100 thoughts on “#AskGaryVee 326 | Tilman Fertitta

  1. Horrible human being and YouTuber Gary Vee talks everyday about gratitude and wanting people to be happy while at the same time saying "I would KILL my children for the New York Jets"" and having your staff laugh at such a horrible idea and crime. This is very disturbing and sick. Gary's true character and personality slips out while trying to spread positivity. Nobody around him dares to say anything in fear of getting fired and upsetting their idol. Maybe your encore joke can be that you also would RAPE your kids for the New York Jets. if I was your child, you would be dead to me. What you value as happiness is more of mental illness. Maybe if you stop having diarrhea of the mouth you could think for once.

  2. (9:20) "I love being in Monte Carlo on my yacht but going shopping at Zara…and laying out for my crew how gorgeous these jackets I bought for 18.99 Euros each…" For those interested, there's a price for this kind of fast fashion. Not preaching here, just sharing some info that most people don't realize:

    3:20 | Entrepreneurship is a gift and talent
    6:00 | Wanting “tangible” things while having a goal [IG]
    8:00 | Not wanting private to lead by example [IG]
    11:30 | When banks fail and you have loans
    15:00 | Having the audacity to be able to find an arbitrage
    20:00 | One thing Gary really cares about
    20:20 | Why Tillman wrote the book
    23:00 | Everybody is in the hospitality business
    24:25 | Why Gary loves athletes and living in a judgment society [IG]
    31:30 | Is Tillman paying attention to the “virtual kitchens”

  4. Guest: When I was a kid I lost both parents and was on the verge of depres..
    Gary: Do you garage sale!? It's my favorite thing right now.

  5. This is a great example of why Howard Stern is the best interviewer of all time. Gary is trying to make the interview conversational however he just comes across as interrupting just to make it all about himself. What Howard Stern does is truly amazing.

  6. HOLY SHIT GARY! Let the man SPEAK! I didnt learn shit about Tillman or his book! Gary didnt take the title of the book seriously!

  7. I always watch #garyvee videos i even follow in his foot step and create a channel so am asking if any on can support me, 😢

  8. Gary you're such an inspiration, amazing <3 I followed your instagram marketing advice by using igrocket com to boost my insta and WOW I have nearly doubled my leads!

  9. Everyone here saying he shouldnt have interrupted wouldnt have the balls to interrupt a billionaire. And thats why Tillman asked gary to come to the game with him at the end.
    When everybody walks left, turn right. Thanks Gary I learned this from you.

  10. Love this episode. It puts a smile on my heart hearing the backstory of a native Texan. And the knowledge Fertitta dropped is always knowledgeable & inspirational. Definitely looking forward to part 2.

  11. Why the last time I tried to watch the video with subtitles went perfect and now it has 1.30 minute delay? Can anybody give me a hand?

  12. Gary Vee has valuable stuff to say, I just wish it wasn't all the time! you invited the guest to an interview so you could talk????

  13. Lol… oh my, what a fun watch. Such a great lesson, if one knows how to watch for it, in business school. America is better because of these dudes.

  14. First of all…HTOWNNNNNN 🤘.

    Secondly, I love both their excitement and realness in this fun casual conversation between a couple of bosses. 💚

  15. Interupting is part of Gary. Take him or leave him. . and the billionaire dont seemed to mind. There's always a valid reason for the interruption. I love the play of the dinamic between Gary and every guest.

  16. Gooooooosh If I was Tilman I would've hit him with the book and ask him "WHAT'S THE NAME OF MY BOOK???? AND WHY AM I HERE? SHUUUUUT UP AND LISTEEEEEEN GARY!!!!!

  17. You know in China they book the restaurant on wechat, the menu is on we chat and they order their food from the app and they just get served by a person, they also receive the bill and pay over wechat

  18. I don’t think Tillman is staying up with changes in his space. I applaud you for challenging him about the future in the industry. I constantly work ten years ahead. Sometimes it’s a hit, many times a miss. But the hits can be good!

  19. I listed to this Podcast prior to seeing it on YouTube and I believed Mr. Fertitta was a 75 year old man. Love all the people Gary interview that I've never heard of!

  20. Gary's position that all consultants are bullshit while simultaneously charging $10k for 4D consulting sessions is the highest of highs of contradictory comments.

  21. Let's choose to be postive. Yes we all see the title shut up and listen but that was most likely not written for people in Gary V's position.. When I didn't really watch Gary much this was irritating to me as well however after seeing the value he drives and what he stands for, I will confidently defend him an say if this was an actual concern to the people he's interviewing I'm sure they would ask him to please listen. When I get interviewed by Gary V someday (sounds like a title lol), I'll be sure to prepare all my beginning statements with quick words of value or to the point of me delivering any value before he can about me. That's the goal but either way never an issue in my opinion. This comment is purely my opinion and specifically for Gary and the #askgaryvee show

  22. New title idea: "Interrupted by Value" or i make a book about all the quotes Gary puts out that and call it "interrupted by Gary" because when you realize the value he provides, being "Interrupted by Gary" (aka taking your time) becomes an exception and reversely is "giving you time" if you apply what he's saying while keeping ahead & consistent.

  23. Gary V knowledgeable guy ..but bad ..very bad ..bad bad ..did I say bad ..interviewer…please check out Sean Evans from Hot Ones ..he must be the best interviewer next to Joe Rogan…one more …Bad .. I cant even watch this .. bad

  24. Thanks for introducing Tilman to us Gary. Now I can find a different interview of him where the host actually lets him finish his toughts. I did the same for a bunch of others that were on your podcast, so I guess there is some value there.

  25. Last Interview I’m walking .. Gary Vee doesn’t digest anything the guest says… it’s all about him. The new Donald trump over here

  26. Love you Gary but the market is right on this one… give the man some time to talk! Otherwise great interview, points were so valid and I learned so much.

  27. Gary did a horrible job in this interview, let the man finish and stop talking about yourself bro. You shared those stories several time, you still the man though.

  28. I wish I could have heard Tilman talk for a minute..

    It’s weird Gary pushes this narrative about wanting nice luxury things like cars and houses is meaning you want to prove other people wrong or do it out of spite. Some people like those these because they like them and that’s simple.

    We all have different motivations and do things for different reasons..

  29. Yes Gary interrupts but i lovr aeeing our Houstonian being comfortable and talking real slurs and all Bahaha cant waut to met Tillman in Person at his office next to The Post Oak hotel.

  30. Tillman will end up helping Gary buy the Jets. I know Tillman wants Cowboys or Texans but an NFL franchise is an NFL Franchise.. Commenting that here so it's documented like Gary says!

  31. So did Gary Vee invite this Tillman to not listen? Like GV keeps interrupting and talking about himself. Gary! It’s your frikin channel! Everybody watching knows your story!

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