#AskGaryVee Episode 183: The Future of the Music Industry, Crush It!, and Anchor as Podcasting App

#AskGaryVee Episode 183: The Future of the Music Industry, Crush It!, and Anchor as Podcasting App

– On this episode, I talk about what I would do with Crush
It! if I wrote it again, Anchor, the voice app, and the music industry. (pounding hip-hop music) (crowd cheering) You ask questions and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. Uh, I want to write an article about why I can’t do the CM job at VaynerMedia. Like, I want the title to be like, “literally, I’m not joking,
I would not be hired for the entry-level job at VaynerMedia.” – [India] It’s so good. – ‘Cause it’s true. – [India] I didn’t
think I was gonna get hired. I don’t think I would be hired now. – I don’t think I could
pass – let me rephrase. I, no question, could not
pass the grammar test. – [India] Oh my god,
that test was hard. (laughs) – You didn’t think you were gonna pass it? – [India] I mean, I
never really, like, learned – – Grammar. – [India] Like, you just talk,
and then you – – Do you think it’s true that
you couldn’t get hired now? – [India] I think so. – Yeah, that’s, I get it. – [India] Because
also, now, it’s like, I don’t know, it’s just different. Like, when I was a CM,
I was also half at ICP. – [Gary] Right. – [India] Like, my
first week, they were like, “write a contact
calendar,” and I was like, “what is a content calendar?” (laughter) And then Jen Hsieh was like my savior, shoutout to Jen Hsieh. (Gary laughs) – [India] She saved my life. I was like, oh, I’m gonna
get fired and go home. And then my first meeting
with Gary, he was like, “so what accounts are you
on and what are you doing?” And I was like, “oh, I’m on Drop 50,” and you were like, “oh,
what platforms are they on?” and I was like, “Facebook.” And you were like, “how
much do they post?” I’m like, “once a day.” And you looked at me and you were like, “you’re on one account
that posts once a day?” And I was like, “yeah,” and you were like, “you need to be doing way more”. (Gary laughs) Like, this girl’s wasting my money. (claps) – Don’t fuck with my money, India. – I was like, I’m totally not lasting
more than a month here. – Funny how things work out. Alright, let’s do it. – [India] Ready. – 183? Hey everybody,
it’s Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is Episode 183 of the #AskGaryVee Show. We are on a real f’in rally. Right? Four straight days? – [DRock] Yeah. – Which is, whoo! And like, real episodes, I mean, big shoutout to the community, you know that your comments are my oxygen, many, and I mean many, people across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram claiming that 182 was the best episode in the history of the #AskGaryVee Show, and that makes sense to me because it definitely
had a different vibe, it did get very deep, there was – people really talking
about the bookend answers, the first and last one, you saw that? We have to do a bookend kind of thing. India? Some people made some comments about you. (laughs) – You guys are the worst. – Alright, let’s get into the show. – [India] I have Carreño. – Carreño. – [Voiceover] F. Carreño asks, “How do you check your building VM “in a way that will thrive
beyond your charisma as a CEO? “How do you build great successors?” – That’s a great question. I think it comes in DailyVee 015, you’ll see me in the dirt, I think one of the things
that’s very confusing about me is I do live parallel lives. I do live a life where I’m
an outgoing personality, a lightning rod of a personality,
a charismatic character, the basis of this question. We have the show, we have DailyVee, we have all my content, I
engage, I’m on TV, I mean, you know, I’ve been actually
keeping myself off of TV. But here we go with the
new book coming out. Dr. Oz, right? Fox and Friends in the
morning, CNN with Don Lemon. Like, I’m gonna be out there, right? Magazines, things of that nature, so, you know, with all that being said, one thing that people have
struggled with quantifying is that I am working 18 hours a day, which allows me to, in
essence, live two lives, I’m living two lives. I’m putting the hours in as I was, as if I was a personal brand
and a pundit and a tastemaker and an author and a
speaker and a personality, but I’m equally at scale running this organization. You know, it’s very easy for this company to run and be structured and be set up for success without me. I mean, I don’t even think,
I just met the AT&T client. Like, there’s so much business going on that has nothing to do with me that is set up by the
well-compensated, very senior, 20-years-into-their-career
executives that roll around here. I mean, they’re 600 people deep here. As a matter of fact, Staphon, let’s get into a little
bit of editing here. No joke, I need 21 seconds of B-roll of the three floors in New York now. (slow hip-hop beat) – People are working here, this is a real organization. I’m the CEO of VaynerMedia. I happen to moonlight as Gary Vee. – [India] There’s an article, too. – Yeah, actually, there’s a good one. Right? So, like, how do I do it? I mean, I don’t know, the
last 18 hours of my meetings have been completely organizational
and operational meetings for VaynerMedia. I so understand, and never get upset, why people don’t believe that to be true, or AJ’s doing it, like, they don’t know. And they don’t know, and DailyVee’s been the only beginning of optics to people to know that I’m actually doing the work. – [Voiceover] Daniel asks, “Will people use Anchor “as an alternative podcasting platform?” – I do believe that has potential. I’m very excited about Anchor. I put Anchor directly, and
it’s only five seconds old, but I already put it directly
into the category of, like, I need to keep an eye on this, mainly because, and I don’t
know if we’ll ever find this, I don’t know, Staphon,
maybe when you’re bored, you know, which is never, but if you ever come across
some 2000 789 videos, I talked a lot about “audio Twitter,” I don’t know if I ever
even put it out publicly, you know how usually I’m like, I did it? I don’t know. But I’ve been obsessed with
the idea of audio Twitter for a long time – what’s that? – [India] You said you
were going back to voice. – I did say going back to voice somewhere. – [India] A year and a half ago. – Yes, please dig, let’s find that. I’ve been obsessed with
voice for a long time. It’s an important platform, it’s one of the ways we communicate. It’s why podcasting has re-emerged, and I do think Anchor or something like it has the potential to become
a very important platform. I’m 100%, like the article
that we just wrote, going to use Anchor for my thoughts, and then basically we’re
gonna write articles about it, and so the people following me on Anchor, you know, it’ll be fun for them to see what the translation is from how, like, talk about really
exposing our process, I’m literally gonna, instead of memos and sending them to you, start doing them on Anchor, people will hear all the silliness
and how I correct myself, and they’ll see how we transcribe, or how much we don’t transcribe, or how much grammar you
have to deploy against me. And so I think it will absolutely be a podcast play for a lot of people. I’ve considered it here. I considered, actually,
recording this right now. Like, literally right now. I may even record the next question. As a matter of fact, I will. Like, (laughs) this is
all going very weird. So yes. Do I have to hold it down? – [India] Yeah. – Do I have to hold it down? – [Staphon] No, well, you do have to hold it against your ear. – No, but when I hit record? – [India] Yeah, I think
you can just record, like – – Oh, it’s only two minutes, too, and you do have to hold it down. – [Staphon] Really? – Yeah. – [Staphon] I was trying it, and it usually says hold it to your ear. – Oh yeah, you could
probably do it to your ear, you’re probably right. It’s really well-done.
I love the onboarding. Josh Shaman, big shoutout, you were right about the
onboarding, it’s tremendous. So yeah, I think, you know,
it’s only two minutes, though. – [India] Yeah. – So I guess no is now my answer, as I’m, like, playing with the app. You know, but I think it’s
a great promotion tool for two minutes as a gateway
drug to your actual podcasts, especially because you
can put a URL in the post. Like, test that already, like when you put the
additionals and stuff. It’s really neat, I’m enjoying it, there’s nothing more fun than, like, it’s kinda like going to school and the first day of sixth grade, and there’s two new kids in school. (phone chimes) That was weird. (laughter) Anchor, that was very weird. You know, and one of
’em you have a crush on. Right? You’re like,
ooh, Sally’s so pretty. You know, and so, like, there’s
a new app, it’s interesting, it’s voice, it’s a space
I’ve been paying attention to for a long time and waiting for this moment. We’ll see what happens with it, it’s very early, let’s not, you know. When something like Peach or Anchor, I mean, these are four
hundredths of a second old, but I’m paying attention to it in the way I’m paying attention
to Peach and other things. Let’s not get it, it’s not musical.ly yet. And it’s definitely not Snapchat yet. – [India] Here’s one from Chris. – Chris. – Drucker.
– [Gary] Drucker. – Ducker. – Ducker, oh. (mumbles) Oh, I think I’m doing his podcast soon. – Hey, what’s up, Gary, Chris Ducker here over in the Philippines. Look, man, you know, you’ve had so many great
book launches before, you’ve got another one coming up, I’m sure it’s gonna be a massive success. I’m curious to know, from
one author to another, what actually happens post-launch? Do you carry on with your marketing team, pushing the book out there? Or do you just let the
internet, the readers, social, and Amazon reviews take over to continue the marketing? Thanks for the insights, brother. – Great question, Chris, and really enjoyed our
time we spent in San Diego, he’s a really good guy, I’m
excited to do his podcast. Chris, for me, I usually wait ’til the New York Times comes out, and to see where it lands. Crush It!, it became wildfire, it went on. Thank You Economy, I really,
the second it came out, I stopped, I was really, just
became CEO of VaynerMedia. With Jab, Jab, I continued
it through for a little bit, and with #AskGaryVee I’m doing heavy promotion
now, I’ll do it in March, I’ll do it in April,
there’s a little bit of May, events, different things, like – I have a funny feeling
#AskGaryVee, the book, is going to be huge. And I’ll tell you why. Multiple people now who
have the galley copy, who are reading it, who are either so not full of shit that they would tell me
it sucked or was good and/or have no interest
in giving a crap about me (laughs) or number three, don’t even know who I am, are giving such intense good feedback, and it makes sense. ‘Cause it’s the collection
of my best work, this show, re-edited, and by the way, just to clear it up, it is 1000% not a
transcribe from the show. Like, I re-answered all
the questions in new form. There was a baseline but I didn’t let any
word-for-word be the answer. I added to it, I changed my mind, I changed my mind between
the book and the audiobook. One of the things that I feel bad about is people that fundamentally
give a crap at all are gonna have to buy both,
’cause they’re different. And I actually don’t even know
if I gave different answers, I’m dying to see the first person that actually sits and
sees what discrepancies, and somebody who’s really
hardcore on opening day, please read the book in
parallel to the audiobook and see, call me out on the two or three where there’s a discrepancy, we’ll use #AskGaryVee, maybe we’ll use #AskGaryVee episode 200 to clear up all clarifications between the book and the audiobook. So so Chris, to answer your question, I’m gonna let it take over, because I actually think I’ll probably you know, foot off the pedal, in May. Three months. You know, March is intense, April is solidly intense, I’ll do some stuff in May. The only thing I can
see happening, though, is I do think there might be some fire. A lot of you are buying it, you know, with the Super 8 coming up on
the 23rd, is that next week? Is that a week from today? – [India] Yeah. – From a week from today, I’ll
be in here for eight hours with the big contest and all that. I have a feeling a lot of you
are gonna buy eight books, which means you’re gonna
give seven books away, or six, or sell them
on eBay, do your thing, but I think that’s gonna create new people that are gonna read the book, I think it’s fire, they’re
gonna start watching the show, I feel more word-of-mouth
potential in this book than anything else. So if it’s on fire-fire,
I’ll ride that wave, ’cause I think you have to ride waves, and so I’ll be very
exhausted if that’s true, ’cause I have a lot of work
to do besides the book. So I’m reactionary,
Chris, is the punchline. Like everything else I do. That was a little insight for all of you. That’s always the answer. I’m always tasting and
day trading and adjusting and prepared for anything
at all times always. Period. (laughter offscreen) – [India] From Atul. – Like, an actual tool, or – oh, Atul. – Atul. – Got it. – [Voiceover] Atul asks, “Hey Gary! If you were
writing Crush It! today, “what would you change in it?” – Uh, well, I think I’m gonna be able
to do that for you, Atul. I am debating between Perfectly Parented and Crushed It! as my next book. And so what I would do
is I would update it. I would call, so, it’s gonna
be called “Crushed It!”. I already know. It’s gonna be called Crushed It!, and I’m gonna interview a hundred of you. I’m probably not even gonna do it, I might even give it, for the first time, with help from India, or whoever, because I don’t, that’s
just a lot of time, so I’m gonna have
somebody help me interview a hundred people that read Crush It! and it changed their lives, I’m gonna add commentary on top of it, I’ll figure out a way
to do a private stream with those hundred people and talk to them and what have you, and then I’ll write, the back
half of that book will be, okay, that’s what I talked about in ’09, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, here’s 2017. Right? Musical.ly, Snapchat, you know, Instagram, Anchor, Peach, you know,
AfterSchool, what have you. But there’s so many ways to continue, and really I think
#AskGaryVee has a lot of, I mean, one of the first reviews I saw, people were sniffing
out that #AskGaryVee is, in a weird way, a disguised Crushed It!. There’s a lot of information for people who are watching
this show, and in the world, to elevate their business
or their personal brand from a $30,000 thing to a $300,000 thing if they actually pay attention to the religion and the
tactics of this book. But I’m gonna go even deeper,
very hardcore, personal brand, if you wanna be America’s gardener, if you wanna make money singing, if you are this, that,
and the other thing, this is what you have to do
tactically and religiously, that will be Crushed It!. So what would I do? I would update it. I wrote that book in 2009,
that means I wrote it in eight, it would be, you know, eight, nine years? You know, that’s a lot of time, a lot of things have changed. People still, Crush It! is
still the best-selling book. And so it’s motivational, and so that’s why it’s timeless, but a lot of the advice can
be outdated at this point, so I’m excited about writing Crushed It!. – [India] Last one from Glen. – Last one. This is a nice – man, I’m in a really – could this be the new golden era? – [India] Another golden era. – Another golden era? – [Staphon] Could be. – Could be, right? These are really, I’m in a very, like – (sighs) mature and masculine mode. Triple M. – [India] Triple M? Mature and masculine – – Mode. (laughter) – I thought there was another
adjective I was waiting on. – Glen looks cool. – What’s up, Gary? My name’s Glen Edwards from Newtown, that’s Sydney, Australia, and mate, I’ve got a question in response to one of your Snapchats. In regards to the Grammys, where you said, “the market is the market, stop crying.” Mate, I wanna know, if you were in charge
of the music industry, where would you take it? – If I was in charge
of the music industry, or, let’s say, what
everybody’s crying about. If I’m a music label or a music artist, the first thing I would
take it is to a mental place where I realized it can’t be 1964 anymore. Like, sorry. Sorry that you make all
your money on records. It’s not 1990 anymore, it’s just not. I would accept that, like, look, music is such an
important part of our culture, that – I mean, by the
way, the snap that I did, actually, you know what? Beautiful. I’m going to save it right now,
Staphon, and send it to you. – [Staphon] Okay. – We’re really in
production value these days. DRock’s really frickin’
affecting me, I don’t like it. The market is the market, right? Here it is. Save. A song is worth what
the market pays for it. Period. The market’s the market. Stop crying. You know, the old dude
from the Grammys went on, and he’s like, “kids, don’t steal music.” Like, you know, he’s been
doing this for years. Right? Like, “is a song worth a penny? No.” And everybody claps. A song’s worth what
the market pays for it. Like, nobody forced you to make deals with the streaming companies. Like, I hate this – you know, there was a story once
that Groupon was bad because, and if you can
find this headline, Staphon, I wanna get into some editing here. Throw it up right now. That Groupon was bad because
a woman went out of business because she sold too
many cupcakes at a deal. I don’t know if you remember this, India. Groupon, you’re bad. Why Groupon’s bad for small businesses, ’cause this one woman made an offer and too many people took her up on it, and it put her out of business. That’s not Groupon’s fault. It’s your fuckin’ fault, Sally. You’re running a business. Like, it’s ludicrous, right? And so, like, to go up and be like, “is a song worth a penny?” when your studios, record labels, artists, like, when you made the deal
with the streaming companies, is crazy. The market is the market. And so the bottom line is, if you’re great at music and just music, and you’re not good at performing, and you don’t wanna hustle and do shows, and if you’re not charismatic, and if you don’t have
all the other things, your world has changed. Sorry. Just like if you’re six foot
and white and not athletic, you could have played basketball in 1915 – actually, how insane is this? Can you get that camera
work in the beginning? Like, did you catch us? The part where me and India talked about not being able to be a CM at Vayner? – [Staphon] Yeah, yeah. – The part where India said, “I don’t think I could
be a CM at Vayner today?” – I think I could be a CM. – I get it, I get it, but it’s
the point, it’s the point. – Got it. – Of course you could, but, like, the market at VaynerMedia changed. Like, markets change. And like, you’re gonna
force India to buy a $15 CD? Like, what do you want? Like, I get it, and if
India’s compelled enough for that indie band or
retro or emo or whatever, she rolls hip hop, whatever
she likes, country, if they bring you value, Staphon, whose music do you buy, if anybody’s? Do you buy, anybody? – [Staphon] J. Cole. – There you go. J. Cole clearly has done something that makes you wanna buy it. And yeah, J. Cole, congrats, J. Cole. You made your 97¢ or
four bucks off Staphon. I guess you did that through your swag, your lyrics, your songs, how you roll, like, all the other variables
besides just the song, right? That’s that. That’s just the market. And I’m sorry that you don’t like it, and I’m sorry that it used to be great. Let me tell you about a lot of other things that used to happen. (scoffs) I don’t know, everything. Like, you used to let
your kids go outside, and not scared that
they’re gonna be kidnapped. You used to not have to worry about AIDS. You used to not to have to
worry about guns in schools, like, shooting people every minute. You used to not have to
worry about oil disappearing as we get close to
neutral oil prices, like, you used to have to not
worry about everything. But you used to have to worry about the Soviet Union blowing you up. You used to have to worry about, like, not being able to cure
any version of cancer. Like, it’s evolution, people. Sorry that music is not
the way it used to be. Sorry that it’s evolved. You know, I don’t see anybody
going crazy for bookstores and, you know, the bookstore
guy going up there like, (imitates crying noise)
Amazon came, sorry. Like, nobody’s
super-duper-duper sad for cabs. The consumer’s right. Not Common or Beyoncé. Got it? So it is what it is. Yes, it’s important, yes,
music really matters. Yes, yes, guess what? When you were makin’ all that money, music in 1955, the best baseball players in America and football players in America had jobs in the summer because
they didn’t get paid a lot. But guess what happened? America decided they
really loved football, and that means that they
got more leverage over time, and now they get paid a lot of money, and they don’t need side
jobs in the summer anymore. But maybe it flipped, and now you, musician,
actually have to hustle, and you maybe actually
have to like your fans, and you may actually have to take selfies, and you may actually
have to do live events, and you may have to do things. That’s just the way it is. Period. Market dynamics. Everybody’s affected by them. Always and forever. I want an article on that. Title it “Fuck You, Music Industry.” (laughter) All right, something else, maybe. Question of the day. When have you been affected
by market conditions, pro or con? You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. (pounding hip-hop music)

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  23. Pro Market – Being the token Mexican to get into the Best Private School for my chosen career. Con Market – When I became an Eye Doctor, realized the insurance companies were taking more and more effect on what doctors would be paid to see their patients. Hence the reason I got out at 45 and am happier now figuring out how to control my own destiny – good or bad, at least it is now my choice!

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  25. this is 🔥 🔥🔥 QOTD: I was affected by the market in a good way about a decade ago when i learned how to make bracelets and sell them to my classmates in middle school. THEY WANTED IT SO THEY BOUGHT IT.

  26. What I saw in the 20sec B-Roll was a lot of people eating, drinking and snacking. Must be because I haven't had breakfast yet….

  27. Absolutely smashed the ending Gary! Keep up the beast mode brother, it drives the message home strong and its entertaining as f#ck!

  28. Anchor! They have a lot to fix but with the early engagement its like early twitter but may fizzle out fast. Hope not. Here's to Hoboken Startups!

  29. omg 2 dislikes at 38k views!!!??? thats an amazing positive to negative ratio I'll add to the positives…Great content

  30. Hey Gary,
    first off, you're awesome just stumbled upon your work in the last week and have seen almost every talk you have given online, bought two of your books and have a third on audio. I don't know if you will ever see this but here is to hoping! I started a business educating and working with talent in the entertainment industry on social media. It is changing so much of how we do business as actors, models, musicians and dancers its insane and unfortunately there are too many experts without any real knowledge of the social space. My question is do you think there is a difference between the social media concepts you discuss in many of your talks/books etc. or is it just a matter of scale? For context, a business with merchandise or a service may just want to have a local presence for their business, but for performing artists, you are expected to back your craft with the following of an influencer. A local following doesn't cut it and doesn't book jobs. What are your thoughts?

  31. I have been out of pocket, so I binged the last 6 episodes this morning……… And I have to say – the content gets better and better. Golden era – for sure. The show is solid!!!!!!

    RE: Groupon is bad article… that's is just poor journalism!

  32. I would love to see an article from you about the current state of the music industry and how artists can hustle. That is something I am passionate about and will be writing about when my blog is up and running.

  33. #AskGaryVee 180s + DV preteens/teens (double digits) is the Second Golden Era, should call it the "TOO GOLDEN ERA" lol

    QOTD: as my University got more accolades, more selective, more prestigious and just outright more popular; the Ambassadors (me) got more leverage on, and off, campus.

  34. The music industry is silly. So is the movie industry. The amount that both industries have changed is mind boggling. The people who know change is always happening win and the other guys who think its always going to be the same lose. #ItsFriday #HappyFriday

  35. Actually it's horrible, culture destroying rant in the end of this episode, about music industry (sorry for my english)
    Reducing everything to "the market" is just sad. Art is not about market, period.
    And streaming services for 5S a month paying 0,000001S for one play is A ROBBERY where only streaming services owners earn – not a "market dynamics" Fuck it's just a fucking robbery.
    Telling people they can take for free what is SOOO IMPORTANT in the society? Or rather steal? You can do better than that Gary. Sad.

  36. Qotd: I used to be the underdog and could market basically however I wanted, now that I'm bigger I have the target on my back from all my competitors. But I'd much rather be the one with the target on my back…I do like Walt Disney says and I just innovate faster than they can copy me. 🙂 great show Gary, and btw I am definitely one of the 100 most affected by Crush It. I grew a company of 35 since 2009 thanks to inspiration from your book. Alex already has my email 😉 -Brian

  37. India, I need to be interviewed. After I read Crush It! I started being a practitioner of it and within 3 weeks I was fired from my job at the time because they didn't like that I was crushing it outside of their business. That started me on my path to starting a business.

  38. That conversation between you both in the beginning? not needed. I fast forwarded. On a positive note, I LOVE that you put links to each question in description. I was fast forwarding manually until I saw that. Right on.

  39. I really mesh with your spiel Gary, I too come from an entrepreneurial pedigree when you just had to make things work! All of my technical skills were gained from needing to get things working, not because it was trendy, mixed OS, apps, crappy hardware-very different to today's scenario

  40. Just heard you on school of greatness podcast, your great, and thanks for what you do. My wife and I just started our fist business and the knowledge you share is gold! Mahalo nui (thanks a lot)

  41. these have been great shows, loved the new book, and looking forward to crushed it now!

    The market is everything, I am a glassblower and am experiencing 2 opposing market conditions at the same time currently. 1 Importing glass pipes has seen a tremendous growth in the last 5-10 years, creating a lower end product that is more affordable to the end consumer and larger margins for retail stores. About 2 months ago I had my first product directly replicated by an overseas manufacturer. 2 The other affect that is occurring is legalization all over the country creating a larger more accessible customer base. Also with this being a trendy 'American Revolution' type of occurrence there is still a value to American Made products.

    These effects are driving me to look at new ways to generate income, I have started a school and am renting out bench spaces in my studio, as well as distributing glass. The market has shifted and I have had to adapt.

    Thanks Gary for all of the content, for being a great resource and honestly a friend to listen to while I'm working rather then music.

  42. I was affected when my dear, 8 years younger friend kept "texting" me, forcing me to buy a plan instead of eating me alive at .10 per text. That was 2005. My phone bill is a third of what it used to be. The Market Wins! So the music industry should just do what I did and find a solution that keeps everyone "connected" AND stops the bleeding. Oh, I don't know, something like music campuses where kids can take classes from actual EDM stars, songwriting with Bieber, or live streaming classes American Idol style and let the public grade final exams. No matter what, the industry will have to learn how to give.

  43. I think i like Gary, but the thing about the music streaming problems…
    I have my music on Spotify. I know very well that i have to work harder to make money in the industry, and that i have to do the best out of it.
    But.. If 1000 people listens to my music.. I make 2 dollars.
    if you get 1 million plays, like the biggest artists in the game gets plus minus, you get around 1.500 dollars. FOR 1 MILLION PLAYS!!! Think about the artist who is having 10.000 unique fans, and gets 10.000 plays on their songs, they don't make shiiiit.
    The business is in shitty shape, and you would be on our side if you were a musician who didn't do business.

  44. "To not be happy with getting 1.200 for a million plays, when you made the deal with the streaming service is crazy"
    – Gary Vee, worst fkn quote ever, came from a man i admire. Thats hard for me to process.

  45. Love this episode have only just started watching but the music industry just watched themselves spiral into almost nothing and now the movie industry is watching the exact same spiral. That is disruption your business either changes to match the market or the market finds you obsolete.

  46. Qotd – I once bought some gold during the recession of 2008 and watched it quadruple in price…
    market conditions were difficult in retail but I was happy for this upside…

  47. Id read that article, love what you said. Welcome to the new age of music. You'll hear the name IndeBeats soon and when you do I look forward to meeting you. We're gonna watch labels bleed out when artists are producing music on their smartphones and are selling out shows on their own.

  48. @drocknyc What’s the name of the song you play during the b roll of the 3 floors of Vayner NYC.!? Loved the beats.. love your work. Hit me up @NZMtnGoat on Twitter

  49. I'm sorry lm one of your fans but. The music argument/advice/suggestions that you offer has not real value for sessions musicians /music creators/song writers /composers ect . It's not as simple as you think it's Gary. I'm sorry but you obviously don't know really what you are talking about mi brother . I love you man but I m sorry you are completely lost in this one. The problem it's so gigantic and complex that you are lost in the debate like 99 percent of every body else in the planet.

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