Atheist Voicemails #21: Does Atheism Have a Bad Name?

Atheist Voicemails #21: Does Atheism Have a Bad Name?

You have reached atheists Republic voicemails. God may not be listening to you, but the citizens of the Atheist Republic are. Leave us a voicemail on For a chance to have your message broadcast to our followers worldwide, send us your opinion, stories, advice or concerns. Together we’ll build a platform for atheist voices all around the globe. Maximum number of worse in world history, were caused by religion. Many deaths in a year in the whole world, right now, are called upon by religious people. So, I say fuck religion hashtag atheist republic. Have you ever noticed that when you ever mentioned that you’re an atheist? The people around you always have a look of awkwardness on their face. But it’s ok, there’s most people no know who you are. And if they don’t, well, who cares what they think? Right? I think it’s ok to just be who you want to be, who you believe you are and what you think you should do. How you should live your life. No matter what other people think. Don’t let anybody tell you what their beliefs are and that they are better than yours for you are you. Hello, I’m from Afghanistan. It’s dangerous country to be atheist but even more painful is that you’re not able to express yourself. You’re not able to talk about what you believe in, because you can very well be killed right… I just discovered about this website atheist Republic and would really love to thank the founders as well as the workers of this website. During this the opportunity to reach more fellow atheists are there in the internet. So, today I want to freely talk about Islam and how Islam is not the religion of peace. Well, you know I think Muhammad was sarcastic when he named his religion Islam, which means religion of peace. Because the one thing is not the religion of peace. He was sarcastic. But in particular I ought to share one story with you, what when Muhammad captured Mecca.
But in particular I ought to share one story with you, what when Muhammad captured Mecca. He sent he sent an was to the nearby kingdoms and to tell them that they should accept Islam. So, the ones that did accept Islam and proclaimed Mohammed is a Messenger of God, they were saved and they were not attacked. But the others they did not protect and brutally killed. So, if this is no sarcastic, what is? Hello, this is Paco Rodriguez from Mexico. I’m proud to be an atheist and I strongly believe that rising our voice could help others to their call themselves atheist, for the sake of and for the sake of knowledge. I believe seeking a peaceful and united world, can only be achieved by putting our differences aside. Please don’t let your silence endorse those who killed in the name of myths speak your mind. Hey this is Soath Saudi Arabia. And I’m atheist. And it’s very hard here and I feel lonely, because I cannot talk about it to anyone. And this conflicting my freedom in life. That’s it or not. Hey, this is Eli from South Carolina, USA. The local of the Bible Belt of the United States. I’m not sure which I had here or where I would even start and not end it long. If you could see the banner image, I spent on my personal Facebook page, it’s 2012 and be in it could be seen that you know with reading it. What it says that would sum up quite nicely some things about me regarding religion harm and hate, their intertwining and my views on it. But also, just a little more and be on my way. I personally find labels too often to be lazy and dangerous things, but hey, if you wanted to call me an atheist in its definition along with the term agnostic, you know no sky daddy belief, but also don’t claim to know the impossible to know, oh well that would fit nicely. It’s awesome you know for stuff. Well, choose what you want to choose for me. Yeah, okay that’s it… oh, but I’d prefer to go with less loaded labels. I find it’s always best if you can get to know a person, instead of relying on figuring the person out. It’s the most best to get to know the person. You know, instead of trying to figure out the person. It’s a better well source for knowledge, about an individual. Something for many people to think about when they ponder on about people, that use labels for themselves such as an atheist. So, they a lot of people tend to want to figure that out figure them out based on that and all. And instead of just getting to know the person, which would teach them more, I think but anyway if a person can hate the sin but not the sinner, I can hate the belief, but not the believer. Reason or madness it’s a personal choice. So, it’s come down to the point where I have to choose one God over another. First of all, that’s absurd, because what if I’m wrong? What if your God is the true God what if my god is a true God? Does that mean you’re less of a person, because of a human being than I am? Or I must be human being than you are, because you chose the right God 9/10? God does not exist. And if he did, why would he make me an atheist? Why do I not believe in him? I’ll tell you why I don’t believe in him, because I’m a rational thinker, because I had I’ve taken the time to research all these different religions to find out what is right, what is wrong. And the only conclusive answer I’ve ever been able to come up with is that everybody that believes in a God is wrong. And so, what if I’m wrong? I’ve made the wrong choice, if I pick the wrong God. Well, then based on many religions. Okay, he’ll forgive me based on some religions, he won’t forgive me. And he’ll send me to burn and die if for all eternity in a fiery pit of hell and smoke and flames and ashes. And that’s not a god I want to follow anyways, because he’s obviously vindictive and just a terrible God or person. Whatever you want to believe that that would come down to, do you’ve chosen to believe? I’ve chosen mine and I believe that mine is much more rational than yours. And that’s okay. But please don’t sit here and tell me that Jesus or Buddha or Vishnu or whatever your crazy God is is more important than my life. My life is my choice and if you follow God, chances are they you follow the fact that they believe that they created us with a choice to believe or to have free will or to believe that this is wrong and this is right. So, the only thing that feels right to me is, to not believe in a God, because if I did, then I would believe in something that goes against all my beliefs as a rational realistic, intelligent, creative, important person. So, what do you say? What do you say to convince somebody to believe in themselves, without believing that they are the creation of something beyond themselves? No, just be– just be a good person. Don’t treat people bad, don’t hurt people, don’t hurt animals, don’t hurt living things in general. That’s completely, completely easy to understand without the belief of a god. So, I’ll end with this, I don’t agree with you. I think you’re wrong. And if I’m wrong, you know you’ll probably forgive me. Please consider supporting us by sharing the podcast with your fellow heathens or donating by going to and clicking on support. Subscribe to atheist or public voicemails on iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app and please leave us a review.

7 thoughts on “Atheist Voicemails #21: Does Atheism Have a Bad Name?

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  2. Yes it's "Dave", sorry Dave.

    "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." — Thomas Jefferson.

  3. Since "people only worship the gods because they are scared not to" (Socrates) they're also scared of atheists for the same reason.

  4. If I were God, I would love all
    the atheists! That's because
    I would not be pestered by
    prayers. It must suck to be
    God! Imaging, if there are
    extraterrestrial beings throughout
    the universe, trillions and trillions
    and quadrillions and quintillions
    of them among all the galaxies
    having lived and died throughout
    the billions of years, all pestering
    me with prayers, I would either go
    mad, or say, fuck it! You have brains!
    Solve your own problems! I would
    want them to all be atheists, and
    let me be in peace. That's why I think
    there can't be a God! Also, the idea
    of a God, or god might be a totally
    alien concept among many extraterrestrial
    cultures. Maybe only us humans on
    this one little speck of dust are stupid
    enough to invent something like religion
    with a made up God! No! God did not
    create us. We created God. We have
    been inventing religions, and creating
    gods for over a hundred thousand years
    and doing a piss poor job of it!
    It's time we stop and just go on with
    our lives and do the best we can. Time
    to tell this imaginary God to hit the
    road Jack and and don't come back!
    Hit the highway, Yahweh!

  5. It is not the name, or the title,
    Half of the people out there don't know exactly what Atheism means, other than,
    What the parents, grand parents relatives, friends and other equal religious zombies had brain washed others.
    The sad thing is lies keep repeated without logic thinking, and also,
    there are many who benefits and profits being made by organizing these religious zombies in different category,
    The wars need people who are willing to die for their deranged theology,
    the rest you can figure it out your self.

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