Asking Her Fantasies Was a Mistake | Austen Summers Podcast #2 – Veronica Leal

Asking Her Fantasies Was a Mistake | Austen Summers Podcast #2 – Veronica Leal

[Austen] Hey guys, thanks for tuning in This podcast is sponsored by Austin summers Academy the complete dating system That shows you step-by-step how to get women into your life with tons of examples and exercises Link in description and this podcast is now available on iTunes Spotify Cashbox and YouTube wherever you may be listening enjoy [Austen] So you wanna you want to wear what’s like this strap on [Veronica] I want to wear the strap on, yea [Austen] and fuck the shemale in the ass [Veronica] and fuck the shemale on the ass And of course doing it her a blowjob giving her a blowjob and you know getting her crazy about Wanted to fuck me, but which is not good. She’s not gonna fuck me I’m she’s getting fucked so I’m getting fucking away that she’s like I don’t like No, man can give can do it to her. No just girls [Austen] Welcome to another edition of the Austin Summers podcast the mind-expanding Podcast to get you the girls that you want. Today I’m joined by a lovely guest Veronica Leal So it almost sounds French So she is a porn star right Why don’t you give people who don’t know you a little bit of background like your one-minute backstory if someone doesn’t know who you are [Veronica] Okay Well, Veronica Leal is a porn actress that is that one and a half year ago I started as a challenge for a friend and actually, she’s or no kind of a porn star starlet in Europe working for the mainly websites porn sites and It’s a Colombian one who doesn’t know bears – a Colombian prototype Is really skinny blondie and looks like a bimbo slut, but it’s not so yeah, and my main work like I say like my branch is porn glam core hardcore all those mediums and yeah, a really nice girl kind of dominant and Sometimes it’s stupid [Austen] Okay, so first thing there you said you kind of dominate so you like to be dominant and submissive [Veronica] Yeah. Well, I Like to be dominant when I’m in front of a boy when I when I want to when he’s like a boy who likes boy A gay guy. Yeah, I am in terminal 2 words or with girls with boys [Austen] Oh [Veronica] I like to be submissive and more dominant and more like when I meant dominant it was dominant it was for like my mood my Like my personality because girl I’m really dominant kind of [Austen] and we’ve we’ve also talked in the past you say how like you would get bored in a monogamous relationship Like just if you were forced to just be like one one man with one woman forever [Veronica] That’s a nightmare for me It’s not possible [Austen] So you like to mix things up and one of the things you said that was interesting was it wasn’t just about mixing up the sex you have but it’s about mixing up the Energy of the partner that you have because the penis is attached to a different kind of like experience. [Veronica] Yeah. Well, you asked me a question. You asked me if I know if I’m wrong That if I could have a couple boy a couple and when we together fuck all the girls in the world Willing will fulfill my needs of sex or something. I don’t and that’s what my answer No, because I don’t want to fuck all the girls I want to fuck all the boys You know and girls and boys they have they brings different energy. Of course And then you get to know them different in the way. How do you love them or do you like them? They they like in a different way the other be another person So it is good to have like a magazine of boys that you will get something from them Nothing my needs of sex So for you it’s kind of like if you walked it to an ice cream shop, and you could only choose one Flavor it would be bad. But if you walked into an ice cream shop, and you could try one flavor one day and then another [Veronica] And yeah, I will do it because different flavors brings me different emotions happiness [Austen] Yeah [Veronica] like fashion [Austen] So, let’s Quentin Tarantino this let’s go back to the past. How did you originally Get into porn [Veronica] well It was a challenge [Austen] Yeah, so what is this challenge they were just like like some people do like the meditation challenge for 30 days or the I’m gonna Like hit the gym, you’re like you and your friend challenge each other. I’m gonna fuck a guy on camera And pull this mic up to your face you sound nice and Can you put this in your mouth, okay? I guess I guess you can it’s the first time This mic has been in someone’s mouth I think [Veronica] It started when I was a webcam model I was first weapon model and one of my one of the girls I was working with She did actually a porn movie and she challenged me to do one She said man, if you don’t do it, I like I dare you to a movie porn movie and if you don’t do it I was losing something and So I said, okay let’s do it if you challenge me you know that with your god you’re gonna you’re gonna lose [Austen] Ruthless you are going to lose my friend [Veronica] Don’t dare to challenge me Not bitch. Oh, yeah and And yeah, she contact because I didn’t do anything She contact the guy the producer in Colombia and he gave them the number There’s no the plant of the love There’s no more [Austen] that’s on the next episode. We just got to get like a variety of drugs for each of our guests So your webcam model [Veronica] yeah in my friend the girl she challenged me and she put She got in contact with the producer and this guy tested me and the next week. We should we start filming [Austen] What’s that? What was that like he tested you so he’s like he’s like right I got the camera We’re gonna test shoot with you know, [Veronica] No he said me. Um, he said something like yeah, somebody tell me told me that actually, my friends told me that you are interested in to working on to doing a scene video and He gave me like the details where how much they were gonna pay me and the script of the the video and everything so I I was prepared to do it and We started like eight in the same day. We did two scenes and Actually, if first one it was a pickup pickup public Okay yeah that I was like damn like a [Austen] and it’s like hey, you’re hot and you’re like hey, what’s up, like you want to come to my place and you’re like Maybe, and then he Yeah, yeah that cocky Cocky situation and it was in a in the center and a square of where they were selling fruits food Like a market and it was funny actually because we were taking the fixers and everybody was like a you know Making sounds and I was really nervous nervous but After that, I forgot I just got into the mood to work and I liked it we worked [Austen] Did you have a moment where you like I get to fuck a hot guy and get paid and Get famous, and I’m cool [Veronica] Well, actually I didn’t [Austen] ever get to act [Veronica] yeah, but actually I didn’t know that I was becoming famous famous because I really don’t think I’m Famous. I’m just starting in today in today into the business. So I’m just this little star, you know. No superstar I’m a star just porn star and Yeah actually was really like, okay You’ve got it turns me on It turns me on. that everyone in Colombia. We’re gonna see how the way I always I’m just having sex with the boy and It was you know, kind of boring, this is our fetish [Austen] the the Idea that other people are watching you and masturbating guys and girls turned you on. [Veronica] Yep [Austen] When was the first time that you saw porn? How old were you [Veronica] 12 I think well, [Austen] that’s a little it’s a little young right? No, I think that is the average age that people discover it What does happen to our generation? And dear um Do any of your family know about this are they are they like on board with it do they think it’s wrong? Are they like we’re Catholic and this is bad. [Veronica] My family’s motto like yeah, we have so [Austen] Jesus doesn’t approve. [Veronica] No. No. Yeah, my mom my family supports me They have no problem where that’s my main family like my nuclear, you know My mom and my brothers they support me the other Cousins and aunts. I don’t really care about them. So the fuck I do thinking is no yeah, you know [Austen] don’t give a fuck And I called to my mom the same like Two weeks after I did porn video. I called her and I thought I say hey mom I just did a porn video. I’m a porn actress right now I’m sorry, and then she said well if if this really makes you happy, um Just do it. I would not say you anything in my anyways like that, they just accept it and Kind of they like it I think Mm-hmm, because well you bring some better qualities to your life being you know being a porn actor to give you more work job or most kind of the very high level of Life quality. Mm-hmm Okay [Austen] and your father I [Veronia] Don’t expect too much with my father. I think he knows but he he prefers to ignore it like did not done like Yeah, she but I don’t think about it Yeah [Austen] I could see like the mom would be more understanding in a lot of cases because she’s like she understands the female Experience and she just probably wants you to be safe and not taking advantage of but as long as you’re making money supporting yourself [Veronica] Pay attention to that to them to everything because you’re not going to porn dude you’re risking everything you’re risking your health when you go to porn because of You know because of the [Austen] STD [Austen] Has but what I think most people don’t realize is that people in porn or actually They have safer sex because they’re only having sex with people who are tested [Veronica] It’s bullshit that’s bullshit every porn actor or every every porn every product or they have their own Sexual life so they go fuck outside and I think it is more dangerous because they know that we are getting Tested so they know they are clear they are clean so they have sex without condom So this is probably does that’s why It’s all those cases of positive from syphilis or gonorrhea RBIs B H IV Because it’s not into the industry. They bring it from Astra outside. Yeah, so that’s why I’m saying that you risk your health to get any infected Even if you are getting tests every three weeks, you know [Austen] because in Yeah, cuz you’re just surrounded you’re having sex with people who are basically sex addicts all the time So, of course they’re at higher risk if they’re having sex outside of it and that brings up this question What does your sex outside of porn? Does it is it different than the sex you have when you’re on camera and in what way of course? Well, way is it different? [Veronica] First of all professionalism comes, you know? I really love to work this because I know that I will not be treated but bad treated. Yeah and those guys They know what they have to do. They know what they are doing Even if you don’t like them, you just got the fuck really fuck it, you know Just just just you go you get fucked. Well, yeah, it’s like oh my god Betty much but [Austen] Do you get what they call come drunk when your or your dick drunk? When you’re like you’re getting fucked so good for so long that your mind is just like just like going yeah [Veronica] I got it. [Austen] Do you ever forget to speak English after [Veronica] Forget my language It was one of the movie [Austen] What if you like permanently forget to speak Spanish [Veronica] Actually happened in in a scene I was working in Prague before coming to Columbia and we were working and I was really it was really hard me really excited that I wanted to screaming at them to hit me more to Dominate me more and I in my the words couldn’t go out of my mouth. I was like a what the hell what I’m saying? What is the world that I have to say and then everything were missing that mixing that I couldn’t I just forget my language I was like my god I speak Spanish There was a Spanish boy speaking and I couldn’t even communicate with him And I was like a doll look my my my body didn’t have enough Strength energy. Yeah to move at least one hand, you know Wow That scene was awesome It’s really awesome. I really like it [Austen] yeah, the only thing I get that similar to that is like I just like my whole body will just like shake for like a while So I can have what’s called like orgasm without Ejaculation. Where like I can have like Orgasms and I just like shake for like 10 seconds and then I go back to fucking There was one time where this girl who and I was the only person she ever had sex with But after I came she was like jerking me off It’s just very slowly like with my cum and like I just I was shaking for five minutes straight so I like a 5 minute long orgasm once it was never to be repeated but it was weird so I can kinda see where You’re going through but then I think it’s just the female biology is just different, you know So let’s let’s go back to the original question It’s a bit of a tangent we went off The the sex you have on camera is different than the sex you have [Veronica] Of course, there’s some stuff that I am able to do on camera than mine. [Austen I’m still crying, oh man [Veronica]That that I’m not able to do in my private life like a squirting I don’t squid and sexual life my sexual life [Austen because you don’t want to or because you just can’t [Veronica]because I can’t I can but but did something just it turns me on you’re the guy tongue goes to that to make me squirt and Actually, I realize that that is quit because I made myself squirt. I’m just going to turn or because [Austen You’re consc- your conscious noise [Veronica] yeah, and but the most not but the most the most important thing is that I squirt on my on my scenes because I love to cut turn to see how the cameraman how the Photographer the lights main they are getting bonus because of my squirt So I like it But that’s why I squirt and I just put a lot Because I really like and I like to see their faces when I’m a squirting this the face is that they did they do it’s just like This it was their the squirt like, you know [Austen] Casey and I were talking lastly our favorite Colombian expression is oof Which means like oh my god So, yeah, it does differ in a certain way [Veronica] Because with working I don’t choose the guys. Yeah, [Austen] sometimes you like them but sometimes you don’t because of professional My private life I can choose them and we can have some talks and Any motions and some more stuff they can stick to you and then can make the sex better or at least to have a good sex [Austen] So for example, my assistant Wow who you’re currently see Could be a porn star yes. Yeah actually yes. Yeah he’s really good and it it it has a really good time like Duration last yeah, yeah he can last long [Austen] So I’m gonna I’m gonna describe to you late Like kind of what my perfect sex would be and then I want you to describe what your perfect sexy be Okay, so mine would be like I’m with a girl in public Doesn’t start in public, but we’re just, you know, you’re kind of flirting maybe send text message beforehand Like I can’t wait to fuck you tonight Or I can’t wait to go down on you and like I can’t wait to taste you and then she gets like this She gets kind of the anticipation going on even hours beforehand We meet up we do something in public. So the sexual tension builds up And there’s like that fuck you. Just you want to just be home together and just like rip off her clothes and Ideally, it’s with a girl that I’ve seen a few times so that we know like that the familiarity is there we kind of know what each other like so we know how to get each other off like super good and then I You know take her home, you know, there’s been some touching and stuff But I push her away if she tries to kiss me in public or whatever And then she just she wants that she’s building up. She’s like it’s she’s craving it more and more and I even sometimes There’s kind of two routes I go and one is like the very meditative route and then ones like the very rough route So if I’m just building up the sexual tension so much It’s just like we need to find a taxi so we don’t fuck here in the street And we get to the house and then you know It’s just one of those like everything comes off and you just like you start choking her against the wall or whatever But the other way is like meditating before sex, so I actually meditate with a girl for 10 to 15 minutes Like all our anxiety is gone all our stress from the day. All our thoughts are gone were present It’s just me and her and then I like hold her hands and look into her eyes and then from there just like it just keeps get more and more like Closer and closer and intense and then from that point it can just feel like you’re the universe connecting with itself I don’t know if you know that that that Actually guys Yeah, like your whole body’s feelings [Veronica] just go out of the galaxy like you’re fucking the Stars, yeah and [Austen] Then like I don’t know I’ve been I feel like sex just gets rough over time as you get as you get older, right? So I’ve been doing a lot of that. Luckily my fucking girlfriend. It’s fucking awesome she’s like I like when you Hold my head down and when I deep throat you and I like to be slapped and when you are what is this called in Spanish Palma? It’s like when you get spanked Okay Yeah He’s always saying that it sounds like I’m playing the drums or something it’s like I walk in the house and I just hear like Just like she likes to be hit and spanked just like it’s amazing Yeah, yeah, there’s my famous quote is there’s something beautiful about choking a woman you love So you’re with the guy that you choose right you’re with him What would your ideal sex with him be [Veronica] actually, I wouldn’t choose a guy because you say middle. Oh my fantasy No, okay, my perfect situation and actually my fantasy might because fantasies – fuck it’s from a sexual guy or shemale, huh? So I first of all I would I will choose a shemale really beautiful one needs to have a dick Because that’s big dick Doesn’t matter that it the size or culturally because she’s not gonna fuck me. I’m gonna fuck her. Whoa, the Thing is like I want to fuck her Whatever she feels comfortable No, it doesn’t have to be in public. [Austen] Oh, this is the ideal situation so you can create it any way you want no, this is just because what I have in mind to do to her I Really wanted to do in a darkroom. She’s gonna be tie up and I’m gonna fuck her so it’s like I’m not gonna Bang with her mind and this is what she’s gonna get turn off and we turn on and we will do this stuff I don’t know how to explain it’s good Because my so [Austen] you wanna you wanna wear what’s like this strap-on strapon? yep, the shemale And of course doing it her a blowjob giving her a blowjob and you know getting her crazy about wanted to fuck me But which is not good. She’s not gonna fuck me. I’m she’s getting fucked and getting fucking away that she’s like I don’t know like no man can give can do it to her. No just girls so it’s kind of Taking down her ego and saying hey Even if it’s a boy if you even if he feels a girl you’re a fucking boy because I’m fucking your ass and you don’t have a pussy so it’s kind of Getting in today. What natural is it? I don’t know. It’s we like [Austen] you like the psychology. Yeah Break up some egos. Yeah in English roots a Humiliation play you like to humiliate them. Yep. So like you’d be like Yeah, it’s weird how like different people’s fetishes are I don’t want to like, yeah But that’s like your ultimate scenario, yeah, that’s like your your favorite scenario. Yeah That’s when you know, you’ve had too much sex and watch too much boy Gonna find a transsexual throw in the trunk. Oh, oh, oh So this is in the this is gonna be set up. This is gonna happen. It’s real is real [Veronica] I can show you the college is really hot, you know want her very bad well It just is my fantasy. I really need to do to make some step steps because Not not all the shemales they like girls and I’m really lucky that this girl. She’s bisexual. See she’s a transsexual girl Transsexual girl who also likes girls because you know transsexuals they just like boys [Austen] Well as complex that we need to like Chart this out like male to female than the bisexual there are psychology and also humiliation This is difficult. Okay This is science at this point. This is So Yeah, so I’m gonna ask you a hard question now What do you say to people who say that sex is demeaning to women or that porn? Sorry porn is demeaning to women Which means that porn is? makes women feel lesser like bad So like oh Yeah Disrespect for porn is a bad representation of women [Veronica] No, I don’t think points per representation because in porn industry Actually, we have advantages we are better paid Are better paid than boys They always are who has the last word We always if you don’t want to do anything you don’t do it everything that you do on your work humiliation BDS as BDSM sadomasochism everything role plays everything to do it under your concern under your [Austen] Consent so it’s only things that you want to do Yeah, only things that you wanna did them force you to do anything that you don’t want That’s what you are getting paid. You’re signing a contract before You do the scene no after and you get paid before You know after so it’s like I don’t think that boy gets lower worth or like for girl for woman course not and this is just misunderstanding I think I think they just get more like more stronger because they are like oh Yeah, goon woman, you can do this with me and then they thinking I think porn teaches girls and boys how to have sex and that it is thousands of thousands of possibilities of having sex It doesn’t have to do the same stuff And if you feel like if you get it too personal too to feel connected or reflected on Both situation you gotta go to your emotions into your head because it’s your problem, but I don’t think there is of else is just getting like Me woman and less than man. No arawa They have less work than us. We are they do the job and we got the crates Actually because you say hope Awesome model. She gets fucked double penetration She gets fucked in these positions, but they are the guys the man they are doing the work They are who are fucking we just got fucked in be smiling and that’s all You know, so I think it is we are in a better situation [Austen] So in 2018 you probably had some crazy sex. Tell me a crazy sex story that you have from the past year whether it’s like You know getting yourself into a situation where you’re fucking a girl who has a boyfriend or whether it’s like Jerking off your taxi driver and anything crazy like that that you’ve done in the past year [Veronica] Okay, I have two actually three Listen oh, yeah, first one I was it was when I was working one of mine because they heard the craziest one Working when I’m filming We had sex we had to shoot to film in the in the train station Up when the train was going down You know the train was here and I was and I was in front having sex getting fucking the ass In front of them and it was like, oh my god. Everyone was just going like It was my first time having sex in public and been even filming in every because they you were in the metro or in this in the subway and And they were able to see because it was a stipend. It was in the station So you had to stop and to see so it was kind of really weird for me first. [Austen] Which city was this? Barcelona Oh my god, those subways are packed with people. Oh my god Second one it was in public park Pick up pick up public public pick up and we were filming And then like in the bushes and there they were a team of bikers hikers bikers and they were going Through and they saw us and they stopped to watch us do from and they were like In a lesbian coupled with a dog they stopped it just to watch us Wow, and I couldn’t knowing but [Austen] I did this once in Canada. I fucked my girlfriend in a public park and then some like random black, dude Just pull out his phone and like started walking toward us in filming and I was like, oh shit, we gotta go [Veronica] Shame because Shooting one in Barcelona again in a highway H bridge bridge bridge in a highway so cars come here and it was in the bridge Getting fucked cars downs cars coming and it was a weirdo. It was from the butcher’s he’s so mean he was just Drip off his his pants if he starts to jerk off watching us and watching us Filming and it was this was weird. I felt like fuck and Almost we had it to stop because people started to do with the with the turn with the cars this thing. Oh, My god we call the police this is not you know, I was really nervous about that But you can see any one of my movies one of the movies and you can see that the guy had finally we were to scream in and then Keep working Really was crazy then when he was crazy. I just I just see the picture and mmm [Austen] So you’ve told me some of your fantasies and and one of them you said that you like you like rape fantasies, right? there’s a lot of girls who like rape fantasies, which means like when they’re comfortable with the guy usually like for example My girlfriend and me she she’s like I’ll ask her. Hey baby, like what? What do you want to try anything? Is there anything you want to try that? We haven’t just like yes I want to be raped and I’ll say okay cool and then like she’ll just Go to the bathroom before sex or whatever and just like come back into the room and I was fucking like jump on her But yours is different. You said you actually Want to get raped? Yes. I don’t want to do pretend to get raped You know, I really want to get raped up boy that I don’t know Maybe you can find a guy it doesn’t know let’s rip her does weak if we become one of my biggest fantasy come true, you know, because I Want to have this? situation in front of him this Weird guy that keep things like he’s gonna rape me and to do this, you know So it’s more I want to know how it’s going to be reacting [Austen] And what okay what percentage of girls that you you have met what number of girls like you talked to a lot of girls about sex obviously, so How many girls do you think have this rape fantasy? Not the one that you have but like the pretend rape like they wanna [Veronica] Actually is the first time that they’re I’m talking about this rape fantasy because They are afraid to say or at least with the girls that I have talked They ask me more for how to squeal how to do anal or how to make a really good blowjob they don’t ask me like it’s just fantasy or something Nick and their fantasies are like having a orgy of being Fucking guys or whatever, you know, they don’t use their brain. [Austen] So what are some of the most common fantasies you hear girls? Say it would be a orgy orgy boo cake Okay And three some good girls and with boys like but mortally like it two boys one girl Really with with the girls that I am Talk with the porn girls or what? They’re boring so girls that are porn stars are more crazy. Well I friends of porn stars like you know And I haven’t talked to them a lot like their fantasies, but I did with one and it was really boring. I was like What something do you’re a porn star? You know that your fantasies already came came true and your work so Get up get your brain to work a little bit and see what is I really do want to fit You know what? We are stuff there fantasy were like, yeah. I want to have anal sex with four girls Hmm. Yeah [Austen] Did you know that the like two or three of the top Female searched stuff and porn so when girls like search for porn they search for lesbian then they search for threesome And they search for something else that has to do with girls girls just like girls a lot You like girls, right? Yeah Have you always been bisexual? Yeah [Veronica] Well, I didn’t actually [Austen] What was your first experience with the girl [Veronica] my first experience it was in cucuta But I didn’t want it to affect her like, you know It was like a yeah, like sometimes I came fuck them. But then one of my my best friend, he was always saying me Stephanie I bet I saw you that you were bisexual. Did you like girls – I was like no no, no No But actually he made me like to realize that that yes – accepting him for enough of face or son of a man Because I said I was saying I like girls to me or to girls but never said in to a boy in froning like yeah, I like girls – it was night like Like with him, but in cucuta was my first My first experience it was in cucuta. It was with a with a Friend from university. Mm-hmm older than me It was Can I didn’t it wasn’t like we were getting into and talking in day – no we got to know do you know each other because of Volunteering we were working in the same. We were doing a balloon Turing so I met her there didn’t know that she was bisexual too and So we just start to talk and after that she just invited me to go to kabane to go to like to the mountains with her family and all the stuff and We got back to each other [Austen] And you liked it and I liked it and we fucked in the same room, but it was Her mom and her dad and her sister. Well, we were sleeping in the same cabin [Austen] Like I think you like sex when there’s like an element of like risk right when it’s like we could get caught the police [Veronica] They we just get wake up or something so we did it and I liked it because she teaches me like yeah some stuff and Then with her I I saw that it was dominant they with girls I am dominant because I was even if I didn’t know how to do it with a girl. I was dominating her I was leading her [Austen] So in a threesome you’re usually Submissive to the guy but dominant to the girl, uh-huh. Yeah, my girlfriend’s the same way. Her favorite porn is Lesbian domination where they’re like just slapping the girls Yeah Also domination about the boy the other good in me dominating the boy I really like domination man domination because it’s hard. No you were always gonna fight to it No, I do I will not let you to slap my face. Yeah, so I don’t like it I’m so sorry, but you got it gonna get this slap as well [Austen] It’s and it’s so funny too because you’re so tiny. You look like a chihuahua just the cute little chihuahua and you’re gonna be done oof oof I’m dominant Okay in in the in the pickup community hey, hey focus we’ve got a focus here, okay Gosh, you’re such a chihuahua. You’re the Taco Bell Taco Bell But okay so We have this term called lay count which means how many people you’ve slept with right? So for example For example, if you have over 100 lay count, that’s a good thing. That means you’ve slept with over, you know, 100 girls What would you guess that your lay count is for men and women so like combined Respect girl trust the game Is that a Colombia Slang there is no friend of my best friend that I didn’t fuck because in my favorite sport in this world is fucking my best friend friend my best friend’s friend my best friend friends It’s like fun for me when he every time that he comes to Colombia that we met. I’m like, well, show me your friends I wan’t to fuck them [Austen] Ah the German guy no, oh Favorite sport, is to fuck Caseys friend [Austen] Some people like basketball some people like soccer football your favorite sport is fucking Casey’s friends That is for five friends that I have knew I knew my new friend just choose this is this is the best podcast so far There is around on one when 80 to 100 because did you know there is some Some names that they go Because you are drunk or too much drunk or do you don’t remember they are too bad that you don’t want to remember them [Austen] So that you got have the range 180 to 200. Yeah. Yeah, kind of no Actually, I wanted to before before finish this year if your New Year’s New Year’s if I wanted to make a list to know Which countries is missing – fuck, you know I thought when I first started with game like meeting girls That was my goal – so every every girl I fucked I put their ethnicity as well She’s like Hungarian Brazilian Mexican flag. Oh, yeah. You could have a map. Why don’t you sound like a map? I have a map in my phone But for me like with guys I have fucked The country there’s there’s this exist for like people who travel to different countries. They like scratch off the country from a map But yours is just like the countries that you fucking basically. You’re like Genghis Khan But the woman version you just want to keep the conquer dominate everyone conquistadora Well, I want to say thank you for being here thank you for being our best guest so far And if there’s anything you want to shout out your Instagram your Twitter [Veronica] Well, my social media working people stalk you well, you can guys you can put Veronica Leal like loyal I’ll put it in the description On Google and you will find out my job I also know your address so I can just have to be so they can come make your fantasy come true All right, thanks for watching this far guys hit the like button Smash the subscribe button if you made it this far you are Part of the I don’t know. I don’t even have a tribe name gaming squad. You’re part of pole Naish You’re part of you. You’ve been here. You’re awesome. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing and I’ll see you in the next video guys, oh Hey guys just do me a favor and hit that subscribe button. It really means a lot It’s that button that has a circle on it

47 thoughts on “Asking Her Fantasies Was a Mistake | Austen Summers Podcast #2 – Veronica Leal

  1. I don’t know who this pornstar is, and I’ve been a porn addict, she’s pretty deranged when it comes to her hedonism. Just looked her up, and now I see why I never came across her. I watch porn where girls actually have tits, and a ass.

  2. If you read the book 'Sex At Dawn' everything she says makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective… lol I love women 🙂

  3. This is by far one of the best entertainment of pod casts I've listened to in a while. My only thing is adding me as a friend me on Instagram Austin..RSD Papi 🙂 Have her come to California San Diego.. I don't mind being checked..What I learned from your pod cast was how women fantasies are different. A woman's imagination in porn is boring, because she get lots of sex. The woman who is not in porn has the imagination, because she is craving that sexual desire in which she does not have. What Leal pointed out if your the creative fun guy you can have sex with a porn star, better yet becomming one. It was not physically stated, but Leal mention how she gets turned on when a crowd or when certian risks brings excitement. The events are more fun and exciting. The unknown creates fear to push foward. For the new boys in game this is great advice to push past your fears.

  4. Wow. One thing I learned from this episode is that females are more freaky and more complex than us guys….thats amazing!!! And thank you guys for this episode 👍

  5. Hey Austen, what is your point of view about porn after this interview? I remember you saying once that stop watching porn was your first step to mental freedom (or so). Has that changed in any way after her kind of making sense that porn teaches people how to fuck?

  6. f-ck me! what a psych journey this episode is! this girl is as multi-layered as an onion; but aren't we all? Still trying to wrap my mind around her rape fantasy!

  7. Veronica Leal is gorgeous. One of the more beautiful pornstars to ever do porn, especially as hardcore as she does.

  8. stop worshipping thots and/or our inner animal. there's nothing special or transcendent about that, it's a just a path down degeneracy.

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