think that people are their religion. I think that they’re raised to think that their religion is their community and all those kinds of thoughts. But at the end of the day, a person is a person and they can make their own rational decisions. They can make their own decisions as a whole. Just because I have a certain political view for example doesn’t mean that I am that political view. And that doesn’t mean that I only associate with people who agree with me on those terms. So it’s a very confusing time and this website has given me the tools to reach out to others and feel less alone. To my fellow atheist friends who are in much less accepting areas, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you but this community is here for you. Thank you for your time. Bye. Hi, guys! Greetings from Poland. I just heard a debate from Armin Navabi, I hope I pronounced it correctly. It’s freaking awesome so I decided to sign up. Yup, that’s it. You guys are doing great. Great work! I really appreciate everything Atheist Republic does to enlighten humanity and yeah….I really like what you’re doing. I was actually kinda brought up bible beaten and Atheist Republic has helped in my recovery from religion. Thanks. Please consider supporting us by sharing the podcast with your fellow heathens or donating by going to and clicking on support. Subscribe to Atheist Republic voicemails on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app and please leave us a review.

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