Asking Strangers To Tell Their Crushes They Like Them!!

Asking Strangers To Tell Their Crushes They Like Them!!

Pretty much everyone has a crush Whether it’s someone you hang out with or maybe even Someone you’ve only talked to once Yet the fear of rejection and embarrassment can prevent us from ever saying how we feel so in the spirit of being open and vulnerable we decided to try to convince strangers to call their crushes and tell them the truth. To do so we teamed up with our friend Natalie who actually admitted to having a crush on someone to us earlier. But before hitting the streets we had to start right at home Alright, we’re about to head up.
Do you have a crush? Ammarty, I’m already seeing my crush more on that soon Alright let’s go ask Matt +Matt, do you have a crush?
-Do I have a crush? No actually don’t. I know she does though I’m going to kill all of you You should do it I hope by the end of this video you call your crush Another day another weird request for a stranger with Natalie Tasha. This lovely lady reached out on Instagram slid in the DMs saying, “I really like your content Let’s collaborate in the next chance possible” and the next chance possible was just two days later so I just thought that it would be a lot easier to approach men and women If I you had a female If we had, a female All right, let’s do it. Do either of you have crushes on anyone? Think about it They were two good looking dudes They were I’m not gonna deny that I can be your crush This is not why I brought you for Do you have a crush? Yes Are you willing to call her, and tell her you like her? Oh no Okay give me you mom’s number give me you mom’s number Our challenge for today is to find someone who is willing to call his or her crush and let them know how they feel She already knows and what happened? Rejected. We’re just friends with benefits Alright alright we’re out we’re out Cheers guys thank you I will not go up to teenagers anymore because **** that Do you have a crush? Do I have a what? Can I ask you a question? Do any of you have crushes on anyone? Do you have a crush on someone? You look like you have a crush on someone Have you told her yet? She knows? Oh he has a girlfriend Okay good luck. Thank you What happened? Respect I have a crush and how do you feel about it? That I don’t want to tell him That will change soon. Shh Oh am I taking over now? These girls right here Can I ask you guys a question? Uhh no thanks Okay Rejection at its finest I have a boyfirend Alright have a good one you guys Do you have a crush on anyone? Yeah probably my girlfirend Why is everyone in a relationship but not me Do you guys have any crushes on any ladies or dudes or Technically I haven’t told my girlfriend I have a crush on her Okay, let’s do it. We’re fighting right now, so I don’t know if it’s a good idea Okay, so it’s her voicemail, but I’m leaving her a nice message. I know we’ve been arguing a lot lately but I’ve got a huge crush on you so That took some weight off my shoulders bro Alright you killed it. We’re getting there. I just want like a girl to call up a dude right now Yeah Yeah no It’s a group. Run Do you have a crush on someone. I have a boyfriends so yeah. Okay do you have a crush on someone? No No Like nobody has crushes anymore. It’s all about just like the here and now Tinder just killed the crush scene It’s so true. Cause it’s just like, ‘you’re cute’ Right swipe. Do you have a crush on anyone? Our request today, is to find a stranger who’d be willing to call up their crush and let them know how you feel In this day and age? Okay, would you tell him next time you see them? I’ll let him know Yeah? Promise? Do you have a crush? No Have a good day. Cheers We got so much really yeah Who doesn’t have a phone? Do you guys have a crush on someone that you haven’t told yet You express your feelings?
Oh good. What about you? You like pizza?
Dude, you’re gonna be the hero of this episode. Are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them? +I’m not trying to put anyone under any pressure, but we don’t have anyone +But have you told him? -No.
+Exactly. That’s the whole point you can be you can be helping me film this episode And you haven’t even done the very thing that we’re asking people to do I think it’ll be a lot simpler than what you think it will actually like take Please don’t What’s his name Michael Michael Michael just might pick up the phone and just give you that ring so when I told her about the idea for the Episode this is going to be an interesting one because I literally felt like I was going to throw up when I read the word Tell your crush to like them It comes down to your fear of rejection, right Yeah, it does Well the thing is, he watches your videos True he was the one who told her about yes theory, that’s sick, she said fuck it she’s gonna do it I’m so proud of you Now my hearts gonna get crushed into a million pieces No it’s not no it’s not Oh god, I hope he doesn’t answer Uh, fuck you Please answer please answer Hello? Hi So you know how I said I was filming that video with yes theory? Did I ever tell you what the concept of the video was? So do you how they do that thing where they ask strangers to do random things? Are you a rush? What are you doing? Anyways Anyways he was like I’m the only one on this planet that actually has a crash So here’s me telling you that I have a crush on you But I know you knew that because everybody in the world has told you Okay, so anyways that is that’s the point for my call Okay Come on dude she can’t be This is Ammar speaking right. What’s up Michael? She’s the kind of girl that says yes, and actually lives the yes theory I hope you you think about what she told you and get back to her some other time with a full explanation What am I saying? I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying Kay, I love you. Bye Cool cool I’m proud of you There you go, Michael, I just exposed myself for the whole internet. I knew that was gonna be his response, he was just gonna be like, okay. Is he just like that kind of dude? All right, onto number two. She’s already over Michael. We’re having open auditions for My new boyfriend Oh my god can we do that? Can I go on a date with a stranger? Alright! We are trying to set up two Yes Theory fans on a blind date, I think we found the guy *Silence*

100 thoughts on “Asking Strangers To Tell Their Crushes They Like Them!!

  1. Oh i Love these warming up and open people. In my Home in Germany If you speak to Person in Public they will probaly always be fucked up

  2. Hey guys! This is one of the first videos I watched from you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to say the word YES. More often. 😀

  3. Natalie tasha is very beautiful😋. i have crush😍 on her..!!! can yes theory Give me a chance to tell her😊

  4. Youtuber named Thoraya Maronesy started this idea. Glad to see Yes theory doing it too. She is like a dork who is very unique, talented and puts up content with totally new concept. Check her out.
    P.S: oops, sorry just now checked the date seems like they started it first but like I said she is also unique.Her video touches our mind and makes us love human more,gives sense of being human..

  5. He didn't reply her I love you. He was like bye. seems like he friend joned her. Sometime when u get someone easily u don't appreciate it. U take it for granted and when u loose her,there he will find her worth.

  6. That guy just made the worst fucking mistake of his life. Saying "cool". Cmon bro seize the opportunity…

  7. im a huge fan of yes theroy and she wants to go on a date with a stranger, technically im a stranger ? does that count ? can you guys set me up with a date with her lol im 5'7 though xD

  8. Why don't you also get strangers to convey their partners ex crushes that they had crush on them.. that should be something.. if the relationship is based on trust and put love… This shouldn't matter at all I fell..

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