Atheist Voicemails #19: Coming Out as Transgender & ex-Muslim 🎤🏳️‍🌈

Atheist Voicemails #19: Coming Out as Transgender & ex-Muslim 🎤🏳️‍🌈

You have reached atheists Republic voicemails. God may not be listening to you, but the citizens of the Atheist Republic are. Leave us a voicemail in for a chance to have your message broadcast to our followers worldwide. Send us your opinion stories advice or concerns. Together we’ll build a platform for Atheist voices all around the globe. Hi atheists Republic. My name is Dampoo, I’m from India. I first want to thank you for the contribution you are making to the society, it’s really great that you are helping those people who are finding it very difficult to get some support from the people or the society, especially the ex-Muslims and the world they are really frightened by the community people living from their own family members. It’s really a difficult situation from them and in such time they are getting such support from you and your
It’s really a difficult situation from them and in such time they are getting such support from you and your police, it’s really great and I’m really thankful to you for that. The second thing I want to say is here in India, people are becoming blind in the name of faith, religion, culture, I request you to please, please pay a visit to my country otherwise my country will go in a deep shit, people are killing their daughters in the name of religion and in the name of honor killings. People are sacrificing their daughters or sons in the name of religion by making 10 bunks so that they can get peace in heaven after that death and bring some betterment to the society. I mean this is really shit I don’t believe in it. I won’t say that I don’t believe in God but I don’t believe in religion that is for sure. And today India is changing it’s an alarming situation and I think that if we have not taken any actions today, tomorrow I don’t think we can do anything the situation will be very bad. I request you to please pay more attention to this country and other countries as well, because the religion I think is the most bad thing that happened to a human society to the human and this is really something which I don’t appreciate and I don’t want people to fell into that traps. So, again thank you so very much for your contribution and keep doing such good work, love from India. Thank you so much. Hello my name is Gary V Shawn and I’m an Atheist and safe it’s safe for me to say that in America where no one’s gonna hunt me down for being one. Like to take this opportunity to say how much in awe I am of everyone who says they’re an Atheist or even at one has the courage to admit to themselves that there is no God in countries like Bangladesh, where you will be hunted down, where you will be murdered for being an atheist. Knowing full well this is the price they would pay they still speak up and speak out I’m amazed by the courage. I don’t know if I would be able to do the same thing in that situation. As I said I’m safe in America. They would one who isn’t and still come outside an Atheist you have my own respect and love. If I don’t know if I’d be able to do the same thing about with you, Thank You Atheist Republic for everything you do. Goodbye. Hello, you guys this is Teresa I am from Malaysia. I am a transgender woman as well as an ex-Muslim. Malaysia is a very conservative Muslim majority country where majority of them are Muslim, Sunni Muslims and they are getting more and more conservative by the day and I became Atheist and left Islam few years back actually. So, I’m gonna start off with the story of me being growing up as a trans women in in Malaysia. Growing up I was bullied a lot because I was very effeminate little boy and and then you know I was brilliant in school all the name-calling I got a faggot, all that you know all the bullying that happens to typical feminine boy, right? And then of what the struggles of being LGBT Muslim is it is not accepted at all badge. Back then it was I think it’s easier for me because I was not out yet. I haven’t transitioned as a trans woman so I was still dressing and living as a boy back then. So, people couldn’t really tell that I was trans so as soon as I came out, you know, it got harder because you know rejection from friends I lose some friends and some can be because they tell me that is the scene is against Islam and that I need to repent. My family freaked out when I came out as trans women. You know, they couldn’t accept it they tried to they asked me to repent as well because it’s against Islam. My father actually gathered my brothers and sisters and tried to brainwash me into you know it’s almost like emotional blackmail you know? He cried and asked me to go back to being a man which is you know which hurts a lot for your family to do that. And until now, my father and I we don’t speak to each other anymore. He just couldn’t accept it it couldn’t get awkward it and my relationship with my other siblings as part like we used to be quite close and now we are not that close, because I know that they won’t truly accept me for who I am. So, well being as Muslim it was last few years when I realized that you just you know? I started reading more about Islam and having more ex-Muslim ages friends and they opened my eyes to the fucked-up things that you know before this I tried to ignore, but now unlike the story of Abraham trying to kill, his sons and everything so it just it sounds it sucks up and I couldn’t believe in it anymore and I feel like all of these religions that man-made. And man-made bullshit right? So, I actually planning to you know flee Malaysia because I want to live a more freedom free life so yeah that’s why I created my crowdfunding pitch and I hope that you guys can support me by donating so that I can actually reach my dream of seeking asylum in Canada. So, it’s almost have a lot more to say but it’s almost five minutes. So alright guys thanks for listening, bye. Thank you guys for what you’re doing science and reason will rule the world. Hello my name is Nadine I’m from Tunisia I’m agnostic and I learned a lot through atheists Republic website and Facebook pages. I found a lot of friends old one, new one and I learned a lot. I wish to more people from my country were accepted the atheism it’s a very taboo and forbidden for Islamic religion. Even my country is kind of flexible about that, very flexible the people here are very flexible regarding of other countries, neighbors maybe. But still atheism is kind of taboo and is not well accepted. I wish more people were concerned about the subject sometimes even here in Tunisia we found people that don’t understand the concept of atheisms and the agnosticism. So, maybe Atheist Republic will make would make it through media, through I think it and bring the Atheist repub… Atheisms not as an evil something evil or bad. Or maybe it’s just a point of view maybe it’s another point of view maybe they shouldn’t more people need to know about. Thank you very much. Good bye. 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9 thoughts on “Atheist Voicemails #19: Coming Out as Transgender & ex-Muslim 🎤🏳️‍🌈

  1. Bro, Exmuslim from bangladesh- One of the main reason people cannot leave religion is- they dont know what to follow next, what should be their ideology. Even though they know that islam is wrong, they have no choice but to follow islam, WE NEED a new atheist life style role model in every aspect of life. Childhood, teenage, Adulthood, parenthood, Love life, friendship, career, Self dependency, individuality, sexual awareness, emotional awareness, humanity, avoiding negative emotional energy( hate, fear, threat, forcing others,killing etc) , practicing positive emotional energy(love, desire, friendship etc) ,Taking care of our body, mind, why how? how should we act towards people, masculinity ,feminine side…. Criticizing and proving religion wrong is not enough. We need an atheist spiritual human emotion based Role model. How that is better than religion. That will help people leave islam faster.

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  3. Good. Everyone should be taught from childhood, to Believe in themselves and their own potential, own power.
    Believe in Yourself 🙂

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