#AskGaryVee Episode 73: Podcasting, Building Legacy & The Chamber of Commerce

#AskGaryVee Episode 73: Podcasting, Building Legacy & The Chamber of Commerce

– In this episode, I talk about giving away
your best work for free, hitting the pavement, and we spoke to Darth Bill. (hip hop music) – You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. (hip hop music) – Hey everybody, this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is Episode 73
of The #AskGaryVee Show. Before we get into the show, I think you guys probably could tell, I’m coming in with a very
serious attitude for Episode 73. Just came out of an intense meeting, got more more intense
meetings on the backside, and so, you should be
prepared for intense. – [Voiceover] Carlo
asks, “I sometimes feel “that giving away some
of my best work for free “might mean others perceiving
it as less valuable. “Is this a true risk, “or is this where the right
hook balances it all out?” – Carlo, this is a solid question. You know, I think at some level, there is a risk about giving
away your best work for free. For me, that’s been the
gateway drug at some level, because I think best
work needs to be defined. It depends on what your work is. For example, I’m blown away by people who don’t realize that their best advice is exactly what you
should give away for free, because if you’re in the
selling-advice business, you really need to give contextual advice. So I can theoretically talk
about Snapchat being important, but then when I meet the tire company, we have to formulate it to
work within that context, and so that advice is
then gonna be specific. If you’re a painter, and your best work is the
greatest painting you ever made, and then you gave it away for free, that’s maybe a little
bit of a different game. But if you strategically gave it away, like to a very important museum, or to a very important billionaire, that puts it in the
prime spot in their home, could that then become the gateway? The problem is, with this question and this debate, is that when you are
doing something for free, it needs to be strategic, because what you’re looking to do by giving something for
free, is to create leverage, to then do something that is not for free. And so, you know, DRock
could’ve made a video for a bunch of different characters, and maybe it wouldn’t have
panned out to have the ROI that he received by doing
a video for me for free. And so, I think that often times, people look at this as
a blanket statement. To me, all the good stuff
I give away for free has strategic purpose. I understand why I’m doing it, and that’s why it becomes
so much easier to do, even though I don’t always expect the outcome of that action. And I think that becomes the big part. Way too many people do things for free, give away their best work for free, and then expect this windfall behind it, and when it’s not delivered,
they become disappointed, and within that disappointment, they don’t follow up, and do it again, and make it a replicable action, which has more upside in
three out of five times, where it brings value. You focused on the two out of five, and that kinda squashed you, so that’s my answer. – [Voiceover] Darth Bill asks,
“Should a new small business “join a local Chamber of Commerce “in order to build a brand in
the community they live in? “I’ve never had much ROI
on networking groups.” – You know, Darth Bill,
the answer is probably, but maybe it’s not the group’s problem, maybe it’s your problem. Maybe you’re not good
at networking, right? And so, you know, I think you need to look
yourself in the mirror, Darth. And I’m gonna continue with the pause, cuz I don’t wanna leave it
that negative, cuz I like Bill. Even though I’m in a little
bit of a focused mood, there’s no reason to be zingy. You know, I think you need
to really know yourself. One of the biggest reasons I do go to a lot of networking things, and I don’t go to Chamber of Commerce, though I did, we were part of one. Brandon loved it. I (mumbles) freaking loved the concept of the Chamber of Commerce. I mean, you know, I think that you really need to know yourself, and if you don’t find yourself as someone who is strong at networking, or has that gear to go up
to people and say hello, and you don’t have that bullcrap gear, where you’re just going up to everybody and handing your business card, you know, then maybe it’s not for you. I mean, we really need
to bet on strengths. You know that’s a big thesis of mine. And so I would look at yourself first. If you’re not good in that environment, then maybe you shouldn’t
be putting yourself in that position. – [Voiceover] Heromoviepodcast asks, “What value do you place “on getting out there
and pressing the flesh, “in order to expand your fanbase?” – Heromoviepodcast, can I call you HMP? I think I can. HMP, you know, I have
enormous value in it. You go into a confined area, where there’s like-minded
fans to exactly what you do. And, you know, listen, nothing replaces a nice little selfie, or a hug, or a high-five. You know, I think you use the digital world as a gateway drug, to then meet in person, to then solidify, and then kick back out
into the digital world to create amplification. So, I’m a huge fan of
pounding the pavement, showing up in real world places, and it continues to be a reason I go to things like South by Southwest, and I’m a big fan of it. I don’t think you can just
do it in the data world, we’re still human, for now. Robot culture coming, but
not right this second, and so market in the
year that you live in. 2015, hitting the pavement? Yes. – Hey Gary, my name is Pavel Kravchuk. I’m here with members of Slavic Chorale. – [Both] Hi, Gary. – We just sang at
VaynerMedia San Francisco, and we have a question for you. Answer our question. We are a choir and orchestra that has existed for about five years, and we’re looking to grow. We have an audience of about 3
to 5,000 at our big concerts. In order for us to continue to grow, we need to get more corporate sponsorships from bigger companies, but they already support orchestras like the San Francisco Symphony. So how do we get them
to support us as well? – First of all, thank you so
much for coming to Vayner SF, and wowing them with your skills. You know, look, I made a
very classic, old-school Gary Vaynerchuk video from way back when. I’ll link it up right here, DRock. You know, this one is the cold call video. This seems to be a very
simple answer, my friends. I think that you guys may
be tremendous at singing, but selling might be a
very different thing. And so you need to find
who can sell and sing, or who can just sell, while you guys sing, because the truth is, you
just hit the ground, right? You like, there’s a billion places to go, and you just literally go ask all of them. I’m always blown away by people saying, “Oh, we’re in big trouble.” Like, people are supporting other things, or there’s nowhere to go. There’s always somewhere to go. Get creative. Like, you know, are they in San Francisco? Yeah, I mean, Jesus Christ,
you’ve got nothing but funded, read TechCrunch and Re/code everyday, look at every code company that just raised 50 million dollars, and go knock on their door
and say, “Give me 3,000.” I mean, like, you know, I
mean it’s like, it’s crazy. You know, this question to a salesman is like me asking you, “How do I sing?” Right? Like, you would answer, “You just sing.” Now, what the funny part is, is I just might suck at singing. Right? And you might suck at sales, and so I think you need to figure out who can do that for you, because the answer to your
question is extremely basic. Literally go to the phone book. What I mean by that is, literally hit up every single
business in San Francisco. All of them. Rick’s Car Wash to Google. From everybody from Rick’s to Google. That’s right, DRock, you
weren’t expecting that, were you? And so, Google, Rick’s Car Wash, and every company in between
gets hit up by you guys. Somebody’s gonna give you cash, and I’m gonna guess it’s gonna
be more than just somebody. – [Voiceover] Apollopoetry asks,
“When all is said and done, “how would you like to be remembered?” – This is a tremendous question. This finally put me in a decent mood. You know, look. I think, I think that selfishly, I would like to be remembered as the greatest human being
that ever lived the Earth. (bell rings) You know, we’ll try to
keep it basic and modest. You know, I’d like to think that, I’d like to think that
people appreciated my effort, in whatever way they define that, right? Like, the hustle culture
that I’ve created, that you know, is clearly, I’m so humbled by the notion that it’s inspired people to
work harder and create things, but like, the effort on
like, on an individual level, and like, all the behind the scenes stuff. Like, look, I often say, I live my life on a daily basis, with the complete intent to have everybody that I interact with, show up to my funeral. And I think the only way you can do that, is to be remembered as such a good person, that you created guilt, that people have to go out of their way on their busy days to
show up to your funeral, even though you only met twice
in two business meetings. And so how do you do that? You become memorable. I take advantage of like,
my extroverted personality, and like, the charisma that I was gifted, but I think you need to
back up that sizzle, right? And I take a lot of pride in my ability to be a practitioner,
and my ability to do, I’ve gotten better and better and better at like, keeping my word. That’s always, you know, tough, because, you know, I would
have all these ambitions, and I’m always on the offense, and that is something
I’ve gotten better at. You know, so I guess, you know, just a good human being who cared about, who cared about more
things than just himself. Question of the day. What do I wanna know today? I’m in a interesting zone
today, like very focused. Usually when the lights come on, I can get out of it,
and go into this zone, but I’m in hardcore focus mode. Talk to me about what you are focusing on the most in your life right now. Thanks for watching Episode 73. Getting close to 100, guys. You know, did we mail in 50? I was talking a big game, and then we didn’t do
anything crazy, right? Is that what happened? We just kinda like, we talked a big game. – [Steve] It’s tough
to hit timing windows. – Timing windows, right? Timing windows. – [India] You answered 25
questions couple episodes ago. – That was fun.
– [India] That was cool. – We need to, you know what,
that’s another side question. What do you want from me on Episode 100? Because it’s gonna sneak up. It’s close, the NFL Draft talk that we’ve been having is interesting, you know, but I don’t think
it’s gonna work, right? Like, I’d have to really like– – [Steve] Well,
March is gonna be light for #AskGaryVee– – Oh right, I’m traveling. March is gonna be a crap month. We shouldn’t have said that
now, they just heard it. You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. In April. (all laugh) (hip hop music)

100 thoughts on “#AskGaryVee Episode 73: Podcasting, Building Legacy & The Chamber of Commerce

  1. #QOTD : Right now I'm focusing on launching a 3 month project for one of my courses in my Computer Science studies. We have to make an Android app.
    And I'm also focusing on hard working to have to opportunity to go to a really good university for one year !

  2. Thanks for answering our question, Gary! We are actually based out of Sacramento, but we can definitely talk to SF businesses as well. Maybe we'll start with VaynerMedia! 😉

  3. FOCUS ON: sell,sell,sell.expand./prodaj,prodaj,prodaj.širi se
    PS really rare character this garyvee, totaly agree with hustle
    and thyou economy practice so we try to implement it in our work.
    Big respect!

  4. #QOTD: Today, I'm focusing 100% (minus my daily GaryVee break 😉 ) on my ebook about being a freelance copywriter for the past 2.5 years. Really happy to help people turn their freelancing skills from a hobby to a real money-maker.

    In the back of my head I've also been thinking a lot about creating physical products to sell. I miss my old retail days. 🙂

  5. #QOTD I'm focusing on my intra-preneur thing working my entrepreneur skills in the company I'm with.  Trying to use what I'm learning from you to teach these old-suits how to operate in today's services economy.  

  6. #QOTD 1: Everything. Too Much: My wife's startup from-home business; my daughter; growing my sales at my Dojo; launching my graphic design business from semi-freelance to all-pro.

    #QOTD 2:Video #100 I want to see you and @Grant Cardone do a duo #askgaryvee  

  7. Hi Gary, great show! Right now I am super focus on creating some long form copy for my site. Getting set for a re-launch so to speak. Thanks for sharing, your intensity is contagious. 

    SideQ, for episode 100, what if you did a live show and took real time questions from social.

    You keep answering questions and I'll keep watching!

  8. After my marriage of 10 years ended three months ago and a major failure in a passion project, I lost my hustle and drive due to depression. I am focus on getting back on track!

  9. #QOTD  I am focusing on getting my eBook out there and noticed (no shameless plugs here). Really digging learning more about eBook production though. TBH, I wish I could NOT focus for just one day! 😉

  10. Your intensity is sometimes palpable; hope it's for good reasons, and not negative ones. 

    #QOTD  I'm focusing on completing what I've started.  Short version: lifetime in customer service (waiter, poker dealer) with no ambitions, battling depression and demons.  Now a proud daddy (20-month-old Jaxon) and husband (the beautiful lady sharing my profile picture), who realized 18 months ago I'm an entrepreneur.  Been finding out how to do that successfully since then; had a failed startup in the cannabis industry (live in Seattle, so it's legal) last summer.  My focus is on trying to build a portfolio of successfully completed projects, in order to help attract the right co-founder(s) or (potentially) investors.  To that end, I'm putting my skills and experience to good use and organizing Seattle's first cannabis technology hackathon/startup-competition, GrassRoots (http://grassrootshackathon.com), coming May 29-31 at WeWork Seattle.  Once that is wrapped up, I'll be moving on to another idea in another industry; I just want that W on my record, and the confidence boost in my heart.

  11. The challenge most people have when joining a chamber is they go with a "get first" mentality.  Much like your attitude Gary, you see the most success from groups you "give" too.  So if you want to join the chamber, make sure you are adding value…you will get plenty in return.

  12. #QOTD  – Two things. My computer science degree, and the startup I'm working on.
    I wish I could just focus on one thing at a time, though.

  13. Right now, I'm focusing on balance. I want to round out my interest set and work life in such a way that I can develop, hustle and be happy.

  14. #QOTD: Scaling up my business
    #SIDE QOTD: Few real examples of how you helped your client(s) to scale up using social media. [I don't know if thats too much to ask 🙂 ]

  15. At the moment I am focusing on making a short film of no more than 10 minutes. I have had an offer from someone who has done hair and makeup for tv. Gary for number 100 you could the show in a clown's outfit.

  16. #QOTD – I'm focused on building my digital marketing consulting business (not going to mention the name here directly because it's not ready to come out from behind the curtain).

    #SIDE  QOTD – Create archived transcripts of the #AskGaryVee Show. However, it might be best for you to save this for a right hook and make some money off it. Sell it to Vayner Nation. Sell it to universities! I'm sure the collection of content, at this point, would be stunning!

  17. #QOTD I'm focusing on building my content marketing service business. Looking to partner up with @David Rock  if he's open to it.

  18. Right now like right now? Cellphone in one hand electric razor shaving in the other, but on a serious note I'm focusing on getting sponsors for an event I'm doing while bootstrapping my startup past ramen status. For episode 100 I'd like you to answer 100 questions #easy

  19. #QOTD: Right now I'm focusing on growing my personal brand and it's paying off. I'm working my full time job, part time community manager for Social Hangout and keeping up with my network & writing in whatever time is left. I told my husband the other day (after he looked questioningly at me because of the early morning thru evening online work I'm doing) that all the hard work and long hours are for a reason and it's starting to pay off. The Social Hangout guys know where I'm headed and they're the pay off at the end of this road. 

    #Side  QOTD:  far as what you can do for me? Answer my question someday on one of your shows: I know you really hustle and work hard. What was your reason behind why you started on this path (social media, marketing, writing, etc) and what is your pay off? And do you still have a dream or goal you're reaching for? 

    Thanks Gary! 

  20. Edpisode 100 – seeing as your travelling around episode 100 get interesting people(social, celebrities, clients, etc) to ask you questions and you can mail it in

  21. Been most focussed on passng the Wine & Spirit Educator Programme! Now Focussed on getting my winemaking blog from Australa finished and keeping on with the 4 hour body(love Tim Ferriss) . For episode 100, I want you to get vaynermedia employees to answer the questions!

  22. #QOTD  I'm laser focused on getting this new product we soft launched last month – so much that I trade sleep and socializing (not to mention family time) for it more than I would like. The first 100 customers is the hardest. 🙂 #AskGaryVee  

  23. #QOTD Taxes. #SIDE  QOTD We want to know what iPhone games you have on your iPhone and how can an unreleased game jab before launch? Other than that, keep kick'n it! Watched every episode. Lurker no more.. 

  24. QOTD: Currently working on expansion of our company coast to coast. I'd like to see you focus more on the answer for the person and not swerve it into how awesome you are. We know that already, that's why we watch 😉

  25. Q: building my team. That's what I'm super focused on right now.
    Ep 100: run a contest. The winner will do a show with you. The first 100 responses your question for episode 100 will be evaluated through whatever extra means you deem appropriate. The winner will come and be on the show with you.

  26. I love your comment on mixing digital engagement with face-to-face interaction to leverage each other. I notice that when I meet someone at an event then engage on twitter, it amplifies so much more. Don't be afraid engage, people – it works! Great episode Gary and thanks for your wisdom. #QOTD – Working on learning how to improve my knowledge of online marketing to benefit my company. #SIDE  QOTD – More specific methods to use SM tools like Snapchat for businesses. 

  27. #QOTD  4 weeks away from expecting my first child! Planningn and trying to get ready has got me about as consumed as it gets.  

    As for Ep. 100, how about your favorite #QOTD  responses?

  28. I think episode #100 should be a guerilla #AskGaryVee  show, where Gary walks the streets of NYC and have the cameras follow him and have people ask him questions. Something different like that. 

  29. QOTD: Focusing hard on SNAPCHAT right now!! We want our followers to see what we are up to at a more personal level!
    Episode 100? Let's try and do a live feed where you are taking the questions yourself as they come in via twitter or instagram and answering them right on the spot? It would be cool to see you scroll through and pick questions in real time.

  30.   #QOTD   Hey Gary! I'm one of your fans, following ya on Twitta @valuehour. My answer is…… I'm focusing on developing a sense of urgency for things! I'm a pretty laid back guy, so atm building toward making decisions at a faster and more efficient rate. Keep up the superb work, much love from the pearl of the Middle East, Beirut!  #AskGaryVee  

  31. Yesterday I was focused on snorkeling in the Caribbean….. today I'm back in the Midwest US, focusing on the @FitTube App launch!!! #fromsand   #tosnow   

  32. QOTD: Super focused on 2015 volunteer dev and postional org within our space

    QOTD2: Epi 100? I want something similar to the old Wine Secret Packs but fitting for the theme of this show.

  33. QOTD: I'd like to say 100% the blog I've started with my best friend but I've done poorly at making it my #1 priority with school and part-time jobs
    Side QOTD: a sneak peek at the different divisions within VM!

  34. Hey @Gary Vaynerchuk  I would love to see a picture of you with all your staff, meaning the 400+ employees. Have a great week.

  35. Hi Gary. Nick's dad here. I am focusing on building a bigger audience for my fine art. Once I decided to focus more on the "business of art" and not just pounding away in the studio,  I've seen some real traction.  And connecting stories and dialogue about the art, has made a difference as well.  

  36. My sole life focus is launching my healthy, fresh daily, gourmet, meal plan delivery in NYC next month. I am a nutritionist and have tons of ideas I would like to develop that I am super passionate about. I have extensive plans to build a health/wellness empire, and in my mind it's not a question of if but when. I really appreciate all the content that +Gary Vaynerchuk puts out​. I'm all about that realness, passion, doing good for others, hustle high energy – Love it all.

  37. Focus…I'm trying to get my life prioritized…and figure out what projects I need to put the most effort in to. Also…trying to determine the next step/direction for my "consulting" side business.

  38. AOTD: I'm focusing on the work and product I'm working on and geting setteld for a little while in the new city.

    Gary I do appreciate your effort and time.

    On 100 come to Poland to a conference. 😉

  39. On episode 100 it'd be epic if you could give a shout out to your fans who are executing on your advice in social! 

  40. As far as the Chamber of Commerce, BNI and other networky groups, Gary and big businesses that use the web and channel sales don't need to utilize this strategy.  Its too slow but it is fast if its a small business and especially if you are just getting started.  Networking offline is a quick way to cash and testimonials = good traction.  Although I find the groups nauseating at best, for my offline senior/boomer biz I committed to 6 months, strategized every thing I did in those meeting and then leveraged online so I could be done with them.  I created a course on Udemy that they usually put on sale for 10 bucks.  If you need a coupon LMK – How to Network Like a Pro.  Do it quick, kick ass at it and then move beyond them within the year

  41. #QOTD I am focusing on being a thought leader in the marshmallow world 🙂
    #SIDE QOTD Time saving hacks & a detailed account of how you set up and stick to your daily schedules.

  42. #QOTD: I'm focused on staying focused. To many to-dos, not enough doings and very little is done. Maybe I need to focus on my efficiency too (adding that to my to-dos list). 😉

    #SIDE QOTD: Short film following you through your daily busy schedule.

  43. My local COC has literally 15 members. Our city population is about 50k, and I feel like I am the only 30 year old that didn't want to work in a factory or in retail for the rest of my life. Local ordinances prohibit me from advertising with flyers. I think being a one man show is brutal, but it has it's moments so far. I don't have the $700+ a month for renting an office space and I think that a home based PC Repair place can still be professional. Thoughts?

  44. Focusing on my health and my family, and getting my small business I just started up off of the ground. I'm making adjustments and positive steps thanks to this show.

  45. #QOTD Trying to prove that I have the chops to be an associate project manager.

    #SIDEQOTD  it happened already 🙁

  46. Right now I am focusing on building my business, period. I am approaching my 3 year Anniversary next week and I had so many blood sucking vampires taking advantage of the fact I was/am a yes person that I lost my complete focus on what I am trying to accomplish. I am not salty about any of them, I am grateful for the lessons. For the past two months, I have been selfish in my efforts to learn, lead, hustle, and grow….

  47. Right now I am focusing on revamping the nutrition program at my business (I own a personal training studio) so that we can go from 75% results to 100%. And I am personally focused on getting back into the shape I was in before my injury.

  48. Focusing on Right Now…. Essay on the intersection of power and technology and Business Acquisitions.

    Good show. I like the ghost pro. Again the answers have always been adding value and thought to my own personal situation.

  49. QOTD Currently focusing on building new male salon clients for my beard oil company.
    SIDE QOTD I'd like to hear a deep dive answer into building a new business since you have accomplished this a great many many times.

  50. I've been focusing on the Mats and teaching kids classes.
    I teach youth jiu-jitsu and wrestling Monday-Friday and train in the mornings
    Putting my head down, shutting up and getting experience in coaching.

  51. Right now I'm focusing most on learning about my skills and passion and how that can be leveraged to build the life I want both currently and long term.
    I like the live, on location episodes and interaction with the people asking the questions

  52. QOTD: My big focus right now is building my business from (right now) losing money to actually becoming profitable. I'm behind on the show and right now is Dec 2015, so I plan to hustle even harder in the new year. Hope to revisit this in a year and see what's changed.

    QOTD2: I am from the future and know what you do for episode 100 😉

  53. #QOTD: Right now what I'm focusing on most is a large production. My partners have been working on a presentation for months that's gonna end up being probably about 4 hours long and completely revolutionary for our industry (big talk, but I truly believe it). It'll partially be a sales presentation but there're so many jabs in there, I have no apprehensions about getting people to see it =).

    This comment was typed on my dinner break: now back to editing!

  54. #QOTH I'm working on personal growth. I'm turning 40 next month and I've never dedicated time and effort to discovering myself. In another episode you talked about the default to say yes to things or no. My default has always been no. This year I've said yes to so much and am further for it. I'm not an entrepreneur of business, but I think a lot of the same traits can cross over to being the steward of your own thoughts and reactions instead of being an employee to what culture says. I'm glad I found your videos. They have helped me learn new and go in a different direction as far as work goes.

  55. I noticed a funny thing about my YouTube behaviour. I waited for a more quiet moment in the video, to type a comment, because I didn't want to pause the video. This tells me that there should be some empty space at the end of YouTube videos. And then I realized that in the AskGaryVee show there usually is a bit of slack in the end of the video. I don't know if this, too, is a strategic decision by the #askgaryvee team, but it's a good one.

  56. #QOTD At this point I'm focused on a side-hustle of building my local & online reputation as an audio effects technician/repairman. Graduated from uni last year with an EE degree and at 21 landed a salary job which I'm really only utilizing to fund basic expenses, pay off loans, etc. But I have loved playing guitar in bands my whole life, so I'm merging my passion of music with my electronics education. I have a blog, on which I'm documenting my journey of repairing pedals (for free at the moment) and eventually will turn into designing/building my own guitar effects under my own audio effects company. Gary, you allowed me to harness the idea of bettering myself and pursuing what I want out of this life on my own terms. Kudos, godspeed!

  57. Side: Guest coming through and rapid fire Q's
    QOTD: Rly questioning what I wanna do for the rest of my life.

  58. Sponsorship, sponsorship, sponsorship!!!! My Achilles heel…… time to grow a pair! Thanks GaryVee #the50yroldman

  59. I’m focusing most, like the most the most on finding my most passion filled niche, which in turn is also self awareness. Yes Gary I’ve been paying attention. Love all that you do bro, and your legacy is alive and well! Big up’s!

  60. #QOTD I’m really focusing on my bachelors degree in electrical engineering while documenting my journey so others can learn from my mistakes and successes.

  61. #QOTD: Right now, I'm focusing on upskilling. I like the potential of data science and think it's going to be a really powerful tool, if it isn't already. Feel like it's also the kind of thing I can learn the basics of with relative ease using simple online learning courses

  62. Just Funded $250,000 looking to fund more!!! Get your business loan Today! Start ups welcome! http://egroupbusinessloans.com/

  63. #qotd I’m focusing on building the foundations to capitalise on a really exciting, life altering decision that my fiancé and I have made, which is going down May 2019 😱

  64. #QOTD : Totally focused to gain max knowledge from you 😀
    On serious not focused of moving closer to achieve all my childhood dreams.

  65. Loved the Snapchat prop another thing that was awesome you saying that you are working keeping your word because you are always on offense.

    The best part was the context you gave the symphony peeps you were like if I asked how do you sing you’d say just sing but I may be a bad singer and vice verse with sales . That context makes a difference.

  66. #QOTD: Becoming a memorable person, increasing my worth. So much I am working on
    #SIDEQOTD: Office tour or something would be cool. (I Will see what you did in #100 lol)

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