Atheist Voicemails #18: How Hard Is It to Come out as an Atheist in Your Country?

Atheist Voicemails #18: How Hard Is It to Come out as an Atheist in Your Country?

You have reached Atheist Republic voicemails. God may not be listening to you, but the citizens of the Atheist Republic are. Leave us a voicemail on for a chance to have your message broadcast to our followers worldwide. Send us your opinions, stories, advice, or concerns. Together we’ll build a platform for atheist voices all around the globe. Hello. My name is Ines and I am from Bosnia. I grew up in an atheistic family, so I grew up without religion, which I’m very happy about. A few days ago, I was approached by two young persons who wanted to talk to me about Jesus, and about religion. I said okay, and I found the conversation to be really interesting because I was not interested in becoming a Christian, but I was interested in finding out how they answer some questions to themselves, and what explanations they have, and how they can believe in something so much, because for me it just seems illogical and I could never in my life believe Jesus was the son of God or something similar. So yeah. Thank you for existing, Atheist Republic. I’m so happy to know that there are a lot of people who are thinking logically, and that share the opinions as I do, so thank you and I love you all. Hello. I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to say here. Some people suggested that I do this, so okay. I live in Yemen, you know it’s in war currently, and I haven’t been really religious since I was 18 years old. That was a long time ago. I sort of just stopped believing in Islam, you know? I’m not sure if I’m an atheist, but I am not a Muslim anymore, that’s obvious. There’s obviously danger for my life if I ever actually became myself here. They will kill me – if they knew my sexual preferences also, they will kill me – so it’s basically death anyway. So, it’s depressing, but I was always forced just to live in secret. I barely go out anymore, I don’t want to talk with people, I don’t want to be around people, I just stay home all the time. I can’t really work anymore for a few reasons, so yeah. Okay, I think that’s the end of the message, I’m really not sure. I’m sorry about my broken English, I haven’t spoken English in a really long time. Hello, fellow atheists. My name is Jean, I’m from Egypt, and I’m an ex-Catholic. The thing I wanted to say today is, I think things are moving forward. Things are progressing. Even though we may not be able to see it in real life, but I can see more people than ever adopting a more secular perspective, more people are willing to separate their religious beliefs from their political ideologies, from the ways they treat other people – you can see that if you’re an insider, and if you’ve seen things from the inside. I know things are still horrible if you look at Egypt radicalism and extremism, it’s still a real problem, but you can still sense a real change, and that’s something I’m positive about. We might not see that change in our lifetimes, but I’m sure things are going forward. I mean, seeing a rainbow flag in Cairo is impossible, but it happened, and I know the backlash was horrible, but breaking that rule was never heard of before. Hello, hi. Okay, my name is Sophia. I’ll just be sharing something. I am an atheist from a religious country, and from a very religious family as well. I’ve been an atheist for years now, and it’s very hard for me to come out, especially that most of the time I am being forced to worship God and I do not enjoy it, I do not like it, but it is just for the sake of my family, and I am afraid of not being accepted. But your group or your organization has made me feel confident for the past few months, knowing that even though I feel alone in the house, or in a home, there are a bunch of people around me who share the same views and opinions, and who are not afraid to stand up and just express themselves. And I just wanted to tell you guys how inspired I am for all of your inspirations and everything that your group has done, so thank you so much, and I would just like to share that. Even though I am an atheist, I am studying in a Catholic school due to the fact that my parents say that I am getting evil. They kind of misplaced the meaning of atheists and Satanists where they think me. As a person who doesn’t truly pray that much, they think I’m already worshipping Satan or something like that. So, I’m in a Catholic school and have a religion class. It’s definitely very ironic because I’m on top of that because I think I just pretend, you know? I’m just reading a book, a fictional book. So, that’s why I think I’m good at it. The thing about it is that in the Catholic school, I’m very surprised that the church talks about the poor, but then poor kids or poor children – poor students cannot go to Catholic schools because of the very expensive tuition fee. I think it is not right, so this is one of the reasons why I don’t believe in it. So yes, thank you for listening. That’s all. Hey, this is Eli from South Carolina, USA, the buckle of the bible belt of the United States. I’m not sure what to add here or where I would even start and not end it long . If you could see the banner image that’s been on my personal Facebook page, it’s 2012, and in it can be seen, with reading it, what it says, that would sum up quite nicely some things about me regarding religion, harm and hate, their intertwining, and my views on it. Just a little more and I’ll be on my way. I personally find labels too often to be lazy and dangerous things, but hey, if you wanted to call me an atheist and it’s strict definition, along with the term ‘agnostic’ – no sky-daddy belief, but I also don’t claim to know the impossible to know – well, that would fit nicely if I was forced to choose or you wanted to choose for me, okay, that fit, but I prefer to go with less loaded labels. I find it’s always best if you can get to know a person instead of relying on figuring the person out. It’s best to get to know the person instead of trying to figure out the person. It’s a better source for knowledge about an individual. Something for many people to think about when they ponder on about people that use labels for themselves, such as an atheist, a lot of people tend to want to figure that out and figure them out based on that knowledge instead of just getting to know the person, which would teach them more, I think. But anyway, if a person can hate the sin but not the sinner, I can hate the belief but not the believer. Reason or madness, it’s a personal choice. Hey, this is Saud, Saudi Arabia, and I’m an atheist, and it’s very hard here, and I feel lonely because I cannot talk about it to anyone, and it is conflicting my freedom in life. That’s it for now. Hello, this is Paco from Mexico. I’m proud to be an atheist, and I strongly believe that raising our voice could help others to call themselves atheists for the sake of knowledge. I believe seeking a peaceful and united world can only be achieved by putting our differences aside. 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10 thoughts on “Atheist Voicemails #18: How Hard Is It to Come out as an Atheist in Your Country?

  1. Atheists as well as Agnostics are deceived by the reality this world holds. And I bet many think of death very weakly and claim that you only live once and make the best out of it. Others just say death is death. But every single Atheist and Agnostic has no idea what happens after death, and they may say neither do those with religion. Answer these questions. Where does human morality come from for example good and bad. Why is math so perfect? How was this universe created from nothing? Can something come from nothing? The possibility of the universe to be created from nothing is 10^10 * 126. Btw that is a massive number and the chance of that is very very very slim. And even if the universe did come from nothing how is there so much order, instruction and relation between everything. How does everything have an explanation? Like I said why is math perfect? How is the human anatomy so complex yet so functional? How can DNA, something so microscopically small have instructions on how to create you and everyone. Why is every single human ever created different from each other? The questions can go on and on. If you don’t believe in one God or Allah, than your answers for many of these questions are either unanswerable or weak. This world we are living on is a test. Everything in the universe has a purpose. Our purpose in this world is to believe and worship what has created us. You need to open your eyes and truly look around you. I’m a Muslim and follow the Quran for true guidance. The Quran states that those who are Christian and Jewish, if they truly follow the Bible and Gospel will also find the answers. People say religion is just made by humans to cope with Sadness, regret and etc. it was made from poor people and all this. Those who say that are blind by the materialism and illusion this world presents. So I ask is God Real? If you say no you are still asleep. If you say who created God as a backlash, u are still asleep. God is the creator of the Universe. Everything around us has a purpose. What created the universe? What created the Big Bang? Like I said the chance of that happening is very crazy slim. Another question, what is outside of the universe. Our brain works in relation to the physics of this universe. God is outside of the known universe because God Created the universe. Therefore what God is and what is outside the known universe is unexplainable and unimaginable. Our little brains think we know it all because everything around us makes sense, but when you really try and get over the ego and arrogance, you’ll start to realize truth which is that all of this order, complexity and instruction could not have come from a 10^10*126 chance.

  2. Touched by the struggle that some people have, across the globe, and the articulacy with which all of these people speak, each and every one.

  3. my story similiar with sophia"s Story. im 20 years old and an Atheist since End of 2018 …I living in Malaysia..Islamic Country majority live by 3 Different Races,Religions,Languages,Skin Colours..Malaysia is a racism Country….My country never accept atheists ..I hope its will change in future..They call malaysia is a free country but its totally a lie..

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