Asking Her Fantasies Was a Mistake | Austen Summers Podcast #2 – Veronica Leal

47 thoughts on “Asking Her Fantasies Was a Mistake | Austen Summers Podcast #2 – Veronica Leal

  1. I don’t know who this pornstar is, and I’ve been a porn addict, she’s pretty deranged when it comes to her hedonism. Just looked her up, and now I see why I never came across her. I watch porn where girls actually have tits, and a ass.

  2. If you read the book 'Sex At Dawn' everything she says makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective… lol I love women 🙂

  3. This is by far one of the best entertainment of pod casts I've listened to in a while. My only thing is adding me as a friend me on Instagram Austin..RSD Papi 🙂 Have her come to California San Diego.. I don't mind being checked..What I learned from your pod cast was how women fantasies are different. A woman's imagination in porn is boring, because she get lots of sex. The woman who is not in porn has the imagination, because she is craving that sexual desire in which she does not have. What Leal pointed out if your the creative fun guy you can have sex with a porn star, better yet becomming one. It was not physically stated, but Leal mention how she gets turned on when a crowd or when certian risks brings excitement. The events are more fun and exciting. The unknown creates fear to push foward. For the new boys in game this is great advice to push past your fears.

  4. Wow. One thing I learned from this episode is that females are more freaky and more complex than us guys….thats amazing!!! And thank you guys for this episode 👍

  5. Hey Austen, what is your point of view about porn after this interview? I remember you saying once that stop watching porn was your first step to mental freedom (or so). Has that changed in any way after her kind of making sense that porn teaches people how to fuck?

  6. f-ck me! what a psych journey this episode is! this girl is as multi-layered as an onion; but aren't we all? Still trying to wrap my mind around her rape fantasy!

  7. Veronica Leal is gorgeous. One of the more beautiful pornstars to ever do porn, especially as hardcore as she does.

  8. stop worshipping thots and/or our inner animal. there's nothing special or transcendent about that, it's a just a path down degeneracy.

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