Artificial Intelligence in Excel with Ideas – Podcast 2185

Artificial Intelligence in Excel with Ideas – Podcast 2185

Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast, Episode
2185: A First Look at Insights for Excel. Hey, just a quick program note: February 14th
through March 31st, I’m running 40 days of brand new Excel articles. All of those will be at, in the
Excel tips folder. Most won’t have a video. This is day number 6 out of 40, and the first
video that we’ve come to. So check it out at the website. Excel 2019 is coming; I need to write a lot
of books, I need to get back in the habit of writing. Alright, so, this is a first look at an awesome,
new feature that just lit up in my copy of Office 365. And, now, I’m an office insider, so I have
this before most people. Even if you’re an office insider, if you’re
not associated with the organization, you don’t have it yet. But it’s coming, and it’ll definitely be there
for Excel 2019, which comes out in the second half of this year. Alright? So we have some data sets here. This is a data set that I did not create;
I have no idea what’s in this data set, I’ve never looked at this data set before. 4500 rows. So I’m going to select the data, I’m going
to come here to Insights– and this is a preview of Insight so, you know, be careful, when
this actually comes out to general availability it’s going to look different, probably, than
we have now. But it’s cool. Alright. So, Excel, using some sort of artificial intelligence,
has looked at my data and found some interesting things. Like, here’s the “Spend by Fiscal Month”,
“Spend by Category”, Spend decreases over time for marketing and category people, Payroll
has a noticeably higher spending– well, that’s normal. Alright, so that’s, you know, probably not
that exciting, that probably matches most things. And then you see that there’s a total of 26
results here, alright? So you can scroll through these and see if
anything looks interesting. You can provide feedback to them: Is this
helpful? Yes, No? Like the payroll one, that’s kind of obvious
to me; so is this helpful? No. And I suppose that will help them with their
algorithms in the future. Alright, now, let’s take a look at what happens
here if we find something interesting. So just go off to the right hand side. You know, these charts are really thumbnails,
right? You can’t see that months or anything like
that. So let’s say Insert Chart. Alright. Look at that, they actually created a little
pivot chart for me and added it to the data set. Wow, that is pretty cool. Could I have created this chart? Absolutely, I could have created this chart,
but, you know, if it’s not my data and I don’t know what to expect, this is a great, great
feature. Now, that was 4,500 rows; here’s 13 rows–
12 rows and a header, Visitors and Goal. Let’s see what Insights comes up with for
this data set. Alright. So they show me Goal and Visitors by month–
Visitors by month– you know, these are some basic charts but, you know, if you don’t know
where to start, this is beautiful. Alright, now, these two examples, these are
Microsoft demo data sets, right? And, of course, you know, my my first take
is to take my data– the data that I use all the time in my live Power Excel seminars–
and throw that at Insights. And a troubleshooting thing, or a thing that
I didn’t even notice until I asked the team of Microsoft, it’s like, “Well, hey, why isn’t
it working with my data?” And they wrote back and they said, “Hey, why
is Sector classified as a date, and why is Customer classified as a date?” I’m like. “What?” I didn’t know this and I guess when I created
this, put the dates in first then I inserted a column, inserted a column, and added Sector
and Customer and so they got classified as dates. I didn’t realize there were dates– they’ve
been misclassified for 10 years– I’m guessing when I created this. So, I’m going to select that whole data set
and change it back to general. Alright? If you say it’s a date, and it has text, that’s
going to confuse Insights. Alright? So here’s the data: 563 rows, covers 2 years
worth of dates. I know this data pretty well– it’s fake data,
and that’ll be interesting to see if they can find any insights in fake data. So, I’ll choose Insights Alright, showing
Profit by Date; Profit by Sector; Revenue by Sector, yeah, yeah; let’s Show All; Quantity
by Region and Product; here’s a date that has the largest revenue for a particular Sector;
for a retail Customer, Walmart accounts for the majority of quantity– that’s absolutely
correct, I know that Walmart is the largest customer in this data. Alright? So, boy, that one’s useful right there. Is that helpful? Yes, yes it is. It’s very nice. For Product: ABC and Sector: Manufacturing,
Customer: General Motors and General Electric have noticeably more revenue. This is cool stuff. This is stuff– because I used this data set
every day in my live Excel seminars, and hundreds of times in the podcast, I know these things
to be true, right? I know this data, and this artificial intelligence
is coming up with these trends. It’s cool. I can’t wait for the final version to come
out. Alright, now, normally this is the point where
I tell you that what we’re talking about is in this book, but it’s not in this book because
it just came out this week. But a lot of other great things in this book,
Power Excel with MrExcel. Click that “I” in the top right-hand corner
to take a look at more information. Alright, so Insights: New artificial Intelligence
feature coming in Excel 2019 and to Office 365; slowly rolling out now in preview; select
your data, go to Insights– alright, the Insert tab and choose Insights; they analyze your
data in an attempt to find trends or interesting things in your data; and if you agree it’s
interesting, you can add a chart that actually creates a pivot table for you. Really, really cool. Be sure to pay attention to data types, even
if you don’t realize that data types are there. And, of course, by the time this hits generally–
so I’m recording this February of 2018– by the time it gets to you, it might look different. Well, hey, I want to thank you for stopping
by, I’ll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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  1. hi. i just upgraded to excel 2019. was wondering why i cant find the INSIGHTS feature under the INSERT tab. it is also not in addins.

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